4 Reasons Natural Births Are Awesome


Before you start laughing in my face, just know that I already know what you’re thinking and, no, I’m not crazy. Everyone who has ever told you her awful birth story would have you believe that even labor with drugs isn’t always walk in the park, and so natural birth, to stick with the park metaphor, would be like getting held up at gunpoint in front of the sliding board.

Friends, strangers, and every TV show you’ve ever watched have done a good job of showing you that natural birth is the opposite of great. It’s long. It’s painful. It sucks. It makes you say mean things to your husband and contributes to you acting like a complete bi-otch to the nurse. It’s the last thing you ever want to willingly put yourself through. Why on earth would anyone have a baby without drugs? Hell, you’d skip the whole birth thing entirely if there were a different way to pop those kiddos out that didn’t involve showing your hoo-ha to a room full of medical students.

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Well, I’m going to let you in on a little secret that no one tells you, mostly because they don’t know it themselves. Are you ready? Natural birth is, in fact, awesome, and here’s why:

1. Instant recovery.  After you give birth with drugs, you may feel a little disoriented, queasy or feverish. You’ll certainly be bedridden or wobbly for a while if you’ve had an epidural. But if you go au naturale, you will be up and walking your natural-birthing bad ass to the bathroom not long after the last push. This isn’t to say that it doesn’t feel like someone whacked you in the crotch with a baseball bat during that walk, but you are able to get out of bed and to the facilities all by your lonesome, which is especially nice if you were just spread-eagle in front of an entourage of hospital personnel for the good part of the last three hours. Your extended recovery over the next days and weeks will be no sweat, too (barring no other complications during delivery), which will make taking care of your new baby that much easier. But don’t let on that you’re feeling fantastic; you’ll want people to do your laundry and dishes for as long as possible, and helpers will be more willing if they think they’re really needed. Try adding a limp to your walk, or just waddle like you did while you were 9 months pregnant.

2. Birther’s high.  Of course you’ve heard of a runner’s high (or if you’re not a runner, perhaps you’re familiar with….uhhh…other types of highs). I’m a runner — with one marathon and many half marathons under my belt, so I know the amazing feeling of finishing a run, sweat dripping down my face, heaviness in my tired legs. Whether it’s a flat, 2-mile route around my neighborhood or a hilly, 20-mile training session that crosses state lines, the extraordinary sensation of pride and accomplishment that streams out of your pores cannot be matched. Or so I thought. My birther’s high was very similar to my runner’s high when I crossed the finish line of my marathon, only it felt 100 times better. I wouldn’t have thought that was possible after completing my marathon, but achieving my goal of squeezing something the size of a watermelon out of a hole the size of a lemon — without drugs — totally changed that. This type of high lasts for weeks, and leaves you wanting to get knocked up again as soon as possible just so you can experience it one more time. Natural birth is like crack for your vagina. People think I’m kidding when I say that, and though I don’t have personal experience with crack, it’s gotta be true.

3. Super alert, nursing-like-a-champ baby. Should you choose to breastfeed, you are less likely to experience early breastfeeding hurdles if you avoided medication during labor. Your baby will come out with her eyes wide open, ready to look at this awesome specimen of a mommy that just got her through the birth canal like no other, with her mouth wide open, ready to wrap little wet lips around your areola. (I feel a little bit like I’m writing erotica right now, but I swear it’s not my intention; just go with it.) This isn’t to say that women who get drugs won’t be successful with breastfeeding; just that a baby who is drug-free at birth may have a tiny little baby leg up.

4. Bragging rights.  Maybe this isn’t the right reason to have a natural birth, but it is a pretty cool byproduct. I especially love it when it comes up in conversation with someone who doesn’t already know that I’m a natural birth enthusiast. Because natural birth has become so rare in this country, it’s so unexpected and people are genuinely impressed. When I go on to say that I actually caught the baby myself (“You mean the doctor didn’t deliver her?!”), the crowd goes wild. Note: your natural birth story becomes more remarkable the longer you were in labor, the less time you spent at the hospital before the baby arrived, and the more the baby weighed at birth.

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Are you committed to natural birth yet? No? That’s okay. It wasn’t my goal to convert you. I’m well aware of my pain-killer-loving sister mamas out there, and I’m happy that they have a clear plan for their births, even if it only involves an anesthesiologist and a nap. More power to them. I just hope their epidurals work!

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About the writer

Lauren Rauseo is a work-from-home mom to Dylan, Liv and Fiona. Her favorite things are Starbucks, manicures, wine and yoga, and after realizing that none of those involve her children, she’d guiltily like to add to the list: going for walks with the kids to collect “treasures” and singing in the car. Now that she’s done birthing her own brood, she has moved on to sharing her enthusiasm for natural birth with others through her book, Natural Birth for the Mainstream Mama: A practical guide to achieving a drug-free birth in a hospital setting, available on Amazon. You can follow Lauren at on Facebook.

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Kim Waddoups 12 months ago

^That said, I am not judging moms who birth their babies any other way. Natural birth IS hard, and it is not for everyone. :)

Kim Waddoups 12 months ago

Great article! I had a natural, unmedicated birth with all 3 of my children. The first two I birthed at a hospital, and they were born at 7lbs 1oz and 7lbs. 12oz. 1st baby was the hardest labor & delivery, even though she was the smallest, and recovery was a little longer, too. 2nd baby was easier (I was more educated and knew what to expect and was able to relax more), and I was ready to get up and walk around about an hour (or less) after delivery. The last baby I had at home, and she weighed a whopping 9lbs. – and she was my easiest labor & delivery and shortest labor and quickest recovery. I also was able to catch her myself, which was pretty cool. The “after-delivery high” is pretty great. :) All 3 of my babies nursed like champs (1st baby up till 13 months, 2nd baby up till 15 months, and last baby is still nursing at 5 months). IF I have another, I’m all for doing it natural again, and hopefully another home birth. :)

Lady goo goo gaga 1 year ago

Bragging rights??? Is this for real?? Nobody cares that you enjoy pain-you are a sick person if you think “pain is crack for your vagina” -i am truly speechless.

Liese Aucoin Homer 1 year ago

Does this mean my medically necessary C-sections made me less of a woman? Because the huge ass scars I have were not pain free.
This article sucks so hard.

Renee Singleton Mack 1 year ago

I have had it both ways natural and epidural ….I’ll take epidural way any day over natural… They used to to do dental work etc. with no sedation and I sure am not having any drilling etc done without it today…same thing in my opinion. No shame in either way

Joy 1 year ago

>>Are you committed to natural birth yet? No? That’s okay. It wasn’t my goal to convert you. I’m well aware of my pain-killer-loving sister mamas out there, and I’m happy that they have a clear plan for their births, even if it only involves an anesthesiologist and a nap.

Just below that is the statement about the Scarymommy community being built on support and to rethink comments which are negative… How is this author’s comment any different than a comment posted by a reader? Her referring to women who choose epidurals as “pain-killer-loving sister mamas” isn’t the slightest bit supportive of women who choose what’s best for themselves in their particular situation.

Laurie Steiner 1 year ago

Sing it sister!

Laurie Steiner 1 year ago

I understand why a natural birth is called a “natural birth,” but I hate it. Having a baby is natural no matter how the baby comes out. The title implies superiority. You do what you need to do to survive. End of story. I’ve had a c-section and a drug free VBAC and both provided the same exact outcome – a wonderful baby in my loving arms and me hurting like hell somewhere below the waist for a few weeks.

Jade Beck 1 year ago

I hate when anyone calls it a “natural” birth. Epidural or not you are pushing a human out of your vagina and that’s natural either way. A c section could be considered less natural, but that mama still created a life and needed to do what was right for her. Props to those that gave birth without the epidural- but that doesn’t make you and your baby the cream of the crop

Alexandra Demlong 1 year ago


Ashley Renae Schwartz 1 year ago

Don’t worry about it Olga sometimes things happen and don’t go the way we hope or plan…never feel guilty or sad about how you brought your little one into the world. If you hadn’t gotten help things could’ve been fine or worse…you don’t know which way it would have gone so if there is even a chance it could have been worse you did the right thing for sure :-)

Ashley Renae Schwartz 1 year ago

So true! I felt amazing for 3 days and all the nurses were shocked that I was walking around so much…then all that went away due to lack of sleep but that would’ve happened anyways.

Rachel 1 year ago

So true! Felt so amazing after having given birth, naturally. Once to a 10 lb. baby with the waters still intact… now THAT’s a crowdpleaser!

Loida Ravid 1 year ago

Wish i could had experienced it # cephalopelvic disproportion # whomp whomp

Amy Snipes Jennings 1 year ago

Nope. I had an epidural with both. It rocked.

Brieann Mason 1 year ago

I think that natural birth is a self triumph to those who have done it. Not everyone choses that path or gets that choice but I believe it is a different experience. I am the only one out of my friends who had a natural birth and the largest baby and they all complained about how bad it hurt with an epidural. That’s where the proud factor comes in. It’s all personality on whether you brag about it or not. I don’t look at this article as a slap in the face like some others are taking it

Nikki Kullas Weiland 1 year ago

Hell no. Pass the drugs

Cathy Cash 1 year ago

My first was natural, nine pounds. Thank God the other two were breach and delivered by c-section.

Layla Miller 1 year ago

I would love to have a natural birth, please post more positive and empowering things like this for those of us who need a boost in self efficacy when faced with the constant fear mongering that surrounds birth.

Amanda Cole 1 year ago

Wow. I tried natural…. after a 3 hour long contraction… With no break, not even 10 seconds… I was thankful for the drug. I had her 10 mins after the epidural. (No one checked dilation before giving it to me)
I also was up and walking right after birth, and she was breast feeding immediately.
I also tried breast feeding for 8 weeks. My baby was sick the whole time… Turns out she is allergic to milk proteins.
So apparently I’m a bad mom?

Melissa Misenheimer 1 year ago

Do a natural one or don’t either way being a parent is awesome. I have done both and maybe I sound crazy but I would choose natural all over again.

Cheryl Michelson Henrikson 1 year ago

I totally agree. I was fortunate that I was able to follow my birthing plan, as well as my plans to mostly breastfeed. When other moms I know put themselves down in front of me because they used the drugs or used mostly bottle, or have less kids than I do, I always stop them in their tracks. Their journey is theirs, and is perfect for their family. I’m not meant to be the mother for their kids, and vice versa. Doesn’t matter to me how your kids came out of you, or to you, or how you fed/feed them. Just keep them alive and healthy, and try to do the best we can for them every day – I’m sure we can all agree on that – no mommy judgment needed. :)

Shannon Moore 1 year ago

i had 2 induced births with an epidural and 1 natural without and of course my baby just had to be the biggest at 9lbs 9oz lol. even though it was part of my plan to get drugs if i couldn’t take it, my baby was out just 7 mins after i got to l&d. so sometimes the choice is made for you.

Laura Jeffery 1 year ago

Nope. Still have pulled muscles 8 months later.

Sarah King Miller 1 year ago

1st child I had the epidural and then couldn’t push. Option to come off the epidural was taken over trying to keep pushing through it or get a c-section. Tried to avoid the epidural the second time so I didn’t have to go through two hours of waiting through labor pains to push and made it! Had nothing to do with wanting “natural” birth and more to do with how my body worked through labor. Both are hard. Every pregnancy is different and every mother is different. We should all be able to celebrate each other’s new babies without comparing each other’s ways of delivery. We brought beautiful babies into this world. Be proud and celebrate that we all accomplished something amazing!

Tia M. Ferrone 1 year ago

All 4 of my babies where natural. And im damn proud of that fact.

Ian Brideau 1 year ago

All 6 of my children came into the world natural. My wife did an amazing job of it too. The first one was bad timing because he came so fast. The rest we realized there would be time for that anyway. And right after the births my wife hopped off the bed and got herself a shower.

Stephanie Weigandt 1 year ago

As a mamma who went the natural birth route, this article infuriates me. This kind of sanctimommy word vomit is what makes people give me the immediate eyeroll if I mention I went natural. Often, they assume the next words out of my mouth will be how it’s the only/best way to go.
Every woman gets “bragging rights” once they have a child. We all get medals…they walk around on 2 feet and call us Mommy.

Alicia Morlan 1 year ago

Experienced it twice! Once at the hospital and last one at home. Wonderful compared to the horrors that the drugs can cause or issues they can lead to. You know it’s better to when you’re best friend his your hand and says she’s jealous after her experience with an epidural birth.

Charlotte Baz 1 year ago

100% agree with the fast recovery, alert baby and “birth high”. Those were all definitely true for me and I look back on the whole experience very fondly. Bragging rights, though? Eh, no.

Fräulein Frühauf 1 year ago

I really wish my insurance would cover a midwife or even a birthing center

Nicole Bliffen Luke 1 year ago

I swear I felt like I could go to Disneyland for 12 hours!! I was that energized by it!! Glad I’m not the only one!!

Jennifer Schittino 1 year ago

To call it a “natural” childbirth implies that any other means of having a child is “unnatural.” What’s more natural than birthing a baby?

Also, anyone who lists “bragging rights” for one the reason for having a baby naturally really needs to reevaluate her priorities.

Go play with your baby, Ms Mother of the Year, instead of telling the rest of us how great you are.

Lauren 1 year ago

Natural births are awesome — it’s how I brought my daughter into the world in December 2012. However, your “reasons” are not applicable to all natural births. I wish I had experienced all of these things with mine, but it’s simply not the case for all women and I don’t want people to perpetuate this notion that “if you have a natural birth, x-y-z will happen”. I had no birthing high…in fact, for the first few months of my baby’s life I was terrified at the thought of ever having another child again. This, despite the very experienced nurse telling my mom that it was the best birth she had ever seen. Also, my newborn didn’t just crawl up and latch on…we still had to deal with a bad latch due to posterior tongue tie and lots of practice before nursing was anything other than frustrating. Am I glad I had a natural birth? YES. I did a lot of research and made the choices I thought best for myself and my baby, and I was fortunate enough to not have any complications. But having a natural birth isn’t a guarantee that it will all be roses and unicorns.

Jessica Wegrzynski Barone 1 year ago

Everything except the super nursing baby. Our son was 26 days early and wanted no part of latching on for at least three days

Cheri McKimm Kreuchauf 1 year ago

I did manage to have unmedicated births with 2 of my 3 babies, and it was awesome-BUT I had an epidural with one of my babies, and it was also awesome!!! The point is-who cares? It’s more important that the baby is born healthy-NOT whether mom had an epi or nothing-or even a c section.

Cortney Crawford 1 year ago

Lol wow the whole squeeze a watermelon out of something the size of a lemon…. idk but a lemon is good size and,well im just going to keep my mouth shut on that…

Amber Peterson 1 year ago

I did it both ways as well, noticed no difference in how my baby acted. If I had another I would go with the Epi again. It was a must more pleasant and rewarding experience for me. Also I still haven’t got my metal in the mail for my natural birth:)

Kristin Berry-Walters 1 year ago

Don’t be a hero, get the drugs!

Amanda Rue Rooney 1 year ago

I did it both ways. I loved my epidural and I loved my natural birth. Every pregnancy and baby is different, and every mom is a rock star no matter how the baby is born.

Sarah Grossman 1 year ago

Sitting here in the hospital a few days post non-optional emergency cesarean. I had opted for an epidural and as a result was able to get into do the cesarean immediately… These two days have been hell recovery but I am thankful opted for epidural.

Meagan McInerney Johnson 1 year ago

Really?? I had three babies, second one unmedicated, and I felt the same high, same right to be proud, and went to the bathroom quite the same way all three times. Oh, and needed heavy help from a lactation consultant all three times. The claims here are by no means universal. Just more mommy vs. mommy nonsense that we do not need.

Tracie Morrison 1 year ago

Epidural all the way for all three and not guilty one but about it…it’s every woman’s personal choice!

Mandy Barrett Gabbard 1 year ago


Jamie Beaver-Streetman 1 year ago

I’ll never understand why moms are so hung up about their “birth plan”. Momma of two boys here one emergency c-section after 18 hours of labor and failure to progress second was extremely high risk c-section done at Winnie Palmer hospital (babe has a hereditary genetic disease).
Yes, everyone has their ” ideal birth fantasy” but that’s all it really is nothing is set in stone ..Why do they get all bent out of shape when it doesn’t go their way?? I was terrified of having Both my c-sections BUT I knew it was in the best interest of my children. I’d rather suck it up and do what ever it takes to bring my children in to this world safely than have to hear “I’m sorry for your loss”. Your birth plan or how your baby was born isn’t important. Get baby and momma through labor as safely as possible is all that’s important!

Brandi Lauer 1 year ago

Nope. Kid was forehead up. That was some unreal damn pain.

Sally Hostetler Moore 1 year ago

I have 3 boys…birthed the first two with epidurals. The last one was unmedicated and by far my FAVORITE. I love this blog!

Renata Toth Pannell 1 year ago

Until the second time you give birth and EVERYTHING hurts worse and you start rethinking the drugs.

Toots McGoots 1 year ago

Hahaha! Zing!!

J’s mom 1 year ago

Sorry, planned a non-natural birth. 36 hours of labor and 5 hours of pushing later, my Dr determined that my child’s big head would not come out. I had a c-section with my epidural and they knocked me out too because I felt the scalpel. Thank God for drugs. He also nursed like a champ that night.

Kitty Dellain 1 year ago

I had root canal without drugs. A a relaxation/hypnosis kind of technique was used instead, as I was only a kid and had just been in an accident. But in any case, the two pains are not comparable.

Victoria Goldstein 1 year ago

Don’t need convincing…I’ve already done it. Wouldn’t have it any other way

Tina Sherman 1 year ago

I had all 3 of my kids natural with no problems and no epidural.

Briana Belisle 1 year ago

And people look at me funny when I say that but idc I love me an epidural and c section

Briana Belisle 1 year ago

Oh I wished I had a c section with my first son after having one with my second son

Angie 1 year ago

I think articles like these can be unintentionally incredibly hurtful and your comment even worse. Remember there are women who do everything right, read the blogs, books practice the techniques and have birth to horribly wrong. I almost killed myself and my 2nd daughter because of blogs like this, because I was so determined to do it the “right” way and that was wrong for me. FWIW my 2 natural births involved a collective 10 hours of pushing, severe shoulder dystocia and me almost bleeding out on the table. I can assure you if did not get a medal nor did I have a “natural birth high”. My babies were whisked away to be observed for birth injuries, my husband was pushed to the corner of the room and they are the scariest memories I have. Whereas my 2 inductions with epidurals were my 3rd and 4th pregnancies were calm, relaxed births where I caught my 3rd baby in m arms, she sent right to my chest and never moved. My twin birth was very similar to my 3rd. I did have a birth high after those births, I had done it, Jo one had to help me pry my baby from my body, it wasn’t scary I just welcomed my babies in a relaxed and calm environment.

Please remember that all stories are different. Sometimes it isn’t a choice and sometimes a natural hith can be pretty freaking miserable.

Catherine 1 year ago

“I’m well aware of my pain-killer-loving sister mamas out there, and I’m happy that they have a clear plan for their births, even if it only involves an anesthesiologist and a nap.” What a condescending snotty comment. You’re lucky to have had labor experiences that didn’t require drugs, but some women have to take medications. The last thing we need is more judgy women. Try a little empathy and understanding in the future. I’ll make sure not to read you blogs in the future.

Emily 1 year ago

I had to be induced for reasons, but I still declined an epidural, but on the third day of being in the labor and delivery room, and 12 hours in, I did request the epideral, and boy am I glad I did. I finally was able to relax and I finally started dilating. Of course, the epidural worked for a little while, but I didn’t like the numb feeling when I woke up, so I didn’t push the button for a long time. It stopped working and I could feel everything, and it ran out before I pushed my baby out, haha. So baby was alert and I was up and walking. I wanted a natural birth, but I made it as close to that as I could due to circumstances, and I’m super proud! 3 days, 25 hours of active labor, 3 hours of pushing, and 4 tears and I finally pushed out a healthy, alert 9lb 4oz, 22in long baby.

RachelK 1 year ago

Last time I checked, the title of this was “4 Reasons Natural Births are Awesome” not, “I’m shaming you and you should feel guilty for your choices”. Why do people assume that because someone loved their natural birth, and can give plausible reasons why someone else might like to try it, means that they are condemning all other means for babies to arrive earthside. She loved her unmedicated birth. So did I. I had a VBAC at home. Yeah, I rocked it! I LOVED it! Guess what? I am not shaming you for not doing the exact same as me!!! My experience of MY birth is not about YOU. At all.

Andrea N’ Doug 1 year ago

Annnddd…unfollowing now. Way to make the mommy wars worse Scary Mommy.

Andrea N’ Doug 1 year ago


Lisa Julien-Hayes 1 year ago

Agree! X2

Samantha Brook 1 year ago

I did both ways and much preferred my first natural delivery…However I was lucky. ..Second time I just couldn’t take it…see that as you may. ..it was horrendous and epidural came at a time I physically couldn’t do any more and don’t feel any shame lol…If I was to do it again I would aim for natural but who knows how things will go…honestly though. ..my vagina did not experience a crack high after either birth lol….There was no high, only exhaustion and I certainly did not feel great. If this lady felt this way then awesome. ..she’s certainly a lucky duck!

Lauren Hutchins 1 year ago

Wow. Why is everyone on here so upset? Everything on Scary Mommy is supposed to be funny. Don’t take the blogger so seriously.
On another note, yes I had my daughter naturally too. It is a very different experience. Not per say a better but different. For me it was incredible. Excruciatingly painful but everything she said is spot on. I can really relate to this blog. I would add a 5th reason…I was not at a hospital but a birthing center and was able to go home six hours after giving birth. That was great!

Kathryn Auricht 1 year ago

My first baby the nurses called me one with the lot (lol) because I had everything (except a c section) and a very horrible experience because of the size of my baby.
2nd baby was 2 weeks early but still big but I only used the gas and it was a wondetful experience.
At the end of the day who cares, assisted or natural. Healthy mum and bub is the best outcome.

Deborah McClendon 1 year ago

I had 3 out of 4 of mine at home. Fantastic experience. I agree with this article 100% thanks for taking a stand and speaking on behalf of the moms who take the path less chosen.

Carolyn Stroup Patrick 1 year ago

This article really ticked me off, then I read the comments. You rock ladies! We all do what is best for our bodies and our births. We need to stop judging each other and support one another even if we take different roads. I had epidurals with both my boys and for me that was the right choice (especially after a 3rd degree tear and bruised tailbone!)

Carly 1 year ago

Funny, both my babies were born without any medication and I still shook like a crazy lady and had my temperature go all over. I didn’t get up to walk right away, but I was too busy snuggling my newborn and trying to beast feed so I didn’t bother getting up to pee until 1-2 hours after delivery. And I never bragged about not using drugs. Why? because its doesn’t matter!!!!! What was important was I had a healthy baby and I we were both safe and getting to know each other. How the baby entered the world (and exited my body) wasn’t the important part. Just like I don’t go around telling everyone about how the baby got inside my body in the first place 😉

Chelsey LeFlore 1 year ago

I will say, no woman should bash anyone for their decisions. It’s their preference and their bodies. Regardless if it’s natural…epi..or c section….you’re bringing a beautiful little blessing in this world. No one should feel any shame.

Holly Walton 1 year ago

I’d planned on no drugs, but had to be induced because of high blood pressure and such, so that was out. The doctor was convinced that I’d be a C-section, but I did have my way on that, and shocked everyone. I had an epidural, but my daughter was very alert, and came out fighting, and checking out her surroundings. It wouldn’t have made much difference if I hadn’t had the drugs though, because they had to knock me out almost immediately after, anyway. If something rare and weird can happen, it’s almost certain to happen to me; her highness couldn’t possibly be caught carrying her own luggage, so the doctor had to go in and get the placenta out. Even though I didn’t get much time with her until after I woke up, I did have something very right that a lot of women these days are doing very wrong: my husband/her daddy was there to take care of her while I was out, so she got the attention she needed.

Chelsey LeFlore 1 year ago

I did it naturally and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Just my experience & preference. :)

Alison Fabello 1 year ago

I am convinced that they are completely amazing to experience. I also know that when I have my 4th in January that I will do it with an epidural just like my last 3.

Casey Johnson Gromer 1 year ago

I birthed naturally (not by choice) both times. While I was disappointed to learn I wouldn’t have time for drugs, I was so glad it happened the way it did for all the reasons you state here.

Dana Clymore Elebua 1 year ago

And even the ones of us that did not bring forth a living child.

Dana Clymore Elebua 1 year ago

Dislike #4 sounds like something an a hole would say. Many women wish the could have a child and cannot and to trivialize having one natural to bragging rights embarrasses me as a woman.

Jennifer Edwards 1 year ago

I had to have 2 c sections. Have to be honest, I knew people who had a drug free labour and they took more pleasure in making me feel small for having to have sections coz they “did it all by themselves”. Well bully to you. Is your baby better because of it? No! Did you get a shiny trophy? No you didn’t.

What I said at the time was : You know when ur exhausted from having a newborn? Well I win there coz I’m exhausted AND I’ve been cut open so it’s twice as hard for me

See how that doesn’t sound nice?

Melissa Cocola 1 year ago

I find this slightly insulting.
Congrats to those who had the choice to have a drug free natural child birth .
As a mother who gave birth at 40. I faced 27 hours of labor only to end up being told that a C section was my only option.
My birth plan was that of a natural birth.
Sadly, it wasn’t an option when her heart rate dropped.
Yes, I most certainly felt like I had failed.
At the end if the day , we are all mothers who carried our beautiful babies for 9 months.
It’s not a competition for gods sake.

Melissa Cocola 1 year ago

Thank you. As a mom giving birth in my 40’s was far from easy. After 27 hours and an emergency C section I indeed felt like I failed. Good for her- and those who could do it… But for those of us who didn’t have the choice – we still get “bragging” rights . We are all mothers.

Bobbie Dardano 1 year ago

A good friend reminded me of this! :)

Meagan Sullivan 1 year ago

I did it twice and loved it! First time was to prove a point and the second was because the first one was so easy….and it was only 3 hours so I didn’t have time haha

Suzanne Mills-Houlberg 1 year ago

My epidural didn’t work. Natural birth all the way for me next time!

Camira Colquhoun 1 year ago

I believe natural birth is awesome too.An amazing experience.

