December Babies Suck: A Call For National Abstinence Month

A tad of TMI here, but only one of my children was actually planned. We are blessed with being extremely fertile and in retrospect, it’s a miracle that I didn’t end up barefoot and pregnant my freshman year of college. It seems like all I need to do is think about a baby and poof, nine months later, I have one in my arms.



We didn’t bother ourselves with little details such as proper birth control, birth-dates and child-spacing. Why would one in the throes of passion? But had I, I certainly would not have chosen the month of March to conceive my babies. In fact, from now on, I shall be instituting a National Abstinence Month during March and beg you to join me. Why? Do the math. March conception equals December baby and December babies just plain suck.

I’m sorry if you are a December baby, it’s nothing personal, but you suck. You know it. And you have my deepest sympathies.

Much as parents may try not to do the whole combined gift thing, it’s pretty inevitable. There are only so many new toys a kid can handle and it’s just too much to give an abundance of presents a few days or weeks apart. Plus, it’s so freaking expensive– who can afford all that crap? Kids end up spoiled enough with the holidays alone- adding a birthday to the mix is just too much. And, much as we try and make the day all special and exciting, it ends up part of the holiday season blur.

And it’s not only the parents of the child– it’s other people as well. It sucks to have to schlep children in the freezing cold to birthday parties. Everyone is snotty and exhausted and too burnt-out to feel much like celebrating. There are no decent options for party locations since it’s too cold to be outside and the mere thought of having a dozen stuffy kids rolling around on plastic blow up toys is hardly appealing.

December babies suck.

So this March, and every March to come, let’s remember what we’ve learned and save future generations birthdays filled with grief and disappointment and forgotten recognition.

Tonight? Just don’t do it.

For the children.

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In addition to being the founder of all things Scary Mommy, Jill is also theย New York Times bestselling author of Simon and Schusterโ€™s Confessions of A Scary Mommyย and Motherhood Comes Naturally (And Other Vicious Lies).ย 

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Madam Jinx 11 months ago

I feel bad for december babies that experience it the way you described. I am a six days before christmas baby. I was never spoiled since my family was poor. However my family made sure to give me my day and my birthday was never lost in the holidays.

Mandy 11 months ago

Christmas baby right here, December birthdays totally suck! Never once has the day been about me. (Sounds princessey I know) I just get the cake with some candles before everyone goes home. Woooohooo.

Cynthia 11 months ago

My daughter is due on Decembe 28th….. her grandpa’s birthday is December 27th, but he actually loves the fact, he may be the only one…

Ruth 11 months ago

My birthday is Jan 3rd and my baby girl is due on 12/12/14! Double whammy!

Notahelicoptermom! 11 months ago

December 30th. It SUCKS. Literally, I am the ONLY one who remembers my birthday. Then when I mention it to anyone I would like to celebrate with, I hear “Why don’t we do it on New Year’s Eve? It will be like the whole world is celebrating with you!” No, dumbass, it won’t. It will be like you didn’t want to bother spending money on me as an individual or going out two nights in a row. Yes, I am resentful. Please consider abstinence from December babies, it really sucks to have the day which caused your whole existence be wholly disregarded because it is an inconvenience to all the people who you thought loved you. Thanks!

Jaclyn 1 year ago

My husband and I started TTC this year and we decided to stick with condoms during March for exactly that reason. I am a music teacher and December is the month from hell for me, between all the school performances and then church commitments. To top it all off, last year we moved the weekend after Thanksgiving. Then for some reason I decided to host Christmas dinner for the whole family. That month I told my husband, “I never want to have a kid with a birthday in December. I can’t imagine dealing with that on top of everything else.”

Fortunately for us, baby #1 is due at the end of February. That I can handle.

Zenaida Smith 2 years ago

I am a December and my husband and previous boyfriends and sex mates have always liked that I suck.

Kim 2 years ago

My best friend thinks I’m CRAZY for always refusing to have Winter babies. All of mine were planned. April, June, July. And in retrospect I wish April was August! (Outdoor parties=best).

Anyway, after reading this I see I am not crazy after all!

Amanda 2 years ago

Ds is turning 3 in 15 days. Im going to be 25 in 5. I have NOTHING planned, what so ever.

My older brother is a December baby.

Besides surviving “the holidays” I don’t plan much of anything.

Katie 2 years ago

My baby is due on December 24th, thank God we’re Muslim!

Emily you bring up a good point with the kindergarten cutoff, thanks for the heads up.

Laura 2 years ago

This is so serious. We have a nephew with a birthday on December 3 and every year I dread having to come up with a gift for him for his birthday and then just a few short weeks later come up with another gift. I’m very much opposed to the combined gift thing (and Dec. 3 isn’t really close enough to x-mas to combine anyway) but I’m always tempted. So yeah, practicing abstinence (or being very diligent about protection) this spring.

Keepstaring 2 years ago

We have a friggin’ 1st of January daughter! Worst thing ever: you have the whole combined-gifts-holy-crap-do-we-have-spend-even-MORE-money thing PLUS the added bonus that New Year’s eve has lost all traditional meaning because it is now all about: “remember how my water broke at 1am that year” and “we better don’t drink too much and go to bed on time because our daughter will be up at the crack of dawn bouncing of the walls with excitement” and “what the hell are we going to do at her party with 6 little girls for a whole afternoon when it is freezing outside”.

And when she’s older everyone will first wish each other Happy New Year and only remember two hours later that it is her birthday. And on the day itself everyone will be hungover and tired of all these parties and familystuff, so that will suck too.

Plus, I actually get peopel asking me if I CHOOSE to give birth on the first day of the year???? Yeah, I bribed a hospital to give me a c-section on a holdiday so I could enjoy the fun fact of having a child on the first of friggin’ january! Duh!

Taylor S. 2 years ago

Wish I’d seen this LAST March. I wouldn’t say my December baby sucks, but his birthday (exactly one week before Christmas) kind of does. What didn’t suck, though, was having the perfect excuse not to visit everyone and their mom (or have them drop in on us)…it was the holidays and everyone was either too busy or too sick to bug us. We’ll probably have parties for his half birthdays when he’s older!

Emily 2 years ago

This may have been mentioned above, but another negative of a December baby is whether or not to “red-shirt” (ie, hold back) for kindergarten! For those of us who live in school districts with a December cut-off, it’s always a tough decision!

Molly 2 years ago

My kids are 12/22 & 12/28….I should have read this about 4 years ago!

Shanan 2 years ago

YES!! I have five nieces/nephews and only one was not born in December or early January. Tough on the wallet!

Jessica Smock 2 years ago

Such a great idea! I’m permanently marking this on my calendar. The holidays already stress me out. Worrying about an additional birthday would be just too much. My sister’s baby was born on Christmas Eve (although her due date was in January), and she was devastated. Her main goal — besides a healthy baby — was for her pregnancy to last through New Years. Now Christmas Eve will forever be Christmas Eve Dinner/birthday party. Which sucks.

melissa at filling our bucket 2 years ago

My son was TOTALLY unplanned aaaaaaaaaaaaand his birthday is 12/22. Not my first choice for sure.

But I do what I can to keep it separate from Christmas. Like losing my ish on my mom for wrapping his birthday present in Christmas paper. NO! NO! NO!

Momchalant 2 years ago

Well, I did the opposite and HAD my baby in March. He wasn’t planned, but I guess good thing we decided to be careless in June, HA!

Thai 2 years ago

October/November babies suck, too. 7/8 months pregnant in August? The worst thing ever. And I have two of them.

Marie 2 years ago

Lol! My brother and I are both December babies and we always had to celebrate later. Our friends always went skiing after Christmas and I am Dec 27. Funny how our kids were born in February, May, and July… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Leslie M. 2 years ago

I must agree with the sucks part! My triplets were born December 15th! Try planning a birthday party in December, for three kids and 30 of their friends!! It’s a NIGHTMARE! Never mind the amount of “stuff” that fills my house right up till past New Years! I sometimes wish our fertility treatments were delayed but, after 7 years of trying I have three awesome 8 year olds – and December only comes once a year!

