Netflix's ‘Emily In Paris’ Is A Lighthearted Parisian Escape ... From The Comfort Of Your Couch

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There’s nothing that excites me more these days then scrolling through Netflix and seeing something I can’t wait to watch. If we can’t have live entertainment, we will gobble it up in large quantities from our sofa and make our own fun. Most of us are putting our televisions to work, and Lord knows Netflix is working overtime in a lot of households.

I found a show I must share with you — especially if you are looking for something to drag you out of your pandemic hangover. (I’m pretty sure that’s all of us.)

While trying to find something to entertain my frazzled brain after a rough Monday — my son spilled red Gatorade on the new carpet, I had food poisoning the day before and was still recovering, my kids still insisted on eating and being messy that day — I came upon a show that looked to be right up my lane. By that I mean there was a bright picture of a young woman in a cool outfit, and that was all I needed to hit “play now” and see if I’d enjoy Emily in Paris as much as I thought I would.

I’m all about murder mysteries and dark stories, but according to me, we’ve seen enough of that shit in real life and I needed a vacation from reality.

Before I knew it, I’d watched every episode, and my son told me to stop saying “Is it over? I can’t believe I watched the whole show in one sitting,” like it was something I’ve never done before.

If you loved The Devil Wears Prada, this show is for you. Oh, and if you were into Sex And The City — especially the episodes where Carrie travels to Paris only to get ignored by her French lover — this show will be your jam.

It all made sense after I saw that the show was created by Darren Star, the creator of not only Sex and the City, but Beverly Hills, 90210 and Melrose Place. I didn’t need to do any more research on the matter, because I knew all the elements I love in a flick would be there: drama, sex, romance, humor, and outfits that would make me want to fill up my Amazon cart in a hot minute.


If you want to escape from the dumpster fire that is happening all around you, I can’t recommend enough spending an evening or lazy Sunday afternoon staring at your television, indulging in the colorful set. Not only were the outfits the cast wore amazing, so was the scenery in the show, like a Parisian vacay without leaving your couch.

Emily, the main character, is a twentysomething woman from Chicago who gets her dream job working in Paris for a year for a social media company.

Without sending any spoilers your way, I’ll tell you the show has a little bit of everything: drama, romance, friendship, fantastic shots of the city, and some great one-liners.

It’s light and airy, and I recommend it to anyone who needs something to brighten their day. My two favorite characters were Emily’s hysterical co-workers. I need friends like this in my life.

Yes it was cliché, but a show that isn’t taxing on the brain is exactly what we need right now.

Good point, but we’re in the middle of a pandemic — it’s okay to fantasize.

Oh, and did I mention the show has a food element I love? I’ve been eating cheese and chocolate ever since and let’s just say I’ve been in better standing with my digestive system.

I don’t care if it has unrealistic elements, like her Instagram blowing up in such a short amount of time. It’s a show – not a mirror of reality, but an escape from it. Emily in Paris took my mind off the fact that life is still very far from normal, there’s an election and a long winter at our doorstep, and my kids are literally with me 24/7.

It was nice to see something pretty and view the sights of Paris from my living room while under a blanket as I asked my kids to make me some soup because I couldn’t tear myself away.


If you are looking for something to cheer you up, or just to eat up an afternoon, give Emily In Paris a try.

The end made me want to punch my television because I couldn’t handle the anticipation. I’m hoping for season two to come out so I can spend another late afternoon escaping.

Until then, I’ll be over here eating blocks of cheese and chunks of chocolate. I mean, when (virtually) in Paris, right?

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