It's National Napping Day And The Parents Of Twitter Have Feelings

by Jody Allard
Image via Mayte Torres/Getty Images/Twitter

A holiday dedicated to naps is torture for parents the day after Daylight Savings Time

In the world of made-up holidays, there’s one every parent can get behind: National Napping Day. Except of course, we parents remember sleep fondly like our pre-baby jeans and the days of staying out past 10 p.m. We know better than to think we’ll get a nap today or any other day, no matter how badly we need one.

But just to rub it in, today’s sleep-inspired holiday falls the day after the National Day of Parental Exhaustion — aka, Daylight Savings Time — so we have even more reason to yearn for the days when sleep wasn’t just a myth.

If you’re trying to figure out why we’re still cursed with Daylight Savings Time, you’re not the only one. Last we checked, we no longer live in an age where children need to help with the harvest after school, and yet here we all still are, changing our clocks, and spending the next month trying in vain to get our kids to go the fuck to sleep.

Twitter was full of parents raging against the time change, and its predictable impact on their kids’ bedtimes.

Even designer dad Nate Berkus got in on the DST hate. “I’m so happy for daylight savings time. Said no parent, ever,” he tweeted. We’re with you, Nate.

Abolishing Daylight Savings Time is the bipartisan issue that can bring this country together.

Some parents took to Twitter to share their hopes and dreams for National Napping Day on this post-DST doomsday. This dad shared his goals for the day, which include “trying” to take a nap. At least he’s honest?

But most parents were more realistic, recognizing that no matter how much we’d all love a nap, it’s just not going to happen.

However much we want it to.

But one mom reminded us that there’s hope for our sleep yet. We may just have to wait a really, really long time. Like, 18 years.

Yup. Pretty much.