Michelle 2 years ago

As a December baby, I can attest. Don’t do that to your kids!!

I’m 30 and still bitter about never having a birthday party on my actual birthday (day after Christmas).

Jess 2 years ago

My entire life I swore I wouldn’t have a December baby. It’s incredibly unfair for the kid, and as an only child with a summer birthday, I recognize the importance of celebrating. I could understand if the pregnancy was a happy surprise, but I never understood how anyone undergoing fertility help could possible conceive in March, I mean, WTF? You’re scientifically getting help getting knocked up and you can’t factor in the birth date into your equation?!?

And then I had to undergo fertility help to get knocked up. And after months of trying, I got pregnant. In March. WTF was I thinking?!? I could’ve skipped that month’s treatment plan, but I was desperate, and cynical–I wasn’t getting pregnant before, so why would I get pregnant now? Oh yeah, because I ABSOLUTELY DID NOT WANT A DECEMBER BABY!!! I was estatic to finally be pregnant, but felt guilty for damning this baby to a life of crappy dual gifts. The baby’s due date was December 7.

But all’s well that ends well. Baby boy decided to arrive 7 weeks early (strong and healthy) in October. Disaster averted! You make Momma proud, son!

AnneB 2 years ago

LOL! I hear ya. My firstborn is a December baby. My second pregnancy, which was unplanned and ended in miscarriage? Due the exact same frickin’ day as my son was – December 11th. Apparently, I just need to not have sex for the entire month of March. I’m currently pregnant for the third (and final) time and this one is thankfully due in May.

grownandflown 2 years ago

My husband is a December baby and it doesn’t get any easier in adulthood with the double whammy of Christmas and birthday – either one is challenge enough but together…..impossible.

Anita 2 years ago

Agreed! My December baby was not planned that way and he’s definitely gotten the short end of the stick so far. My older son’s birthday is in June, so I’m considering a mini-birthday then too.

I had good friends in high school who are boy/girl twins and their birthday is on Christmas Day. Ug! They really got ripped off.


Heather 2 years ago

I always said I wanted a baby ANY month except December. So, when we were trying, we took off March. By the next March, when we were STILL trying, I said who cares, what are the chances anyway at this point…..yep, December 29th birthday. Lol. And, as grateful as I am for my little guy, it really does suck.

christina f 2 years ago

I had my oldest child in December on my husband’s birthday…one day after my mother’s birthday. Not sure what we were thinking!

Mom22Tweens 2 years ago

Both my girls were conceived in March. Those fetuses must’ve felt me cringe every time someone said “Oh, so you’re having a Christmas baby!” (They were due early Dec., and I didn’t want to carry THAT long). So instead, I got two babies born near Halloween. Every late Oct./early Nov. is a non-stop binge of cake and candy. And the only long term effect of their prematurity is they each got to start school a year earlier, since we had a Nov. 30 cut-off.

Blue Fairy 2 years ago

I have a December baby and an early January baby.
Early Jan baby was 10 days over, she was actually due christmas eve. Dec baby was born on her due date.
My early September baby was due in late October, so there you go, due dates really mean nothing. Best to abstain from Feb through to May just to be safe. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Blue Fairy 2 years ago

Not really. February is still summer time in Australia. July/August is when it gets cooler.

Nuts about food 2 years ago

Hehe, just commented pretty much the same below: conception April, birthday a couple of days before Christmas!

Nuts about food 2 years ago

Let’s add April to that, which is when we conceived… I ended up with a third-decade December baby anyway!

Frida 2 years ago

Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this right now. We just tested negative last week after our March insemination. We’re trying for our second child so it’s a lot easier (emotionally) this time but your post kind of gave it a positive spin and put a big smile on my face. :) Now, I’m telling my self that February (although still relatively cold) is a much better month to be born.

Liz 2 years ago

The hubster and I run a campground- so we are more concerned with Summer birthdays. Baby 1 unplanned born at the end of June and now baby number 2 (was supposed to be planned but WHOOPS) due July 5th. I always wanted a Fall baby. Such is life!

Tara @ Crunchier by the Day 2 years ago

I am beginning to wonder if Hubby and I are only fertile in August/September. I had MC #1 at 5 weeks after getting pregnant in Aug. Then I had my DD, pregnant in Aug but she was born early so April. I again got pregnant in Aug this year for MC #2 (blighted ovum) and no signs of getting preggo since! LOL. At least I’m not the only one who has a strange body…of course, the fact that I don’t want a December baby will probably cause me to get pregnant this month.

Headacheslayer 2 years ago

BWAHAHAHAHA Jill you slay me ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m cackling out loud here!!!

I could NOT agree more. My son’s birthday is near the end of January and IT SUCKS. He’s still smitten with Christmas toys and THEN…MOAR.

Not to mention one of the BIGGEST things you forgot to mention. You will spend the majority of your pregnancy WHEN IT’S HOT. That is never a good combo. Nope. Trust me, speaking as a FL mom whose A/C was barely working while pregnant w/ DS. Hot, bitchy, pregnant. Deadly trifecta for any male in the area.

I don’t have to abstain though–the perks of The Big V ๐Ÿ˜‰ And we have a child-free weekend coming up…..out of the goodness of my heart *I* shall abstain from abstaining for the rest of you this month. It’s a sacrifice, but I owe it to my Scary Mommies ๐Ÿ˜‰ *flee*

neosi 2 years ago

I feel kinda shitty now. We’re a bit on the older side as parents and just happy to get pregnant. My poor little girl is a Dec. baby and I feel kinda bad for her. We did her first bday in early Nov. so we may have that be the tradition.

Kristen 2 years ago

I kinda feel sorry for your October baby…

Molly 2 years ago

Our baby was born Christmas Day this year. We named her Sol- S.O.L. (Shit Outta Luck).

Joy 2 years ago

You guys all need to get lives with real problems to worry about (except Roe). And yes, I realize the article is part tongue-in-cheek, but try going through infertility treatments and being overjoyed at having a child, period, no matter the month of birth.

Mama D 2 years ago

My kids’ birthdays are July, August and (early) September. They are sad every year because they can’t celebrate their birthdays with their friends because so many people are away in the summers! We celebrate their half-birthdays with their friends in Jan, Feb, and Mar respectively. The flip side of the coin!!

Cindy 2 years ago

Lol. I have three December kids !! 12 , 17 , and 20 th !! I love it !!

Monica 2 years ago

This post made me laugh. It should say March/April are abstinence months. My baby girl was conceived in early April and due on Dec 27th but came on the 17th. I felt so bad for her, that was not what we were planning for… I am not looking forward to birthday party planning in future December. Poor baby girl. LOL

Sharon 2 years ago

My birthday is the day after Christmas. It sucks!

Jenna 2 years ago

My birthday is December 5. Just after Thanksgiving and just before Christmas. I grew up in a rural area and had to have my parties at Pizza Hut. It sucked. I thought I was lucky until I was old enough to realize I got one good present (something I actually asked for or something that was more expensive) for my birthday with lots of little ones. (I call those “dollar aisle” toys now. As in, “Mom, can I get a toy?” “Only from the dollar aisle.”) Then, when Christmas came around I received one good present and lots of little ones. Many the same as I’d gotten just a few weeks earlier, but had been lost or broken by Christmas. And around my 8th Christmas I realized my birthday presents from others that I wasn’t all that into had suddenly reappeared on Christmas morning from The Big Guy!!

My mom is a fucking genius.

