25 Reasons My Six Year Old Won't Eat That

by Scary Mommy
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1. There’s green stuff on it.

2. He doesn’t like that anymore, starting today.

3. It might make him throw up.

4. It’s staring at him.

5. It’s too fancy.

6. It doesn’t look like he thought it would.

7. His tummy is afraid of the color red.

8. It might make his tooth fall out.

9. Someone once told him it was bad.

10. It could be spicy and might make him cough.

11. It’s not ice cream.

12. It’s too warm.

13. Now it’s too cold.

14. He’s never had it before, so couldn’t he be allergic?

15. All his tummy wants is a peanut butter sandwich.

16. It’s not on his usual plate.

17. It came from the garden?! In dirt?

18. Dessert doesn’t look that great, so it’s not worth eating dinner for.

19. The dog wants it more than he does.

20. It looked better the last time he had it.

21. It smells funny.

22. His food tummy is full, only his dessert tummy is empty.

23. It’s too mushy.

24. It’s too crunchy.

25. It used to be alive!?

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