15 Aquarius Names For Your Little Water-Bearer

by Rita Templeton
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If you’re expecting a baby between January 20th and February 18th, you might just be raising a champion for social change — because you’ll be getting an Aquarius baby, and a strong sense of social justice and compassion for others are among an Aquarian’s strongest traits. At the very least, you may have to hear “But it’s not fair!” a little more often than the average parent. Luckily though, Aquarians are unselfish, so you might not have to remind your little Aquarius to share quite as often. It evens out, right?

People born under the sign of Aquarius are idealistic, but they are also analytical, and don’t impulsively jump into things with both feet. They are determined and don’t let stress get to them as much as some other signs may, because they actually enjoy the challenge of working to achieve a goal. If you’ve got an Aquarius baby, you can identify a little bit more closely with the parents of go-getters such as Oprah Winfrey, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, and Thomas Edison — all born under this dynamic and compassionate sign.

Inspired by the traits and symbols of Aquarius, the Water Bearer, we’ve put together a list of names that will perfectly reflect the unique personality of your Aquarius baby.

1. Laine

When this name is pronounced LIE-neh, it means “wave” in Estonian … and since the constellation of Aquarius is The Water Bearer, and its associated glyph looks like waves, it’s so fitting.

2. Maya

The name Maya can have several meanings — but one of them is derived from the Hebrew mayim, meaning “water.”

3. Calanthe

The flower for Aquarius is the orchid, and though Orchid itself could be a beautiful name, Calanthe — which is a type of orchid — has a pretty and elegant ring to it, plus the possibility of cute nicknames such as Callie.

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4. Zosia

Aquarians are known for being wise thinkers, and Zosia is the Polish version of the ever-popular Greek name Sophia, meaning “wisdom.” But while Sophia ranks #5 out of all the names on the U.S. Social Security popularity charts, Zosia isn’t even in the top 1000 … yet.

5. Shanti


You may not be raising a little chatterbox, as people born under the sign of Aquarius can sometimes seem quiet and shy. Which is why Shanti fits the bill — it’s of Sanskrit origin and means “quiet, tranquil.”

6. Aria

Though it is often mistaken for a water sign thanks to its Water Bearer symbol, Aquarius is actually an air sign. And since aria literally means “air” in Italian, it’s a no-brainer. If you’re looking for a little-used name, though, beware: the identical sounding Arya-with-a-y was one of the fastest-growing baby names last year.

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7. Justice

It’s clear why this strong, gender neutral name made the list: it embodies that famous Aquarian spirit of fairness and social equality.

8. Ciel

Another gender neutral pick (pronounced SEE-el, not “seal”), this name is actually the French word for “sky” — an homage to the Aquarius power-color of sky blue.

9. Eleven

Thanks to the show Stranger Things, Eleven’s status was elevated from a mere number to an actual, viable baby name choice. And since Aquarius is the eleventh sign in the zodiac and rules over the eleventh house, it fits right in on this Aquarius baby name list.

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10. Will

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A nod to the steadfast determination that is one of the hallmarks of an Aquarius-born person. This name, though still used more for boys, is quickly becoming a name that fits any gender.

11. Alexander

The name Alexander means “defending men,” and this is exactly what many Aquarians are known for: championing the underdog. In fact, it has been said that a fitting Aquarius motto is: “There is no me; there is only we.” For girls, obviously, you could go with Alexandra or any of its diminutives, like Lexi or Andie.

12. Archie

Speaking of standing up for the underdog, you’ve got to be bold to do so — and Archie’s root name, Archibald, means “genuinely bold.” Or you could use it as a diminutive of Archimedes, which means “master thinker,” another fitting Aquarius quality.

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13. Oberon

The ruling planet of Aquarius is Uranus. But since you can’t exactly name a baby Uranus (pleeeease don’t), how about naming him after one of that planet’s moons: Oberon? You’ve got to admit that Obie is a mighty cute nickname, and fits right in with the trend of “old man” names like Archie and Ollie.

14. Samir

Samir has multiple origins and meanings, and one of them is that it’s the Sanskrit word for “wind” or “air” (समीर) — the perfect male air sign name. For girls, you could use the feminine Samira, or as we mentioned earlier, Aria.

15. Emre

Aquarius rules the eleventh house, which is the House of Friendship … and Emre is a Turkish name meaning “friend.”

Your Aquarius baby will be a headstrong humanitarian with a heart of gold, and an intellect that shines just as brightly. Reflect one of these unique traits with an equally-unique baby name, because you never know — it just might make the history books someday.

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