Jessica 2 years ago

My birthday is December 15th. So I suck. Lol. However….my mom did an amazing thing for me. She changed it! We celebrated my birthday on August 15th so I could have a party outside for one, but as a bonus I always got school clothes and cool toys like bikes I could actually use for a couple months before winter hit. She would still give me birthday gifts from her on my bday, but everyone else in August! I highly recommend this!

lisa b 2 years ago

11-13 husband
11-24 daughter
11-26 me
12-3 MIL
12-13 daughter
yeah, nov/dec are flipping exhausting!

staci 2 years ago

Agreed! My birthday is Christmas day!! I used to give my mom a really hard time about “couldn’t you have planned better?”….guess what….my sons due date was December 26th!!! So much for planning!! He ended up being born December 19th….so now his is the 19th, my dad’s is the 23rd and mine is the 25th….we have a CRAZY Christmas season in our family but actually, it’s really very fun for all of us! Babies end up being fun no matter what!

Rose 2 years ago

In total agreement with this. I’m planning on getting pregnant this year but we’re not going to start trying until the summer. If I don’t get pregnant by January, I’m using birth control for February-May. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, my family has 7 birthdays and every year, it is chaos! We decided long ago that we’re going to try really hard to avoid having a winter baby.

Krisi 2 years ago

I am 100% with you!! As the mother of a Christmas Day baby, it is already a nuisance, and he is 15 months old. grr… Very few people came to his first birthday party because the weather..they couldnt afford it…they were tired from all of the holidays..etc.etc. Poor little man!! And yes, I would not let my husband touch me the entire month of March! Bring on April!

Rob Squared 2 years ago

I will absolutely jump on the March abstinence bandwagon. On Christmas Day, 2011 I helped deliver my son (and first child) on the bathroom floor of our condo in Denver at 3:40 aml. We were sent home from the hospital TWICE on the 24th. I’m pretty sure I have PTSD about the whole event, but luckily everyone is happy and healthy. We will NOT be having another December baby.

Aubrey 2 years ago

I have the same birthday! I never look forward to it, ever. After years of saying I will make sure I never have a baby around Christmas, I so conveniently had my son a week after my bday (Jan 4). Poor kid.

Roe 2 years ago

My son was born December 26th. He was not only a planned conception (iui), but was also a planned c-section. We live in sunny Florida, so he has had awesome birthdays. This past one he turned 4 and had a great pirate party OUTSIDE in a beautiful park, 30 kids came and had a great time. Everyone was in shorts, tees, and sun dresses. NO, December babies do not suck! They are AWESOME!

Jess 2 years ago

I couldn’t agree more!!!! December babies are hard but I have one on Christmas Day! She just had to go a week over -.-

Lisa 2 years ago

My third child was born on December 29th. I became pregnant during a Florida vacation which included a nightmarish drive down I-95 during Spring Break with two toddlers in tow. Between the traffic and lack of hotel rooms, my husband was able to take full advantage of my weakened state. When my son was little, he thought a Christmas birthday was great, but that was short-lived. On a positive note, the holidays were so chaotic that by the time I planned his birthday parties it was usually March or April, so at least he got some gifts that weren’t connected to the holidays.

Brit 2 years ago

Both of my kids and I are Summer babies (June for me and my son and August for my daughter) but I think the best time for a birthday is Spring (with May being ideal). It’s nice outside, it’s far enough away from Christmas, and no one is on vacation. Summer birthdays are mostly awesome but everyone is out of town on vacation and no one shows up to your party. So that’s kinda lame. Still not as lame as a December birthday though.

Amanda 2 years ago

My brother and I are exactly 2yrs and 11 some odd hours apart, earily Dec babies. My son whom is 2, you guessed it December baby. We do suck.

Lynn 2 years ago

Haha I agree wholeheartedly with this post! I conceived on VDay and March 5 so both my boys are November and December respectively. Always a pain to book anything trying to beat Christmas parties and whatnot and it’s too cold to be outside.
I joked to my husband that IF (big fat if) we wanted any more children, February to April is off limits.

Stephanie O’Malley 2 years ago

I don’t know how he isn’t aware of 3/14. The day wasn’t as advertised this year but in years past it has been a big thing, especially on morning radio. I believe it started as a joke 5-6 years ago

thatmom 2 years ago

As the parent of a Christmas time baby (she was week early and arrived on Dec. 26th), I wish someone had thought to mention this to me 8 years ago! It does suck. Not only as parents trying to make BOTH days special, but as the kid who has a Christmas tree next to their birthday cake! We still make it extra special for her, but it was still really crappy NON planning on our part!

RamblingMommy 2 years ago

birth control failed me one march….which resulted in the birth of Sweet Boy 5 Decembers ago….i’m entertaining the idea of a half birthday in june

Heatherfly 2 years ago

this is hilarious! I just started TTC #1 last month.. I was really hoping to get it on the 1st shot and have a chance at a 11/12/13 baby. but alas.. didn’t take on that 1st try. I have a bunch of december birthdays in my family.. but I tried this month anyway. EDD of 12/9/13. I won’t know if I’m pregnant til next weekend though. I’ll be super happy if I am though, anyway. ๐Ÿ˜€

RachRiot 2 years ago

I am *totally* with you. I still remember sitting in the doctor’s office in shock when he told me my firstborn was due on CHRISTMAS DAY. Serious piss-poor planning on my part. Or, rather, no planning. Luckily, he was a few days late and I had to be induced On Dec. 30th. But still, my son gets the shaft…

Jodie 2 years ago

Yep, 2 that were meant to be December babies – unplanned. My first held on until January -15 days late because I did NOT want a December baby. The other had the good grace of showing up in November. After she was safely out, I looked at my Doc & said, “See, I told you I don’t have December babies.” (I could be lily because my hubby had the big snip by then). :)

Amy 2 years ago

All four of my kids are born within a two week period in February. May is Abstinence Month from now on in my house.

jodi 3 years ago

We conceived in March and have a November baby-not any better… On top of trying to schedule a bday party between Halloween and Thanksgiving, there are people traveling in and out of town and just try to pop out for any last minute supplies… worst.idea.ever.

Kim 3 years ago

I feel less guilty for my current angst after reading this…but I wish I’d read this in February. Hubby and I have been charting for prevention (to space our kids) and each month I get freaked out that we DTD too close to O…Now I’m pretty sure I wasn’t fertile yet the last time we DTD, but there is this slim margin of error that has me freaking out…especially since my charting site blasts me every day with “If you conceived this cycle, your due date will be December 25.” I know so many who struggle with IF, we’ve had multiple m/cs…it pains me to NOT be excited about a possible pregnancy. But here I am praying that we’re not. :-(

Sara 4 years ago

I have 4 kids (no multiple births) all born between November 12 and December 13, and I would like to say that having to plan birthday parties in November sucks pretty bad, too. :(

MomofTwoUnderFour 4 years ago

Jan 1st birthday right here and I’ve been a victim of combined presents my entire life. I gave my husband fair warning that he will be sorely sorry if he subjects me to the same! My first is Feb 22, not bad but a wild child. My second, Oct 28 and I conceived exactly on Valentine’s Day… Mellow little man after a wild night! However, pregnancy in summer is the WORST. I advocate contraception at the very least from February til May! :)

Cat 4 years ago

Well I think February being the Love Month is highly overrated. I demand you petition Valentine’s Day to be moved to June. Conceived in such a cheesy month, I was born exactly on Halloween’s. From infancy to twenteens, probably only 4% were actual gifts.

Then all I got was candy.

Anne G. 4 years ago

I happen to have two boys with November birthdays that are six days apart. We were starting to think that was the only time I was fertile…maybe it is, although now that we have been trying for a third child February came and went and I’m not pregnant. Guess we’ll be waiting until next February. :)

Trilla 4 years ago

WTF how did my husband not know about this day and how come his friends don’t can we keep this a secret or prevent this news from spreading?

Trilla 4 years ago

Well thats all fine and dandy for ya’ll but I ain’t with it. My hubby is in the military and is at work more than he is at home so if I can get it in I’m gonna get it in. Also for the thing about December babies sucking I have some choice words for you. I know the birthday and Christmas thing sucks for them but thats when you go all out and buy them a dirt bike or something awesome like that and give them a bunch of little things for Christmas. As for the other states some of you live in you have to deal with snow and ice those things do suck when your pregnant but I don’t so I don’t care. As for abstinence yah thats how I ended up 16 pregnant and had to give up my first child for adoption in short abstinence SUCKS thats just my opinion thanks for letting me vent

PsychoMom 4 years ago

My birthday is Dec 30 and I remember only having one birthday celebrated. I used to get one present for both Christmas and my birthday. It used to piss me off. My family was cheap as hell.