Kayla Kingsland 1 year ago

Shut up, one is not better then the other it’s up to the person giving birth & your doctor on what’s best for each individual …… I’m so tired of people doing this! TO EACH HIS OWN, mind your business & worry about your own birth choice!!! SHUT UP!

Laura TheRas 1 year ago

I think this posy covered it nicely. There is no reason (#1-3) to go with out drugs. They only do it to brag (#4)

Jessie Williams 1 year ago

I had both my kids completely natural, first one 9lbs 10oz 20 inches, second 8lbs 14 oz 22 inches… yes it was painful, but we all survived.

Joyce Anderson 1 year ago

Good for her. For those who need assist get it. medical personal don’t just pour out the drugs. And my best little breast feeder was the one who needed the most medical help including forceps.

Sage Gordon 1 year ago

It’s all about #3. I’m really glad I had a natural birth and my sweet girl came into the world wide eyed, present, and ready to nurse :)

Mari Gardner-Euflauzino 1 year ago

After a horribly painful pregnancy and a 31 hour intense full labor I still feel empowered and thankful that my son entered this word swimming, in our home.. It was a beautiful, life changing experience. That said, I will never judge any woman on their decisions. Birth is powerful and personal.

Connie Kostecky Mattair 1 year ago

As long as the babies arrive safe and healthy and the mommies are safe and happy, THAT is the perfect way to give birth. We gotta stop pressuring women to think its only one way.

Traci Shrader 1 year ago

I have had a tooth pulled with and without pain killer. If I have another pulled guess what I’m going with. My son and I had no problem with breastfeeding, I walked to the bathroom by myself within minutes of giving birth to him. As far as bragging rights why would you bragg that you choose pain for no real medical reason but just wanted to bragg. My son was so aware and strong that he pulled himself up a bit from the warming table when he grabed my husbands finger. The nurse was a bit surprised .For full disclosure I used herbs durning pregnancy so my labor was about 10 minutes.

Jessica 1 year ago

This article really touched me! I tried BOTH and the natural delivery was beyond-words incredible. I experienced exactly what you described in your article. My epidural experience truly sucked, from the “reverse saddle” (where I was totally numb everywhere EXCEPT my crotch area) to the dead and numb le

Becky 1 year ago

The birthing high and immediately latching baby can be had with an epi. However I def would have like to get up and walk on my own after having the baby.

Denise Eckels Busch 1 year ago

I’m a natural birth enthusiast as well but had to have emergency c section. If it was 100 yes ago I would have died or my son would have. I’d love bragging rights but can’t have em and lots of women had no choice. My bragging rights come because of the awesome mom I am no matter how he got here and no one can diminish that.

Bridget Reavis 1 year ago

Hahaha!!!! My next birth I’m eating the placenta!!!!!

Nina 1 year ago

Ahahaha, I can now laugh at these types of posts. Bragging rights, really. Like any other woman that gave birth any other way somehow missed out on awesome experience of having a baby.
I suggest to the writer of this post, next time you go to the dentist, refuse all numbing agents and just do it au naturel, because of bragging rights. And when you cut yourself, just rub some dirt on it, old fashioned way, because all these advances in medical field are encroaching on our bragging rights. These types of posts do nothing but make women feel that they have to prove something to each other which simply put is wrong.

Tracy Lurkins 1 year ago

Natural birth is not awesome. It hurts like hell and you do not forget that pain. I had two with drugs and two without. The only reason the two were without is because of how fast they came. Give me drugs!!!! I wouldn’t wish that pain on anyone. If you can take it, you are on strong chica!

However, I think any woman who had a baby no matter how she came to being a momma is awesome.

Tawni Sattler 1 year ago

So spot on.

Jessica Collins 1 year ago

That is such a shame to me. Mine was breech and the cord was wrapped around his neck. I was comfortable opting for a scheduled c-section but every nurse I had in the hospital, and some people after the fact, made me feel like I took the “easy” route. I had so much mommy guilt after the fact, it’s only just now starting to go away.

Tawni Sattler 1 year ago


Tawni Sattler 1 year ago

All births are awesome, natural or Caesarian. Some of us are not physically able to have natural births despite our attempts. It’s really upsetting when people somehow degrade or minimalize Caesarian experiences; birth is a miracle any way you cut it (pun not intended, but ha!). Same for breast feeding. I am all for it (I’m all for natural births too!), but just as I was physically unable during childbirth, my son was physically unable to breast feed because we was too weak (preemie). We had to stop trying after 4 weeks because he wasn’t gaining weight.

Kristine Croddy-Swertfeger 1 year ago

I had no choice to have c sections for both of my children, once again someone is making me feel bad because of this. It wasn’t a choice it was needed! I had a relative tell me I didn’t give birth because I had c sections. The irony this woman never had any children. Now this article is letting me know once again that c sections are bad. Thank you for brightening my day!

Kristen Thomason 1 year ago

Nope. Not convinced!

Felicity Kenward 1 year ago

I agree with you, I laboured for 5 days and pushed for 3 hours because of being told I wouldn’t be a real women if I had drugs or an assisted delivery. The dr finally convinced me (she tried for about 5 months before delivery) to have a c-section. After my almost 9lb baby was born the paediatrician told me that he never would have come out of me “naturally” because his head was 5cm larger than average and I am only 4’9″. Even after that trauma I was still reminded that I couldn’t deliver naturally.

Kara Dunggajimiya Burgoyne 1 year ago

I had drugs with two births and two births naturally I thought they were both amazing. I will decide which to have when the time comes to have number 5 in November. It’s not that big a deal.

Heather 1 year ago

I’m planning in delivering naturally. Even though I’m scared as fuk. Lol

Carrie Schilman 1 year ago

Drugs, drugs, drugs and more drugs for me.

Brittany 1 year ago

My epidural didn’t work! It went up instead of down. Awesome. I was left feeling every contraction, and not being allowed to move around the way I needed to get more comfortable during those contractions. Definitely not the most fun situation! Wouldn’t do that again.

Siobhan Pope 1 year ago

I haven’t read all the comments here but there are plenty who seem to subscribe to the author’s position. The most offensive thing to me is the suggestion that women “choose” pain relief or a c-section. Despite my – and her – best efforts, there was no way my daughter was being born without a c-section. It’s not a matter of “letting go and letting things happen” as I read from one poster. My daughter was completely out of position for a so-called “natural” birth. In another time, without expert surgical assistance, the outcome may have been tragic. Stop judging the way in which women deliver their children. There’s really nothing more insulting and offensive than the victorious “natural” birthers boasting about their recovery, birth highs and superiority. That is all.

Kiley Jo Dewey 1 year ago

My mother in law actually cried when I stopped breastfeeding my daughter. She said I should try harder and it isn’t that hard to breastfeed your child. So ya hahaha

Bo Lamont’crofts 1 year ago

Bragging rights?? Really?? I think anybody that has carried a child has bragging rights. I’ll be going in for my 3rd child in November who will be my 2nd c-section ( due to my body not allowing me to have a natural birth) and I’ll still be bragging that Myself and my husband have made such a beautiful human being.

Kiley Jo Dewey 1 year ago

I had a natural birth and wouldn’t of had it any other way! No drugs for me! I was also blessed with an easy labor! Didn’t start having horrible contractions till 9:00 pm and had my daughter at 10:06 pm! Only an hour! I was in labor for only 14 hours!!!

Laci Duke 1 year ago

Totally agree!!

Linda La Page 1 year ago

Very common in the 80’s. I delivered two this way. Not even Tylenol. Went very well with a very quick recovery.

Harriet 1 year ago

I agree with your comment completely. Well put.

Gillian Waite 1 year ago

I had a completely natural birth but this article makes me very uneasy and feel it’s unhelpful. Every birth and every baby is different, no one thing is better than the other as long as happy and healthy are achieved. Also, my bub wasn’t nursing like a champ after either…but that’s another long and painful story.

Harriet 1 year ago

Women who brag about natural childbirth are irritating. Get over yourself, you’re not special, and other women just think you sound stupid talking about what a ‘badass’ you think you are…

il mom 1 year ago

i was pointing it out to the blogger for her bragging. i was not bragging myself about my birth experience.

Alexandra St 1 year ago

All my parenting choices are based on bragging rights. Totally mature.

Sabrina Newton 1 year ago

My (ex) mother-in-law said the same thing. Because I had a c-section, I never “really” went into labor. *never mind that I was 2.5 weeks overdue and had contractions every 10 minutes for a full week before they got my daughter out by c-section* and taught the first 2 days of school while having contractions*, and drove myself to the hospital for an ultrasound while having contractions, an hour drive.*
But no, I didn’t *really* go into labor or *really* give birth…..pffft, ex mother-in-law can go suck an egg.

Tristyn Steve Teel 1 year ago

LOL thanks! I tell people all the time that whenever I meet a girl Tristan (rare) that we instantly have a connection because it is unique.

Mari Martinez 1 year ago

You know what’s awesome? Growing a human. Adopting a child. Raising kids and seeing them grow up happy. THATS awesome. This isn’t a competition, stop making it as such.

Kellie Scarbrough 1 year ago

I really enjoyed mine but my reasons were for my baby, not for bragging rights. After all the research I felt it was best for us both and safer. I don’t think the author really did the idea of natural birth justice. At the end of the day, you make an informed decision and everyone should mind their own business. It’s one thing to offer information-it’s another to preach.

MelissaS 1 year ago

P.S. Congratulations on the birth of your child/children. :)

Megan Ruse-Sullivan Blamires 1 year ago

No kidding! When my doctor explained the process of reaching INTO uterus with his HAND to pull out twin two by the feet I said “is there a button on that epidural, because I do not want to feel that!” There was totally a button and I got a little extra and I am glad I did.

Megan Ruse-Sullivan Blamires 1 year ago

No kidding! When my doctor explained the process of reaching INTO uterus with his HAND to pull out twin two by the feet I said “is there a button on that epidural, because I do not want to feel that!” There was totally a button and I got a little extra and I am glad I did.

Mary Krickel Wilson 1 year ago

Call me crazy, but I didn’t plan my birthing experience around “bragging rights.” I planned my sons’ deliveries around having healthy babies.

Jennifer Byers-Bullivant 1 year ago

Well… Don’t take it out on me!! I certainly didn’t write the article!… People need to lighten up, this IS social media for God’s sake, not an international think tank on methods of labor & delivery! Lol!!!!!

Molly Ligon Lively 1 year ago

I am sooooo thankful I was able to with all three of mine! It definitely gave me more confidence and my husband respects me even more lol!!!

MelissaS 1 year ago

The thing is… no matter how birth is given, we are all proud when that little bundle is put on our chests or in our arms.

Natural vs. Medication
Breastfed vs. Bottle fed
Children vs. Childless

We judge to quick… also…. we seem to get upset easier because they are all such personal decisions (keep in mind I know many of us do not make the decision as sometimes things just aren’t possible or don’t work the way we want them to).

People are going to be proud of different things and that’s okay. It’s not okay to judge other’s because they aren’t/can’t do things the same but I don’t believe she was doing that in this post.

If we disagree with something we read, stating our dissapointment in a dignified way is fine but no need for name calling… just move on. I was not able to give birth naturally but I was curious about the article so I read it by choice. .. it was not pushed upon me.

Megan Ruse-Sullivan Blamires 1 year ago

I’m all for natural birth but some of this is wrong. And that bit about the better part of 3 hours!? If I could have a baby in three hours i would do it without drugs every week. (Maybe I misinterpreted that part?)
1. BS. You do not feel fantastic regardless unless you’re damn lucky and that is not drug related. And you can go per alone within a few minutes even if you had an epidural. I was in the can alone 30 minutes after I pushed out twins with an epidural (and only that long because I kept the epi in while I got stitches).
2. One may feel a fantastic high at the accomplishment with or without drugs. I definitely got the “wow, I’m awesome, let’s do this again” feeling after an epidural delivery.
3. An epidural doesn’t pass through the placenta so baby is equally awake after birth. Mom, however, could be much less exhausted if she had the epidural than if she didn’t.

Lisa Wallenhorst Anderson 1 year ago

I’ve given birth naturally four times and it was absolutely the right choice for me. This post was horribly condescending and gives natural birthers a bad name.

Christie Zimmerman 1 year ago

This article was about reasons “Natural Births are Awesome.” I have read plenty of articles why C-sections and or medicated births are awesome. It’s a choice. It’s a choice that is different for everyone. Sometimes it’s not a choice. C-sections have their place, medicated births have their place and natural births also have their place. This author was speaking from her three birthing experiences as to why she loves natural birth and it may have opened the eyes of a first time mom who had never considered a natural birth option. I too have had two natural births in a hospital and would agree that it was the best option for me. I am petrified of needles. I would birth naturally again and again! Many women don’t realize they get a choice in birthing and many women don’t get a choice due to certain circumstances. This was not fuel to the mommy war argument. If you select to have a medicated birth, own it! If you opt to go drug-free, own it! Women should feel confident in their birth choices and just love on their babies.

Thencasti Quaglia 1 year ago

I think that as long as the baby and mother are both healthy and safe, it doesn’t matter how it gets done.

So who cares if you were in labor for 20 hours without pain meds, at home in your own bathtub as you bathed in flaxseed oil while the dog and cat watched and your baby came out speaking french with wide open eyes ready to latch??? That is your own personal experience, not a model for the rest of the world.

Bragging about Natural birth sounds like a weird form of anti-feminism, because it rings a condescending tone for those women who didn’t do natural birth and it sets a standard(trend) that might be impossible to some women to accomplish. This does not empower women, but creates insecurity and undervalues each women’s personal experience, because only one thing matters: giving birth naturally.

Thencasti 1 year ago

This is a great encouragement for women about to give birth or just for first time mothers who are nervous.

However, I think that as long as the baby and mother are both healthy and safe, it doesn’t matter how it gets done.

Bragging is not cool. Are you a better mother than a woman that has a C-section because you had a vaginal birth? Are you a better human being? Is you baby superior than a c-section baby? Is this a competition?

What are the implications of glamorizing arduous vaginal births as if they are badge of real womanhood? What do you think it does to women who’ve had C-sections (instructed by their doctors, or what the heck, maybe they chose it at the end of all that wait) what does it do to first time mothers who want to give birth naturally but for some medical reason or another personal reason don’t have it that way?

So who cares if you were in labor for 20 hours without pain meds, at home in your own bathtub as you bathed in flaxseed oil while the dog and cat watched and your baby came out speaking french with wide open eyes ready to latch??? That is your own personal experience, not a model for the rest of the world.

Bragging about Natural birth sounds like a weird form of anti-feminism, because it rings a condescending tone for those women who didn’t do natural birth and it sets a standard(trend) that might be impossible to some women to accomplish. This does not empower women, but creates insecurity and undervalues each women’s personal experience, because only one thing matters: giving birth naturally.

Tiffany 1 year ago


Tiffany 1 year ago

3 day zero pain medication labor induced (due to preeclampsia) by pitocin and cytotec, zero cervical change, BIRTHED via cesarean on the morning of day 4
#1: Instant recovery: My recovery was pretty darn instant. I mean, as soon as it was safe for me to get up I was up and walking. I took tylenol for the pain and that was it. Mind over matter.
#2 Birthers high: That’s called being a new mom. No matter the delivery method, pain meds or no pain meds…Most every mother experiences that euphoric feeling of climbing Mt. Everest. I know I did…numb legs and all.
#3 Nursing like a champ: my daughter was premature so that didn’t happen like we planned (however my milk came in 2 days after she was born and since she still couldn’t latch I pumped like a champ). I also know many women who nursed like a champ…epidural and all.
#4 Bragging rights: Really? Are you serious? Are you better than me because I had to birth via cesarean and you didnt? Nah! Oh, and my bragging rights has a name…Cheyenne.

Stop perpetuating the “mommy wars”. You’re overflowing with narcissism and it isn’t pretty.

Ingrid Green 1 year ago

INSTANT RECOVERY?! My daughter is EIGHT and I’m still not right!

Marlene Thompson 1 year ago

Women get soooooo worked up over topics they disagree with (or that put them on the defensive for some reason). Pour a glass of wine & chill ladies. Oops – Now I offended the non-drinkers.

Lianda Jane 1 year ago

Thats a load of crap I had 4 natural births and trust me those 4 points are not always guranteed.

Elizabeth Sheldon 1 year ago

Epidural with my first, nothing with my second…they are all very true!! I felt amazing after my second!

Liz Murphy 1 year ago

So not worth any of those! Glad I went the “drug route!”

Patricia Painter Acord 1 year ago

I had one all “natural”, one c-section and one with an epidural…LOVED and enjoyed the birthing process much more with epidural..I was in so much pain with natural I honestly don’t remember anything but vomiting from the pain..

May Khayoon 1 year ago

One reason my caesarian birth was awesome: a healthy beautiful baby was born.
I resisted at the time and had a breakdown when the doctor told me I had to have an emergency c section BECAUSE I had read biased articles like this and watched documentaries like the businesss of being born before my labor which make people believe that having an epidural or a csection is an evil thing doctors do even if it’s unnecessary. Well my baby needed one, and all I could do was freak out because I was so intent on having my baby the “right” way. Well screw that and screw anyone that tries to make unnatural births any less amazing then a natural one.

Tasha Kates 1 year ago

Hey, how about you wrote something on what all childbirth classes should include? That would be much more useful than this piece.

Jackie Havens 1 year ago

Enjoyed my natural birth with my daughter it was an experience I will never forget

Jaime Lee Ezell 1 year ago

Got epidurals, got the high, alert babies, all exclusively and immediately breastfed. This article brings down the quality and intelligence I’ve come to expect from Scary Mommy.

Amy Duane 1 year ago

“NOT CONVINCED!” (that’s me yelling so she can hear me way up on her high horse.)

Kristin 1 year ago

Bragging rights is not a reason. Period. Or maybe I should brag that an emergency CS saved my daughters life & possibly mine? Or that my doctor was intelligent enough required my VBAC to have an epidural in case something went wrong?

Bragging Rights is a horrible thing to include on your list of other true benefits. Moms who had no or little choice in the matter don’t care to hear it. Kudus to you that your birth was per your natural birthing plan, but we all don’t get that option.

Tami Larson 1 year ago

All moms are awesome however they choose to birth. The only thing I feel strongly about is that parents need to research all their options and be as informed as they can be about birth and what is done with you and your baby after birth.

Barbara Pasternak 1 year ago

That. Ship has sailed

Tristan Leder 1 year ago

Lovely-hoping my labor goes like that this time around!
Totally off topic: have to say I love your name…don’t get many other girl Tristan’s out there and I love your spelling:)

Ginny Schultz Vandenburg 1 year ago

Actually I’ve noticed lots of comments from women who have experienced both.

DD 1 year ago

Not all women are capable of birth, I think you all should just be happy you have healthy children. There are too many women out there yearning for a child that cannot have one or have lost one. So this debate about how to or not to give birth is pretty trivial. If you think you are a badass because you went natural good for you, but I don’t really think it is something to brag about to others that just wish they had any type of chance of giving birth.

Jessica Marlow 1 year ago

Didn’t have to convince me, I had both my girls without any pain medication and 100% agree with the point made…although I don’t generally ‘brag’ about it, I am proud of my natural births even tho most of my friends think I’m nuts for doing it that way. To each her own.

Heather McFarlane 1 year ago

Natural childbirth is why some women DIED during childbirth not even a century ago. Yeah, that would have been dandy if I had been able, but both me and my child would be dead if we didn’t have medical intervention. I’ll take life any day over someone’s stupid bragging rights.

Katie Winson 1 year ago

I think all live births are awesome because they all end with precious babies! Doesn’t matter how those babies made their entrance :) I know I brag about my c section and how I walked out of the hospital when I was discharged all the time!! Everyone has a different story for different reasons, and we all have babies to brag about!

Melissa Dawn Burke Gaudino 1 year ago

A woman can be proud of her drug free labor w out being accused of shaming other moms.

MelissaBail Ey 1 year ago

Some women don’t want to go natural, nothing wrong with that! Some go natural and are lucky enough for everything to go smoothly. AWESOME!
What about those like me who come in with a clear natural birth plan complete with a paid doula and high expectations going through nearly 30 hours of active labor walking, rocking and moving etc. without any pain intervention only to be rushed into emergency c-section due to lack of progression because baby worked into a bad position and went into distress? Thanks because I hadn’t already kicked my own ass about that. Might as well judge me for only nursing for 8 months despite my goal of a full year. Or another woman who just never nursed at all. Life is what happens when we are making other plans. Some people should get over themselves and mind their own business.

Kristina Patai 1 year ago

Finally, ScaryMommy posted something positive about naturally giving birth – I had a home birth. Best.decision.of.my.life.

Erica Salinas 1 year ago

I just had a natural home birth 4 months ago and I completely disagree with #1 and #2. This post makes it sound like it will be this way for everyone. It definitely is not. I couldn’t pee by myself for days. I passed out more than once trying to make it to the restroom. I felt like I was hit by a truck and that took weeks to shake. As for #2. I felt no high. The whole experience made me completely understand why women take the drugs. I even started questioning having a second kid, when I originally wanted 4. I swear the whole thing gave me PTSD. So while I’m still all for natural births, we shouldn’t sell it as something it is not.

Shannon Lanier 1 year ago

I’m generally pleased with the mix of posts that get filtered through Scary Mommy. Not the case with this entry. I have no interest in the self-righteous attitude exhibited by the author. I appreciate the variety of views this page highlights because Scary Mommy has done a stellar job of selecting judgment-free posts. I hope this was just an administrator’s bad call and that the page does not continue to share agenda-laden blog posts because, damn, where else will I get my daily dose of mommy snark?

Ginny Schultz Vandenburg 1 year ago

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I teach my kids that bragging is rude and can make others feel small and insignificant.

Jessica Harlow 1 year ago

There is nothing in this article that should make anyone who didn’t chose a med-free birth feel ashamed. This woman also has every right to be proud of her personal accomplishment. I have 3 friends who have done it both ways. Of those 3 two of them have or would choose med-free over epidural for subsequent births. Don’t knock it til you try it. And if you’re going to try it, prepare yourself. Read lots of books, study the methods of Lamaze, Bradley, Hypno and whatever else is out there. Prepare your mind and your body. Pull out your strong will. It will be your greatest personal achievement ever. When a woman says she’s going to get an epidural or a planned c-section, no one ever tells her she can’t. But EVERYONE tells a woman who’s planning an un-medicated birth that she can’t do it, or will change her mind during, even her own midwife or doctor has doubts. So yes, it is a big deal and a big accomplishment. She proved everyone wrong. She did it her way and should be proud and sharing that anyone can do it if they truly want to.

Ashley Minor 1 year ago

This article was written in a very snarky, condescending way. Didn’t care for it at all. No matter how you brought your baby into this world, you deserve respect and bragging rights!

Lisa McGoldrick 1 year ago

Tash Darling 1 year ago

Giving birth is the coolest thing I’ve ever done. Those of us who get it do it are lucky/ blessed.

Mary R Dvorjak 1 year ago

One out of 4…bragging rights.

Tanya Khubchandani Vatsa 1 year ago

Wow, this is so condescending it’s ridiculous ! Anyone who has given birth to a baby by any means out there has earned these so called ‘bragging rights!’

I had a very alert and ready to nurse baby and I got some rest from the pain that helped me push after 20 plus hours of labor. And I would take the epidural again and again, I just wish I had taken it even sooner.

Petra Bloodgood 1 year ago

well I have two boys by now, 5years and 3months old – both were born as recieved, I’ve heard stories beforehand – oh my, yeah scary shit… but I wouldn’t be me if I hadn’t said “Let’s give it a try” so I did and both were born naturally and without any medication. The first one was draining with 12hrs of labor, but my 2nd was a walk in the park (3hrs) It’s not like you pop open out of the blue and it just falls out (like some seem to believe) with every contraction you get wider, when the time for pressing is coming – you will instinctly KNOW it, no shouting and screaming (it just drains you for no purpose) and you’re out in no time… But if you wish you can take some nice medication which will numb the pain a little or go ahead and choose the C-Section. Who cares anyways? But those rumors and those prides butthurting here, that’s rather disturbing. Some can contain more pain, others can’t -so what? giving birth the natural way seems scary to way too many women lately, makes you wonder why…

Nathalie Tsabari 1 year ago

THE best pain ever!!! Had 4 out of 5 like this and love to do it again!!

Amy Stevens Huboi 1 year ago

Oh! Give me a freaking break. Why does everything have to be a comparison. We all have to make choices that are right for us and we should not be judging each other. Any more I feel like everything has become a pissing contest between women. What has happened to unbiased support of each other. All mothers should be considered awesome just because they simply chose to be a mother, regardless of the path that gets them to that point.

Kaytea 1 year ago

This article is ridiculous. Way to shame moms who get epidurals!! I guess you were lucky enough to not have back labor. I had an epidural 13 hours in (12 more to go) and I got to experience every single thing on this list. Get off your high horse.

Camille Ruckman 1 year ago

This story blows.

Andrea 1 year ago

I had a c-section and I experienced all of the same things! I was walking around a couple hours afterwards, my baby never had a problem latching, and I had a high, it’s called I am so blessed and so in love with my beautiful daughter! I know so many people who write about c-sections being horrible, in reality my baby only received one drug to be born, most of my friends who have had vaginal deliveries are given 3 to 4 drugs during labor. I wish Women would be kinder to one another and give credit where credit is due.. You carried a baby for 9 months and it is alive and healthy! Congrats you are blessed!

Keely Power 1 year ago

Personally I’m sick of all the preaching from all/any sides for/against this type of birth, this type of feeding, this type of diapering….blah blah blah. Educate yourself, know your options, make a choice, don’t feel the need to defend it EVER!!! And therefore I won’t even mention what kinds of births I’ve had because the only one who cares is me! Peace ladies.

Robyn Marie 1 year ago

This is a big load of bullshit! Plain and simple.

Jo S’rae Robinson 1 year ago

I did it all natural the first time for the full 17 hours at my mid wife’s home. This time around I will be going to hospital and getting an epidural if I need one.

Ashley Fraga 1 year ago

“Mommy Wars”. Why can’t we all just respect each others parenting choices without judgement?

Stacey 1 year ago

I had 4 epidural births and 3 natural. I would never, ever go back to an epidural again. I recovered better, felt better, and nursed better!! BUT every woman has to do it the way that is best for them. I totally get that. But I absolutely advocate for natural childbirth. It’s good stuff.

Athena Cancio 1 year ago

These are true! Crack for your va-jay-jay! Lol

Jessica Leigh 1 year ago

Awesome is having a healthy baby, period.

