Neighbor Pulls Plug On Bouncy Castle Trapping Toddlers Inside

by Julie Scagell
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Neighbor caught on camera unplugging bouncy castle, trapping kids inside

Parents at a birthday party over the weekend got quite a shock when the bouncy house their kids were playing in began to deflate. But the biggest surprise came later when the homeowner looked through surveillance video and saw exactly why it deflated – their neighbor had unplugged it.

File this one under “oh hell no, he did not just do that.”

Deborah Romero was having a birthday party for her daughter, Diana, with a bounce house and a DJ when the bash went from one of fun to panic in the blink of an eye. In the video, you can see parents running to the bouncy castle as it starts to deflate, where about a dozen kids, all only two or three years old, were trapped inside.

“We were very nervous about the kids because it was extremely hot, and they were trapped inside the bounce house,” Romero told WPEC. ‘We couldn’t really reach for all the kids, and we unfortunately had to pull one of the kids by his leg.” According to the report, many of the kids were crying and two children had to be taken to the hospital, one for distress and the other for possible injuries.

Surveillance video from the Romano home in Port St. Lucie, Florida, shows a man in a red shirt walking into their backyard, unplugging the bounce house, and then casually strolling back across the street.

Image via YouTube/CBS Philly

“We believe that he thinks that he was pulling the plug to the DJ booth, but it didn’t, it pulled the plug to the bounce house,” the Today Show reported police said. Police have identified the man but have not released his name. They also attempted to question him, but said he was uncooperative. The man’s wife told NBC News he is declining comment and has hired a lawyer to give police his side of the story.

Seriously, his side of the story? We’re pretty sure his side of the story is, “I am a total asshole who doesn’t like fun or other people having fun or the sound fun makes and will stop at nothing to ruin everyone’s day, toddlers included. Now get out of my way, I need to go kick a puppy. The end.”

Thanks to the quick action on the part of the parents, no one was seriously hurt. Police said the unidentified man could potentially be charged with trespassing but we would be open to police arresting him just for having a shitty personality.

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