DM 4 years ago

As a December baby myself, I have to tell you, you’re absolutely right. December birthdays suck. Mine is in early December, so what I mostly got to do for my birthday was watch the first snowstorm of the year come down. Yah-effing-hoo. Contrast this with my sister, who was born in late August and got to do cool stuff like have birthday picnics and go to amusement parks, and it sucked even worse.
In fact, one year, when I was in my mid-20s, I celebrated my birthday in June, just to see what it was like to have a summer birthday. My relatives got in on the act, which was kind of cool.
Nowadays, though, with a kid of my own and plenty of holiday commitments, I’m happy to just lump my birthday in with Christmas. I’m too burnt out to care.

Missy 5 years ago

I agree. I have a December baby and even though it is at the very beginning of the month, it still sucks.

We are thinking of starting to do a 1/2 birthday celebration party for his friends now that he is old enough to understand and just do something small with family on his real birthday.

lesa 5 years ago

Being someone born two weeks after Christmas, I really envy my friends who have birthdays any other time of the year. However, from a business aspect, secretly I love that time of year because I am always busy doing parties because there are not a lot of places to do birthday parties around here :)
I will also say that having all of your family’s birthdays close together sucks majorly as well. My husband’s birthday is June 19. My son’s is the 18th, and my daughter’s is the 21st (she was due on the 20th which I thought was amusing). We also have three other family birthdays that month. My bank account thinks it’s Christmas all over again. The hardest part about their birthdays is trying to find a party date that actually works because everyone takes vacations, has graduation parties, and gets married that time of year. Needless to say, we have No Sex September in my house :)

lesa 5 years ago

My birthday is 2 weeks and 1 day after Christmas. A lot of my friends celebrate my half birthday instead and I LOVE IT! Here is why: I have had people forget my birthday, combine presents, parties that are cut short because of snow, and other things as well. Celebrating my half birthday is awesome because I get a whole day that is all about me :)

Denise 5 years ago

Totally. Our “surprise” number 5 was due 12/10/2010, and arrived Nov 30. It makes Thanksgiving and Christmas hard!
But honestly, it’s never very fun for us – we have birthdays in May, June, July, August, September, October, & November now, and our anniversary is in December. It takes the other 4 months to recover!!

Jen 5 years ago

Well, growing up in my house, we had 3 birthdays to celebrate in December: 18th, 20th and 22nd. Mine falls on the 22nd. After a couple of years of everyone having cake (yes, 3 separate cakes), we all diverged from regular cakes and would choose something different than cake.
I never really had the problem of getting Christmas and birthday stuff combined, as everyone always seemed to try and make sure they celebrated each separately. For many many years we would always go get a tree the day after my birthday. (Until people got their trees waaaay early and to get a tree that was more than just a few limbs you had to get one much earlier. Then we started going earlier, and my parents actually asked me if I was okay with picking out a tree earlier than we traditionally did. Of course I wanted the good trees, so I had no problems with it.The tree would go up in the house, but the house wouldn’t get decorated until later.
I’m afraid that we don’t have to worry about a baby being made this month… already pregnant and due mid-June. Planned this one, and we are having another summer baby. (Our last one was born July and will be almost 2 when this next one comes.)

Beth 5 years ago

So far my 11 year old (born December 12th) has made out pretty well on his birthday as well as Christmas. But as he gets older, his gift requests are getting more expensive and… well yeah… I totally considered making a couple of his gifts combined gifts this year.

We try not to put up the tree or make anything too Christmasey until after his birthday.

Katy 5 years ago

We had to have a Dec baby…otherwise DH would have missed the birth (thank you deployment). I think ‘half’ birthdays in the summer with her May baby sister will be in order…

Charisse 5 years ago


Ashley 5 years ago

My birthday is December 31st, and everyone thinks its the coolest birthday in the world. Trust me, its not. Not only do you get totally ripped off from Christmas (who wants to wrap MORE presents after that holiday) but everyone else already has fabulous New Year’s Eve plans and they don’t want to spend it with you. Or, they come to your party and bail around 9pm to go get drunk with their other friends. Its sad… I will never have a December baby for this reason exactly!!

Sarah 5 years ago

Oh my gosh, too funny! Just for the record, I AM a December baby and yes, it sucks. Save your children!

Sunday 5 years ago

Thankfully I had my tubes tied when my younger son was 2 so I can have as much sex as I want any time of year…. I really wish that meant it actually happened.

Sarah 5 years ago

I’m a December baby. You’d think it wouldn’t be so bad for me, given that my bday is the 6th! But nope! Most years I don’t even get a party or a get together with my friends due to people not having any money.

I can understand the no money part but come on! One night to hang out? Too much to ask? Really?

Also, why do couples give you one gift from the two of them? If it was a gift that was a bit MORE than two little gifts I’d understand. But I’m obligated to give EACH member their own birthday gift. Why do I get punished as a single person??? AND as a December baby when most of my bday presents are also my Christmas present??

Linda Lou 5 years ago

You’ve done it again. Scary Mommy for president.
Step daughter born Christmas day. Her brother 2 days later. Total PITA.

Jen 5 years ago

I am on of three kids born December 14, 29 and January 1. It became a joke once we got a little older. My Dad says he learned to stop touching my Mom during March!

Sarah G. 5 years ago

I have a December 21 birthday, and yes, it can be not fun. I really didn’t care that as a child growing up most friends only gave me one present. My family was usually pretty cool about it. However, I was really jealous that my brother could have a swimming party (which one year we celebrated my half birthday and I got a pool party!) and that we didn’t really do outside things for my birthday much. We one time did my birthday early in the month and had a Christmas tree decorating party. My friends came to help decorate our tree and it was fun! We also went caroling one year since most of my friends sang with me in choir. And then when I was 8 and really into ballet, we has a “dress in dance wear/recital tutus and watch the Nutcracker” party complete with a ballerina cake. So, it’s easy to put your holiday fun into a party with your friends in December!

Carla 5 years ago

I really wish I would have read this two Marches ago. I have a Dec husband and a Dec baby, between them and Jesus there’s a whole lot of birthdays in my house the week of Christmas! I’m usually such a planner, I guess I just didn’t plan on getting knocked up the second I chucked the pill … live and learn.

Kelley Kakes 5 years ago

I have a December baby, and you’re right… it does suck. Pregnant in the heat of the summer and bringing more stress to the holidays! He was supposed to be a Christmas baby, but thankfully he came out on the 10th. He was enormous and contracted strep from me, so we spent ten days in ICU. When we brought him home he was the size of a three month old. We also had a preschooler, and trying to make Christmas special for her while dealing with a new baby sucked. I just wanted to sleep. We’ve since figured places to have a bday party in the dead of Colorado winter that will entertain several crazed young boys, but there is always some lame relative who tells him they’ll just give him all of his presents on Christmas since his birthday is so close to it.

jessica 5 years ago

are you kidding? I just started dating someone a couple of months ago. After my long dry spell, I have no intention of ever stopping.

Kathie 5 years ago

I am a december baby. When I was growing up, my dad organized and produced a large craft show in our small town. So my birthday consisted of getting up at 4 or 5 in the morning to help crafters schlep their stuff inside for the show. This particularly sucked when my birthday was on saturday.

What my parents did to make up for it was to have a half year birthday. So I got the party and the cake and all the trimmings in June. It was actually pretty nice. I’d get something small for my birthday…just a token present. Then Christmas would come 3 weeks later. Then 6 months later in June I’d get the big party. Win-win all around.