Pixie And-Her Pixels 1 year ago

Not everyone has the chance to have a purely natural birth. My first was horrendous. Without the pain relief I don’t know what I’d have done. My second I managed with just entenox, is that classed as a natural?
I’m now on my third… With placenta previa and currently lined up for a c-section. Not happy with the prospect of that at all.

Erika McDermott 1 year ago

Baby #2 due in 2 weeks. Csection, no choice! This article completely makes me feel like my body fails me. Thanks. I’ve been dealing with women telling me I can Vbac get a Doula etc. NO I CAN NOT!! !MY body does not open, soften or do anything in regards to labor. At 41 weeks 5 days my first was born safely and nursed just fine! I don’t care for the snotty tone of this article. Hell, I can brag because I carried my son for almost 42 weeks and evicted him at 8lbs 19.5 inches! Healthy baby, & healthy mom! Aug 26th I hope to have another healthy happy baby as well. He was already 6.5 lbs last week! So yea, good for you natural birthers!

Cindy Geary 1 year ago

OMG unless a space alien came down and took your baby by telekinesis all births are natural! Women need to be supportive of each other and be patting each other on the backs instead of always trying to one up each other!

Heather Poniatowski O’Sullivan 1 year ago

I had a natural birth not by choice and although I felt great after, I don’t think I would ever willingly do that. The pain was unbearable.

Sara Petrick 1 year ago

I had 2 epidurals, and still had all these benefits, with the exception of bragging rights. I never felt woozy from meds, and breastfeeding wasn’t effected. Nothing wrong with choosing pain meds.

Oouuuuuuch!! 1 year ago

What if you had a level 4 tear? Still be up and walking around? Probably not!

Jules 1 year ago

Ditto, as well. Babies nursed immediately after birth, and I was up walking after 20 minutes. Last time I checked, they don’t hand out awards for natural births, though to each his own! :-)

Angela Shino 1 year ago

YESSSSS!! I’ve experienced both and YES!! Natural (although not my choice at the time) was way better! I even walked to my recovery room holding my newborn bundle. With the epi, I was in bed for a week – drugged up and very much unable to do anything but sleep. However, everyone’s bodies submit to drugs differently. So, to each their own and may God bless those bundles!

Amy Barajas 1 year ago

Bragging rights? Why are you better than any other mom that gave birth? Women like you are why moms judge one another instead of supporting one another. Shame on you for making anyone with different views feel inferior to you. We are all mothers in the end, no?

Alisha Brokaw 1 year ago

Eff off.

Jules 1 year ago

I had regular epidurals with both of mine, and both latched on immediately after birth. The timing worked out well, as my labors were short -ish (3 hours and 2 hours), so not much time for drugs to cross the placenta. Also, I was up walking in less than 20 minutes. It’s such an individual thing, and finding a good doc is key to knowing all of your options re pain meds and pain tolerance. I waited as long as possible before the epi, and, once applied, laughed all the way through both quick deliveries. A great experience all the way around!

Natasha Blank-Jimenez 1 year ago

2 natural births in under 2 hours no time for drugs…plus I didn’t want them because I’m high risk and epidurals are bad for my condition. It did not hurt that bad!!! Honestly.

Jessica Gaudino 1 year ago

I had one of each, and by far the natural one was best. It was AMAZING

Rebecca Metts 1 year ago

I made it to 9.5 cm and through 14 hours of active labor before I got an epidural. My baby ended up being 9 lbs 15 oz. I don’t think he would have come out without the epidural, and once I got it, I wished I had gotten it much sooner! To each her own, but there is no shame in getting the epidural!!!

Crystal Rae Marie 1 year ago

here’s 4 reasons why ALL births are awesome:
1. because
2. women
3. are
4. awesome

Nancy Weiss Silver 1 year ago

I liked this up until #4, bragging rights. If you’re lucky, you get a healthy baby at the end of your labor, whether natural or not. And that’s what matters. Most people really don’t care about your birth story. They just want to hold your sweet baby.

Melissa Kinney 1 year ago

I think what pisses me off about these sorts of articles is the indignant nature of them. It may be intended to encourage women to “give it a shot” and know that their bodies can handle it, but all it ends up doing is negating the experiences of others. It’s like anyone who didn’t do it this way is missing out and had an experience that is “less than”. It’s total bullshit. People sometimes need c-sections…sometimes they need epidurals. Are you somehow better because you had a natural uncomplicated birth? How about approaching this with some tact…like, here is my experience…give it a shot if you can…but no matter how it happens it’s the (hopefully) healthy baby that you get in the end that is the real prize. Never mind the fact that these posts scare the shit out of women who plan for natural and then need to get induced, or can’t take it and get an epidural, or *gasp* need a c-section. What the hell are those women supposed to think/feel? “My birth experience sucked and I am less of a woman because I’m not “badass”?” I am all for sharing birth experiences and encouraging women to make informed choices but I am not supportive of the hierarchy of birth and thereby the women giving birth. Rant over.

Susan 1 year ago

I tried for a natural birth but it didn’t work out and ended up with an epi. I also experienced the first three. I nursed my very alert son immediately and by the time I got up about an hour later I could walk just fine. I think there are plenty of wonderful reasons to do natural birth, but I don’t think it is unusual to experience the first three even if you have an epi.

Leslie Dupre’ Brodnax 1 year ago


Jo Freeman 1 year ago

If only I’d had the chance to get the pain relief I had wanted! Mine was too quick to get anywhere near the epidural I felt I needed.
As for the four supposed reasons natural childbirth is awesome….
1) Instant recovery – what rubbish! The suggestion that one should ‘put on a limp’ or pretend to waddle; I both limped and waddled for at least a fortnight after my daughter was born! Not to mention that eight months on my pelvic floor has yet to recover.
2) Birther’s High – oh please! That’s exhaustion induced delirium.
3) Super Alert, nursing like a champ baby – what rot! My baby was drug free at birth but was jaundiced and found both breast and bottle feeding a uphill struggle.
4) Bragging Rights – anyone who has been through pregnancy and childbirth (natural or otherwise) is, in my opinion, to be admired; however bragging about it is tasteless, much like the content of this article.

Lori Jackson Puckett 1 year ago

Hard labor + c-section *2 = this article is a pos…

Natasha Goode 1 year ago

No. Lmao!

Pamela StPeter 1 year ago

I’ve had 4 children. Two births were induced and I had epidurals. They were good. One birth, my labor came so fast I barely made it to the hospital…she was born natural. It was awesome. But my last baby was induced and due to a clotting disorder I had I could not have an epidural….worst. labor. and. delivery. EVER! Inductions and natural childbirth do not mix.

Erin Foust 1 year ago

I was going to have a natural birth but around hour 15 with stalled labor and back labor to boot, I got the damn epidural and guess what? I slept through the next 10 hours, I also walked and showered a few hours later and my son also had no problems BFing and was very alert :)

Tracy Merrifield 1 year ago

All of these…but #2, definitely #2……

Rachel Mcrae 1 year ago

I had a “natural birth” and loved it! The whole “birthing high” thing is so so true! And you kind of do want to brag, not to put other mothers down or that natural is better then other ways (because it’s not!) but it’s kind of like, “look what I just did, drug free, I’m a total badass!” Haha. Though my labour was only for 1 hour so there wasn’t even any time to consider pain relief

Sheena Darlene 1 year ago

I’m tired of women saying the way they gave birth or raised their children was better than ways other women did it. Do u want a cookie for “naturally” birthing a baby? Congrats, you just accomplished something women (and animals for that matter) have been doing for thousands upon thousands of years. Of course going “natural” is best, in theory. But it’s not the best for every woman and every situation. So stuff your sanctimommy bs.

Alison Bennett 1 year ago

I wouldn’t do it any other way I loved both my natural births and had very alert babies who took to the breast ASAP

Anne Baier Sedore 1 year ago

Why did I even read this? You’re better than this backhanded mom shaming, scary mommy.

Nancy O’Brien 1 year ago

If you’re pregnant and reading this, http://www.spinningbabies.com is what I credit for a quick, easy, drug-free vbac that was the wonderful experience she describes. Women need to listen to their bodies more and take the medical profession with a grain of salt.

Bridget Reavis 1 year ago

I’m pretty primitive.

Melissa F 1 year ago

This is pretty funny to me as I had epidurals with both my kids… I don’t think I missed out on anything except for the horrendous pain.

1. I didn’t need to be up running around an hour or two after Ingave birth as I was busy nursing my baby, bonding with them and eating to nourish my own body. Why would i need to be up and walking around?

2. I call it a new a mommy high. I was in heaven and in love with my newborns.

3. Both my babies latched within 10-15 mins after birth. Epidural and all.

4. I was able to turely enjoy the birthing process as I could focus on the birth/baby rather then the pain. I don’t need bragging rights – I had amazing experiences and have beautiful babies to show for it.

But to each their own!

Dolores Mitrotz 1 year ago

My 5 were born pre epidural would have been nice to have a choice.Wish I could have had a choice .

Ali Fantastic McLing 1 year ago

Drug free natural births are great, if that’s you’re thing. So is the use of drugs. So is a C-section. How is it anyone’s business how the baby comes out?

Brooke Baierl 1 year ago

C section for me and I loved it! No thanks on the natural I’ll take it cesarean any day.

Clorinda Shrestha 1 year ago

Natural birth isn’t for everyone!!!
It is painful, but so worth every long agonizing second of it. And there can be simple complications. My delivery knocked my neck, spine, hips and 2 ribs out place. 7 minths later I’m still not back to 100% but I would do it again in a heartbeat.
Do what your body tells you to do and you will be fine… Most important part isnt HOW you deliver, its WHAT you deliver. You come home with a healthy happy beautiful new addition to your family then you have successfully given birth :)

Bridget Reavis 1 year ago

Yep all natural baby!!!!

Anna Perrino-Luck 1 year ago

My baby ripped her way out wide awake, and nursed with in minutes of birth. I was able to nurse her right away only because of the epidural which numbed me to be blissfully unaware of the half hour sew job to my crotch.

Laura Seebode 1 year ago

Epidural for me all the way please and not a bit of shame in it. Women have been doing it for years and babies and healthy and happy. If women choose to feel it all, that’s their choice. I think it’s important that a woman choose as much as possible how her labor experience will go. I know that I want to be in comfort and peace.

Chelsea Hopson 1 year ago

Roflmao! Yeah that’s how it went down!

Jessica Humphries-Winfrey 1 year ago

She loved her unmedicated births & wants people to know it – what’s wrong with that? It’s a double standard to say she can’t praise her births but I hear lots of women saying they loved their c-sections or medicated birth. I love that she’s giving info a lot of women dk or don’t consider when choosing their birth, like quicker recovery, quicker birth & possibly avoiding latching problems with baby. There is so much misinformation & negativity surrounding natural birth in our culture – women should be able to talk about their positive experiences too!

Jen Dance Raymond 1 year ago

The only reason why I didnt get epidurals with all 4 was bc I trust no one sticking anything in me..lol
Simple blood work turns into blood all over the floor and multiple nurses trying to get a vein. Soo nope. Keep your needles away from me! Lol I would never put another mother down for their choices. Baby comes out one way or another.. :)

Celeste Eneriz Neira 1 year ago

All three of my births were unmedicated and amazingly positive experiences. I thought hypnobabies self hypnosis during birth sounded kooky but it worked quite well for me every time. I actually looked forward to the actual birthing experience after my first. Numbers 1-3 were true for me, but I don’t agree with bragging about anything, as every woman’s birthing choices and experiences are different and should be respected.

Angie Van Leeuwen 1 year ago

I had both my girls naturally. It was an amazing experience with both. My first labor was long, over 16hrs, my second just over 1hr. Both had unique things about them. If we have more children, I’ll definitely go natural, but I’d never “shame” someone for making the choice to have an epidural. That’s childish and silly. In the end we we are all doing a wonderful, amazing thing, bringing a perfect little baby into this world!

Kristen Petruccelli Andrews 1 year ago

Natural Birth is not for everyone. That I completely agree with. I was fortunate enough to be able to have both my children unmedicated. Both of my deliveries were incredibly fast though and I don’t know if I could have done it if I had to push for hours.

However, the first point made me smile. Very soon after I gave birth to my daughter, I literally hopped off the table and walked to the bathroom. The nurse in the delivery room with me commented that she had never seen anyone who had been able to do that.

Erica Read Miller 1 year ago

What a silly thing to be proud about. Putting yourself through unnecessary pain.

Kate Cortelyou 1 year ago

I felt so amazing. It’s truly incredible what your body will do when you let go of everything and let it happen.

Liat Kelner Siegel 1 year ago


Nicolle Cappello 1 year ago

I used nothing for my first and full on epidural for my second and third and the entire experience was so much better with my 2 and third!!! Without the epidural I got a fever and my baby had to be rushed off to nicu. But with the other two I actually pulled them out myself!! They latched right on, we’re not drossy and my legs were never numb. So that being said I lived the epidural but it doesn’t make u a bad mommy to do labor with or with out it!!

Paula Gill 1 year ago

How about we just say all births are awesome…?!?

Sam 1 year ago

Oh, how I wish the bitch that created this article would remember what a sanctimommy is and how much crap is spewing from her fingertips as she typed. Sorry not sorry, but there is nothing worse in this world than a mother who tries to make another mother feel like shit because we used epidurals during our pregnancies and she did not. Shut up.

Kate Rose H 1 year ago


Angie Van Leeuwen 1 year ago

I’ve had both my girls naturally. It’s an amazing experience but it’s not for everyone. I’d never shame anyone for doing what they feel is right.

Christina Fragogianis 1 year ago

I had all these experiences with an epidural. I enjoyed the experience not being in pain. No matter what you choose, as long as you don’t give birth out of your butt, it’s natural!

jen 1 year ago

I had 2 children and went through 32 hour labors with both children. 64 total hours. I didnt receive epidurals until nearly 24 hours in each time. I hate to disagree but not only did I feel great after labor (I was up and moving as soon as the needles were out) but my babies were wide awake, I still had that birthing high and you better believe after 64 hours, I have full bragging rights. None of these are exclusive to natural births. I’m sure there are tons of benefits to a natural birth but this list isn’t them.

Lauren Hanson Lee 1 year ago

Why is this more “natural” than a medicated birth? I hate using that word. Just say unmedicated. WTf. This post is very sanctimommy. Dislike.

Bridget Reavis 1 year ago

I was running to the river to bring back some all natural water then I realized it was time. I squatted and birthed a baby boy. I then stuck him on my boob filled my bucket full of water from the river. saw a deer pulled out my bow and arrow. Skinned it and had a baby blanket and dinner for the rest of the family.

Eileen Teresa Laurent 1 year ago

I had a natural birth with my first and a c section with my second. Having experienced both I say who the feck cares how the baby comes out as long as Mum and baby are safe and healthy.

Tiffany Casey 1 year ago

I feel bad for the women that want that epidural birth but it doesn’t work or they have those horrible side effects they don’t worn them against. I know about some of them myself my first was by epidural. and also for some women they’re numb until they are ready to push going from nothing to that extreme, is crazy. I had a severe back ache for days, headache, really bad bladder infection (from repeated catheters), my Son was hungry but didn’t want to latch and was irritated for the first 2 days, I couldn’t move my legs at all during and a while after, I pushed for 2 hrs not feeling anything, the doctor got impatient and used forceps and a vacuum and tore me( 2 degree), and then told me I had barely enough room for my baby, he was only 7 lbs 15 ounces. my next baby at home was 8lbs4 and no tearing. I hated that the epidural took away my ability to push my baby out, So I knew I wanting to feel it and do it on my own. Pain is pain you deal you breathe, it’s a natural pain that is not going to last for ever, it’s your own body tightening and opening for your baby to get out it’s not like someone is breaking your arms and legs slowly LOL… for me it was about taking control over my body and how it births. I don’t need a doctor for a healthy low risk pregnancy and birth.

Angie Van Leeuwen 1 year ago

Aviva, so sorry for your loss. Natural childbirth is an amazing experience, I agree. Both of my daughters were born naturally. It’s not for everyone though.

Kellie Wort 1 year ago

I had my first with epidural and full on intervention, the second at home with nothing. They were both great births as they both led to happy healthy babies. This article sucks! Just leading to more competition between mothers.

TheDu Crew 1 year ago

I had natural births. That was my choice. How about we all just respect each other’s decision on what feels right for our own bodies/situations?

Stop with the mommy war articles. Let’s just all enjoy being moms and support each other rather then arguing over who does it better.

Rebecca Wilber 1 year ago

Bragging rights for sure!

Анна Сукиджа 1 year ago

EVERYBODY CALM DOWN!!! I’m SO impressed with EACH and EVERY ONE you – all who have commented to this article and even those who did not comment. This heated discussion just proves how passionate all of you are on the subject of pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. That’s because you ALL CARE SO MUCH! You all went into this experience with a sense of responsibility for your child’s life, you were probably scared for your own life and you still did it! However and which way – YOU did it! It’s a miracle of human determination, love, dedication and achievement! Screw the article – in the end you had to make a decision even when medical professionals were indecisive. God bless all of you and let’s support each other!

Susan 1 year ago

I’m sorry, but this is so stupid. It is one woman’s experience. I gave birth with no drugs (I was more afraid of the epidural needle). 1. Yeah, no. I had an episiotomy when baby wouldn’t come out after 3 hours of pushing (do I get extra bragging rights for an unmedicated episiotomy?!), so between that and losing a whole lot of blood, there was no instant recovery or going to the bathroom on my own for quite a while. 2. Yeah, no. I was in labor for nearly 36 hours. I was so drained and exhausted that I was physically unable to lift my head to look at my baby. 3. Yeah, not quite. Yes, my baby was super alert, but not at all interested in breastfeeding right away. 4. Yeah, no. I’m not interested in bragging about my experience, because bragging presumes one way is better than another, and I’m just not about that.

jess 1 year ago

I had an epi and I experienced almost all of those. They don’t let you out of bed for an hour after the baby comes they use that for skin to skin time so I could walk.
My baby was wide awake and didn’t cry after being put in my arms and latched right away.
I was on a high and didn’t sleep for 2 days and didn’t need or want coffee.
I don’t have any bragging rights though :)
I am proud of any mama who can do it without drugs… I am not one and have no desire to try, I’m a chicken.
I just wanted to chip in and say I had a lot of those great things too… I don’t want someone to read and feel like they might miss out on these great things or feel like a failure because they chose the drugs.
And I do know this was never the intention of writer.
Again I am in awe of those of you who are brave where I am not

LeAnn Nielsen 1 year ago

You can hop on that high horse along with the author then. Goooooo you!

Sammy Starr 1 year ago

I wish I would have had a home birth, to be honest! You are on lucky girl to have had that chance, it would have been so much less stressful on my delivery, that’s for sure… and you’re 100% right!

Sammy Starr 1 year ago

Seriously, the whole “pain-killer-loving sister mamas” part made my blood boil. Just a bit.

LeAnn Nielsen 1 year ago

Well put, Heather!

Sammy Starr 1 year ago

Thank YOU!! <3 I had to have an emergency c section because my body would not dilate past 3cm when they were trying to induce me. I will NEVER let a sanctimommy make me feel guilty for using an epidural, either!

Brooke Johnson 1 year ago

Gross ?

Madelyn Stearns 1 year ago

OMG Li you’re an asshole.

Brooke Johnson 1 year ago

Why is this a mommy war topic?! Why do people have to be so darn defensive and just embrace their own choices. Geez.

Sammy Starr 1 year ago

And giving it a ‘real’ try? Really? What is not real about giving birth HOWEVER someone gives birth whether epidurals are involved or not? Get out of sanctimommy land please.

Mandie Aus Frazier 1 year ago

Oh, shut UP, lady.

Jenny Coutu 1 year ago

Agreed! I was 13 days over my due date at an approximate 42 weeks and 2 days. There was no choice but to have a c section because my pelvic bone broke. I breast fead for 3 weeks only, because I got a yeast infection in my nipples. So both, were not in MY best interest to continue in pain. Mommys health is JUST as important at this time as the baby’s health.

Brooke Johnson 1 year ago

Don’t knock it till you try it.

Brooke Johnson 1 year ago

Those are pretty good reasons that most definitely stick with you long after the birth.

That’s pretty nasty Jordan.

Lisa DePretis 1 year ago

Love natural births!!! I’d do it again and again!!!!

Sammy Starr 1 year ago

Not convinced. Sorry. My body would not dilate and I was loaded up on pitocin to induce me… I was still not past 3cm after a day or so. I had a C section and I will never be made to feel other than the joy and happiness my daughter had me feeling when they delivered her to my arms.

Brooke Johnson 1 year ago

Right on!

Dara 1 year ago

Yes, I know epidurals don’t work. It didn’t with my first and they had me on Pitocin which made the contractions stronger.

With my second, he came so fast that I almost didn’t get an epidural. He needed a vacuum to get his big head out (he was in the 98th percentile for head size AT BIRTH) and I was having such a hard time of it, they managed to get me an epidural while I was fully dilated. I was able to get him out within 10 minutes because it actually worked! It was magic juice for me to be sure. :) But to each her own! If I should have a third, I’ll go to the hospital earlier and maybe, just maybe, it’ll work for more than 10 minutes.

Brooke Johnson 1 year ago


Brooke Johnson 1 year ago

I absolutely totally know what this author is talking about. I had 2 babies with epidurals and 2 babies med free. I felt like freaking super woman after the med free births. I did have this ridiculous high. Like I could do anything!

I don’t understand why some women on this post have to act so defensive or crazy just because they had an epidural. I get it that not everyone has the same experience,but some do! So chill out.

LeAnn Nielsen 1 year ago

Dear Author, Not every women is as clearly an awesome and superior woman and as lucky as you. Enjoy it up on your high horse.

P.S. f*ck you

Alyssa Haden 1 year ago

Well this was a bunch of self riteous judemental mom-on-mom hate. Not all births go as planned and I will say how thankful I am for modern medicine. People need to stop condemning those who have different views on birthing/parenting. I went 2 days in labor(yes with meds) and finally with a emergency type c section. Disappointing, yes a little. But my kid was born perfectly healthy and alert and she’s a perfectly happy baby. I don’t think it matters.This type of crap only will hurt those who may not have had that movie type birth experience.. people just got off your Dann high horse and stop being such bitchhes about it. Sheeesh

Melissa Piazza Mugnone 1 year ago

I agree 100%, 2 out of 3 of mine were natural. I had an epidural for the first and hated every second of it. I was so proud of myself for what i accomplished and I think that most women don’t give themselves enough credit to even give it a real try.

Amy Lyons 1 year ago

2 Epidurals. 2 babies, milk came in fine. Got up and walked and took part in the first bath AND felt an amazing rush after each of them. Pain free. The baby born in the room next door was screaming for hours after coming out of an epidural-free screaming mom. Kudos to her for not having one, that’s great, but I’m still happy with how mine came out.

Lyndsey Bowen Harris 1 year ago

I have had 3 babies- 1st I went into labor, tried to push but she was too big to fit through my pelvic bone so I had to get a csection, 2nd I had a scheduled csection because he was going to be just as big if not bigger than her, and 3rd my water broke but I had to have a csection because I already had 2. I got my tubes tied during my last one. It wasn’t the perfect natural deliveries I had dreamed about but my babies were all 9 lbs and healthy! The one complication I had was a spinal leak after my last one which was fixed my a spinal block.
The medical advances are there to make it easier and comfortable but to each her own! Every woman is different and do what works best for you! No judgement!

Ami Kendra 1 year ago

I did try this method with my first. it sucked. I much prefer my natural births.

Jennifer Kitchen Morante 1 year ago

You don’t get a mommy award or special prize so don’t feel pressured by anyone! HELL NO I’m not convinced!!

Heather Gochoel 1 year ago

Convinced? Nope. Sorry. Major kudos to all who chose it but it’s not for me.

Ashley Atkinson Patton 1 year ago

I’m gonna have to disagree with this. I had planned induced labors, with epidurals twice and I’m praying that’s how my third goes in December. I was up walking right after both my deliveries with an epidural, and maybe it’s wrong but I was pretty damn proud of what I had just done, with both my kiddos. I’ll stick to what works for me.

Sarah Shelton McKinney 1 year ago

My first was a c-section (I was induced due to high blood pressure and it didn’t work) – afterwards, had uncontrollable shakes, couldn’t see or hold my baby because I was in recovery, and was sick as a dog later on….my second was a vbac with an epidural – had to push forever to get him out, ripped badly, and had to be recatheterized to pee, because it just wasn’t coming out on it’s own. My third and fourth were completely natural. Both born very soon after arriving at the hospital, lol, no time for epidurals! And I have to say, I felt awesome afterwards!! No ripping and I was seriously ready to go straight home! :) If I ever have another, I will definitely aim for another natural birth :)

Madelyn Stearns 1 year ago

I’ve been planning to have natural births since I was 17 and a teacher talked about his wife’s 3 natural births. Each time, she was the first of all the women in the maternity ward to nurse, walk, hold her babies for any real period of time, and go home. And the babies were different than others, too. More manageable and alert.

Bri Mastandrea 1 year ago

Totally not convinced, personally. I’ll take the drugs please!

Anna Thompson 1 year ago

I am embarrassed to tell people about my c-section because I don’t want to be lumped into the assumption that “everyone is getting a c-section, nobody really needs one.” My daughter would’ve died, literally, very quickly had I not had the surgery and I’m tired of being made to feel guilty because of it.

Rachel Grant 1 year ago

Not convinced! I had a scheduled C-section and it was an amazing experience; recovery wasn’t even close to as bad as the horror stories you’re told.

candace ortiz 1 year ago

I’ve done it both with an epidural and medical interventions and then completely natural. I’ll never go back to the epidural. I’ve spent the last 10 years in a wheelchair because they aren’t as safe as everyone likes to believe. Yes, you read right. My epidural permanently paralyzed me.

So when I got pregnant with #2 it was an easy decision to go all natural. I hired a doula, practiced my breathing and visualization for months and labored drug free in the shower on an exercise ball. It hurt but not horrible at all. I loved every minute. I felt strong and connected to my husband and baby.

I barely let the doctors participate lol no monitoring, no IV and I moved around as much as I needed. He was born 2 hours after we arrived at the hospital. It was epic.

No epidural ever ever again.

