The Trailer For 'Enola Holmes' Is Here And Millie Bobby Brown Is Magnificent

by Christina Marfice
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he Trailer For 'Enola' Is Here And Millie Bobby Brown Is Magnificent

Netflix is giving new life to the stories of Sherlock Holmes with its teen dramedy about the detective’s lesser known little sister, Enola

If there’s anything that’s been getting us through this pandemic, it’s the fact that Netflix has continued to produce top-tier content through all the chaos and upheaval that’s happening in the world (thanks, Tiger King and Floor Is Lava!). And it doesn’t look like the streaming giant has any plans to stop keeping our abundant free time occupied this fall. The first trailer is here for Enola Holmes, a teen dramedy that puts a fresh twist on the classic stories of Sherlock Holmes and buckle up — it’s truly something.

We’re all familiar with Sherlock. But what about his strong, sassy, feminist AF younger sister, Enola? That’s who’s at the center of this movie, which stars Stranger Things‘ Millie Bobby Brown as the titular character, and features Helena Bonham Carter as her mother.

The trailer opens by showing Brown’s character, Enola, growing up in a home with her beloved mom.

“She was my whole world,” Enola says in a voiceover. “Which leads me onto the second thing you need to know. I awoke to find that my mother was missing. She did not return.”

What’s the younger sister of a world-famous detective to do when her mother goes missing? Call in Sherlock (Henry Cavill) and her other brother Mycroft (Sam Claflin), of course. So Enola does that, but instead of getting down to the business of finding a missing person, Sherlock is appalled by how wild and unruly his little sis has become, and sends her to finishing school to learn how to “become a lady.” Insert eyeroll here.

Obviously that doesn’t work, and instead, Enola hatches a plan to escape the school in the middle of the night and go off to find her mother on her own. Of course, in the process, she has to avoid being found by Sherlock, who is altogether not concerned enough that his mother is missing, and way too into policing his sister’s behavior. We expect some character growth there.

Enola Holmes is marketed as a teen movie, but TBH, it looks like it’ll be a fun, escapist ride for viewers of all ages. Plus, Brown is one of our favorite up-and-coming actors, ever since she starred in Stranger Things. There’s just under a month left to wait to watch this one — you can catch the movie when it drops on Netflix on Sept. 23.

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