Olivia 5 years ago

My birthday is June 25 and I always thought it was perfect being exactly 6 months before christmas. Of course as a kid I felt gyped for not getting a party at school.

Pop 5 years ago

March babies suck but so do late-September, October and early-November babies: their birthdays are in the summer months, so while they always have to chip in for gifts for their school friends throughout the year, they never get it paid back, and friends might be on family vacations for the party.

TwoWishes Tara 5 years ago

My mother turned 63 yesterday. She said it was a lovely celebration, but December birthdays suck. So you’re not just saving a child from a December birthday — you’re saving someone over the course of his/her WHOLE LIFE.

Toni 5 years ago

You couldn’t have brought this up prior to march 2010?? I am due 12/24. I imagine having your birthday on christmas is some sort of double or triple suck. Poor kid.

Amy! 5 years ago

I have a friend who is a January baby (the 3rd or something, so early in the month), and she decided a couple of years ago that she was going to start celebrating in the summer for pretty much all the reasons you’ve listed. That might just confuse a kid, though.

Debbie 5 years ago

Im a December Baby and I agree that it sucks.
But my mom did a pretty good job of trying to keep things separate. My birthday is the 14th so its JUST far enough away to have a birthday party before the 14 and still have time before Christmas to enjoy the build up.
There were a few years the the Christmas tree didnt go up until after my birthday party.
I was always jealous of my sister’s August Birthday.

Melanie 5 years ago

My oldest will be six on December 21. It is so hard to keep her birthday separate from the holidays!

Lauren 5 years ago

My husbands birthday is December 25 and he sucks more than you know

Chrissy 5 years ago

I had to laugh at this. Mainly, Because I very much agree with you. I concieved ALL of my children in Febuary, Which means I have 3 childrens birthdays to plan, plus my husbands. only one of my children were planned, my oldest. Then we found out about hubbys super sperm and now… well, yeah. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade them for the world, but their birthdays, with Thanksgiving, and then Christmas… I have seriously contemplated skipping the formal holidays…

Francesca 5 years ago

This graphic is pure gold. I am pretty sure there is a social media campaign in here somewhere, just waiting to be developed.

I stand behind you on this. My kids? Born December 13 and 22…because we *used to* always take vacation at the same damn time of year.

Thank God I discovered the Internet and no longer have to be bothered with things like having sex.

Allison @ Alli n Son 5 years ago

Can I also add that January babies suck? For just the same reason that us December babies suck.

amber 5 years ago

My husband is a December 26 baby. It sucks, sucks, sucks, sucks all kind of hard. No matter what I do, he always ends up feeling jipped.

No sex in March!

Melaka 5 years ago

I’m a January baby and it totally sucks! By the time my birthday comes around, everyone is tired of spending money and they are all partied out. And I so had to split my gifts, only getting 1/2 for Christmas and the other 1/4 for my birthday (ran out of money). However, My husband understands and makes sure that I have a special day or better yet, week. We always skip Christmas and going on a skiing vacation for my birthday! He is a real keeper!

~Laura 5 years ago

After the FOUR bday parties we had last weekend, you can count me in!

Sharon Sanders 5 years ago

My October child was the child of my DNA, (poor kid looks just like me) but my December daughter was the child of my soul. We have the exact same outlook and attitude on things. My hubby (their step-dad) says listening to the two of us talk is like listening to me carrying on a conversation w/myself. I said, yeah, except I never know what I’m gonna say next! Seriously, always made a special day for her birthday (22nd), once she got old enough to understand (with her genius IQ, she was 3 or 4 when she figured out birthdays) and I always tell her she spent her first Christmas with just me, as the maternity ward was empty and her sis had a cold so daddy and sis stayed home. My heart stopped while having her during a scheduled C-section, and her little heart almost stopped in synch w/mine. We were both saved for a reason; not just to be mom and daughter, but she’s like my very best friend too. And always had bonfire birthday parties, kept all warm, and hers were always THE party to go to, had a waiting list of kids who wanted to be invited. So whereas it may suck to have a birthday in December, December babies themselves don’t suck.

FreckleFaceGirl 5 years ago

I had a son in December (1st) and a daughter in Jan (26th). My birthday is in January & it never bothered me. I was always more concerned about being big & pregnant during the summer. That just sounds horrible to me! I guess it is more about my comfort. :)

Christine 5 years ago

My daughter is born on Dec 7th, combine that with Sint Nicholas on Dec 6th (who brings loads of presents to kids in Belgium) and Santa on Dec 25th (who brings loads more) and Dec turns into a wrapped nightmare.

Jill 5 years ago

My middle child is a Dec 20th baby …

Thank goodness we’re Jewish and Hanukkah is never the same time each year…. so sometimes she suffers, sometimes she doesn’t.

But I’m all for abstaining in March … but can we throw in a few other months for good measure too?

Rachel {at} Mommy Needs a Vacation 5 years ago

This is just too funny! I agree- to have a December bday, or worse a child born in December must be the worst! I am in luck. These legs are closed until at least May when we head to Belize for our 10 year anniv. Mama’s gotta drink RUM! And lots of it…

Kim 5 years ago

Aww, but everyone I know that was born in December is a great person! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I get it though. My sister was born on January 1st. You have no idea how many times people forgot it was her birthday too!

StacyQ 5 years ago

I forgot to mention my sister’s birthday is 11/29, my mom’s is today (12/6) and then mine is next week. The holidays are brutal in my family.

StacyQ 5 years ago

Oh I so totally agree! This is one of my biggest rants! My birthday is 12/12 and it is absolutely the worst! My husband tries SO HARD to give me a wonderful birthday… Bless his heart… he’s been trying to take me to Paris for the past 2 years but I keep turning him down… I’m the one who has to arrange someone to take care of our young daughters, and the dog, and make arrangements for their school, and still keep things on track for Christmas… I let him talk me into a night at a hotel once and the stress of it all gave me hives!
I HATE IT! Please just celebrate my birthday in February!

Holly W 5 years ago

Yes…my day sucks, Dec 17…and my hubs is the 4th of July, so he gets gifts year round…which led me to institute a “my day” that falls every August 6th. Yes, I made my own day..far from any holidays where the only requirement is that I get presents not wrapped in Christmas paper…and he still does it for me, every year…how awful am I?

Taffee Lucas 5 years ago

My daughter is a December 25th baby. She was born at 7:30 am….not what I wanted. She was two weeks early. UGH! Its been 27 years, and she still hates it.
We tried having a party for her in June, when she was young, and she didn’t go for that either. So we have always had a party for her Christmas evening with cake and birthday presents. It works out because we are all together any way. Oh, and we named her Holly. So if you don’t want to deal with a Christmas baby, stretch out that abstinence into April a little bit!

Karen 5 years ago

Literally just booked the reptile man for Dec 21!
My buddy’s 5th birthday and first one not in a Midwestern snow blizzard.
Haven’t bought one Christmas decoration for snowbird house in Ca. But yeah the reptiles are booked!
Ugh or an oy will do!

Liz Jenkins 5 years ago

It took us a while to get pregnant, and it turned out that our due date was New Years Eve. But she held out 26 hours to January 2nd. So now I am creating an evite for her birthday party as we speak. Every year is a trial because her birthday is always over winter break – half the people are out of town and/or exhausted – it’s right after the holidays. Sigh. Usually we wait until mid-January but now she’s old enough to really have an opinion. So now we are having a sleepover for 8 girls on yes, New Years Day.

SC 5 years ago

Today’s my due date with The Sequel, and I couldn’t agree more!! When I first found out I was pregnant, I was shocked, and when I learned my due date was December 6th, I was a little bummed. I said to anyone who would listen ‘no offence, but nobody plans to have a baby in December’. I love this little bundle just as much as my first, but if it were in my power, I would have preferred a November or January baby even – anything but December! It has nothing to do with loving the baby anymore or any less, but for his sake, I want his birthday to be special, and not over taken by the rush of the holidays. I guess I have my work cut out for me!!

Great Post!!!

