New PBS show, Carl the collector coming fall 2024
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ByMadison Boling

As A Mom & Educator, I'm So Excited About This New PBS Kids Show

Honestly, it’s about time.

Therapist Gretchen Winterkorn explains why her family shifted to "low-demand parenting."
This Is Interesting
ByDeirdre Kaye

What Is “Low-Demand Parenting”?

A therapist explains why she’s trying this approach in her home — and how it has surprised her.

BySamm Davidson

Transitions With My Two Kids With ADHD Are Really, Really Hard

The 20 minutes leading up to our departure of any event is complete household mayhem.

A woman wants to know if she's in the wrong for blowing up at her boyfriend for not helping around t...
tough call
BySarah Aswell

A Woman Wonders If ADHD Is A Valid Excuse For Her Boyfriend's Lack Of House Cleaning

He asked her to write him a list of what needs to be done — she said no.

One mom shares brilliant advice for ADHD parents on her TikTok Channel.
so smart
ByKatie Garrity

This Mom's Brilliant ADHD Hack For Neurodivergent Parents Is Going Viral

It's all about adjusting your environment.

Actor Brendan Fraser attends the 2023 Greenwich International Film Festival's Inspiration Talk & Awa...
a great dad
BySarah Aswell

Brendan Fraser Shares The Biggest Lesson He's Learned From His Son's Autism Diagnosis

The actor recently accepted an award for his work with disability nonprofit Abilis.

food for thought
ByMeg Raby

Sorry But Autism Awareness Month Doesn't Work For Me

Since when does another human being get to decide whether or not acceptance is even on the table?

Kids can have very different symptoms of ADHD even in the same family
Our Story
ByJami Demuth

ADHD Looks Different In Everybody

Our two kids have radically different symptoms.

new findings
ByKatie Garrity

New Insights Show How ADHD Is Likely Passed On From Parents To Children

Nature or nurture or both?

Send some friggin’ help
BySamm Davidson

My Son Has ADHD, & The Adderall Shortage Is Dramatically Impacting His Behavior

He relies on his medication to focus his mind and calm his body to be successful in a learning environment.