New Netflix Cleaning Show Has Viewers Tidying Up

This New Netflix Cleaning Show Will Make You Want To Throw Your Whole House Away

January 3, 2019 Updated April 21, 2020

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We’re just here for the internet reactions to this new Netflix show, TBH

Perhaps you’ve heard of the bestselling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up? If so, and you’ve read it and applied the wisdom of the author, Marie Kondo, to your home and your life — congratulations.

If you’d rather skip the book and head straight for the new Netflix series that helps people clean their cluttered-ass houses, you’re not alone. Keep reading.

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Full disclosure: if you’re looking to take part in the schadenfreude of an Extreme Mess situation, you’re better served by shows like Hoarders. While there is no shortage of clutter on Tidying Up With Marie Kondo on Netflix, you’re not going to see any cat corpses or human excrement piling up in any corners here.

Which is why this show is extremely watchable and relatable to the masses. There’s something for everyone who classifies themselves as “organization-challenged” on this show: couples with small kids, empty-nesters, curmudgeonly Boomers, and even the heartbreaking experience of a recent widow who has to clean out her husband’s belongings. (Reader, I cried. Hard.)

Kondo’s whole theory centers around finding joy in the things you keep in your home, and making sure all those joyful things have a proper, functional place to reside. It’s instant anxiety relief. It’s also an instant trigger to wanting to make your own home Kondo Klean, as the internet has realized.

The reactions to Netflix’s latest show are hilarious and relatable AF:

When organizing clothes (my own personal Achilles’ heel), Kondo has every single person go through every single item and only keep clothes that give them joy. After sloughing through everything you own on a massive pile on your bed.