PB and Jazz 5 years ago

I agree. I have a soon to be 19 year old born on Dec. 27th. I had to work hard to educate grandparents to not wrap in Christmas wrap! Plus, the kids only get presents one time a year. It sucks! The only thing that helped him growing up is that his cousin is 8 days older than him and they are the first two grandsons in the family so they have gone through this together.

Moms In Heels 5 years ago

Oh my mommy goodness I could not agree more. My 3yo boy celebrated his bday today (Dec 6). To make things even more crazy my parents and my husbands divorced parents all wanted to recognize his bday. 3 Parties for my 3yo during the busiest time of the year. I’m already exhausted.

Moomser 5 years ago

Although, following this logic we should probably declare february through april as national abstinence quarter (a semester would probably be too long…) as november and january babies suck too. Also, as far as the no place to celebrate the birthday with snotty, sick kids, february babies suck as well. Oh, did you guess, I have a november and a february baby and an adult december baby (the husband). So birthdays are a lot of fun over at ours. Although have decided to institute half-year birthday celebrations were everyone celebrates their birthdays and a half, in the summer!

Megan Urban 5 years ago

I’m days away from popping out my December bambino and couldn’t agree more. Pretty tough to get into the Christmas spirit when I’m confined to the bed due to an abnormally low baby comfortably resting on my cervix with the delicacy of a bowling ball. Great planning during the month of March, frisky mom!

lynn @ Maven of Savin 5 years ago

What a howl and oh so true. Luckily I do not have any December babies but you are right – December is the pits. So I will try very hard in March not to succumb! We have Feb/Mar babies and that come in handy for Christmas overflow presents – when you realize on Christmas eve that you bought way too much!

Erin 5 years ago

HA!! I thought this was going to be serious….about Abstinence – this is HILARIOUS!!!

I agree:)

Erin I’m Gonna Kill Him 5 years ago

I’m with you given baby 3 is due to arrive in a week. I hate the closeness to Christmas. I feel like I’m missing out on all this merry shit because my uterus is detaching from my body.

After 3 babies in 2.5 years, though, I’m instituting more of a National Abstinence Year around here. My lucky husband.

Crazy Lady 5 years ago

I have a Decemeber 17th baby and a January baby 20th .. It sucks for BOTH of them!

NYCPatty 5 years ago

Just brilliant!

I will join the cause and “just say no” in March!

Amy 5 years ago

Agreed. Totally with you. I am one of those girls who gets pregnant if the hubs looks at me the wrong way. It’s a wonder how we didn’t get pregnant pre-wedding. Nonetheless, we have an April baby, an August baby and an October baby. A December baby would put me over the edge. Good call.

The Flying Chalupa 5 years ago

Amen, sister! Yeah, my brother totally sucks. I give him a gift card to a restaurant every year for his birthday. Because I just can’t handle giving another real gift.

Lady Estrogen 5 years ago

The men can have that ONE day in March then.. the rest of the month can be OUR oral sex month. Sounds good to me!! Bring it.

My twins were born the 2nd week in January and I prayed all of December to HOLD ON LITTLE ‘UNS.. NOT UNTIL JAN! :)

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 5 years ago

I’m just glad you gave me a month off!

“Sorry, Honey…I can’t…ScaryMommy said it’s Abstinence Month.”

Jennifer 5 years ago

As a mom throwing a birthday party this weekend I can concur. It sucks. And she is soooo freaking excited about her birthday. So not only do I have to worry about throwing a birthday party right during the middle of the holiday season; I also have to worry about having people show up because hello? It’s the holidays and people don’t have the time or the money for some random kid’s birthday.

Jen 5 years ago

Yes, having a baby in December is terrible but getting pregnant in December is cool. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anthony 5 years ago

It has to suck for the kids too… they need present dispersion throughout the year. Plus most of them probably get stiffed with half the amount of presents for each occasion.

Michelle Saunderson 5 years ago

My daughter has a Dec. 28th birthday. She gets the short end of the stick all the time. Everyone forgets her birthday and then just tell her the Christmas gift is a combo gift, when my son gets twice as much because his birthday is in July. I really feel for her. I am divorced and my ex has my daughter for her birthday every year which bites too.

Yuliya 5 years ago

March 14th is already ‘Steak & Blowjob’ day (one month after Valentines Day) they don’t need a whole friggin month.

Meghan 5 years ago

Our one and only was unplanned, but we were lucky enough to get knocked up in July, so that he was born April 26. My husband is April 30, and I’m May 25. So we’re all spring babies, which is the best. I used to get winter toys/ clothes for Christmas, and summer toys/ clothes for my birthday. I guess it’s kind of a pain to have our birthday’s close together, but at least I’m not dealing with Christmas on top of it. When we start planning for #2, I’m definitely going for a spring baby! Also, it worked pretty well for pregnancy/nursing. I was never huge pregnant in the summer or winter. I never had to try and take a newborn out when it was -12 out. I wasn’t nursing a frequent eating newborn while wearing 8 million layers. I got lucky that’s for sure! Ha Ha, that sounded kind of smug…just meant I was grateful to not deal with the sucky December baby. I already have to deal with my parent’s bday’s in Nov/Dec

Dora 5 years ago

My parents conceived me on my dad’s birthday. Making my birthday on glorious Christmas day. IT SUCKS! IT BITES! Never a birthday of my own, always had to share it with that Jesus guy…errrrrrrrrrrrr! This is the reason I swore I was going to have a child in August. NOTHING happens in August. Thankfully my first born, AUGUST!! woo hoo! My second one didn’t fair so well. She might as well have been born in December because January 14th sucks too! I’m still broke from the holidays and I have to plan a party! Isn’t that the month they also take a good chunk of your paycheck in taxes! errrrrrrrr I am still surviving the holiday hangover when her birthday comes along.

So I concur! How about we just add abstinence for Spring in general? TEE HEE!

Nicole 5 years ago

This had me rolling. I am due with my first child in 2 weeks and hubby’s birthday is December 27 (which he hates). You would think we would have known better…but no.

I hope to see these PSAs on the airwaves soon :)

Nina Badzin 5 years ago

Yup!! I’m so with you! My bday is 12/30 and I do NOT recommend it!

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} 5 years ago

Because that IUD of mine is firmly in place, I say hell yes! My husband’s birthday is December 24. He has MAJOR issues with it. I always have to do something special for his birthday and it is a total pain. He is just so damn sensitive. He was always given one gift as a kid and he will never forget that.

Brenna 5 years ago

I made absolute sure I would not have a December baby (or even a fall baby for that matter, the whole when to put them in school, cold weather, and lots of holidays thing I didn’t want to deal with). Even my surprise baby cooperated!

I worked with a woman who’s daughter was a December baby and they just celebrated her half-birthday instead. Worked for them…

neena 5 years ago

I have a December 10th baby – I feel like I should somehow be offended by this post, but I’m too busy laughing my ass off about the truth you speak!!!


Lydia 5 years ago

I understand your reasoning but sorry I gotta say no. Hmm,also- I just realized that my birthday is in March and my oldest child was born in December and how that makes perfect sence right now….oops sorry kid!

Issa 5 years ago

I was so jipped. My oldest? Supposed to be a freaking January baby. She was a month early. Yep.

Kameron 5 years ago

My hubby will not be happy with this no sex for a whole month thing. Since I’m sufficiently birth controlled right now, I will have to opt out. ;o) Besides, my hubby’s birthday in March. You don’t expect me to get him an actual present do you?

@suburbanhaiku 5 years ago

December children
get more expensive presents,
but have a long wait.

Mama Kat 5 years ago

Worst idea EVER!

Shelly 5 years ago

LOL I totally feel for you. My daughter was born prematurely on January 1st. Wasn’t expected, wasn’t timed, wish she’d have waited. Now it’s always a race to get Christmas taken care of, then make sure she’s got a stand-alone gift or two for her birthday. She’s been pretty understanding. Besides, she figures, the entire world celebrates her birthday with her, so that’s some compensation.