Kathy Kretzschmar 1 year ago

I had both children with no medication at all. It was horrible! I felt traumatized and I think I even went into shock from the pain. If I had to go back and do it over I’d take every damn drug available! At first I was afraid I was going to die and then I was afraid I wouldn’t and would have to live through it.

Micheal Gillispie Cupples 1 year ago

I had a completely “natural” birth. I was pregnant and the baby came out. The end.

Tiffany Casey 1 year ago

I completely agree!

Christin Hunt 1 year ago

Im not going to say which is best, but I had a natural birth with my twins, and my daughter, and it was pretty awesome lol….Im not trying to be on my high horse, epidurals just didnt take on me and crashed my blood pressure, so I had no choice in the matter at that point

Monica Sandgren 1 year ago

Pretty sure I stressed that medical intervention is nescassary in cases, and it will always be that way, clearly that was the case for your second. I’m thankful for medical teams that can save the life of mom and baby. What I’m more referring to when I say our system is broken and screwed up is the moms who induce because they are “done” being pregnant or the dr will be out of town, or “to big of a baby” which is notoriously a false claim. Again I clearly stated that intervention would be always be necessary in cases, but it is overused and abused. Your situation doesn’t fall under the latter category.

I also stated want/need and knowing the risks associated with those. I researched all options when I was pregnant so I could make informed decisions in case my birth didnt go as planned and I encourage my clients to do the same

Denise Whitehead 1 year ago

Still not convinced

Erica Sarro 1 year ago

with all 4 of my children I asked for medication. My mother in law likes to pull the whole I had all of my children natural. I don’t feel like she is a better woman then me, all my children were alert, and healthy and I got to enjoy my labor. Putting yourself on a pedestal and looking for bragging rights is a sign of insecurity. They give you medicine for a toothache why not get some help with delivering your children. Moms need to stop judging others and worry about themselves. No one cares about your birth story except for you!

Tabi Mott 1 year ago

I had 1 natural (not by choice) and 1 with epidural. I’d take the epidural again in a heartbeat. No shame.
Get off your high horses everyone. Nothing fun about childbirth except the ens results.

Carrie Hiteshew Dyrness 1 year ago

I’ve had both natural and epidural. There are benefits to both of them. And how you choose to give birth is up to you. Who gives a crap what some other sanctimonious mommy thinks.

Meg Boomer 1 year ago

Thank you. This article made me sick. Not all women have choices. The author is so full of herself it would be amusing if she hadn’t just insulted me personally with her “article”.

Meghan Fish-Bellefleur 1 year ago

Omg you said everything I was just thinking… Lol

Joyce Anne 1 year ago

Both with no drugs . Figured women did it for years that way . Was freaked out by the thought of a needle in my back . I was bouncing back and forth from the nursery while other moms were having trouble walking . If you choose and epidural or have to have a “c” , it’s your story . One isn’t really better than the other . As long as mom and baby are healthy and safe !

Elizabeth Renee Pimental 1 year ago

I almost went without an epi. But he was turned the wrong way which made it more painful than it should have been and I apparently have an oddly shaped tail bone that kept him from coming out. My first broke my tail bone completely so they gave me an epi had to hold me down to do it. I was in so much pain I turned into she hulk lol. And they had to use a werid suction thing. Labor is fun!

Judy Kraatz Clark 1 year ago

4 babies… 4 epidurals…wouldn’t change a thing.. That was my choice… I respect my sisters that are brave and confidant to give birth without it. No judging

Schanele Nicole Curtis 1 year ago

*slow clap* woo hoo? Does the way you give really give you “bragging rights”? No. You know what you should be happy for? Carry a child inside you for months, something some women are praying their bodies to do. Hearing your child’s first cry, something some moms who DO go full term, don’t get to hear. Watching your child grow and develop, something some won’t see because their babies didn’t make it past the first year.
Whether you pushed out a 12 pound baby all natural, or had a csection, or had a premie, you should just be thankful. Women have been having babies for thousands of years, so what you did is nothing special, without medical advancement I wouldn’t be here. My child wouldn’t be here. Think of how many of your friends, and family, wouldn’t be here. And stop. No one cares about your shredded vagina, just as no one cares about me being sliced open.

Jessica Mustillo 1 year ago

I just want to add that I had an epidural and not only did I feel fine afterward I was also walking within an hour after I have birth.
Every woman is different.

Christine Smith 1 year ago

True! My first labor all kinds of drugs and 24 hours long. The next three drug free and SO MUCH BETTER! #2 contraction to baby 3 hrs. I’m a firm believer that drugs slow down the natural process.

Becky Jo 1 year ago

I had 2 completely different births 10 years apart. With my son it was a painful nightmare with a long recovery. I tried to get an epidural, but it didn’t take completely. It was turned off when I started pushing, but he got stuck crowned and I felt everything for 3 hours. After delivery we were both exhausted and I had a terrible time moving because of the pain I had been through. With my daughter last week I got the epidural sooner. It didn’t take on my right side again, but they fixed it after 1~2 hours. I had another 1~2 hours of pain free labor where I laughed with my family and enjoyed the experience. I started feeling some mild pain and pressure and got my daughter out with a couple of pushes at 2am. I felt no pain!! She came out alert and happy. I walked to the bathroom and showered unassisted after her feeding. By 7am I was walking all around the hospital. The doctors and nurses couldn’t believe how fast I recovered. I brag that I had the most peaceful delivery and fast recovery. I wouldn’t change a thing, and I wish everyone could experience a birthing experience like mine!!!

Alison Akins Franzen 1 year ago

It’s sad to see bragging rights listed. Some women, like me, don’t have a choice how our child was brought into this world. Am I less of a mother because I didn’t push my child out of my body into this world!? I grew them, gave them life and then almost lost mine as my daughter was born. Thank God for my c-section, or both of my children would be motherless!! Shame on you.

Jenny Holmes 1 year ago

mmm…k…but you can’t brag too much, otherwise c/s mommies or moms who did indeed have the epidural might decide to murder you to shut you up.

Andrea Reynolds 1 year ago

This article was just gross.. My little man was breech & no way in hell was I pushing him out feet first!! C-section was the safe way to go! He was alert and attached to my nipple just fine!!!

Samantha VanBoening 1 year ago

This was the most biased uninformed article yet. I have had two kids with epidural and I got up immediately after to go to the bathroom. Everyone has a “high” after having a baby. This was a waste of time to read.

Kylee Thornton 1 year ago

I had an epidural with both my sons and planning on having one with my third that is on the way. I agree with why would you want to put yourself through that pain if you don’t have too? Great for women who do not use drugs, but I can’t handle pain well and didn’t want my children coming into the world hearing yelling and screaming.

Janice Rodriguez 1 year ago

How about attempting pain-free with epidural but 4 hrs later when it was Go Time had already worn off?! Yes that was interesting lol. In the end I felt all that lovely pressure & pain but holding my cheesy (vernix) baby none of that natural or not mattered.

Talitha Bresette 1 year ago

I had natural births and my experience was the total opposite of the author, so I think there is no way to lump people in categories like this.

Tammy McCartney Stacey 1 year ago

Maybe it’s not about bragging to each other, but to ourselves. I had one epi birth, which was fine but I was a little wobbly after, and one natural. Had her 30 mins after I got to the hospital. And I did feel accomplished! I can say I have experienced both and am proud of myself both times! Every labor story is awesome, no matter how they went! Women should be proud of giving birth and should be able to share stories/opinions about it.

Jayme Cherubini Nelson 1 year ago

I had natural birth and while LO’s first attempt at breastfeeding went great, all others afterward were a crazy-hard battle. And none of it was related to how he was birthed. If natural birth is something you’re interested in – great. But, I wouldn’t place the chance your baby *might* nurse better as the top reason to do it. Epidurals are available for a reason. So are C-sections.

Deidre Westover 1 year ago

If your baby is healthy, who the hell cares about anything else? And the benefits of breastfeeding are mostly propaganda. I couldn’t breastfeed and my son is extremely healthy and smart. So are all the children of my friends who couldn’t breastfeed.

Lisa Creson 1 year ago

So, you ‘decided you aren’t going to bother’ reading the other replies, but you’ll contribute to the thread to share your birth story for your self congratulatory bragging rights? Ok, gotcha!

(If you don’t see this superiority as part of the problem, then I don’t know what to say)

Suzanne TenBroek 1 year ago

Those of you who criticize moms for wanting to do birth non- medicated are just as judgmental as the ones who think natural is the best. It’s not a contest for anyone, and any outcome that helps both moms and babies come out if it fine are acceptable.

Clarissa 1 year ago

I think point 4 may have just been phrased wrong… to brag means to make a pompous or boastful statement
or arrogant talk or manner and I don’t think that is what the author meant to say when she wrote #4… Possibly she just meant to be able to share her achievement with others as something she is proud of and maybe brag wasn’t the right word for what she wanted to say.

Amanda Roest 1 year ago

I’d rather see advocacy for home birth over hospital.. my two hospital births were natural but worst experience because everyone is telling you how YOUR labour should be going, n they strap you down with the FHM for an hr or so, conveniently not letting you get uo n let gravity do its work n stalling labour so they can try and force inducement drugs on ya. I wouldn’t take em n got it going on my own again.. my middle child was at home, by myself, in the bathtub, it was fast, less painful, less stressful, less “medical”. My Dr convinced me to get to hospital for the last one again, but if I ever do it again, screw that, I’ll show up at his office the next morning for the checkup. The hospital is hell.. n then they keep ya in a room with snoring, whining women so ur so over tired by the time you get home, all ya wanna do is sleep n it takes a week to catch up.

Heather Paish 1 year ago

Everything untill #4 i HAD a natural (ok i sucked back a hit of gas right at the end) birth and although i am very proud of my body i am proud of what i did i dont think “bragging” is the right word brag suggests i did my birth “better” than someone else. Id replace #4 with pride in your body in your achievement just like she described that runners high like finishing the race being proud of that finish line crossing. Saying we are proud of what we did doesnt mean someone who did it different cant be proud of how they did it. Bragging isnt that.

Laurie Barkdoll 1 year ago

My babies were both c-sections! This is so falsely “important” when your kids are babies, but nobody looks at my 20 and 14 year olds and knows whether they: went to daycare or not, were breastfed or not, where born “naturally” or not, etc! It doesn’t matter because they will all turn into teenagers that drive you nuts, then young adults that make you proud!

SeanandRachel Lafferty 1 year ago

My delivery came so fast! I felt everything and it definitely was the worst pain I have ever had. I got an epi after being dilated to 9. But I am so glad I did. I got to feel my daughter’s head and be comfortable and in the moment when I was delivering her. I felt what 9 was like and I am OK with the fact that I was able to get some relief. I was also walking and taking a shower an hour after my baby was born. And she breastfed like a champ! Still is at 4 months old! To each their own :)

Amanda Yahnian 1 year ago

Ok so I had an epidural and all these things I did. I walked just fine afterwards, my recovery time was really fast and my baby was crazy alert. To the point that the nurses wanted a picture if the baby because they couldn’t believe it. My delivery was fantastic and a great experience. I wasn’t screaming like a lunatic and never once swore at my husband.

Kelly Spencer 1 year ago

I labored all weekend long and totally ignored it because I was 38 weeks and didn’t think that I was actually in labor, so by the time my water broke and I got to the hospital, I had my baby in 3 hours. I was EXTREMELY lucky.

Brehan Stetka 1 year ago

I tried. We took Bradley classes which were wonderful! After 30 hours I was tired and was not dilating SO thank god for modern medicine. I got the epidural. She was out 6 hours later. If we are blessed with a second baby I will try again to go natural.

Alison Woolever Cundy 1 year ago

I passed out twice after my natural childbirth and remember very little about the actual delivery. I honestly wish I remembered it better.

Karen Phillips 1 year ago

My drug free labor was 34 hours. Candle light, music and food to keep my energy up. I never felt a second of stress. I had an endless supply of energy and was up and walking around immediately after. Just saying, everyone’s experience is totally different.

Janet Moore 1 year ago

The nurses see the real picture . Mom’s can be stupidly competitive. Claiming it was all fun and games. Now go to the dentist for a root canal and go NATURAL!!

Ricki Weinman Dworkin 1 year ago

Root canal without drugs. And all 3 of my babies nursed like champs right after birth – one epidural, 2 c-section (but woulda had drugs if they weren’t) .

Kate Marek Blythe 1 year ago

Don’t feel guilty!!! I HATE that moms do this to each other. We should support each other, not try to one-up each other.

Claudia Escobar-Carlisle 1 year ago

Exactly Sara
I agree
Can anyone say “two faced?”
Learn how to write Mrs. I want to pretend that I do not consider myself better then you Author!

Johna Watson Meany 1 year ago

Crack for the vagina!

Ashley Marie Steinkamp 1 year ago


Aubrey Megan 1 year ago

having had one of each kinds of births, I would go drugless again if I were planning on a third. Having said that, all mamas of all babies from all births have bragging rights after that journey.

Elizabeth Allen Jones 1 year ago

The immediate first hour after delivery most babies are very alert. That is why if you want to breastfeed we strongly encourage skin to skin and breastfeeding in that initial hour. We also try to keep it just mom, baby, and dad (or main support person). So mom gets that hour with HER baby!!!! So your baby being super alert that hour doesn’t have a thing to do with whether or not you had an epidural. It’s the norm!!! We really try to respect that hour and get mom time as much as possible!!!! Even with a cs!!!

Jillian Saar 1 year ago

I had 2 csections and I had 2 out of the 4 things listed! I had instant recoveries and both of my babies were alert and nursed like champs!
My cousin tour from crack to crack and had to have the same amount of stitches as I did and I think mine were in a better area. Lol This post is pretty ridiculous, anyway you give birth most of the time the outcome is the same a beautiful little baby!! Nuff said!

Nichole Reigle 1 year ago

I was in control of the pushing and timing so everything went according to my body plan, not some doctor with a tee time. I love, love, love home natural births!

Carolyn Wanatee 1 year ago

1. That baby flew out of me so fast I couldn’t walk on my own for days. I’m talking bruising, scraping, swelling, back thrown out.

2. Birther’s high? I pretty much immediately wanted to go to bed. I was like “oh, its a boy. Can I sleep now?”

Claudia Escobar-Carlisle 1 year ago

Ummm yeah
Your nuts!
Coming from someone who tried her hardest to go all natural with all three kids…I say try to go natural for as long as you can and labor is that LABOR each woman knows what she can or wants to handle as long as the baby and mama are healthy in the end that is ALL that matters! Mamas do NOT let anyone tell you different.

Kelly Spencer 1 year ago

I had a natural birth. I would do it all over again. You actually labor a lot faster, I think. I was nice to everyone. I got my stadol after I gave birth. I earned that stuff! Haha.

Ramona Junta 1 year ago

No thanks! I don’t need any of those things!

Sondi Wilson 1 year ago

Bragging rights? Seriously? Any woman who has successfully brought a healthy baby into the world earns those just fine. With or without drugs. Geez, toot your own horn much? This woman is much too arrogant for my taste.

Lauren Dulczak Callahan 1 year ago

I had two c-sections and also had a high. Having a doctor make a tiny slice in my abdomen and removing a human being was pretty cool 😉

Annette Reid 1 year ago

Jesus Christ, I could swear people must be getting paid to be offended by everything parent-related on FB! I enjoyed the article, and my birth was with pain meds, lots more pain meds and then an ecs.

Elizabeth Allen Jones 1 year ago

That immediate hour after delivery, most babies are very alert!!! That’s a evidence based fact!!! Glad you got your epidural, were happy, and had a good first breastfeeding experience!!! That is awesome!!!! For a nurse standpoint, we just want people to be happy with their experience AND to be healthy and have a healthy baby. Regardless of how they come out!!!!!

Carly Price 1 year ago

Beth Kramm – I agree! Shaming does go both ways. To each their own.

erin 1 year ago

My son was a natural home birth. He weighed 11.5 lbs and yes, I had the tear to end all tears. My CNM stitched me up beautifully. If I ever have another child, I plan on another home birth. I am very proud of myself and of my body, and the experience showed me just what I was capable of. I don’t personally care how anyone else chooses to bring their child into the world. I’ve heard the good stories and the bad, did my research and chose what was best for me.

Chrissy Rameika-Ortiz 1 year ago

wow really? how judgy. first of all, i had an epidural and my daughters’ eyes were open while she was only halfway out of my “drugged up vagina.” while i had many issues with the epidural, including post-partum partial bells’ palsy that lasted for months afterwards, I didnt regret it. I was just happy to have my baby out and healthy. next time around I would love a natural birth, just out of pure curiosity, not to have so-called bragging rights. also, even with the epi, i still felt like a badass afterward. I still feel like a badass because having a baby, with or without meds, is an incredibly empowering experience. not a competition or something to brag about to everyone else who chose an epidural. this article is in extremely poor taste. i’m sure she had good intentions, but… just no.

Janet Corley 1 year ago


Jill Grabowski 1 year ago

I am glad I was mentally prepared for a natural birth…when I finally got to the hospital in massive pain, the triage nurse asked if I wanted an epidural. ..I screamed yes!! My midwife came over. ..I was convinced that she was going to tell my I was only at 4 cm… Nope! I was crowning. ..baby was coming. ..so no epidural for me! If people ask I suggest to try natural but take the epidural if you want to! Why does the US not use Laughing Gas like other countries I do not get…

Tia Colvin 1 year ago

I had two drug-free births. The first was exactly as described in the article–amazing “high,” immediate recovery, sense of accomplishment. The second was hideously awful. Besides the indescribable pain of the birth itself, I spent days feeling like I’d been hit by a Mac truck, too weak to even hold my son. Natural birth was important to me, and I’m glad I did it. But it just goes to show that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

Laura Collins 1 year ago

I did all three of mine with nothing! And still breast feeding my youngest of 3 months. I this because I wanted a speedy recovery and didn’t like me n me baby dosed up on drugs there was nothing years ago drugs wise nothing we are built to bare birth n feed our babies (sorry if I offend) but I will say everybody’s different and dose what’s best for them. I do not think its a competition and as long as both mum n baby are well afterwards you’ve achieved what every mother sets out during her pregnancy.

Robyn Nishimura 1 year ago

I hate articles like this! Bragging rights?? So because I had to have a c-section so my last baby would live through birth your better then me? And I bet she didn’t push a 12 lb baby out of her vjayjay! She wouldn’t have had an instant recovery then!

Tiffany Anne 1 year ago

I had multiple natural births, including a homebirth, and I think this comes off very sanctimommy-esque, especially at the end.

Lauren Dulczak Callahan 1 year ago

The author of this article sounds like she is a big, judgmental, shallow-minded a**hole. Women should support each other and empower each other, not try to make each other feel guilty about their decisions when it comes to child birth, breast feeding, etc.

Adrianne 1 year ago

And Katy, with my third child I had such horrible postpartum-depression that I had to feed him with a bottle in order to get on medication after he was 8 weeks old. It was heart-breaking and the judgements I saw in people’s eyes did not help. I am just now starting to make eye contact with people again. you are right, it is deeply personal and should not be judged by others.

Connie Snee 1 year ago

I had a planned c- section. I will opt for a c- section for any future births. I never felt contractions and I don’t feel like I missed out on anything by not pushing my baby out of my vagina. I am glad I didn’t feel any pain during her birth. I love her just as much as the vaginal birthers who tore and felt every labor pain. Vaginal, unmedicated birth is no better or worse than a planned c-section or medicated vaginal birth. I’m also one who CHOSE to formula feed from before my daughter was born so I’m really a heathen (and proud of it). Can’t we just be happy for healthy babies?

Jolaine 1 year ago

I intended to have a natural birth with both my kids, I got so tired and painful with my first that I ended up getting the IV drugs then the epidural–it was great because I got to sleep but didn’t like being confined to the bed and having extra monitors, tubes, etc in me. And we did have breastfeeding problems, ended up pumping and supplementing for a year.

With my second I asked for the epidural (when at 7cm and thought ‘heck no!! No way I’m going another hours with this pain!!” ) the nurse convinced me to try the IV drugs first–which did not work–and #2 was born less than an hour later…and recovery was so much better, and he latched on beautifully!!

Now I’m at 27wks with #3 and intend to go all natural “again”. Now that I know I can do it, and am arming myself with some additional techniques. But also realize that things can go differently and wrong.

Everyone’s birthing experience is different and one never knows how things are going to go. My BFF wanted a waterbirth with no drugs, and was begging for an epidural at 3cm which she got about I think 4 or 5cm, never got in the tub and was one unsuccessful push away from a c-section.

Jessica Weafer 1 year ago

Good for you. I had an epidural and had the same high. Birthing a baby, whether medicated or unmedicated makes any women feel like superwoman…because they are.

Sheri Lynn Johnson 1 year ago

I went in saying no drugs for me! My dr said keep an open mind, why suffer when you don’t have to. I had to be induced and I begged for an epidural. I still felt a rush, my baby and I turned out just fine, they shut it off at a point where I was able to walk within an hour or two after having my son. I don’t need bragging rights this isn’t a contest.

Michelle Cook 1 year ago

My c-section for baby #2 was WAY worse for recovery than my natural birth (tearing and stitches “down there” included). My incision still hurts and the skin around it feels numb. I would rather go natural again, stitches and all, than have another c-section. It was not a planned surgery, I had HELLP syndrome and I was induced to deliver my 9-week premature baby but almost died waiting to dilate.

Shannon Ascione 1 year ago

This is silly. Who cares how you deliver. It doesn’t make you any more or less of a woman! You still delivered a baby into this world! You don’t love your child any less! I went as long as I could tolerate without an epidural but then eventually got one and it was the best decision I ever made. I progressed faster b/c I was relaxed. I was able to enjoy the whole process and not be stressed and in pain. My baby was born, very alert and is a fantastic breast feeder. 10 months old still going strong and EBF! This is a similar argument…people get so judgy—- Breast Feeding/Formula Feeding—-Labor No drugs vs Drugs — Working mom vs Stay at home mom. Stop the mommy wars and the judgement.

Caroline Beyleveld 1 year ago

Tired of these types of blogs and articles. It’s not a competition! Children are a miracle however they come into the world. All these mothers droning on and on, men are also involved but you don’t see them going on and on about it. Yawn…

Jessica Weafer 1 year ago

I call it medicated birth and unmedicated birth. If you give birth to your child either through the birth canal or your stomach, you birthed your child. End of story!

Alanna Rubin 1 year ago

I found the article a little annoying. Especially….the end comments. We as women can all find reasons to brag and compare ourselves to each other…such as mothers who get back to shape right away after childbirth vs. those who don’t or never really do. How much you want to bet that if I posted an article about my bragging rights for how quickly I got into shape after child birth I would receive some angry comments. I appreciate the info of the article – pros listed for natural childbirth but please keep the bragging rights comment out.

Lisa Creson 1 year ago

It’s the tone of the whole piece…’bragging rights’ ‘pain killer loving sisters’, implying that epi kids are drugged, etc. the whole piece reeks of sanctimommy, and precisely what is wrong with us moms supporting one another.

Kristin Hanson-Corcoran 1 year ago

I had two births with epidural and one natural. I hardly remember anything besides the pain during the natural birth. With the two epidural births I was in every moment with my husband and baby. I could actually enjoy it. To each their own, but my fourth will be born with epidural.

Colleen 1 year ago

I have three kids first two natural delivery and the last I had the Shot! There was no difference after other than the last delivery went faster and with less pain. I was up and moving after a few hours! All my babies were alert and nursing like champs!
The only difference I see after over 25 years is my ‘ drug’ baby was the easiest to raise is an awesome athlete
And has the most complicated college degree of my three!
In less someone is abusing drugs I don’t think people should be judging others birth choices. Some people can take more pain than others! If you need the meds get them and don’t let some elitist Mom put you life at risk like my daughter did! She and her daughter almost lost their lives over a complication because some Bimbo (who 4 weeks later got the shot herself) told her it might kill her! Do what’s best for YOU! Talk to the Doctor everyone is different!!!

Jennifer Hansen 1 year ago

If my first had been natural he would’ve been my only. My third was natural but a much easier recoup!! I had epidurals w/ the first two & was very groggy. Although labor is ungodly painful I think in a way natural is better. (still kinda a nightmare though!)

Jessica Weafer 1 year ago

I completely agree! I was the same way. I was up walking around, using the bathroom, etc. within 30 minutes of delivery. My son immediately latched and had no problem BFing. I loved the epidural. I slept most of the day while I was in labor, and was well rested and ready to push when the time came. I have heard horror stories from other moms of their very intense unmedicated birth. That’s fine if that’s what they want to do, but personally I didn’t want to be screaming and super uncomfortable for the birth of my baby boy. That’s not what I wanted to look back and remember. All women should be proud and happy when their baby is born safe and healthy.

Anna Pike 1 year ago

I wanted so badly to have an all natural birth, and if I had to do it again, I would stress that to the Dr on call. Call me crazy, whatever. My water actually broke because I had been walking around Walmart for 2 hours, and if they had let me walk more when we got there, I probably would’ve been able to have my son naturally. They induced after only a few hours because it wasn’t moving along fast enough for them, didn’t really give me a choice, and I was delirious from lack of sleep & food, so I went with it. Worst mistake EVER! Once the pitocin kicked in, it was on, it put both me & my son in distress. I was put on oxygen & had to lay a certain way to keep him from having problems. After a total of 6 hours I finally asked for the epi. That was my biggest fear, but it wasn’t as bad as I expected, I didn’t lose control like I thought I would, I was still able to move my legs and I still felt everything, it just didn’t hurt as bad. Even though i had the epi, I was walking as soon as i got to my recovery room, less than 2 hours after delivery. I didn’t have problems nursing my son, and he slept most of the way through his first night. I do agree with some of this article, but I also learned a lot from the experience, and if I had another, I would definitely do things a little different. I still believe in natural birth for myself, as far as induction, but I’m not as against the epidural now. All that matters is we’re both happy & healthy after the fact.

Christina McDowell Parks 1 year ago

The needle for an epidural is much longer than the one for a root canal and it goes in your spine. That’s why I went natural. It was the most pain I ever felt in my life, but I wanted to avoid a procedure that could have paralyzed me.

Abigail Shaw 1 year ago

OH, and it’s important to mention that I just read about new research indicating women are ~30% more likely to suffer PPD if they don’t receive an epidural (sans-epidural many women feel like they’ve been through a trauma, which can trigger it). I wish I had the article to link to this, but that is absolutely something to consider if you’re at all concerned you might suffer PPD. Bottom line, every person is different and has different medical needs. If going unmedicated calls to you, go for it. But please don’t do it because the Mommy War crap has you feeling pressured.

