Scary Mommy | We Tried Thinx, Here's What We Loved

My Teen Daughter And I Couldn’t Wait To Try Thinx, Here’s Everything We Loved


My daughter and I are all about period talk. I let her know about the period tracking app I use, and she texted me an angry uterus plush with “NEED” underneath. Then she told me that on period mornings, she has a special way of propelling herself from bed so she doesn’t swamp herself with the kind of flow reserved for elevators in a horror movie.

The really fun part of being in my demographic (j/k obviously) is that while my teen is actually a teen and I’m a full blown adult, my body is currently in rebellion. The two of us have breakouts and the kind of emotional superpowers that make you fly really high and then crash super low. We also spend way too much time thinking that while, yes, our periods are magical AF, it would also be the cat’s pajamas if our personal blood sacrifice didn’t leak on things we love.

Underwear For People Who Bleed?! Go On. You Have Our Attention.

My daughter was the one who brought up Thinx. Thinx are moisture-wicking, odor-controlling, bacteria-squashing, super comfy undies for people who bleed — and the fact that they’re reusable means you don’t have to run to the drugstore for period supplies once a month. Set in my ways as a geriatric millennial, I’d heard about Thinx but was too distracted by the things that moms do like spend one billionty hours thinking, I guess I still need to feed these people.

My kid, when I told her Thinx were making their way to our doorstep, practically knocked me over with beating hearts exploding from her ear drums. She was pumped for this moment. Me? I was equally thrilled that sometimes my job comes with period perks.

We Absolutely Believe The Hype

To be honest, Thinx won both of us over with all the details: With five absorbency levels, Thinx come in a generous range of styles and sizes. Both of us can’t emphasize enough how much we appreciate the sizes and flow levels — as two curvy women, we’re often overlooked, but not with Thinx. Each style — from Hiphugger to Boyshort, Cheeky or Hi-Waist — ranges in size from XXS – 3X.

And, what’s even better, regardless of whether you’re rocking the Cheeky on light days or Super Hi-Waist for maximum flow (we’re talking up to four tampons’ worth of fluid), Thinx are still super thin. You’re never going to feel like you’ve got a body pillow shoved between your legs that’s ready to shoot out of your crotch like a torpedo at any moment.

Depending on the style you’re wearing, Thinx are made with some combination of cotton, nylon, elastane, and other materials that are all REACH compliant (a strict European Union regulation that protects human health against harmful chemical substances). Plus,third party testing has never revealed any harmful chemicals in Thinx products. As a mom who has tested positive for a BRCA-2 genetic mutation that makes my body more suitable to a range of cancers, knowing that Thinx adheres to strict environmental standards when manufacturing their products gives me a lot of comfort — not only for my daughter’s health and wellness, but also my own.

These Undies Are A Golden Ticket to A Sustainable, Leak-Free Paradise

When our Thinx package arrived, my kid tore into the envelope like there was a golden ticket tucked inside some chocolate. And in a way, these undies are a golden ticket — of course they’re stylish and comfortable, but they’re also sustainable and reusable. Thinx estimates that their underwear will stay at maximum performance for about two years (or 40 washes) when care instructions are followed (wash in cold water, hang dry). After all, it takes six months for one tampon to degrade while pads and tampon applicators may take hundreds of years.

I grabbed the Super Hi-Waist and my daughter went for the Hiphugger and Cheeky styles. Then, we got downright comfortable in our period undies in front of our respective mirrors. The awesomeness of this moment, quite frankly, could not be contained. Our sheets, our leggings, hell, our thoughts were siked about the level of stain-free they were about to experience.

Then we bumped heating pads and decided on the right snacks to go with this whole new world.

Thinx are washable, reusable period underwear designed to replace pads and tampons, or be worn with tampons and cups for extra protection. Basically, they look and feel just like your regular undies — but better. Buy your Thinx here