Angie 5 years ago

Allow me to introduce you to my new BFF Mirena – she’s the best! We joined forces this past March after I gave birth to my first, last and only on Christmas Eve last year. My kid isn’t old enough to whine about having a holiday birthday yet, but I’m sure feeling the pressure it brings.

Carrie 5 years ago

I never really thought about that but I’ll have to keep it in mind… my abstinence months are September and October. After being 9 months pregnant in 100+ degree weather in Florida, I swore if I got pregnant again I’d make sure it was a winter baby!

highlyirritable 5 years ago

I know a girl with a Dec. 25th birthday.

Okay; she’s actually my niece, but when she came with a Christmas Day birthday I was forced to disown her.

The only upsides to a December birth I can see are:
a. tax write-off bonus for birth year
b. earlier start at school

But with me niece I reap none of these benefits personally so I will continue to deny her.

ryan 5 years ago

Wait, no sex in March?…But don’t you know that March is the month of Spring Break?!?!?…UGH

I agree though, it does suck to be born in December. It is inevitable that you will receive 2in1 gifts :(

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Mbtcom28 5 years ago

OH MY GOD! I have been following you for a few months, but this is by far my favorite blog! I have two DECEMBER babies and it SUCKS! I HATE IT! Last year I seriously bought my husband a playboy on March 1st and said have fun, see you in a few weeks! I think this March he is going to have the BIG V b/c my two monkeys are plenty for me and if I have another December baby I will cry! Thanks for the post, It helps to know that I am the not the only mommy who feels this way!!!

T Rex Mom 5 years ago

My hubby and I are both December babies. We instituted this 10 year ago when we were married. One November baby and one January baby. If we ever decide on a third, we might try to avoid more months so we get a summer baby. But we’ll see. I really is no fun always picking my birthday present from under the tree. Oh, well. At least there’s always something in case someone forgets, right?

Jack 5 years ago

I have a son who is a December baby and he doesn’t suck. Although it does get a bit difficult when Chanukah and his birthday overlap.

MommyNaniBooboo 5 years ago

I’m a December baby!
It does suck!
I always got big “combined” gifts for Christmas/birthday, and then I have to go the whole rest of the year without any cool presents.
Plan to have your babies in June, people! That way there are awesome gifts at least twice a year. :)

JulieBouf 5 years ago

Timmy’s bday is the beginning of Nov and that’s bad enough, I think. Plus, I can’t stand those whiny December babies who grow up to be whiny December grownups who are STILL whining about not having a birthday (even though…because they were born close to the holidays..they are the only birthday in the family that everyone remembers and hence the only one who actually receives birthday presents).

And I’m going to hold myself back from making the “TMI” joke about abstinence being the new favored form of birth control in general. Heh. I’ll probably join you in March ๐Ÿ˜‰

Missy 5 years ago

Amen sister!

My oldest son’s birthday is at the beginning of the month and it sucks. People are just trying to get Thanksgiving stuff done and Christmas stuff has started.

I wish someone had told me to think about it a little more.

Jen 5 years ago

My Dad’s birthday is Christmas Eve and he’d TOTALLY agree with you.

My bf just had her second baby last Monday (the 29th) and the first baby isn’t one year old til Dec. 21. She should think about abstinence til at least June. ๐Ÿ˜‰

melissa 5 years ago

my youngest is a december baby. i got pregnant on my birthday, which is march 29th. yeah, i’m 100% sure that’s when it happened.
i’m not worried about pregnancy anymore, i think my eggs are drying up.

A Stepmom 5 years ago

It’s true with early January birthdays too. My stepkids are both a few days after Christmas and it’s so hard to separate everything!

zeghsy 5 years ago

Might I recommend August or September as good months to conceive. Monkey was born July 1, but had my birth date (June 26) as her due date. It’s harder to celebrate with school friends for your birthday, but you aren’t slighted when it comes to presents being 6 months from the more traditional gift giving months.

KMayer 5 years ago

Can trace most of my kids back to a wedding reception. Seriously, ask around. Bet its the same with lots of your friends!

Erika – In Erika’s Kitchen 5 years ago

Like Kir said – January babies are even worse. I have two of them. Which means that when everyone else I know is recovering from the December holidays, cleaning up the house, cleaning out the house, I am planning not one but TWO birthday parties, a week apart. My holiday season does not officially end until the third week of January. IT SUCKS.

On the other hand, good tax planning.

Kristi Stevens 5 years ago

Is it bad that I spaced mine apart so that there is a birthday every 3 months EXCEPT for December? No. Really. March, June, September. I did this because of Christmas – being born in Dec would suck.

Kim 5 years ago

My birthdayis Christmas Day and let me tell you that I agree that it sucks. But what sucks worse is the fact that everyone makes such a big deal about it and paints it to be such a hassle. It’s like having a huge birthmark on your forehead and everyone constantly mentioning it.
My parents never ever combined gifts, not once. I always got the same amount for my birthday that I would have gotten if it were any other time. They were wrapped in birthday paper and we opened them with cake for me on Christmas Eve. It was important to them and me that i had a time that was about me.
You can not celebrate a december birthday in July, i mean that is just rude. How would you feel if someone wanted to move your birthday? It’s totally selfish of you to think that.
As for the money of spending so much at one time, all i can say is in the fiscal year of things you are spending the same amount. How about saving in july for gifts you buy in December?
OK that is my rant, I agree with the no DTD in March because I have hated dealing with this Christmas birthday for 30 years.
In summation…. make a day that you celebrate the birthday special for your child. don’t allow others to combine gifts, that is totally unfair especially when you have a sibling that gets two gifts at different times of year. do not change your child’s birthday celebration to another point in the year, that just sends the message that your childs real birthday date is of no importance and that they are such an hassle you can’t even “deal” with their birthday on the correct day.

Carolyn (temysmom) 5 years ago

I’m a December baby. My brother is a December baby. My husband, BIL and SIL are all December babies. So is my daughter’s best friend and three of my cousins. It completely SUCKS!!!!

I didn’t necessarily get combined gifts, however, it was awful that all the gifts came in one month and then there was nothing to look forward to the rest of the year.

TripleZmom 5 years ago

We have a December baby and a November baby, which really isn’t much better. The March baby lucky out, but we encourage him to not rub it in. I support your abstinence month, though our solution was to have my tubes tied. Too bad you can’t share fertility, huh?

christy 5 years ago

Too freaking funny!!!

Kmama 5 years ago

My youngest is turning three on the 12th. I was *just* complaining about this to his daycare teacher. And it doesn’t help that we have two boys. In three years (the space between my oldest and youngest) the toys don’t change much. And of course #2 likes the same types of toys that #1 liked, so we are stuck trying to find gifts that are just crap we bought so he’d have something to open. Even worse is that we have a large extended family who always want ideas for gifts. I DON’T KNOW.

Jennifer 5 years ago

Um, you should have posted this back in March/April…I’m nearly nine months pregnant with a surprise fourth baby.

I really hope she holds out until January, okay perhaps December 31st, we could really use the tax write-off (damn economy)…

It is hard getting ready for the holidays AND preparing for the arrival of a new baby–the stress is driving me crazy!

Kate 5 years ago

Word. Only why didn’t I read this in March of 2006? My December baby will be 4 in a couple weeks. And to properly punish him, his friends and their parents I had a partially-outdoor party last weekend. December. In Ohio. HA HA HA.

Lynn from For Love or Funny 5 years ago

My husband and I were fertile ONLY during Sept/Oct. Both our kids had the same due dates, nowhere near December!

Bruna 5 years ago

I can’t imagine having December babies! I’m with you on this one. Christmas is hard enough organizing and planning without having to add birthday parties to the mix. No worries for me now, hubby is fixed and we’re good! No more babies for us ~ I think three is enough:)

Great post!