Tiffany Casey 1 year ago

I agree with this for sure. my experience with epidural wasn’t great and neither was my experience with the hospital/staff. so I knew I was going to try natural with my next. I have now with 2 at home births and they were awesome, no tearing, done in under 3 hrs. for me it was right.

Amanda Young 1 year ago

Hell no!

Adrianne 1 year ago

I agree. we are all in the same “club” and should support each other instead of casting judgements and claiming bragging rights.

Michelle Cook 1 year ago

How’s this for bragging rights? I endured 4 days of complete torture before my premature baby had to be delivered via c-section because I almost died? This article does nothing but shame moms who didn’t have a completely natural birth.

Gigy Ralli 1 year ago

I didn’t like the idea of introducing opiates into my baby. That scared me more than pain. Different strokes for different folks. I won’t knock anyone who did it differently than I did, but the first 3 points were spot on. Like a runners high, if you ran up Everest without a Sherpa while wearing a bee suit. Also, caught hell from the nurses because I wanted to “walk it off”.

Bea Harris 1 year ago

because the blogger was a bitch. reason 4 was completely unneeded. she could have stopped at 3.

Beth DeFosset 1 year ago

I give kudos to the ones that do it without an epidural especially my younger petite cousin. Super proud of her! But it’s when the ones like the writer here acts like it’s The Way.

Whitney Morton 1 year ago

I did it and I cannot be more proud of myself!! :)

Jen Francisco 1 year ago

Sorry that my crash c-section wasn’t “awesome” enough to write a condescending article about. I did however wind up with a beautifully healthy little boy who may not have been that lucky had I gone the route this mother suggested.

I’d rather have a healthy child ANY day.

Noelle Herr 1 year ago

Oh and I was the same, anxious to get pregnant again and do it all over again. Hence planning a fourth child in 5 years.

Carolyn Brodie Honsinger 1 year ago

Oooooh, I’m pretty open-minded but I just read this entire article. It said, “This is how I’m super awesome, and drugs are useless. Plus, I run marathons.” Honestly, not cool. Seriously?

Ka Kelly 1 year ago

your body will tell you what to do hang on in there if you can and you will get through without anything..

Jessica Maxwell 1 year ago


Bea Harris 1 year ago

this is by far the best comment ever. i didn’t even have a c-section.

Noelle Herr 1 year ago

Agreed! I had my first 2 children totally natural. Had complications with my third, but I’m planning a natural vbac for our fourth!

Bea Harris 1 year ago

someone pointed that out to the blogger on the post and the blogger had not nice things to say back.

Tasha Goy Pope 1 year ago

Bring on the epidural woot!! Had 3 kids and all turned out perfectly healthy with “drugs” :)

Michelle Cook 1 year ago

My first was all natural and perfect. I wanted the same for my second. But I was dying because of Preeclampsia that turned into HELLP syndrome. The doctors tried to get me to deliver naturally by inducing me. It was a no go. I had roughly an hour to live and I was not dilating so emergency cesarian was necessary. The epi didn’t work, so I needed a spinal block. I couldn’t see my daughter, born 9 weeks premature, for 24 hours. I didn’t want this, I needed it. And today she is perfect. I do feel cheated out of a natural delivery but the important thing is that we’re both alive.

Christina McDowell Parks 1 year ago

I only did natural, so I can’t judge about epidurals. I don’t consider myself brave, because honestly I did not want that giant needle in my back. I do think the lack of epidural helped with establishing the latch in the L&D room. I also did not feel like getting pregnant again within a week of having either child. This article is a little nuts.

Annie Roach 1 year ago

My epidural didn’t work! I felt relief for like 5 minutes and then the relief started to wear off. I was told my body metabolized the drugs too fast. I had 2 increases in my drip and a local for the stitches after and boy were there a lot of stitches… 95% head people!

Rachel Halpern 1 year ago

Oh and ‘bragging rights’ should be look at what a great parent I am, because I love and care for my infant. Prove your rights to brag by being a great parent, not by how macho you were giving birth. I’m all for natural birth if that’s the rout one wants to take, but in the great scheme of parenthood, it’s hardly a measure to brag about.

Abigail Metcalfe 1 year ago

What a vile, contentious article! No two births/babies are the same, therefore one rule most definitely does NOT fit all! Bragging rights….yuck! It’s this type of judgemental & superior attitude towards birth & child rearing that marginalises lots of new mums….tut tut Scary Mommy!!!

Beth Kramm 1 year ago

None of these were reasons why I chose natural births, and some don’t apply to me. Both of mine were born without pain medication. The first was a painful induction and intervention filled hospital birth that resulted in a nasty recovery. I felt violated afterward. The second was a homebirth with zero intervention, and was an amazing experience. With the second all of the hippie natural stuff we were told with the first one came true. Just letting things happen, while having a safety net in place, worked wonders for me. I have 2 healthy babies to show for my efforts.

My only bragging right is that I researched risks/benefits and owned my decisions. We can’t control how our births will go, but we can educate ourselves and be active participants on the big day. I think this is the biggest component to feeling proud of your birth, no matter how it may happen.

Melissa Morrissey Cortale 1 year ago

She’s a runner. I run when chased, um…now, when chasing tasmanian devil child. Nuff said.

Adrianne 1 year ago

you will still get the “high” even with an epidural :)

Karen Phillips 1 year ago

Having my son without any drugs was a life changing experience for me. It left me with a newfound confidence in myself that I can accomplish ANYTHING I put my mind to. That feeling hasn’t left me, even 3 years later. I still feel like any mountain that comes my way, I can not only scale, but plow my way through. I am woman. Roar!

Ami Kendra 1 year ago

I feel the same way the author does. I’ve been on both sides of the story, one crash c/s with general anesthesia, 2 natural VBAC’s. My nurses were completely thrilled that they didn’t need to give me a bed pan or carry my butt to the can. I am very proud of my natural births. I earned my bragging rights, if I want to brag, I will.

Chris Becker Omerod 1 year ago

Both my boys were natural, but not by choice. With the first, things went quicker than expected and I missed the point for the epidural but spent 4 hours pushing, with back labor. OH. MY. GAWD!!! It was rough but I survived. The nurses knew when I was faking the pushing, but I was tired. Also broke blood vessels in my eyes. With son #2, labor progressed very quickly and there was no time for the epidural. Fortunately he took only about 10 minutes to come out.

Bea Harris 1 year ago

i see there appears to be only one mom on the actual site willing to stand up to this blogger for her bragging. good for her, she needs some support in her corner. this bragging shit is a joke. all women can birth a baby, whether “natural”, with drugs, or via c-section. it’s surprising to me scary mommy would post an article with this tone. the sarcasm and tongue-in-cheek is one thing, but this is flat out “i’m better than you”. not impressed.

Beth Moeller Deputy 1 year ago

Delivered 6 beautiful healthy babies.. Some with meds..some without. I preferred natural deliveries but why on earth would I have an opinion on any other mothers choices ?

Katy 1 year ago

To be perfectly honest, I think it’s incredibly insensitive to brag about your breastfeeding ability as well as if it is the be all and end all to doing what is best for your baby. A lot of mothers want to breastfeed and physically can’t. Nothing is more heartbreaking than feeling like there are accusations that you should “try harder” when you can’t (or don’t want to).

Both of these situations, how you give birth and how you feed your baby, are so deeply personal and circumstantial that it would be a whole lot better if we could all just get it done the best way we can and stop the judgement all around.

Bragging about any of this is hurtful and is so unnecessary to the entire process. Pregnancy and childbirth can be hard, and pregnancy and afterbirth hormones are so strong and the effects of all of this judgmental information coming from all directions is such a challenge to process. We are all just doing the best we can and should have the support to feel confident in our decisions about birth and how we move forward raising our children.

Acacia Falkard 1 year ago

more power to you than! I wish I could say that. but an epidural is nothing to be scared about it, extremely common and the complications are extremely rare. just like any other procedure that requires sedation.

Janet Nolan Masters 1 year ago

So shall we add this to the list of topics for “mommy wars?” Should you work outside the home or not? Should you breastfeed or not? So should women who had C-sections feel extra bad? And “bragging rights” is a strange reason to go through childbirth without drugs. Do I sound like someone who had an epidural? Yes I did, and for me it calmed me down and I was able to enjoy the birth more without being in such intense pain. And I feel like I have a high tolerance for pain. If you gave birth without one for your own reasons – congrats to you too. Why must we always make comparisons? Everyone’s labor and delivery is different. And when it comes down to it, this is not about you – the mother – and achieving your “birth high” or being able to hop out of bed or brag to your friends (which I’ve always found really odd). It’s about having a healthy baby – and there are many little ones born and doing quite well, whose mothers – heaven forbid – did not have a “natural” childbirth. Let’s celebrate that instead!

Desi Doodle-Lamy 1 year ago

To be honest, and I’m prepared to be attacked, I feel like in today’s motherhood climate, #4 seems to be at the forefront of why women want it so bad. I don’t have a single friend who had a natural birth then didn’t tell everyone and their uncles neighbor they did. All the power to you if you have birth naturally. My baby was born by emergency c-section and I woke up contracting and had no pain meds. Pretty sure I deserve some bragging rights too. But I don’t. Because it doesn’t matter. All this mom Shaming makes me sick. My emergency c-section is a huge reason why my baby is alive, and his safety was much more important to me than some experience I wanted to have and a good story to tell everyone. All births are kick ass. End point.

Heather Pluskota 1 year ago

In my own experience I enjoyed my c sections over my natural birth… 1 it was less painful and 2 it was less painful… I will never regret choosing a c section over a natural birth… That is just my take on it

Nichole Cutting 1 year ago

I can’t stand the women like this that judge. If I could have done natural, I would have. My first son ended in c section. My second I did a vbac. Both times I had an epidural. The women who push for everyone to do a natural birth assume that every other woman has the same pain tolerance they do. I have two sister in laws who both did natural births and said it wasn’t that bad. My other sister in law needed an epidural like I did. Once my labor starts it hits me like a Mack truck and only gets worse. The pain isn’t tolerable for me and my body clenches itself and won’t dilate until I get an epidural and am able to relax more. Just because YOUR pain wasn’t horrific and YOU didn’t need drugs, doesn’t mean that’s the same for every woman. Good for you for doing it natural. But I had an c section and 2 epidurals and two very healthy babies. Stop judging. I think you just look like an uneducated idiot who only sees one side. I’m pregnant with my third and will be doing whatever I feel I need to do during this birth as well.

Jenny Kruschke 1 year ago

I don’t think anyone is hating on natural birth, just upset at the attitude that “natural birthers” who have a holier-than-thou attitude. It’s not okay to imply that you are better than someone because you did something different than them, and that is why this article is upsetting. It isn’t ok to treat someone like their experience was lesser, or they didn’t do it the way a “real” woman would, or that they didn’t experience the emotions, etc etc, because they didn’t give birth the exact same way you did. The whole article reeks of “sanctimommy”. Why the need to look down on others all the time?

Linda Hayes 1 year ago

wait, they went to hospital, how about natural birth at home! now THAT is a high. xo

Jenny Hart Cubero 1 year ago

I agree with everything you just said!! Im so grateful I had the opportunity to birth naturally….it was a long 24 hour labor and pushing for 2 hours to get my boy out but I Wouldn’t have trade it for the the world!

Dara Lamel Alweiss 1 year ago

I had an epidural and my kid’s eyes were wide open. He was alert and breastfed like a champ as soon as he was put on my chest. This article is quite obnoxious.

Jessica Blalock 1 year ago

I didn’t experience #2, but my first baby was born completely natural and really fast. I was induced with my second, and hope to have an all natural birth with my third baby.

Holly McCurdy 1 year ago

I had the epidural with my son but had a completely natural birth with my daughter. For me I would choose med free everytime, I loved it. It was empowering for me. I wasn’t mean to my husband or the nurse though, I was actually worried I would puke on her accidentally.

Jeff-Clairey Williams 1 year ago

Completely agree with all of her points. Had all four of mine drug free! You’d be amazed what your body can do!

Rachel Leigh 1 year ago

Could tell by the title this would illicit heated responses… Didn’t realize I wouldn’t have “bragging rights” to bring a healthy child into the world via c-section. (And I felt pretty darn blissful after, too – still do!)

Jayme Jarrett 1 year ago

I had all these with my epidural.

Rachel Halpern 1 year ago

I have given birth twice. My first son was all natural. With my second son, I had an epidural. The second birthing experience was much easier, I was able to push my son out easier, I felt better afterwards, and he was just as healthy as his older brother. I would choose an epidural any day over natural birth.

Lisa Creson 1 year ago

This author is the epitome of the mommy Olympics. ‘Bragging rights’ ugh give me a break.

Jessica Elder 1 year ago

I had one with an epidural and one accidentally without… the drug free baby really was far more alert and nursing immediately

Amber Ottke 1 year ago

In a word: no.

Christine Owsley 1 year ago

Better give it up for all the grandmas who don’t have Facebook. Y’all know they did it natural. Seriously pathetic girls. We better all bust out out tits after breast feeding multiples and see who has the better rack. Hahah

Amanda Jackson 1 year ago

Natural birth is like Crack for your vagina made me laugh so hard! I did natural birth too and have no regrets but I know it’s not for everyone.

Val Lepage McCann Missaoui 1 year ago

2 words: walking epidural. we re not in the 80s anymore! I walked alone to the loo 10 minutes after delivering and was on a high for a good 24h after my bub arrived. I don t think any less of a mom that had to go through a csection, so I don t see why I should think any higher of a mom who went natural. it s a personal choice (well some csec arnt but you get me) and giving life makes the experience special enough.

Tristan Leder 1 year ago

PS. If you deliver naturally you don’t get the fun of MAJOR SURGERY right before you bring your bundle of new demands home. YOU try being stapled back together and then function on the no-sleep that happens with a newborn all while having to take brain addling pain killers just so you aren’t curled up in a ball, crying in pain. “Bragging rights” my ASS.

il mom 1 year ago

amen, my thoughts exactly.

Stefanie Diers 1 year ago

I did natural both times and I was so glad I did!

Megan Leigh Trevorrow 1 year ago

I did it. It’s certainly a bragging right. I had two natural births and one with an Epi, you telling us we can’t be proud is equally as absurd. To each their own, don’t dim my light because yours doesn’t shine the same!

Linsi Rose Wick 1 year ago

I had a scheduled c-section with my twins & they were both wide awake & alert the second they came out! I’ve never labored, but the epidural was my friend!

Kelsey Bishop Whited 1 year ago

I was cool with this article up until bragging rights. Really? I had an epidural. Maybe next time I will go natural and I can get a medal to wear and a certificate to hang in my office. Plus I know women who were crying and begging for an epidural but it was too late to get one, then they get to brag about it? Umm no, they got denied.

April Wade 1 year ago

I’m pregnant with number 3 and since all I know is natural I’m actually terrified of having medicated hospital births.

il mom 1 year ago

all women are capable of birth, why is that brag-worthy?

Li Hicks 1 year ago

OMG Aviva my eyes just rolled so hard I saw my brain….

Jennifer Wilson 1 year ago

I’ve had five children. First three with an epidural, last two without. I felt awesome after the first three, and even more bad ass after the last two. Like a super hero! Lol. No matter which rout you go nothing compares to bringing a beautiful healthy baby into the world.

Whitney Christine Graef 1 year ago

Oh gross. This little piece (of sh*t) article infuriated me. I did natural with my first, and epidural with my other two.

I don’t brag about my natural birth which, to be honest, was a horribly painful experience that robbed me of being able to enjoy those moments.

I am glad I had my epidural. Do I have more respect for a mom for putting herself through that? Nope. I feel nothing. She birthed a baby. Just like I did.

We all did the same thing: pushed a baby out of our vaginas, OR had a C-section. (What about a shout out to THOSE mamas?!) Some decide not to feel the pain, other embrace it. After experiencing both, I am an advocate for the epidural :)

This article sucked.

Maggie Vickers Hartzler 1 year ago

All true!!! (Except wanting another baby ASAP.)

Laura Kaltenbach Campbell 1 year ago

I agree with all these points!

Kayla Kieffer 1 year ago

I don’t think it should matter which way a woman decides to bring her little one in the world. I mean with my first I had an epidural, and it was a pretty bad experience. They gave me too much meds and I could feel when I needed to push. With my second I had plan to have an epidural however my son had different plans for me lol. I didn’t even get a chance and thankfully everything went fast and smooth. As long as you have a healthy baby that’s all that matters.

Tristan Leder 1 year ago

Oh my goodness-can we stop with the shaming? Natural, pain relief, csection, EBF, EFF–all this crap is just so someone can feel superior to someone else. Go home and check your attitude–all you’re doing is pushing yourself up by putting others down…I think we learned in kindergarten that bullying like that is actually a BAD thing…good grief! Enough already!

Erica Sanderson 1 year ago

I don’t think that the whole “bragging rights” should be, or is meant to be, a knock against to anyone who didn’t give birth naturally. It’s just that goal was achieved and that’s AWESOME FOR THAT PERSON. It doesn’t matter WHAT the goal was. I don’t getting angry or offended when someone completes a marathon. Good for them! It in no way makes me angry at them for doing what they set out to do. I didn’t join the race but their success isn’t a slight against me. I gave birth naturally because I WANTED to, and thankfully everything went smoothly and I could and I’m PROUD. That doesn’t mean that a mother who didn’t want to, or couldn’t, shouldn’t ALSO BE PROUD. My choice and circumstance doesn’t diminish anyone else’s.

Giovanna Capane Holden 1 year ago

I don’t understand the posts about the drugged up effects of an epidural. I was definitely fully aware of everything, including knowing when my body wanted me to push. I wasn’t numb from the waist down, it only numbed (most of) the contractions. Both my babies were born in 3 pushes. They were alert, crying, & ready for food. I walked as soon as I wanted to. & my recovery time was non-existent. Maybe I just had a stellar anesthesiologist?

il mom 1 year ago

way to put words in my mouth. “reason” #4 is completely made up and 100% unnecessary and makes you look like a bitch, regardless of if you are one or not. yes, you are perpetuating the mommy-wars by posting that.be proud of your birth, didn’t say you shouldn’t be, but why lord it over anyone else? who are you bragging to? the moms who choose medication? the moms who choose or by emergency need a c-section? so no, the way a child is birthed DOES NOT MATTER. your argument is irrelevant. is your baby safe and healthy? so is mine and so are the millions of others born every day involving any combination of “natural” or drugs or surgery. YOU are the one putting yourself on a pedestal, and you and others like you are the kinds of moms i do not like and i shouldn’t have to like you. maybe if you didn’t “brag”, i would like you, but you lost all credibility with even listing #4. why is what anyone does with her vagina any of your business?

Beth DeFosset 1 year ago

When I was going through labor they had me walk up and down the hallway before my midwife would allow me to have an epidural. One nurse or doctor (don’t know which) from another room yelled into my room how great the other lady did all natural. That pissed me off beyond belief. It made me feel inferior I knew no matter what I was having an epidural. Guess what that feeling of “I fucking did it” “Baby high” “Runner’s high” “Crack head high” whatever you call it….I had it. So this article can piss off.

Trista Cotton 1 year ago

I had an epi with my first it didn’t last. Had no pain meds with the second. Will go for no meds this time around( 3 wks to go). Its not so much about bragging rights or anything else i am just very proud of myself for doing it period! Its scary no matter how you look at it or how many times you give birth. Like previous people have said you brought a healthy baby into this world no matter how you did it. I am just one who would prefer no meds!

Sarah Matthews 1 year ago

I tried natural to, laboured for 3 days and it ended in a csection. I. To feel like a am not a women because I couldn’t deliever. I am depressed about, but I try thinking positive about it. You were a warrior who had to have her child cut from your belly ro save both your lives 😀 cheer up you are not a loser, and you are not alone.

Blaire Pawluk Hawes 1 year ago

I meant that why would you choose to be in that much pain, if you don’t have to be. That’s all. Good for those of you awesome women who have, and are choosing to do so. But, please….it’s not a bragging right. Every woman (without complication obviously) can have a natural birth. It’s what we were designed to do. However, how wonderful is it that we all have a choice in the matter. The question was if I (meaning me) am convinced and I am not. Good lord we build, house, feed and eventually have a child. Our bodies are amazing, let’s stop bashing how we choose (or in my case) have to have kids. Right!?

Jen Higgins 1 year ago

I was all for natural labour; booked into a birth centre, planned a drug free water birth little intervention etc. After 70hrs of labour with a back to back baby and little progression I transferred to hospital and almost snogged the anaesthetist when he arrived with the epidural! Ended up with failed forceps then C-section- next time I will go straight for c-section! Labour is shit and drugs are great – complete druggie convert here.

Alicia Garza 1 year ago

These ‘holier than thou’ attitudes about ‘natural birth’ and breast feeding really piss me off. Let’s all grow up already, sheesh! What really matters is that mom and baby are both healthy and happy…the rest is really just a minor detail in the big picture. Stop shaming mothers already, thank you!

Acacia Falkard 1 year ago

just to clarify my first was natural, my second was not.

Nancy Hall Austria 1 year ago

Any woman who gives birth, in any way she chooses/is medically necessary, has earned her bragging rights. I had 3 C-sections. I also had 3 gorgeous, healthy babies (one was over 11 pounds) who have grown into kind, funny, smart, fabulous young people.

Jessica Harlow 1 year ago

Me too! She was right when she said it’s addicting. I had 4 boys. BUT I always tell my friends that they should try it, and never feel bad if they make the decision for the epidural during labor. Whatever makes your birth story beautiful for you and your family is what’s best.

I do, however tell everyone NOT to get an episiotomy if at all possible. I’ve heard SO many horror stories about them, glad I never had to deal with THAT!

Bekah Ann Endeman 1 year ago

Love this! I have had both and I would go natural again in a heart beat. It’s frustrating that many comments on here are bashing natural birth I don’t care how you give birth but let’s not bash either way.

Carly Price 1 year ago

I chose to have both of my children naturally and wouldn’t change it!! I experienced all of these things, especially the high! The second time delivery and recovery was much easier than the first! I think I was more scared of getting a needle in my spine and the side affects of the epidural than a drug free birth. I also wanted my babies to be alert when they were born. To each their own, some people just have a higher pain tolerance.

Lindsay MacDougall 1 year ago

So sick of moms constantly being compared to each other. Birth your kids, feed your kids, raise your kids. Stop letting social media tell you how good of a job you are doing.

Jasmine Foust 1 year ago

Kudos to the women that can do it natural. I hate menstrual cramps so I knew immediately I wanted the epidural. Unfortunately my first attempt at one didn’t take and for those 10 minutes of feeling everything I was sounding like a train trying to control my breathing. After the second epidural I was able to get some rest and woke up well rested enough to push my son out in 25 minutes, cut my own umbilical cord, and start breastfeeding him. Yes I was a lil dazed but after 24 hours in labor, anybody would be lol

Aviva Comet Hoback 1 year ago

Birthing babies is no root canal. There is no amazing up to a root canal. I weighed out all the options with all 7 of my labored and am thrilled that I felt all I was meant to feel. I even chose to feel myself deliver a 21 weeker that I knew was going to die as I delivered her precious God formed body. I will remember each moment my children left my body with an actual feeling. It was glorious….Even my little girl who died.

Acacia Falkard 1 year ago

yes I agree, it is an accomplishment almost in that you achieved one of the hardest, if not THE hardest things you will ever go through. and yes to each their own. It was not even my choice to do it natural because personally I just did not want to go through the pain but I had to since it happened so fast and it was a crazy experience I am grateful to have gone through but would I do it again? not on your life! lol

Judi OBrien 1 year ago

I had one of each. The natural birth at home was a MUCH better experience than the hospital birth with epidural.

Nichole Webster 1 year ago

I’ve had an epidural birth and a natural birth. No way in hell would I ever be drugged again.

Traci Brown Guthrie 1 year ago

Hell to the no. Epidural please.

Megan Wilson-Wright 1 year ago

Nope. That shit hurts. I love me some epidural.

Mary K Simmons 1 year ago

I loved my natural at home births. No fear of mrsa or any other germs( a pregnant mother’s body builds up immunities to the environment the baby will be in most of all. usually your home), long lasting side effects from cuts, didnt have to wait to be sent home

Michelle Cook 1 year ago

Some of us don’t have a choice!!! My 1st was all natural and drug-free. I wanted the exact same for my 2nd but I didn’t plan on getting Preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome. The doctors tried to induce me to deliver my 30 week-old baby but I almost died before I could dilate. So emergency Caesarian it was. No, the epidural didn’t work so I had a spinal block. Worst experience of my life. Stop shaming women for how we deliver or choose to feed our babies. The important thing is that we DO deliver successfully and we DO feed our babies. As long as you’re a loving mama, that’s what counts.

Mary Schneider 1 year ago

Mama, you got your babies safely into the world. You did awesome. No room for shame! (hugs)

Kerry Collins DeVos 1 year ago

First child there was no time for an epidural so natural it was… then I made the decision to have my second without meds. I would not trade it for the world and do find it my little badge if honor that I had the strength to do it. Do I think epidural and c sections are bad? No. Just were not for me. I loved not being hazy when the little dumplings were handed to me and loved being up for hours just staring at them.

Carly Bonderud 1 year ago

I’ve decided that I’m not even going to bother to read the comments on this because there are going to be two camps: Natural birth is awesome and then the whiny Drugs/C-section groups that feel we’re trying to guilt them into thinking their choices weren’t valid. Nope, not getting into that discussion AGAIN. My thoughts are that if you’ve never done a natural birth without ANY intervention, then you don’t KNOW and therefore should not comment on how much better your method was. YES to everything in this article. Yes to the instant recovery (I was ready to go home 15 minutes after having my son, and irritated that the hospital wanted me to stay overnight at least since he was born at 10:55 at night). YES to the high immediately afterward. That was so worth 36 hours of labor and 3 hours of pushing. My son peed on me immediately after being placed on my chest and I couldn’t care less because I was just so in love with him. You know those rare orgasms that blow the others away and make you super snuggly and in love with your partner for hours? Yeah, this was BETTER! YES YES YES to the breastfeeding. 15 months later and my son is still nursing like a champ. When he was born I had him do the breast crawl and latch on his own and he just DID it. No pain, no need to correct the latch. No pushy nurses grabbing my boobs either. And YES, I do enjoy the bragging rights. I also look forward to giving birth again, at home, when we start planning our second child. Also want to add that having a phobia of needles and tubes being stuck in places they have no business being, I would say Natural is best just for the reason that I got to avoid all of those things that freak me up and spike my anxiety levels through the roof.

