Neighbor Who Can't Stand The Laughter Of Small Children Leaves Mom An Ultimatum

by Maria Guido
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An Arizona mom received an anonymous note from a neighbor last week. It seems her children have been giggling too much when they play outside and this neighbor is seriously fed up.

Behold the anonymous note. It’s all crinkled up — you can almost envision him angrily shoving it into the mailbox whilst cursing damn kids! under his breath. I have no idea if it’s actually a man who wrote it, but I’m just going to pretend it is for the sake of storytelling.

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She lets her children run outside in the sun and laugh? What the hell kind of mother is she?

Wow. This neighbor really thinks a mom should force her kids to get only 20 minutes of sunshine a day because the laughter of small children disturbs his dog and bird? Not sure this is actually a crime the police will respond to. Also, nice try with the anonymous note shoved into a mailbox, but it probably won’t be too hard to figure out which “neighbor” left it. Mom just needs to look out for a couple disgruntled pets and the smell of bitterness.

What is this neighbor going to rally against next – sunshine and smiling? Don’t you just want this to turn into a plot of an ABC after-school special where the kids accidentally wander into his yard and his dog takes a liking to them and we find out the kids remind him of his daughter who he hasn’t spoken to in years? Then the laughing children become a part of his life and open his heart to the world and he contacts his daughter and… oh, sorry. I’m getting carried away.

I guess the sounds of squealing children can get annoying after a while. But insisting they stay inside is just ridiculous. If you can’t stand the sound, take your dog for a walk or close your windows. Or best case scenario, see my ABC after-school special plot line above.

Why do I want this man to befriend these kids so bad?

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