Jenn H 5 years ago

December baby here, 29th, and yes it sucks big time. I was not spoiled. I was gyped. In fact my entire family forgot my 16th birthday because they were too busy. My girls have November birthdays two weeks apart. My husband would love to tell me I’m neurotic about making sure each girl has a special day but that would dredge up the whole crappy-childhood thing. Not all December babies are spoiled some are crabby and jaded.

Melisa 5 years ago

I’m with you! When we started planning *cough, cough* for baby #2 we said no way to a December baby! End of February thru beginning of April was a dry month for the Hubbs!

DrLori71 5 years ago

I’m a December baby. Of course, I wasn’t supposed to be a December baby. I was due in November but I was 4 weeks late. Yes, that’s not a typo…I was 4 weeks late and, no, there was no error with dates. My mother was pregnant for 44 weeks and miraculously she didn’t hold it against me. Anyhoo, I’m a December baby and I love it! I don’t mind getting all of my presents at once…I like it. December babies rock! :-)

Kelly 5 years ago

Ha! Love this. As mom to a December baby and 2 January babies I think it should be February-April is off limits for conception.

My December baby was supposed to be a Thankgiving turkey but he took his dandy time.

Throw in my anniversary on 1/1 and we’re pretty much broke from November through February.

Lolli 5 years ago

PS–I only have to think about a baby to get pregnant, too. I got pregnant with #1 two weeks after going off birth control. THAT is why she is a December baby. :)

Kir 5 years ago

My twins were due in Feb but born Jan (early) 8th. TO say that even that is a PITA is an understatment.
I mean I am IF, had to go through 4 years of it, and an IVF to finally get PG, but when I try to think about doing a Birthday party RIGHT after the holidays, I want to just cry.

I’m with all of you…even though my kiddos are seriously the best gift I ever got. :)

Lolli 5 years ago

Bwahaha!! As a mother of a daughter born on December 24, I wholeheartedly agree. If I wasn’t committed to never having another child I would totally hop on this. Might even buy me some of that underwear with a key.

JustMom420zaks 5 years ago

@Amy, Now I dont feel so bad. As a child, I wanted my parents to divorce so I could get twice as much stuff.
I know, dumb. But who says the things you think as a kid are smart.
@Jill. Do we still need to abstain if we’re on birth control?
I always had sympathy for kids who had Dec. birthdays. I knew, even if they didn’t get “joint x-mas/b-day gifts” the gifts were just split in half. (half for xmas, half for bday)
And that plain sucks.
I just realized I was quite the materialistic elementary school kid.

LZ 5 years ago

I’m with you. M is a December baby, and I can feel the grunting and groaning as people open their bday party invitations and try to squeeze it in to an already packed month.

Rebecca Kotok 5 years ago

I have four children under five. Two are twins. Three (including the twins) have early January birthdays. Currently every month is abstinence month. So yes, I’m in for March.

Katie Williams 5 years ago

My best friend was born on Christmas day, and it’s thrown her whole family into turmoil for years. They’ve had to MOVE Christmas so that her birthday can be all about her. I can’t imagine anything worse, to be honest!

It’s bad enough I was born in January, as I’ve always had the same issues with birthday parties being cancelled due to weather, PLUS everyone is broke from the holiday season and no one ever wants to eat cake for fear of ruining their new years resolutions.

I’m pretty sure winter itself is the problem and should simply be outlawed all together. :)

SJ 5 years ago

Maybe it’s to do with your national weather? It’s pretty cold around September time and a lot of my family including myself and my son are born in June and July. My boyfriend is Australian and he’s born in November – it gets pretty cold in Australia around February/March time.

Amy Hillis 5 years ago

Amen! You’re preaching to the choir here, my son’s b-day is 12/22 and it SUCKS! Too much, Too much, Too much!!!!

emmasota 5 years ago

Ha! I have five nephews, and FOUR of them were born in December. Love them dearly. All of these parties on top of the holidays makes for one crazy month.

Lisa @All That and a Box of Rocks 5 years ago

This seriously made me chuckle. Today is my youngest child’s birthday. My unplanned bonus baby. lol

I gave birth to six babies and only two were planned. To top that off, we have 4 birthdays in a 6 week span (Oct-Dec), and my husband’s is next week!

The Domestic Goddess 5 years ago

As a mother of two December babies, both due on the same day, I heartily approve your message. Also? My husband sleeps on the couch for the while month of December.

Life with Kaishon 5 years ago

OK, I am in : )

Kallay 5 years ago

As a mom about to give birth to twins, all I can say is, Amen. One kid with a birthday in December sucks, but two? Yes, I see a Christmas in July Birthday party in their futures. *sigh*

lceel 5 years ago

Alternatively, you could always declare March as National Oral Sex Month. I mean, unless I have that anatomy thing all wrong, you can’t get pregnant that way. Right?

karin 5 years ago

my kids birthdays are oct 29 nov 22 and dec 16 – my husband is lucky to get any from feb – may. and my pocketbook wants to wither up and die about now…

Almostpoetic 5 years ago

My son is December 20. He hasn’t really hated it yet but we have his bday party in July just so he can get some freakin’ outdoorsy gifts!

Love the song, “My birthday’s near Christmas and it sucks! Combination gift worth twenty bucks!”

Monika 5 years ago

I actually thought about using condoms in the march when we were trying to conceive my 2nd child and certainly didn’t aim for my fertile days but low and behold after 17 months of not conceiving that was my lucky month!! Bugger!

scbelle10 5 years ago

This is so true!! My daughter’s birthday is next week and every year all I can think is “seriously?! I couldn’t have waited at least one more month??” It also appears that I can tell you when a big blizzard will blow through. It inevitably happens on the day we pick for her party. We’ve had more celebrations without family than with because the weather was too awful to travel in.
You have got my vote! Anyone considering conception in march only needs to talk to someone with a December birthday or the parent of someone with a December birthday to see how awful it will turn out.

Stacey 5 years ago

My daughter’s birthday is the 27th and yes, it does suck. I can’t wait until she’s old enough to want to celebrate her birthday in July or something. It also doesn’t help that my son’s birthday is in November. We have two months out of the year where we accrue so much credit card debt it is crazy.

me 5 years ago

Going through infertility, I took whatever was given to me–a day after Xmas baby.

So my feelings on a Dec. baby sucking are highly mixed.

But if/when we do it again, we’re going to the clinic and schedule that summer baby.

Amanda 5 years ago

My son’s birthday is December 20. Trying to have a birthday party is pure hell. Actually, my kids’ birthdays are September, October, November, December, so we’re piss poor by December anyway.

TANYA 5 years ago

I concure!

Anna 5 years ago

April should be on that list too. My birthday is Jan 7. By that time no one has any money left. My husband gets made at me because he always forgets rapping paper and I won’t except Birthday gifts in Christmas Paper.

Tonya 5 years ago

My husbands birthday is Christmas day and he has hated it his entire life! No birthday parties for him when he was a kid!

Amy Bliss 5 years ago

Best. Idea. Ever.

Amy Bliss 5 years ago

I’m a December baby. However, my mom was divorced twice and I got Birthday and Christmas separately because I had to visit various family members multiple times for both.

*ahem* I was really spoiled. Going gambling with my ex-step dad on Friday, Birthday on next Tuesday with my mom and my girlfriend. Birthday with my oldest son on the following Sunday as well as Christmas at my ex-step dad’s and then actual Christmas. Plus mailed gifts from those I won’t see this year.

Right then. “Broken homes” can rock for December babies in the gifts sense. Not so much for the being able to relax during the month at all. :)

Hope Cantarilho 5 years ago

I have a december baby myself and two of sibilings are december babies, as is my father and yes my dog as well and I am with you! It totally sucks, not only are we broke because of Christmas I have birthdays to buy for (not the dog of course) and it’s crazy! My December baby was not planned and according to my doctor should have arrived on 1/5/10 and not 12/13/10. Anyway if I didn’t have my tubes tied, I would totally be abstaining for the entire month of Marcy too!

Kristin R 5 years ago

I have February March and April abstinence months. Dec 28th bday right here.