Mandy Kuntze 1 year ago

2 w/epidural + 2 w/out = 4 babies. Its the same equation no matter how you add it up. Oh and that “on top of the world feeling ” —> Every.Time.

Michelle Naughton Powell 1 year ago

I experienced all of these despite the fact I opted for an epidural. I was up and walking around right after, on a birthing high, had an alert baby who was an immediate awesome nurser and feel I have the right to brag about THAT!

Traci Dunn Martin 1 year ago

NO! Any birth resulting in a healthy mom and baby is awesome! It sucks to make moms feel less than because they made a different choice, or had no choice due to complications. Thank goodness for modern medicine that let’s us have options to choose the kind of birth that works for us!

Nina Orion 1 year ago

I do find it weird that she implies that if you have an epidural you won’t be able to get yourself to the bathroom or breastfeed your baby. I had an epidural and did both of those things no problem.

Annette Harvey Young 1 year ago

That is my experience as well, Beth Kramm. I’ve had people tell me that they weren’t willing to risk their baby’s life or that my births must have been very easy, which is far from the truth.

Adrienne Bill 1 year ago

Disagree with this article completely. I had an epidural and walking around, doing laundry etc the day home from hospital. My baby had no challenges breast feeding after leaving hospital. Bragging rights? Yeah I have healthy kid, that’s what matters!

Emily Jo Schmidtke 1 year ago

I had a natural birth not by choice. I did not feel the “birther’s high”, but I do love the bragging rights

Katie Norris Cunningham 1 year ago

And the ones hating on the medicating moms have never had a medicated birth or an epi. Get over yourself. A baby was inside, it came out somehow, congrats. And even more congratulations if the baby was healthy. Many aren’t that blessed.

Keeva Williams 1 year ago

I had a c-section and experienced most of this besides the walking. But she slept all night from night one and on and was very alert when she came. I also could not bf from being on antidepressants. I have to say I think the author was just trying to encourage people to have natural birthS because of the controversy with the drugs affecting the babies I don’t think the author was trying to piss anybody off. Bragging rights? We all have them some women can’t even get pregnant at all. We are all blessed to have our children.

Sara Kay Asher 1 year ago

I completely agree. I have had 2 with meds and the last without. I felt amazing! Like superwoman. If I could go back and re-do the other two I would totally do it drug free!
But that’s me… What ever works for mamma. :)

Becky 1 year ago

Love this! Just had a natural home birth with my first, sweet Fiona. It was empowering and magical! I know it’s completely nuts, but I don’t recall pushing even hurting! Contractions were hell, but pushing felt amazing. And so true about bragging rights–my girlfriends think I’m Superwoman!

Ruth Admal 1 year ago

Each birth is so different. With my first I felt EVERY contraction at 1 cm. With my second I was at 4 cm and didn’t even know I was in labor. Both ended up as c-sections…imagine that. ANY birth is AWESOME not just natural birth and I know mothers that went natural that had HORRIBLE birthing experiences….so PULEEZE. I welcome the author’s right to be happy about her birthing experience but ya gotta make it look like your way was better??????

Kimberly Westerman Craft 1 year ago

I had an epidural with my first and all natural with my second. I choose all natural all the way. Never will with drugs again , but that’s just me

April Wade 1 year ago

I had 2 natural births and they were everything you just said. For me it was a personal goal to have no drugs. But there is nothing wrong with a women deciding to have them! To each their I own :)

Loren Doherty 1 year ago

What about people who need an emergency C-section? I would think that anyone turning into a parent wants the best, however that may occur. Really, you’re not alone in the “marathon.” To think otherwise may make one question the selflessness of what you are actually doing- bringing a new life that you are now bound to care for. This is not a bragging session, as nothing your child does from here on out should be for you. You are no longer speaking for yourself, it is not only you who has the right any more.

Beth Kramm 1 year ago

As someone who has done 2 drug free births I can say the so-called shaming goes both ways pretty equally. 90% of the time when I say I had natural births the response is “oh, I just wanted a healthy baby”, and other comments along those lines. As if that wasn’t my goal as well. No one deserves to be shamed for their births.

Danielle Kingston Fry 1 year ago

Bragging rights? Hmmm… I like how she also threw in, ” I’ve ran a marathon.” Well, good for you sister. Every person who’s survived the long ten months of being preggers, popped a kid out in whatever fashion, and then not sleep for a year has bragging rights. I don’t get the I’m better than you mentality…

Belynda Giguere 1 year ago

I tried to go epidural free but after 30+ hours I gave in

Donna Hutchinson 1 year ago

4 is soooooooo not enough reasons;) Bless all of you who can do it, but me & my epidural were in L-U-V;) hahahahahhaa

Alexandria Reid 1 year ago

I know she isn’t, but others do.

Stacy Hebein 1 year ago

I wanted natural. I had to have C-sections both times (pre-eclampsia and early labor with risk of a ruptured uterus). One was with an epidural, it was a horrible experience, only worked on the left side and had to be knocked out, didn’t experience the birth and so messed up from the drugs I couldn’t nurse or even see my baby for 8 hours afterward. My next was with a spinal tap – pain free and I got to completely experience the birth. Spinal tap over epi every time.

Katie Pouk 1 year ago

I haven’t seen anyone bashing this at all, simply sharing their personal stories. I can tell you that after needing a last minute c-section after trying the natural way, nothing feels worse than another mom telling me I’m not as good as her, or I don’t understand the true experience of labor. If you made it through labor and delivery, however you did it, you’re just as good as any other mom out there, and your experience is just as good as anyone else’s. How about we stop trying to have some bullshit contest over who gave birth better and simply support each other in the fact that we’re all part of the same circle of life?

CQ 1 year ago

I planned and enjoyed all three of my successful epidurals. They were awesome. Natural is awesome too. All natural birthin’ mamas are total rock stars…but I’m no less of a rock star. I rock just because. 😉

Alisha Fitch 1 year ago

Sorry but I’m pretty sure unless you had your baby out of your ass then you had it naturally. Epidural or not. Csection or vaginally. It’s all natural. You may not of had an epidural but you used breathing techniques. So that helped you. You may not of had a doctor or nurses but you had a midwife. Did she just stand there ? No. So enough with the labels. Birth is natural. No matter how it’s done. It ridiculous that people even debate this and sad. You grew a human and got it out of your body alive. Be glad for that.

Annette Harvey Young 1 year ago

And as far as can tell, she is talking about what is awesome about her birth choices, not tearing down sometime else’s. If you are happy with your decisions, why are some of you so defensive and angry?

Cheryl Payne Nakao 1 year ago

Not convinced. I had 2 vaginal deliveries w/o an epidural, and 3 with. Those epidurals allowed me to labor without exhausting myself trying to cope with the pain.

Rachel Pinter 1 year ago

Root canals and childbirth are not comparable. Totally apples to oranges analogy.

Katie Norris Cunningham 1 year ago

Sanctibitch. I was able to walk, felt amazing after, had the “high” and an alert baby as well even with my epidural. You aren’t special. Birthing a baby, no matter how it happens, is hard work.

Joel Schwendemann 1 year ago

What a crock of shit! I’ll never forget the woman down the hall from my wife who was going “natural” because it was better for the baby…..you would have sworn someone was murdering her with an axe the way she was screaming. How exactly is that better for anyone? People need to learn to be more respectful of other peoples choices instead of constantly telling them that “my way is better than your way”.

Heather McConkey 1 year ago

Not convinced… I loved my epiduralized births and wouldn’t have changed a thing! :)

Sofia Nolasco 1 year ago

I had to be induced. It was so fast, I couldn’t relax and wasnt breathing properly. An epidural for 60 min is all it took for me to relax and dilate. Thank god for epidural.

Christy Burns McLaughlin 1 year ago

I had an epidural and all 4 of these were true as well. So no not convinced. To each their own!

Megan Morehouse 1 year ago

I don’t think Jordan is saying at all that you’re negligent if you have an epidural. Just stating the fact that giving birth and having a root canal are not comparable just because they both involve pain.

Christine O’Mara 1 year ago

C-sections are awesome because my son and I would both be dead without them!
Anyway to have a baby is the awesome way. You do what you can. We are so lucky to live in the age of modern medicine.

Elizabeth Schollaart 1 year ago

Getting ready to have my 4th with no drugs. But mostly because I’m terrified of needles. Especially needles in my spine!

Kim Natale 1 year ago

Mother of six here…And I’ve done both…I’ve delivered natural and had epidurals. Didn’t see any difference…Except the level of pain I felt during delivery… I was up and walking right after both the epidural…And natural. All my baby’s were alert regardless of what way I went…lol! Oh! And I breastfed…My 1st 2 children for maybe 2-weeks…Than switched them to formula…My other four children were never breastfed…And guess what?! Their all healthy! And just as intelligent as the next…lol! Gasp! Imagine. (Ages: 11, 10, 8, 7, 2 and 9 months)

Jennifer Clark Jones 1 year ago

Agreed with all this all 3 of my kids were natural. :)

Courtney Bates 1 year ago

Heck yes I bragged about my choice of a non medicated birth, I pushed that baby out and felt on top of the world! My first I attempted an epidural and it was an awful experience, my second non medicated and had that “high” and walked to the nursery as soon as I got to my PP room. My 3rd labor non medicated with twins, indeed I felt like a badass after. There is no right or wrong, to each their own. So why not share the positive of each?

Erica Van Weelden 1 year ago

I went into my first labor thinking “If women have been squatting over holes in the field for hundreds of years, I can do this” and then the cord was wrapped around my son’s neck twice and that changed EVERYTHING in my “plan”… I knew I had to do what was best for him and that involved getting an epidural, among other things. I also didn’t enjoy breastfeeding at ALL – yes I did try – and of course the “lactation consultant” gave me a death glare when I told her that this was supposed to be the happiest time of my life and so far it was NOT so to go get me the formula and leave me alone :) So epidurals both times and neither were breastfed and my children are just fine, thanks. Seriously kudos to those who use doulas or waterbirths or natural births or breastfeed or use la leche league or whatever. No judgement here but don’t judge me either :)

Jessica Moore-Lucas 1 year ago

So I think if you had a baby on the inside of you, and it got to the outside of you, that’s awesome however it happened.
But I’ve experienced 2 med-free births and I’m proud of it. For me, it wasn’t a question of pain or no pain, it was 2 things: #1 I’m weird side effect girl, and it isn’t like I could try out the epidural to see what 1% side effect I would get, and I didn’t want my blood pressure bottoming out or the worst headache I’ve ever had to mess up my child’s birth. #2 After doing some research, I found that there are benefits for both mom and baby to avoiding drugs, such as better early breastfeeding experiences and faster recovery. I wish more people knew about the benefits of med-free births, also birthing methods beyond the TV-lamaze-class-BS about breathing being the only pain management technique. Both times I experienced discomfort, but it wasn’t as bad as people seem to think or expect. Or maybe I have a crazy high pain tolerance.

Lauren Weber 1 year ago

Love this! I had epidurals for my first two daughters and they didn’t work…Only tied me to the bed and so I had trouble getting my big babies with 95% heads to descend. I just had a natural birth the other day, with my biggest baby (9#12oz) and had an AWESOME experience and can totally relate to all the points in this. With that said, the baby was ready, and so was my body. It’s all about the stars aligning! Some women just are luckier than others. Just listen to your body and choose what’s right for you. All births, even traumatic ones, are a miracle when they end with a healthy baby!

Kendra Harrison Avelar 1 year ago

So glad I experienced this!

Caryn Hansen 1 year ago

I think this article is elitist, naive and illogical. It strikes me along the same lines as the “just put hot piss in your child’s ear because it’s natural instead of those fake antibiotics!” Now obviously, if some women want to go “natural”, no one would judge them. That same euphoria can be felt after pulling an abscessed tooth, by the way, but anyway… Don’t glamorize or mislead women based on your singular experience. A pretty scary percentage of women used to die giving birth before we had other options. I mean like .. A lot of them.

Breinne Aguirre 1 year ago

I have had 3 big babies all done with no Meds. And yes I agree it is up to everyone to make their own choice. But I am proud of myself for going drug free! 😉

Ruth Admal 1 year ago

Bragging Rights? Birth isn’t a competitive sport.

Sara Blanchard 1 year ago

She really does a fantastic job of supporting her sister mamas, doesn’t she? I am sick to death of mamas judging other mamas instead of supporting them. Every woman’s birthing experience is different, every woman processes pain differently. Pro tip: Mind your own damn business.

Jenny Kruschke 1 year ago

I hate that “bragging rights” is included in this list. So, good for you, you did it without drugs or a c-section, That makes you somehow special? So, women who have to have a c-section, or who used an epidural, should look up to you as some sort of super-mommy? Is giving birth a competition? Do you want a ribbon? Lucky you, things went smoothly for you! You know that when it comes to c-sections it isn’t generally a CHOICE, right? I am so over this holier-than-thou attitude about “natural” birth…it goes hand-in-hand with breastfeeding. It would be okay to talk about how awesome they are if it wasn’t always presented with an attitude of it being BETTER…like you are somehow more of a woman that the rest of us. I never plan to give birth without an epidural if I have the choice. I loved it, both times. Having an epidural made it BETTER for me…no drugs might be better for you. Get off your high horse.

Sarah Cedar 1 year ago

Yep. Instant recovery. No joke. I was bounding out of bed not even 10 minutes later.

Erin Neff Fitzpatrick 1 year ago

Natural all the way! Most incredible thing I’ve ever done.

Danielle Anderson 1 year ago

My birth class instructor went so far as to say if she had to do it over again with her kids, she would have gotten that dang epidural. I have done it both ways, and the natural childbirth was, for me, the worst of the three. Also the quickest and easiest recovery though, so I get both sides. It’s a personal decision.

Megan Morehouse 1 year ago

I hope I get to do it natural the next time!

Jessica Austin 1 year ago

Well I’m a big chicken and very pain intolerant so I had an epidural with both of mine. I was very uninterested in the whole breath your baby down and out. My I also add that I had pit with both of them and I learned with the first one that its the medicine of the devil.

Nicole 1 year ago

Some women, like myself, didn’t have a choice about their natural birth. I went from mild contractions to delivery in less than five hours and didn’t arrive at the hospital until I was 8cm. Let me tell you something, pushing out a baby with no pain management was not my choice! I had an epidural with my first (which ended in a c-section after 24+ hours in labor) and the minute we were in the birthing room I was begging the nurse for an epidural only to have her tell me with a sad smile that “we will see” aka “there’s no way in hell but I’m not going to come right out and say it because you might flip your shit”. But let me tell you something else, I am insanely proud of myself for pushing out a 9lb 8oz beautiful baby boy all by my damn self! And I have every right in the world to feel proud and brag and accept that some women are going to feel as I do (“What a bad ass!”) and some women will feel threatened or inferior because that is what society has told them to feel. ANY birth story is a story worth bragging about. Yeah, yeah, our bodies were made to do this (and it’s freaking amazing) but we have to mentally carry ourselves through the scariest and most bewildering event in our lives and we do it! No matter the outcome, no matter the avenue, no matter the length of time, no matter the decisions we made (or didn’t), we should feel proud and safe to share our feelings without judgement.

britt 1 year ago

I chose the epidural without the pain medication in it (only numbing agent) and she latched beautifully! Its the pain medication that causes them to be disoriented and have trouble latching.

carol 1 year ago

i had my first baby with emergency c section but the following 5 i had using natural birth, i chose natural over medicated because I wanted to remain in control the whole time and have a clear head should decisions need to be made if the circumstances arose after my scary experience with my first son .

Sabrina 1 year ago

Totally agree. I get that this is a jokey site and we’re not supposed to get all riled up about blog posts, but it’s really boring having people brag about their births, however they happen. A friend of mine was in heavy labor for hours even though she wanted a natural birth. She ended up needing a c-section even though she didn’t want it. My kids decided to stick around for too long after my water broke and I ended up having to be induced. The epidural didn’t work with my first and the pain was excruciating. I said screw it with my second and got one before things got serious. It was the most mellow birth. The doctor, nurse, my husband and I were having a conversation in between pushes. I didn’t have a birther high with my first, but did with the one with my epidural. In the end, the kid really doesn’t care how they came out and no one likes a bragger.

Giovanna Capane Holden 1 year ago

Strange, I’ve had 2 epi’s & could feel from the waist down. They also do not make you high, you’re not laying there drugged up. &, yes, we poor stupid moms who use epi’s DO get that natural high & rush of emotions after vaginal birth.

Esther Renea Poole 1 year ago

I had my first child via natural/drug free birth, he even came on his own on his due date and it was beautiful and memorable , the 2 that followed made me thankful in a different way. My 2nd born son came early via emergency C-section b/c he was literally dying inside me and I was never so thankful proud to have been put under and receive scar in my life, when I heard my baby had been resuscitated and was able to cry. I had my tubes tied after him and about 2 years later I had a miscarriage and I was so broken and confused than shortly after I got pregnant with my daughter and once again I welcomed a C-section and once again I risked my health and fears on the line to make sure my blessing was healthy. Now I brag that each of my kids have their own unique story but I nursed like a champ all 3 of them . I even donated milk when my middle son was in the nicu to babies who needed surgeries and their mom’s could not produce milk but that did not make her a bad mom or me a better mom . My recoveries was fast too it just hurt a little more. I had all the same bragging rights as I did with my first, it may just took a little more effort. As women we should just embrace each other and what ever the path that got them to motherhood should be just as awesome as the next.

Cindy Roetzel Willhite 1 year ago

True story Lisa. It’s all personal choices and what is good for one is not always good for the other. I formula fed my older 2, bf my younger 2. I would never hold either against anyone else. No one should feel shamed into anything…pain meds, bf’ing, formula feeding…as long as our children are healthy and loved, does it really even matter?

Vanessa Frohwirth Sophir 1 year ago

I still don’t get opting for pain, but to each his own. I personally loved my c-sections!

Adrianne 1 year ago

I had an epidural with all three of mine (8.1 8.13 and 8.15.5) and was still up and walking within an hour of each birth, usually less because I had to pee and was on a huge adrenaline rush! My sister had her second at home unintentionally because it happened so fast, power to you both!

Jaime Holmes 1 year ago

You don’t get a medal if you do. My water broke at home and I was in hard labor for 22 hours. After 7 hours of his head slamming into my cervix and my 3rd time blacking out from the pain I got the epidural……I don’t feel weak or regret it. Good for those women who did it. I tried but it was what it was. I had no problem with disorientation or breastfeeding either.

Alexandria Reid 1 year ago

Jordan, some ppl, like myself, have a baby that presents the wrong way and gets stuck. I had an arm up my vagina to push him back in and turn him . . . And I had TWO epidurals. My son is just as perfect as he could be. If some ppl want to be a martyr, fine but assuming we’re negligent because we needed help and weren’t afraid to ask for it is complete crap.

Christina 1 year ago

My initial response to your “bragging rights” was nasty and snarky. But then I realized I’d be making that comment out of jealousy and that’s not fair to you. I prayed and prayed to be able to deliver my daughter naturally but it wasn’t in the cards if I wanted us both to survive. I needed to have an emergency c-section. I guess what I’m saying is that sometimes people brag about things they’ve done but don’t realize how painfully someone else wishes they could have done the same-and it hurts. You (not you personally but in general terms) don’t necessarily know someone’s back story and the reasons why they make the choices they do. Sometimes it’s not a choice nor is it “the easy way out”.

Katherine Bertram 1 year ago

Four reasons a medical intervention is better than a natural birth: 1. My baby is alive. 2. If that’s not good enough for you, fuck you.

Erica Nance Unger 1 year ago

Who cares?! Want a natural water birth? Good for you. Want an epidural? Good for you. Want a c-section? Good for you. It’s none of anyone’ business but yours, and what is right for you may not be right for me. Seriously, get over yourselves.

Kristina M Kay 1 year ago

Had a natural birth that ripped me to shreds. Didnt cry until after when I was being sewn up. The phrase “ton of stitches” was used by my OB. Never again. No thank you.

Collette West 1 year ago

Yep I popped em both out natural, the first one after I had her I walked down to the little nursery, was awesome cuz I didnt have no machines.

Annette Harvey Young 1 year ago

Bragging rights? In my experience (one unmedicated hospital birth and 2 home births), people tend to look at me like I have 3 heads, so I usually keep it to myself unless someone asks.

Melissa Lindinger 1 year ago

Some people can’t. Or they don’t want to. Get over it. What is wrong with these mothers who have nothing better to do than judge other mothers? And #4 – you’re right – it is not the reason to have a natural birth. Who walks around bragging about giving birth?? Stop worrying about other people and go parent your kids!

Helen Stark 1 year ago

Spinal block. Would have it any other way.

Michelle Mele 1 year ago

I had my son naturally at a birthing center and it was perfect. I couldn’t ever see why women felt it.necessary to treat THE most natural thing out bodies will do as a medical emergency in a hospital, unless there was high risk. I went in with the attitude that this was normal and not the scary scene i see on tv. I made a point of relaxing myself and i was.fortunate enough to have a supportive partner who kept calm but letting alot.of that fear go helped. I loved that it was only my midwife, my hubby,and i in there and i was free to do what felt right without being out of it. My son never left my sight and i watched as hubs clipped the cord and put the first outfit on. We took a nap with him in our arms and went home a couple of hours later. It alwahs amuses me that people are so blown away by natural birth. And for the record, he was very calm and alert but extremely healthy with an apgar of 9/10. Must count for something

Kristi 1 year ago

I had a natural childbirth with my first – not really by choice though. When I was finally asked for an epidural, it was too late. I did have to be induced because of low amniotic fluid levels but that had no effect on the labor/birth. I left the delivery room being called a ‘birthing goddess’ by the nurses. Maybe they tell every woman that, but I was proud – actually REALLY proud – of myself. But I NEVER tell anyone about my med-free birth, unless I am specifically asked “did you have an epidural?”. It’s a personal, private question, and decision. To each their own – that’s what I say. I do have to very much agree with benefit of getting up and moving around afterwards. I was up within an hour and in the shower. That was fantastic and after 3 days of labor – much needed!

Sher Morrison 1 year ago

My first epidural sucked. My second was awesome! 😉 no regrets!

Chrys 1 year ago

Given the frightening rate of medically unneccessary surgeries and interventions, i believe it is SO important to let women know ( and men) that birth isnt a medical condition.
I had an unmedicated vaginal delivery of my son who was breeched. I had no complications, 40 hours of labour and 15 min of pushing. If anyone said I shouldn’t or can’t brag about that I would kick them in the pills. 15 minutes after delivery I was taking a shower and walking to my room. If a woman feels upset/threatened/angered over hearing Natural birth stories then they should really examine their heart/mind. Are you upset because your birth didnt go as planned, there were complications, etc? No one is saying medicated births make you less of a mother or woman, but it comes with a grocery list of complications and challenges for mom and babe.

Julie Alexandria McDonell 1 year ago

I’m a total natural birth enthusiast as well. I love it.

Kaylene Goetz 1 year ago

I don’t know why women have to try to shame other women for their choice of delivery or whether they breastfeed or not. To each their own! And not everyone has a choice so why make them feel guilty?

Jessica Harvey 1 year ago

I had a natural birth two weeks ago. It wasn’t a planned one though, I just went too fast. The getting up right away was nice but I didn’t have a high after. I just went into a daze for a few minutes I was just so happy it was over. Those last few contractions sucked.

Angie Shadduck 1 year ago

My first child was a natural birth. It was great- UNTIL- the Placenta didn’t come all out and they manually had to retrieve it- without drugs on board. Yeah the doctor had to put her hands back into the uterus. My next two- I opted for drugs because that scared me (I was going into shocked and nearly died with my first….). I wanted easy access for them to pump drugs into me from that point forward!!! To each his own! What works for you and gets a healthy mom and baby!!

Ginger Seehafer 1 year ago

All births are natural births. Let’s stop the competitive nonsense and grow up already.

Alexandria Cruikshank 1 year ago

Having babies sucks.. No matter what you do. Its terrible

Christian Ferrer 1 year ago

Mama’a go through plenty without the feeling that they’re a bad mother for wanting to make birthing a little less painful. I say do what you need to do for you and f*** the haters

Heather Taeger 1 year ago

THANK YOU! I thought the same thing, like “wow, really judgy!”

Anastassia Michtchenko 1 year ago

Good for you that you had a natural birth and so did I. What you want a medal for that!? Every women does it differently and you know what matters in the end? The way we raise our children and what our kids become when they reach adult hood.

Cindy Roetzel Willhite 1 year ago

Also anyone who thinks putting yourself through excruciating pain is how to prove how much of a woman you are is nuts! I giggle at the birthing shows when the soon to be mom is alllll about natural, until active labor kicks in…I’m like uh huh, now what?!? LOL!

Mamateach 1 year ago

Talk about perpetuating mommy wars. How does one person’s pride take away from another’s? Every woman should brag about their ability to birth a child.

Diana Dalton 1 year ago

I had an epidural with my oldest, went natural with my middle and had to have a c section with my twins. The only awesome part about natural was I healed PDQ. But that sh*t hurt! Breathing, hot bath, rocking on hands and knees…. BS! Lol

Doreen Bafumi 1 year ago

Epidural with first gave me spinal headache… Two blood patches later was ok. Second luckily came fast and no drugs, felt awesome after birth. Third was emergency c section, worst recovery. Would take natural if feasible but sometimes Mother Nature has different plans.

Hillary McDougall 1 year ago

Notice how all the people bashing this post did not have a natural birth..until you actually have a natural, non medicated birth you have no idea how awesome it feels to tell everyone you did it. You wouldn’t be able to comprehend that emotion, because your “high” is not feeling your waist down, while others have a true emotional high after a natural birth.

Mamateach 1 year ago

Talk about perpetuating mommy wars. How does one person’s pride take away from another’s? Every woman should brag about thier ability to birth a child.

Jennifer Rollin 1 year ago

My epidural and then later c-section was awesome.

Gina Keene Foley 1 year ago

I had my first 2 naturally and with my 3rd, opted for the epidural, which only was effective on one side!!! If I had it to do all over again, I would have had all 3 naturally!! As long as you have a healthy baby and mama at the end, it doesn’t matter how you get them here!!!

