Netflix Dropped A 'Dead To Me' Drinking Game

by Julie Scagell
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Netflix Dropped A 'Dead To Me' Drinking Game
Saeed Adyani/Netflix

Netflix’s “Dead To Me” is even better with this fun drinking game

In these pandemic times, the highlight of many of our days is when work/homeschooling/laundry/dinner/dog walks/yelling/crying/collecting various dishes from around the house is finally over and we can settle in with a glass of our beverage of choice and binge some Netflix. Now, the streaming service is spicing things up for us by combining one of its most-anticipated show’s return into a drinking game.

Season two of Dead to Me is finally out and in honor of our faves, Jen and Judy, Netflix created a drinking game because sometimes we can have nice things. If you’re like me and have already binge-watched the entire season, this seems the perfect excuse to lay in bed and watch it again.

Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini are still this season’s most pivotal characters, but Parks and Recs’ Natalie Morales also joins the cast as Michelle Gutierrez. Morales, along with the official Dead to Me Instagram page, shared a hilarious post about a drinking game you can play while watching the Netflix series and it sounds as fun as it most definitely will be.

“We thought we’d make your watch sesh a bit more fun…” the show’s page said. Fine, twist my arm.

The rules are pretty simple but knowing their characters makes it clear from the beginning that there’s going to be a lot of drinking involved. Some of the rules include, “If Judy says ‘fuck’ twice in one sentence, take a drink,” “Take a drink when Judy apologizes (whoa boy),” “Traumatic flashback? Take a drink,” “If something makes you gasp, jump, or scream, take two drinks,” and judging by my first round in watching season two, this next one’s a killer: “If someone is drinking on screen? Join them and take two sips.”

Finally, if there is a plot twist, or if Karen (Suzy Nakamura) almost ruins everything (which again, seems to happen more than one would think), you have to finish off your drink (and grab another, obvi). Luckily, the shows are only around 30 minutes each but I’d caution on playing this if you’re thinking about binge-watching the entire season in one sitting.

If you’re a fan of the show, you know Jen and Judy like to get their drink on, and this season is no exception. I didn’t think it was possible for this season to be better than the first, but it has so many great plot twists (take a drink) and surprising moments (take two), it’s worth spending an entire Saturday on your couch.


I’d also caution watching this season alone because you need someone by your side or virtually to grab and say, “Holy SHIT, I did not see that coming.” Without giving anything away, I can say with almost complete certainty that there will be a season three, though Netflix hasn’t officially announced anything just yet.

Happy drinking, all.

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