The Most Unique 'Stranger Things' Halloween Costume Ideas Of 2020

Totally Bitchin’ ‘Stranger Things’ Halloween Costume Ideas

September 3, 2020 Updated November 23, 2020

stranger things halloween costume
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In the realm of binge-worthy showsStranger Things with its retro feel, close-knit friendships, and creepy alien undertones is definitely among the best of them. Now three seasons in, it’s no wonder that Stranger Things costumes are so popular this year, something to keep in mind when deciding on a tween costume that’s worthy of their approval. And the best part? Many of these looks are cheap and easy to put together yourself with a few accessories and things that are already in your kid’s closet.

Sure, Halloween 2020 may be different than ever before, but it doesn’t mean your fam can’t enjoy dressing up. Maybe you’ll celebrate with spooky crafts, a haunted house candy hunt, or a socially-distanced Halloween parade. And at the very least, channeling your Stranger alter-egos will make for some pretty cute photo ops, right?

Ahead, you’ll find the best out-of-the-box outfits and some easy-to-assemble looks for your  Stranger Things fans. It may even inspire you to re-watch the seasons to get everyone into the spirit.

The Best Unique Stranger Things Costumes


Party City Stranger Things Mall Eleven Costume

Get this ’80s-tastic kids’ costume to re-create a trip to the Starcourt Mall. When Max and Eleven head out for a boy-free shopping spree, El picks out her own clothes for the first time and chooses this eccentric romper as she discovers her style. All in all, the perfect outfit for coming-of-age kids looking to channel their strong, fashion-forward selves.

$49.95 AT AMAZON

Dark Paradise Eleven Battle Shirt

Kicking a$$ in suspenders? You go, girl. This costume comes with the yellow patterned faux-silk shirt, suspenders, and the telltale blindfold that helps El tune into her psychic powers. Add black pants and ’80s style sneaks (Converse, Keds) to complete the ensemble.

$34.99 AT AMAZON

Dustin Henderson

Flyer Camp Know Where T-Shirt

This is a nearly effortless costume, especially if you have a curly-haired child. Give a nod to witty genius Dustin as he, Steve, Robin, and Erica duck around corners at the Starcourt mall, spying on the evil Russian scientists.

$14.99 AT AMAZON

Flyer Camp Know Where Hat

And of course, you can’t forget the hat.

$16.99 AT AMAZON

Steve Harrington

Party City Steve Scoops Ahoy Costume

Steve looked hilarious in his nautical-themed work uniform, and your kid (or you!) can, too! Plus, no fellow Stranger Things fan will mistake who they’re imitating in this unforgettable getup.



$24.99 AT AMAZON

Robin Buckley

Party City Robin Scoops Ahoy Costume

And let’s not forget Robin, Steve’s coworker, crush, and conveniently-equipped Russian code-breaker, who wears a matching ensemble.

$34.56 AT AMAZON


Lito Angels Kids Demogorgon Costume

If your young Stranger Things fan likes to be creepy AF, this skin-crawling Demogorgon costume is the one for them! There’s even a hood to cover the gaping flower-shaped mouth (there are no eye or mouth holes, though, so don’t let them walk around with it on), so they can pull it off and let the jaws open for full dramatic effect.


ThatCraftyFriendShop Demogorgon Dog Costume

… Or, you can dress up your furry kid with this way cuter Demogorgon costume, instead.


Best Stranger Things DIY Costumes & Accessories

Erica Sinclair

Oh, Erica. We caught glimpses of your charm in Seasons 1 and 2, but in Season 3, we saw you in all your sassy glory. (And we’re crossing our fingers for more in Season 4.) While there are a few Erica costumes out there, this one’s super easy to make on your own: Start with your kid’s blue overall shorts or grab this super-cheap pair from SheIn. Then pair it with a yellow T-shirt and belt!


Of course, we can’t forget Miss Sinclair’s Russian spy mission safety gear. Grab your kid’s knee and elbow pads, then get a white bike helmet like this pick from XPRIT and tape flashlights to either side. Bonus: You’ll be happy when your youngster wants to suit up for bike and scooter rides even after playing dress-up.


Nancy Wheeler

If you’re feelin’ a little crafty, adding blue trim to the bottom of a purple short-sleeve A-line dress like this one from HUHOT will mimic Nancy’s striking frock. From chasing a story to prove to herself to her sexist boss, to chasing down the Demogorgon with little bro Mike (and crew), Nancy does it all — and in dress shoes, no less. Don’t forget the big ’80s hair, too!


Mike, Will & Lucas

We hate to lump these BFFs together because they’re each awesome in their own right. However, emulating some of the gang’s ’80s-tastic style is super easy with the help of a few accessories.

Pretty much any retro-looking striped T-shirt or rugby shirt with khaki shorts or wide-leg jeans will fit the boys’ style. If you can’t find one in your kid’s closet, get an affordable option like this one from Hope & Henry, which is especially very “Mike.” (FYI, Max’s look can easily be re-created with a striped tee and cutoffs, too.)


Snag some over-calf striped socks like these Pareberry Classical Triple Stripes Socks to add rad decade vibes to your kid’s costume.



When there’s a chill in the air, the boys often wear their windbreakers. Pick up this classic Dickies jacket, which doubles as the perfect back-to-school layer for fall. (You can check out similar styles in kids sizes, too.)



And don’t forget some throwback kicks. This pair of Saucony Originals are almost identical to the ones worn by Lucas, and they also happen to be perfect for back-to-school. (See, we moms know how to stretch a dollar.)


But whatever you do, DO NOT forget the calculator watch! This affordable one from Casio is an absolute necessity for any ’80s nerd.



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