Lola 1 year ago

Why is it ok to write posts about how great breastfeeding is and that you are so proud of hanging in there blablabla but as soon as you are proud of your all natural birth experience you are a bragger?!?!?! That annoys me so much!
It is a personal post about a personal point of view…she is not saying anything mean or disrespectul to moms who had their babies via c-section or with an epidural. So let her be:-)

And if people ask me I will tell them about my easy all natural birth. Way better than all the horror stories anyway. Actually a lot of first-time-moms-to-be told me how encouraging my story is to them.

And I think it is very clear that the most important thing is a healthy baby. That was not the point of this post.

Kara Travis 1 year ago

I have a bleeding disorder so they wouldn’t give me drugs, natural birth is not awesome. I felt no runners high and definitely could not walk to the bathroom afterward..and my hoo hah hurt constantly for two weeks. Bragging rights are kinda cool though I guess. I would’ve rather had an epidural

Monica Sandgren 1 year ago

Bottom line here, regardless how you birthed, the biggest problem is the medical field looking at pregnancy and birth as a disease to be treated not a natural thing our bodies are capable of handling. Intervention and procedures are necessary in cases, but a lot of the procedures we do now are overused and in my opinion abused. Again I’m stressing not ALL but there are instances that without intervention, a labor/delivery would have gone better and not needed “emergency” services….

More women need to take back their bodies, do their own research and decide what’s best for them, whether that’s natural, drugs or scheduled surgery. Know the risks involved and then own it. Want an epi? Okay know that baby maybe groggy and have a harder time nursing, want or need a section, okay know that your baby may have fluid on the lungs because that’s squeeze through the canal actually serves a very important function… No one is wrong in the way they choose to give birth, what I’d love to see more of is informed choices instead of defensive over why you did things that way.

I birthed naturally, because I felt it was best for me, as a doula not everyone of my clients have birthed that way, and that’s okay. However all of them were well researched in the way they were about to bring their babies into the world

Wendy Graziosi Schwarz 1 year ago

VyingYou’re crazy. Instant recovery? Who cares if you’re like me and milked the i- just – gave- birth for all I could, as long as I could. Bragging rights? Even WITH drugs, I still pushed something the size of a watermelon through something the size of a lemon. My drug- induced lemon is just as good as yours. Besides, my kids are my bragging rights. Same goes for the birther’s high. Omg I just sprung an actual HUMAN BEING into the world; I am fucking SUPERWOMAN! And all 3 of my babies nursed like champs. Hey, I’m all for natural birth if that’s your thing, just be careful to not turn into one of those assholes who look down their noses at women who prefer the drugs

Amy Ritchie Carter 1 year ago

I greatly enjoy almost all your articles, but this one strikes a bad chord. With my son, I experienced every one of these things on the list, and I had an epidural from about 4cm onward. While I haven’t had a “natural birth” to compare to, I found it to be happy, serene, even enjoyable (I was able to focus on the excitement of my son arriving and not the intense pain I felt prior to the meds). Following the birth, we were both very alert and I got out of bed a couple hours later! No complaints here. As far as #4, I see that a lot and trust me it’s only going to impress the “natural birth” crowd. The rest of us “weak” moms are going to eye roll at the bragging rights. We all experience birth differently, alot of it is out of our control, and as long as we’ve got a healthy baby in the end, that’s all that matters. I feel proud of my “VBAC” but I tend not to “brag” on it because you know what? Maybe the stars were aligned that day and I got lucky. A few things could have changed that. And I wouldn’t have been a better or worse mom because of that.

Katie Bogdan Sunderlin 1 year ago

I would have loved to give birth vaginally, wouldn’t of cared if it was natural or not, beats the process that was my two c sections.

Amy Scott 1 year ago

Yes, to all of this! Just about how my sons birth went.

Rosie Berkes Rubio 1 year ago

Immediately after delivering each of my kids, i experienced that high. I was a freakin comedian. It was awesome!

Carolyn Kapelle Anderson 1 year ago

Anyone who cares enough about how other women choose to use their breasts and/or vaginas enough to actually shame them, should seek the services of a mental health professional.

Ann Labbe 1 year ago

People love to argue. I don’t get what there is to argue about.

Lori O’Donnell Moritz 1 year ago

My first (8lb1oz) was with epidural. 12 hours to go the last few cm, 5 hours of pushing and excruciating pain.
My second (9lbs) was natural. Quick and easy l&d and, while I certainly won’t pretend it was comfortable, I don’t remember a lot of pain. I walked to my room pushing the bassinet 20 minutes after delivery. If I have a third, I’m definitely going drug free again.

Jennifer Emerson 1 year ago

I got an epidural and had a quick recovery after skin to skin for an hour with my son got up to go to the bathroom. My son was in no way drowsy he was able to root his way to my nipple to latch like a champ. I had such a labor high I can still remember the feeling now and relive it when I am having a bad day (most amazing feeling ever!) and I think the fact I went through labor alone gives me bragging rights!! More power to you moms who have the all natural labor that was my plan but absolutely not the result and I don’t regret it one bit. The end goal is to get your baby out why add extra pain if you don’t need to?

Mary Schneider 1 year ago

I skipped the epi for several reasons, some personal, some medical, but accepted some drugs to “take the edge off”. I hate that women seem to think there’re only 3 ways- all natural, epidural, or c-section. We have OPTIONS. Do your research, choose what works for you, and be open to the idea that it might not go the way you plan.

And then, when it’s over… Be damn proud that you just gave birth to this amazing little person! No matter how s/he got into the world, you did your best, Mama, and that deserves 3 cheers!

Abigail Shaw 1 year ago

“Natural” childbirth, huh? In my opinion, bringing a child into the world is natural no matter how it happens…c-section, epidural, or naked in a river. I’m so tired of the ridiculous emphasis on unmedicated childbirth, which for most people comes down to what the author so aptly mentions: bragging rights. Being a good mother starts AFTER the baby is born, and yet I’ve heard women self-identify as “rockstar moms” because they chose to suffer through labor instead of embracing modern medicine. Really surprised Scary Mommy would run this piece…I’ve been considering unfollowing your page for some time now, and you just gave me the perfect reason to do it. If I wanted to read about how you can “brag” about not having an epidural, I would’ve followed thebump.com.

Heather Kobzarev 1 year ago

I was with you till #4….people who brag about their super hero 48 hr un-medicated spiritual natural birth like they are more of a mother than I am irritate me to no end!!!’ Really good for you…That was the plan for me (and a lot of people I know). Too bad we ended up with an emergency c-section…..like I had a lot of say in it. I feel like I am judged (my fault for letting stupid people get to me) Women who go on and on about this do not understand how crappy and guilty I felt after that first birth…how it wasn’t supposed to happen like this…what about all my yoga, breathing, lavender diffuser, and Enya blasting!??? It is like l didn’t “earn” the mom card. Shame on me for feeling like that…4 kids later I could care less however your precious little one came into this world and honestly don’t want to hear how you and you doula had a come to Jesus moment….

Katie Anderson Kilfoil 1 year ago

I wouldn’t change my epidural filled births for the world–I was calm, relaxed, peaceful and so were my babies that came out “nursing like champs” and super alert. I also walked to the bathroom shortly after and felt pretty proud of myself and “high” that I had successfully and safely delivered healthy babies. To each his own, but these reasons really aren’t products solely of natural births.

Pia F 1 year ago

I had a home birth. I had it my way, and I’m glad. But I’m not a fan of the tone of this article. Bragging rights?? Really?!? I think any of us who’ve made and brought forth a child (that means ALL of us) have the right to be proud.

Elizabeth Susan Bauer 1 year ago

my baby was also super alert after delivery, eyes wide open, and he nursed right away. I got shamed for having my baby in a hospital and with an epidural alot. Birth the way you want to birth, end of story.

Dawn Marie 1 year ago

I have expirenced both.. with my first it was easy and i felt nothing but literally nothing so my second time around i waited… to long.. if i was to do it again i would have a water birth and no damn iv

Julia 1 year ago

Both my babies were unmedicated births and if I ever get pregnant with a 3rd I think I’m going to go with the epidural. It was painful!!! However that motherhood high thing does happen, hence why I got pregnant again when the 1st was only 3 months old! It really does feel empowering knowing that I did it without drugs but I really, really have no desire to do it again.

Nom DePlume 1 year ago

Ha ha ha – do it with back labor from baby facing the wrong way before any woman decides every woman should go natural.

Jordan Burgess Baker 1 year ago

Because the drugs don’t just impact you in the case of childbirth.

Chelsea Hopson 1 year ago

Agreed! I enjoyed all of my births and had an epi! Pain or no pain, hmmmm that’s not a hard decision for me lol.

Elizabeth Susan Bauer 1 year ago

I wasn’t bed ridden with my epidural after delivery, I was up walking. Even during labor, I was moving around. I also wasn’t drugged up and incoherent.

Amber Hugill 1 year ago

Loved my natural home birth! It was all about the mindset of “birthing without fear” for me…fear increases your perception of pain and women, especially in America, are taught to fear childbirth from so many sources, the media, the need to share birth horror stories, and the insistence by most medical doctors that pain meds will be a necessity. As with all parenting decisions it’s a personal choice that must be the right one for your family.

Sheena Wakefield 1 year ago

I had a horrible labour with my first, had an epidural & my experience was awful. My 2nd I did natural, and it was amazing. If I go for baby #3, it will be natural again.

Rachel Cashen 1 year ago

I have a doula and an idea of how I would like it to go- uneducated, intervention-free, however I understand things don’t always go as planned. Just want a healthy baby.

Katie Scanlan 1 year ago


Christy Crotser 1 year ago

I’ve had two home births (soon to be three) -no drugs, just the amazing power of a warm tub of water. Labor is hard, no matter how you do it. I didn’t do it for bragging rights; I did it because it’s what I felt my body was meant to do. I don’t judge any mother for her choices. However, I do judge doctors who scare their patients into unnecessary procedures.

Stacey Ferguson 1 year ago

I had three kids, none of them cooperated with my going-in birth plan. Planned natural birth, all three ended up C-section…one under general anesthesia for an emergency. Be glad if your birth experience goes the way you wanted it to, and don’t judge those who aren’t that lucky. Babies will do what they do…we’re not in charge on B-day!

Chelsea Hopson 1 year ago

Agreed!!! I had epis with all 3 and didn’t breastfeed and I’m not ashamed! It wasn’t for me. My kids are all healthy and smart! I get so tired of the bashing that women do if you choose not to breastfeed or have a “natural birth”.

Cindy Roetzel Willhite 1 year ago

Psht…I fully intended to have epi’s with my last 2. The toddler it took effect about the time to start pushing bc the anesthesiologist was like 90 and took more than an hour. My last they left me in the waiting room until I was too far along. After having unintentionally done the completely natural thing this last time, I find it insane that anyone would ‘choose’ to do that!!

Monica Sanchez 1 year ago

Someone told me you love your kid more if you have him naturally – oh God people can be so dumb sometimes!

Debbie Lucas 1 year ago

I’ve got 6 kids. Eldest is 25 youngest is 1. I’ve had natural births with them all, 3 were born at home and 2 were water births. The home births trumped the hospital births by far and I guess I have a high pain threshold or the hypno birthing actually worked

Callie Smillie 1 year ago

i LOVED LOVED LOVED both of my births, and would do it again, the same way. I even offer to carry my Friends Unborns!!!

Bella 1 year ago

This article is so condescending. Does it matter? No. I’ve known plenty of friends who planned for one type of birth, and wound up with the opposite plan at the last minute. Does it make them any better or any worse? No. Did anyone care if they had “bragging” rights? No.

I birthed both of my children with two complete different ways than I had planned. An unplanned c-section and a natural birth. Should I have stopped my doctor from doing the c-section because I wanted bragging rights or a birther’s high? Because it’s not just about the birth..right?

This article isn’t very positive, nor does it build any sort of support for a community of mothers.

Julie 1 year ago

I might be wrong, but I think the goal of this post could be about moms who choose to have a C-section. Obviously, most moms want a natural birth, but it doesn’t always turn out that way.

Personally, I’m so scared of the needle-in-the-spine concept, that I’m actually glad I never needed a c-section for my 3 births. I also went au naturel the 3 times, except for my last one. And I wish I didn’t take that pain med that last only 30 minutes, because I still felt all the pain and rather felt dizzy and not so comfortable.

But I’m also proud to say I gave birth naturally the 3 times. It was hard work, but I’m glad of how I did it. My heart goes out to all the moms who would’ve liked a natural birth, but for medical issues, just couldn’t. Birth may matter, but the outcome is the most important: bringing home a healthy, happy baby.

Olivia Aronson 1 year ago

Had my first all-nat-u-ral and my 2nd and 3rd with drugs because without was was the worst/hardest/most painful thing I had ever done in my life! It was embedded in my brain for about 3 years before I even considered having another one. And when I was close to delivering my 2nd, I was scared shitless to do it again – it all came back to me. I went into labor considering doing an all natural delivery because my husband was nervous about me having an epidural, but as soon as the first real contraction started, it was like de ja vue and I requested the epidural immediatly. I will agree though, after delivering my first, all the nurses that helped me said they could tell it was a baby that was delivered drug free by the way she acted and took to nursing so well and I can say/brag that I did deliver 1 baby drug free and have experienced both ways. I would say the “high” that you get after deliverying a baby is no different whether you do it drug free or not. It’s the most amazing thing a woman will ever experience in her life.

Mary 1 year ago

You do realize there are more than 2 options, right? It’s not “All natural” vs epidural.

I didn’t do an epi for various reasons, but I accepted some “take the edge off” drugs. I was lucky enough to be able to have my babies vaginally. Not everyone can, or even desires to. Just like I opted out of an epi, some women, for health or personal reasons, opt for other options, like a cesarean.

While natural birth works for some, and good for those that can, it’s not for everyone, so please don’t generalize or pressure women to do it a particular way. The way we have our babies, just like the ways in which we feed, and later raise them, are intensely personal decisions.
Singing the praises of a particular way is one thing. Implying that all the cool kids are doing it… kinda borders on that JudgyMcJudgerton crap that everyone loves to hate.

Jessica Spillers-Evans 1 year ago

Didn’t read the article but all I can say is each there own… I personally couldn’t or wouldn’t have a baby without all the drugs they can give me I asked for everything with my first. It was so bad that I’m asking for a c section for the second one. He is going to be bigger I don’t wanna go thru any of that again…

Kristy Partin Netherly 1 year ago

I had an epidural with the first, which had started to wear off by the end of my long labor, but it still helped. I tried to do the second one without an epidural & the pain was…well, if I hadn’t already birthed a previous child, I would have thought I was going to die. Horrendous pain, not to scare anyone, but sometimes people can gloss over the pain after when describing it to others. Yes, you’ll live, but it doesn’t feel like it at the time.

Leslie Anne Stephens 1 year ago

Uh…no. The last lttle miracle had me writhing in au naturale pain for close to 30 hours before I got the epidural. 4th babies are supposed to be FASTER FFS. Even though my epidural only numbed 1 side and it had to be taken out and put back in again-I happily dealt with that so that the last 10 hours Of that joyous occasion could be just that. Pleasant, well rested and joyous.

Heather 1 year ago

So pleased your so very proud of yourself, I also had a natural birth although not planned it just happened too quickly. I do feel that bragging about something that has happened since humans walked the earth is kinda strange, my mothers generation didn’t even have all these drugs and scans and everything else that goes with modern pregnancies and they managed to pop out loads of babies. Then we also need to take a look at women in third world countries who pop out babies whilst working in the fields or on the floor in a mud hut, where medication is not available and wonder if they also brag about their natural births, just be grateful that you have the choice, and remember that lots of women don’t.

Audra-Lee Dwyer 1 year ago

Number 1 is reason enough for me. I never experienced #2, but my natural birth and (especially) recovery was a BILLION times easier than my epidural birth. I’m doing that again in a few days with kiddo #3. It’s scary but totally the right decision. I figure, you’re going to have pain either way (sorry) so you might as well have it go faster and feel WAY better after and have a WAY easier recovery.

Lauren Rauseo 1 year ago

Hi Brook,
First, thanks for your comment and for being friendly :) I didn’t mean to infer that the only way to have an empowered experience is to have a natural birth – exactly the opposite! As long as the mother feels her voice was heard, she was informed of her choices, etc., ANY type of birth experience can be empowering. I’m glad you feel good about yours, even if they went down a path you hadn’t planned.

Tanya Kenworthy-Mosher 1 year ago

Birth how you want. It’s your body. Your choice.

Melody Masden-Frierson 1 year ago

I had 2, both natural but also had episiotomies after both(almost bled to death w/the first birth) & when I tried to get up I needed assistance, unfortunately the nurses allowed me to fall (twice) Giving birth was easy, my recovery however sucked.

Adrianne 1 year ago

absolutely! I was reaching for and holding all three of mine within seconds of their birth. I still had the postpartum pinks, too!

Laurie Reilly-Norton 1 year ago

I planned all along to have a natural birth, there would be no drugs of any kind for me!!!! Well that all went out the window when my son’s heart rate dropped dramatically and I had to have an emergency C-section. I NEVER in my life felt like such a complete failure than that day. I mean really, for millions of years people have giving birth “the old fashioned way” and I had to as it was put so nicely to me by a lovely “friend” take the easy way out. So, yes I would LOVE to be able to have “bragging rights” to say I did it naturally, but my baby was in distress so I was unable to do it that way. :(

Monica Sanchez 1 year ago


Ashley Sevener 1 year ago

I wanted to actually enjoy my labor and delivery. So did my husband. Hence the epidural. Its not for everyone but it was for me!!

Kristen Yuhas 1 year ago

I had a natural birth with my second daughter simply because she came out faster than I thought! It hurt but I freaking hated all the needles of getting anesthesia and having fluids pumped into me that I had with my first… my second was born within 15 minutes of getting to the hospital! I would say try it for new moms. You might be surprised!

Stephanie Hinkle Chaillou 1 year ago

So much #2!! That “high” is incredible. I managed to deliver all three of my babies unmedicated. Honestly though my main motivation was fear. Fear that the epidural wouldn’t work so I read up on labor techniques that would help. I also had huge inspiration from my mother. She delivered three babies without meds, and one of them weighed 11lbs.

Hope Williams 1 year ago

I went natural and I wouldn’t trade or change my experience. It’s a personal decision that is not for everybody but, just like those of you who chose to have help don’t want to be judged, don’t label us who went natural “crazy” just because we chose a different route.

Sheryl Rivas 1 year ago

Nope I don’t think so. I had an epidural that helped me sleep for about two hours and I didn’t feel contractions but when it to pushing god I thought I was going to die. I was pissed. So basically I felt every bit of my birth and it was traumatic, its been two years and I still get sqeemish thinking about it. I wouldn’t have another one that way it was awful and really nothing to brag about. My recovery was awful, couldnt walk or sit for very long. Everything hurt. It was weeks before I felt somewhat normal.

Nichole Heindel 1 year ago

I had an epidural with my first. Due to lack of feeling while pushing, I hurt my back and was unable to move for several days after labor. I still have issues with my back. I did not have the epidural with my other two deliveries. I was in control and they were quick. My recovery was much quicker.

Kathryn Pogue 1 year ago

So very true!

Kelly 1 year ago

I had an epidural and I’d do it again. I have friends that went natural because it was right for them and friends who had an epidural for the same reason. Yet another article on scary mommy that has disappointed lately.

Go ahead lady keep bragging. No one but you actually cares. Healthy baby? That’s what we care about. People who try to scare or passive aggressively bully others into what they THINK is better for everyone? Lame. Next article. Hopefully one that doesn’t disappoint yet again.

Jessie Grinwis 1 year ago

The ONLY reason I went natural with my second was because after I hit 4 cm he was in a hurry and was out in a half hour. By the time the narcotic drugs kicked in he was already out and the bitches still put me on a pitocin drip afterward so I was stuck in bed

Adrianne 1 year ago

yeah, my “short labor” was 14 hours. I chose medication because after dealing with that much pain for 28 hours, anyone who is not a masochist would. Good for you, but there is no shame in using safe and effective pain relief. and BTW, none of my kids had any issues latching and breast feeding.

Amber Norfolk 1 year ago

Give me the drugs.

Lori 1 year ago

I had my second (9lbs) naturally. Quick and easy. I walked to my room pushing the bassinet 20 minutes after delivery. I won’t say it was comfortable, but I honestly don’t remember the pain. With my first (8lb1oz) I had an epidural. I pushed f

Lisa Cline Cheek 1 year ago

I had three days of labor, 3 hours of pushing and then a C section with my first. I’m more “woman” than most I know. Second was a planned c section because the doctor told me it would probably be the same again. My pelvic bones are too close together. I was so exhausted with the first one I couldn’t even hold him until 8 hours later. I’ll take a planned C section over that any day of the week. Second one was a breeze. I’ll be damned if I’m going to let people shame me!

Mary McGlinchey Henderson 1 year ago

What makes a medicated birth or a c-section unnatural?

Julie Johnstone 1 year ago

Every person I met while pregnant asked me if I was planning on getting an epidural, nope I sure wasn’t. And they always laughed at me.. But, I didn’t, I brought my baby into this world 100% naturally and it wasn’t that bad at all. I was expecting way worse, my partner was expecting me to beg for drugs.. It was beautiful.. Next time I’m opting for an all natural home water birth.

Kimberley Andrews 1 year ago

I had a home birth with my youngest, so I used nothing and it was such an amazing, easy birth.
But I was ridiculed for my choice a lot more than mothers who decide epidurals ect are what they want.
I was called crazy, had comments like “oh I wouldn’t want to risk it” and “I’d never forgive myself if something went wrong.
So basically insinuating I was doing something dangerous.
I had more complications in hospital with my first due to a terrible midwife.

But anyway, every birth is different so it’s up to the individual. And I don’t think anyone should let someone’s opinion hurt their feelings as to what they want or don’t

Diane Kaptain 1 year ago

Had an epidural the first time and felt terrible after pushed for 2.5 hours and swore I’d never do it again. Last 3 were no drugs and there’s a high during labor, and immediately after. It’s the most empowering experience I’ve ever had and probably ever will!! But I understand it isn’t for everyone

Kimberly White 1 year ago

Love this!

Jo Lewis 1 year ago

Maybe that but not possible all the time some of us have no choice but to have the help

Lacy Kay Zachary 1 year ago

My number 1 reason for natural birth: I’m a giant wimp who’s terrified of needles. 3 births later, and the idea of getting stuck with a needle is still a million times scary than the pain of birth.

Becky Gordon 1 year ago

I think it’s important to note that an epidural and drugs are two very different things! Sliding them into the same category is misleading.

I had an epidural with my first, nothing with my second (not by choice — there was no time for one). Recovery was easier with #2, but I didn’t have any lacerations like I did with #1. I’m a member of a club I didn’t want to be in.

I agree there is a high, but nothing to hold over someone who choose to deliver with pain management.

Elissa Juliette Izzo Huskins 1 year ago

I was right up and out of bed with my girls even after an epidural! No pain = happy me!

Breanna Jones 1 year ago

I’m debating natural this time around mainly bc with my first he epidural didn’t hurt at all, but with my second the anesthesia guy was friggin horrible and i thought i was going to die from how epicly he messed up- i felt the needle or whatever all the way down to my tailbone and still have issues a year later from it.

Qasharah Dean 1 year ago

Yay! I’m glad to know I’m not alone for feeling an immeasurable amount of euphoria (and bragging rights) from natural childbirth. I did have a dose of phenergan (sp?) for nausea, which I will deny this time, because it just made me feel extremely drowsy without much relief from the nausea. I look forward to my delivery in three months like a druggy looks forward to their next fix. Hehe. Yay for natural highs!

Lindsey Gust-Niswonger 1 year ago

I must say the one thing I am convinced of is this: NO MATTER how your child brought into this world…you are a bad ass. You grew that tiny being, nurtured that tiny being, played hell with sickness/stretch marks/”are you sure its not twins comments” (hello ignorance)/etc…the fact remains YOU DID IT. And no one can take that away. So let’s all agree to let the comparisons and mommy judgment go and give each other high fives for being bad ass mamas!

Amy Scott 1 year ago

I think this is such a silly debate. At the end of the day all women could give birth without medication, barring a csection. If the baby is coming fast and there is no time for an epidural you will give birth. So I don’t think it’s a big deal, literally everyone could do it, if they had to. Some just choose not to. And I’m one of them! :-) As long as me and baby are alive and ok, I’m happy!

Julie Anderson 1 year ago

I’m not sure why a drug free child birth experience gives one bragging rights. Child birth in and of itself is “natural” and women who have epidural so should not be shamed by mothers who chose not to. After all, I can’t imagine how much worse it would have felt to have my 2nd twin pulled out of my vagina by her feet had I had no pain relief.

Tiffany Murphy 1 year ago

I have 4 kids under 8. The first 2 I had an epidural and took forever to heal. The second 2 came way to fast and I did not receive an epidural healed perfectly with no after effects. If we ever choose to have another one we would go Natural again :)

Kimberly Espinoza 1 year ago

I had my 1st with only a local anesthetic and my 2nd with the epidural! I am happy that I was able to experience the labor of my 1st but I loved the epidural. :)

Melissa Grady 1 year ago

Ummm… No. I had to deliver my son au naturale & it sucked. I didn’t have time for anything because he was practically coming out by the time I got to the hospital. It wasn’t fun & hurt like hell. And, there was no “high” afterwards & enough for me to swear to The Lord above that he will be an only child!!

Steph Powers 1 year ago

Is this for real? Bragging rights? Every woman is different. Every birth is different. Why should anyone get to brag about how they brought their child into the world. Point is, they are here. Some people don’t get that opportunity AT ALL. Be happy you did. This is stupid.

Jennifer Brown 1 year ago

I’m not convinced, but I make the decisions for myself during all of my life. Sidenote, I had an extremely alert, ready to nurse baby, with an epidural.

Also, I am seriously not happy with whoever made the decision to run this particular blog. The absolutely last thing we mothers need is yet another condescending, snottily toned (bragging rights??? Giving birth is a contest????) article from either side fanning the stupidity known as the Mommy Wars.

Christine Bastardi 1 year ago

Loved my C section and recovery 2xs!! SeriouSly I recovered super quick, was walking that night and happy my Vag JJ is in perfect condition lolo

Stephanie Krawczyk Huseman 1 year ago

What does breast feeding have to do with this? My kid latched on fine immediately after birth and am epidural. High horse much?

Kayla Nicole Brunner 1 year ago

Nope. Don’t even need to read it. 4 isn’t even a list.

Tiffany Fisher 1 year ago

Natural birth is awesome, medicated is also awesome! So is c-section! Stop competing!

Lainie Gutterman 1 year ago

I do ♡ the bragging rights. Today, doctors really encourage moms to get the epidural.

Michelle Taylor Stanley 1 year ago

Did both, preferred the epidural! Glad I did it tho.

Heather Mousa 1 year ago

What is awesome is a healthy mom and baby. However it happened is irrelevant.

Alecia Clark 1 year ago

Two children over 9lbs no drugs. Number 1 (9lbs 8oz) was cake. Walked from delivery to recovery like nothing happened. Number 2 (9lbs 12oz) was hell. Could barely walk for days because he nearly got stuck and they stretched out my ligaments. Every birth is different. Every mama and baby is different.

Kimberly White 1 year ago

Oh and have an incredible unbreakable bond with both my babies!

Sarah Bemis Coats 1 year ago

All but the bragging rights part- I absolutely LOVED our natural home birth and even said, as I brought my wriggly, wet newborn to my chest “I would do that again in a heartbeat!!!” The euphoria that I felt in birthing her is still with me, and it started off my parenting journey with a quiet confidence and certainty that I could mother her as she needed. Breastfeeding went well and we EBF for quite some time :) Even if others don’t share my hopes for an unmedicated vaginal delivery, I wish for them to feel loved, supported, successful, and overjoyed in their births as I did- For the poster who must have C-sections, but wanted natural deliveries she should know she can ask for a more gentle c-section experience with music, lower lights, instant skin to skin-I’ll find a link and post it here for her- All births that are well supported and with mom and baby in mind can be beautiful and loving!

Susannah Ryner 1 year ago

I loves my epidural a with the first 3 and had no intention of trying to go without. When they told me they didn’t have time to give me one with my fourth I screamed, refused to push, said nasty things to the doctor. Once it was over, I can say for certain, if I ever had another, there’s no way I’d have an epidural

Erin Zartmann LaMaster 1 year ago

I had no birth plan really but walking into the hospital at 9 cm I ended up with natural which was AMAZING

Sara Blanchard 1 year ago

Oh, FFS. This piece positively REEKS of sanctimony especially this last part “Soooo, how’d I do? Are you committed to natural birth yet? No? That’s okay. It wasn’t my goal to convert you. I’m well aware of my pain-killer-loving sister mamas out there, and I’m happy that they have a clear plan for their births, even if it only involves an anesthesiologist and a nap. More power to them! I just hope their epidurals work.

Wait…you do know that sometimes they don’t, right?” How’d you do? Well you sound like a self righteous a-hole “I totally respect my epidural receiving sisters, except I don’t and they are wrong and I am here to educate you”

Kayla Blake 1 year ago

Epidural didn’t worked would have loved to enjoy my delivery instead of the horrid pain and just wishing it was over!

Kristen Maguire 1 year ago

Had epidurals with both of my girls, with the first I had endured most of labor at home Med free. I still had extreme pain with the second one despite epidural and had the “high”‘with both deliveries anyway. I never said anything awful to my husband either time. I had to have help to the bathroom the first time but was alone on second time. With all the postpartum bleeding it actually was helpful to have the RN with me to help with the mess (TMI sorry). My daughters were both alert enough to immediately find my breast and begin feeding. And let’s face it, I “grew” two amazing little girls, pushed them out of a hole the size of a lemon and they are healthy/happy today; those are bragging rights enough. I give people who can go au naturale credit, but there is nothing wrong with accepting analgesia. I’m no hero, why would I choose to put myself through pain if there are safe alternatives? Do what is best for you.

Pam Geiling Watson 1 year ago

My two natural births sucked, but the recovery was so much nicer than my 2 epidural births. After the two natural, we ordered pizza and had a blast… after the epiderals, I vomited and went to sleep.

Sarah Matthews 1 year ago

I tried a natural home birth, but after 3 long days in labour, my midwife wanted me to go to the hospital. I would rather be in labour for another 3 days then go on drugs, wicked wicked stuff. And the moment every mom dreams about, will be forever stolen from me forever because I was to drugged up (I react terriably to any sort of medication) and only vaguley remember my husband telling me I had a son. I highly recommend at least attempting natural birth at home or the hospital

Erin Zielenski 1 year ago

My best advice is not to have a plan! :) Just roll with the punches.

Cara Skelly 1 year ago

I had an epidural and I was up showering as soon as I got out of recovery to my room….I also nursed within the first 30minutes to a wide awake baby…..not convinced AT ALL! Bragging rights? Who cares! And as far as the high? You just had a baby, you are going to have a natural high no matter what! You just created a human and regardless of how they are brought into the world, that’s pretty freaking awesome….epidural it is!

Jana Sturdivant Britt 1 year ago

Psshhhh, bragging rights. Whatever!!!! I am pregnant with baby #5. I have had epidurals with all 4 and plan to have one with this baby. I don’t need to discover my pain tolerance. I know it’s not high so there’s no reason to make this endeavor more painful than it already is. I would rather semi-enjoy delivering my child than to be so overcome by pain that I can’t think straight.

Sharlene Cobain 1 year ago

Untrue. In my experience of birthing with and without drugs, this article is untrue.

Kimberly White 1 year ago

I experienced all four of these with an epidural both childbirths. This is yet another Judy Mc Judgertons post. Kudos to both sides ladies! We are all champs, but in different ways.

Sarah Fritz-Maldonado 1 year ago

I always say I’m gonna try but I chicken out and get the drugs. Lol maybe this last time I’ll make it

Keandra Day 1 year ago

I had 3 children (twins in that #). I was induced with #1 had pain meds going before I even had the first twinge..sleep thru labor and pushed once (no sluggish drugged up kiddo)..fast forward 5 years , spontaneous water breaking at home..40 min to the hospital, received epidural before the pain was bad (took a nap)and delivered my twins with with no pushes for one and one push for the other (again no sluggish kiddos). For me it was the best choice because I was calm (unlike the woman screaming her head off across the hall
..i swear the same one was there both times I was..lol) and enjoyed labor and delivery. I had horrible pregnancies so thankfully the ending was perfect..haha. To each their own though!!!!

Ashley Knuckillz 1 year ago

Fuuuuuuuuuuuck that lmao epidural was my bestfriend when my baby boy was born haha

Jennifer Pfeiffer 1 year ago

Yay for natural birth!

Kasey Loden 1 year ago

I loved having an epidural. It calmed my nerves and I could focus on what I needed to do instead of being consumed by the pain. I was up walking around (with help) within a few hours. My recovery was easy. My epidural didn’t cause any extra hurdles in my opinion.

Kate Marek Blythe 1 year ago

Hm, those are all the reasons my births with an epidural were awesome!

Erin Zielenski 1 year ago

Truth! I am a real woman who was pretty much sawed in half in an emergency C-section to get her baby out healthy. I tried the natural route, but nobody told my kid he needed to cooperate. I’m pretty sick of the “I’m so much more awesome because I……..” mentality.

Lisa Cline Cheek 1 year ago

Absolutely! I bottle/formula fed my 2 and people looked at me like I was a child abuser. It’s ridiculous. They are 9 and 14 now. Healthy and advanced classes at school. Just sayin!

Kristine Carroll 1 year ago

The natural birth for me actually wasn’t that bad, I knew I definitely wasn’t going for the epidural, but was considering other pain meds that I could take to help relieve it. By the time I realized I wanted something like that, I was at 9cm and was too late. But during labor I spent most of my time either in the shower or on a yoga ball. Each woman is definitely different, and everyone handles their pain differently. Did it once and I will do it again whenever I have #2. I also breastfed for a little while but then realized that wasn’t for me and was told it was OK if I felt like it wasn’t for me. I was glad I didn’t have to feel ashamed for switching to bottles.

Jennifer Byers-Bullivant 1 year ago

I think it speaks volumes that they could only come up with 4 reasons..!!! Gimme the drugs!!

Heaven Jones 1 year ago

I had my 3 naturally and it didn’t hurt like everyone assumes it would. It doesn’t feel pleasant but it won’t kill y’all!

Angela ‘Dray’ Gideon 1 year ago

Did both…preferred natural (granted, still in a hospital, but without drugs).

Kate Cortelyou 1 year ago

Natural birth for me. Most empowering day of my life. I am woman, here me roar!

Megan Tran 1 year ago

Yes, yes, yes! Ladies who say no, have you ever even SEEN a natural birth?

Jackie Doerner 1 year ago

If I had insisted on natural for my son and I, we’d have had some serious medical issues as he was 10lbs 8 oz and he was not a chunky guy, just broad shouldered and big headed–still is. C-section after 3 hours of serious pushing on my part. I’ve had moms guilt trip me for going repeat with my daughter (same issues btw). It doesn’t matter how you have the baby as long as both are healthy and happy.

Lynsey Russell 1 year ago

Nope. Give me drugs.

Andrea Williams 1 year ago

I tire of the assumptions that I had a drugged out baby that wouldn’t nurse bc I had an epidural. Couldn’t be more wrong.

Kim Maclay 1 year ago

This makes me feel so sad because I really wanted a natural birth and I went all the way, including pushing for over 1.5 hours just to end up having a c-section because there was a risk of infection for the baby. ( I had been running a fever for about 8 hours at that point.) Articles like this make me feel like a loser.

Krista Grandstaff 1 year ago

Had my first with an epi bc I was 21 and scared to death… the next three were all natural.. and wonderfully easy births…two of them were huge babies, but born in Germany…Europe is much more laid back, and it was a calm, gentle and thoughtful experience. Two of my births were stateside and anything but calm!

Charlene Moon 1 year ago

Agreed. Not to mention being discharged from the hospital 24-36 hours later.

Briana Nance Whitehead 1 year ago

I had to have an emergency c section and my own mother told me I’m not a real woman because I didn’t go through actual labor and her idea of childbirth. What makes a real woman is bringing your baby(ies) into the world! :)

Tania Carfa Tarshishi 1 year ago

My best advice is go with the flow. It helps a lot ☺️

Tabitha Dunn 1 year ago

births are awesome. Period.

Serena Alexandria Marie 1 year ago

Did it, and I have to say, the only thing I agree with is the bragging rights, however, I also brag about my experience WITH an epidural and how I didn’t feel a thing.
So, for me, the epidural is worth it, although I am glad to have experienced both. :)

Mary Burg 1 year ago

I don’t agree 100%. I’ve had 3 babies and 3 different experiences. Epidurals with all 3 and I was up walking 10 min after, had the “birthing high” even tho I had pain management, all my babies were super alert and My first two nursed with no problems (I didn’t nurse my 3rd at all), and I have bragging rights regardless bc my labors were all under 8 hours, two pushes and my babies were out. As far as the Epidurals not working, mine wore off during my 3rd labor so I felt every bit of pain, I was throwing up, swearing, etc. I would never put myself in that pain on purpose. It doesn’t make you any stronger. It just makes you fatigued, stressed, and worn out by the time your baby is born.

Blaire Pawluk Hawes 1 year ago

Would you get a root canal without drugs? Nope!? Then why do that to yourself. Just my two cents.

Kaylin McDuffie 1 year ago

I wish, I tried the second time around…. But I was in so much pain i was shaking uncontrollably and was on the verge of dry heaving. The pain was too much for me to handle. Got the epi, finally relaxed.

Tristyn Steve Teel 1 year ago

I had an epidural. Was mobile during and after labor. My labor wasn’t easy (induced) I had the high afterwards. My baby was alert. Don’t care about bragging rights.

Nicole North Rodriguez 1 year ago

My birthing class nurse summed it up perfectly for our class, “No one is handing out ribbons or medals for whatever route you choose, so choose what is most comfortable FOR YOU.”

Genevieve Pates 1 year ago

2/2 babies all natural (and the second one was all back labor and OP position!). It’s really tough, but it’s such an amazing experience.

Caitlin Marshall 1 year ago

All 3 of much kids I had an epidural and pain medicine Nd wouldn’t change it. I loved being able to be comfortable and “enjoy” the experience. And by the way you still feel the pushing even if you have an epidural and I couldn’t imagine doing it without the epidural. I was up an walking an hour after giving birth. My babies all were very alert and I chose not to breastfeed. So I don’t know if that part is true or not but I’m going to guess no.

Brittany Gallant 1 year ago

No…skip the drugs that make you loopy and get an epidural.

Erin 1 year ago

Three kids and I’ve done it both ways. My first and third were natural, the middle with an epidural. All deliveries were extremely fast (too fast for epidurals) but I’d do the epidural any day! I struggled the most after the first delivery. My middle child was by far the easiest and I actually enjoyed the whole experience of labor and delivery.

Hillary Mercer 1 year ago

Had epi’s with my first two, and then a natural water birth with my 3rd…it was pretty awesome! My favorite birth experience/story by far.

Lynn V Mc 1 year ago

I didn’t, but know those who did – explaining pretty much, just like that!

Stefanie Gallegly 1 year ago

I had my first with an epidural and I was VERY grateful for it. Had my second with no drugs. If there is a third, I’d go natural/no drugs hands down. Sure, there was more pain involved but it was a much, much better experience! In the end, to each their own and whether you have an epidural, c-section, or no drugs doesn’t make you a better or worse mom :)

Marcela Marchesini Kapfer 1 year ago

Three out of my four boys I had with an epidural and it was perfect! Our third son was interesting! He came guns a blazin’! We got to the hospital and 10 minutes later he was born. It was CRAZY fast and O’Natural! It hurt like a mother, but the recover was instant! I was walking around and stuff five minutes after delivery. If I had the guts, I’d have done that with my other three. But I don’t, and that’s ok. :)

Tania Carfa Tarshishi 1 year ago

I had no choice. Never had time for an epidural

Lyndsay Sims-Wade 1 year ago

No. Absolutely not. At all. ” you’ll be up and about in no time” yes, in absolute agony. Things you take for granted like going for a pee hurt like hell and is enough to bring tears to your eyes. “Braggers rights”, anyone who brags about giving birth naturally needs a slap, sometimes its not possible so to brag and possibly make another feel bad is just tasteless. Recovery is not, or was not easy in my case. It was long, draw out and painful. The c section i had with my second daughter was positively a walk in the park compared to natural birth.

So no. Not at all convinced.

Nem Moran 1 year ago

1- unless you end up with an episiotomy, 2 births one used gas, second used nothing.
Both ended up vacuum extraction
2 I agree with
3- nah, ds2 fed fine first time and has been a horror ever since
4 – I dont think its bragging to be proud of an achievement

Morgan Katelynn Selman 1 year ago

Nope nope..show me the drugs…that’s basically the first thing I said with both as soon as my feet hit the hospital doors!

Amanda Marie Dellinger 1 year ago

I would choose natural anyday! The most painful experiance ever but the best experience ever. The birth high is no joke, I felt like superwoman lol.

Charlotte Preci 1 year ago

Number 3 of my 4 births was natural. I felt like I could have walked home afterwards. It was pretty awesome.

Bonnie McLaughlin 1 year ago

As long as my baby and I are healthy the type of birth does not matter to me. After a csection and the cord wrapped around my daughters neck I thank god for c sections ! Society puts too much pressure on mamas to do everything their way … Even if it means putting their baby in harms way

Christina Stepnitz Crise 1 year ago

I respect people’s decisions regarding how they give birth but au natural was NOT for me. I had lots of pain meds and then an emergency c-section when my son got stuck in the birth canal. Believe me, I was not going med free with that lol.

Yuanita Subono-Turner 1 year ago

I had 2 natural and a c-sect with my 3. Natural all the way for me!

Jessica Augsburger 1 year ago

I had one delivery with drugs and one without. I recovered faster with the natural delivery. I completely agree.

Brook Nicole Hall 1 year ago


Fiona Toms 1 year ago

U mmmmm nope

Melody Frazier 1 year ago

I had one natural and one not and I would never get meds again. Everything in this article was so accurate for my situation.

Katy Nelson Schmidt 1 year ago

I would add that “labor is more comfortable” essentially bc you can breathe, talk, eat throughout your labor (at least in my experience!) Our bodies receive the rest bt the contractions to make natural labor doable!

Rachel Cashen 1 year ago

Thank you for this. Due in 9 weeks and praying my plan to go all natural works!

Elizabeth Grattan 1 year ago

I tried to go without pain killers. Until I got up out of the bed in the middle of labor and told the room I changed my mind about having a baby and was leaving.

Jordan Burgess Baker 1 year ago

I loved my natural birth. I would do it a million times over. I was up and moving within minutes. First baby, no tears, about 5 pushes. A life changing, empowering experience.

Brandi Christian 1 year ago

I did it, and it is awesome. I wouldn’t have done it any other way. :)

Holly Swiger Hustead 1 year ago

Haha! I have had one with an epidural and one without, and both times I felt like a rock star, but maybe just a little bit more for the one without. 😉

Ren Williams 1 year ago

I’ll take the epidural!

Lindsey Biocic 1 year ago

Nope!! All these can be said about epi use also! Everyone is different.

Lisa Cline Cheek 1 year ago

No thanks. Had drugs, C sections, both my kids are fine.

Melody Dowling 1 year ago

I had all natural with my 3 and plan to with this baby…it is however a personal choice….yes it hurts like a b…but its also an amazing experience…but not for everyone lok

Lara Leigh 1 year ago

<3 I used a narcotic during my first delivery and went all natural the following three. Number one and two are dead on for me. I never had an epideral, so I can’t speak to that, but I definitely felt way worse after my first delivery using drugs, than the natural ones that followed. And honestly, the drugs they gave me didn’t work well enough to justify me bothering to use them on subsequent deliveries.

Lorraine Neil 1 year ago

Bragging rights is not a reason to have a natural birth. However, I felt like partying after I gave birth! I felt SOOOO amazing. Total high!

LaKeshia Richmond 1 year ago

Ha! Not at all. 3 c- sections and I would not change a thing.

Manda Hamel 1 year ago

Heck no way !!! I’m happy and excited and elated at having my c-section !!!!!

Ashley Dodson Wiley 1 year ago

Saaaaaay it, sister!

Nicole Lynn 1 year ago

I had a natural birth and never again!!!!! I received a 3rd degree tear! i had an epidural w my 2nd and it was amazing!!! My 2nd nursed immediately.

Nicole Merchant 1 year ago

I have had 3 vaginal births 2 totally natural no drugs at all. My 3rd had an epidural and I actually got to enjoy delivery.

Erica Van Weelden 1 year ago

I feel about this like I feel about breastfeeding… it is fine for some and great if you can do it and/or choose to do it… but what I don’t like is the shaming that seems to almost always come from natural birthers or breastfeeders toward those who don’t. Kudos to those who do tho! And Kudos to those who don’t. It’s each woman’s individual choice, as with most everything else :)

Stacy Mervine 1 year ago


Emmy Smith 1 year ago

My natural birth was a VBAC and it was totally awesome, especially compared to the c-section.

Hope Tokarczyk 1 year ago

No way- I loved my epidural!!

Acacia Falkard 1 year ago

epidural all the way, it WAS a walk in the park, such a relaxing, loving, happy experience compared to the hell and unconceivable pain of natural labor. just my experience.

Mysti Freed 1 year ago


Lorraine Rainy Shaw 1 year ago

I wish I could – I haven’t had ANY babies yet, but due to a previous surgery I have to have a C-Section. It makes me really sad. My sister did all natural births for all 3 of her babes – she would agree with you 100%

Shannon Dove Crosby 1 year ago


Brook 1 year ago

Sorry that was supposed to say, *Not that is happens in whatever way the Mom wants.

(Feeding my toddlers while I write this.)

Laurie 1 year ago

I was told that I shouldn’t have a vaginal birth because it looked like my son was going to weigh over 11 pounds. Not only was I told I shouldn’t but that I *couldn’t* because my daughter had only been 6.12. After I gave birth to my son (at home) I wanted to call the OB and be like, “told you I could do it!” (He ended up only being 9.11, not 11lbs)

Brook 1 year ago

I had 2 C-sections, and I’m proud of the way I gave birth, too. It was medically necessary in both situations, the 2nd one being an emergency as I was bleeding out. I was scared to death and would have much rather had natural births both times. It was not easy, it wasn’t fun, it wasn’t dignified and I barely got to see my babies, especially the 2nd time, until hours later. It was hard, it was actually pretty awful, but it was necessary…it was also 2 out of 7 surgeries I have had in the last 4 years and really hated having to recover yet again both times, however, not in a million years would I have done it differently. It saved my babies lives and probably mine. You’re right, birth does matter, but that it happens in whatever way the Mom wants, but that it happens in the best way to bring a healthy baby into the world, the healthy baby in the world because of the way it was born, that’s what matters. (Of course the way the Mom wants if it is possible, but it isn’t always) I didn’t think your post was too judgey, but this comment kinda changed my mind. I hope this comment doesn’t seem rude though, just stating my opinion in a possibly argumentative, but friendly manner. :) And despite having one miscarriage and 2 C-sections, I still feel pretty damn empowered, and not one person can look at my two toddlers and say “Oh, those were C-section babies.” They can’t say that they were mostly formula fed either, but I guess that’s another topic for another day.

Laurie 1 year ago

When I tell people that my son was 9lbs, 11oz, and that I had him at home on the kitchen floor (pool didn’t get filled in time) in 4 hours (w/15 mn of pushing), I either get the “you are crazy!” look or mad props. For me the best part of an unmediated birth was the fact that I was up walking around after 30 minutes. Still, during actual labor I totally get the appeal of an epidural!

Brook 1 year ago

While these all may be true, no one actually likes a natural birth bragger, so it might make you feel good to brag, but it makes everyone else want to pull at your hair. 😉

Lauren Rauseo 1 year ago

Thanks for taking the time to comment on my article. I’m sorry to hear that you don’t like me “and my kind” (what kind is that exactly? ALL women who have natural birth? Sounds a little like you’re perpetuating the Mommy Wars). I am in fact proud of the way I gave birth – I did a ton of research, decided what was right for me, and then took active steps to give myself the best chance of achieving my goal – and then I did exactly that. It was really, really hard, but I did it, and I’m not afraid to say I am very proud of myself. You are right though that it’s not a contest, and I wish a heartfelt congratulations to anyone who becomes a mother, no matter how she does it. But please know that birth DOES MATTER. I sincerely hope for every mother that she has a safe, informed, respectful and empowering experience when giving birth to her children, regardless of what interventions she chooses or that become necessary. And for those who aren’t so lucky to have such an experience for whatever reason, I hope they find the support they need to heal. My article might be a little tongue-and-cheek about the benefits of a drug-free birth, but I am quite serious when I say that birth is not just about bringing home a healthy baby, and it does matter.

3rd time 1 year ago

I had and epidural with my first and it didn’t last after the 3 different times they up’d the dose. My second I had natural and she came out face up which hurt worse. This time around with my 3rd and last one finally a boy I am going all natural again unless the need arises! I can completely agree with the high you get and the bragging rights. None of my babies have been under 9lbs. This day and age everyone want the easiest quickest way. I want to be able to look back and say WOW look what I did. Plus it is great to be able to get up 30-45 minutes after and not feel wobbly! But in the end its up to you how you want to proceed with your labor …. I am totally for natural all the way!

il mom 1 year ago

that’s interesting, because i know a girl who had a baby last month, went all natural, had 24 hours+ of labor, the baby was in distress, they were prepping her for a C and then the baby came out fast and ripped her to holy hell, and was in the nicu for 2 weeks due to breathing problems. thankfully is doing fine at home now.

my point? don’t generalize. problems arise so quickly in ALL scenarios.

Suzanne 1 year ago

The idea of a medicated birth scares me way more than a natural birth. All of the birthing horror stories I’ve heard started with “after I was induced…” or “after the epidural…” and often end with “… after 24 hours of agony” or “… then I had to have a C.” Why sign up for that mess when you don’t have to? My body was built to give birth. I’m going to let it have a solid go at it before I let anyone intervene.

il mom 1 year ago

you even saying #4 is the reason people don’t like you and your kind. really, it’s not an effing contest. you brought home a healthy baby the same as the moms who didn’t “go natural”. that should be the single reason on your list. but thanks for continuing to fight the mommy wars battle and think that your phantom “bragging rights” are something to be proud of. you birthed a human, good for you, it doesn’t matter how. when will people get that through their heads? IT DOESN’T MATTER HOW!

Kim 1 year ago

Everybody said I was crazy for wanting a natural birth. My baby never turned so I had to deliver him the wrong way after a lot of discussion with the hospital they let me have a natural birth, no Csection no meds. I’m always so proud when people ask me about my so s birth, and my husband well he always tells me how proud he is of me for sticking with my plan for natural birth eventho everybody told me it was impossible

Lola 1 year ago

So true!! I am 3 weeks away from my due date with #2. #1 was all natural, fast&easy but painful of course. Afterwards I felt awesome though. You are in so much pain during pushing but the second the baby is out you are completely pain free and definitely high lol.
So #2 will be all natural too (if no complications arise).
I also loved to feel my legs, go to the bathroom alone within an hour after birth, and I recovered within days and felt like my old self again.
But I know I have a high tolerance for pain which is definitely a good thing if you are planning on a natural birth.
And just one more thing: in medieval times when scars from war were an honor for men, giving birth was the honor for women. I hope I said that right (English is not my first language). My husband who is a veteran was so amazed by me giving birth without medication that I sometimes have the feeling he was even prouder than me lol.

Ashmedai 1 year ago

Oh good heavens, women have been having babies unmedicated for millions of years. Don’t make it sound like you invented the wheel. I rather wish people would do something really noteworthy and would stop over-populating the planet.

The Mean Mama 1 year ago

#5 feeling your legs! As a total control freak this one made my list! But the rest of the list matched up!

Jessica Dimas 1 year ago

I definitely enjoyed all of these benefits from my two homebirths! And I was on a birther’s high for weeks, maybe months! That shit was awesome!!!

Kim 1 year ago

I hadn’t heard about latching/other breastfeeding issues being one of the possible complications of an epidural. I guess it makes sense. I had to look it up after reading this. Looks like research does show that there is an increased likelihood of latching issues with an epidural. Makes me mad that this is so commonly used, yet the vast majority of hospitals don’t use “laughing gas” – which appears to be much safer. Needing pain management is a totally normal thing!