New Hair Color Trend: The Homeschool Hombre


New Hair Color Trend: The Homeschool Hombre

by Team Scary Mommy

Fashion in a pandemic can be really challenging. You can’t get your haircut, your stache waxed or your roots dyed, so what do you do? Wear a helmet? No! You rock your roots! Subscribe to Scary Mommy:

Let those grey hairs fly like they love to. They’ve always had a mind of their own, so let them be free. Especially since you can’t right now.

Women across the country are proudly showing their roots. While we’ve been sheltered away, our hair has come out to play. From greys to dark roots, we’re letting it all out. Nothing goes better with your home sewn face mask than two inches of un-dyed hair. Think of your roots as a timeline for how long you’ve been on lock down. Who needs calendars?

When you’re at home all day, who cares if your blondes go black? If you used to pay for an ombre at the hair salon, well, now you got a reverse one for free! Silver linings. Literally this time.

Maybe your kids have been wondering why your hair is growing in funny or why those white hairs always point in weird directions. Well, now you get to answer these questions. Make it educational. When you’re homeschooling your kid, you can use your hair as a way to teach about hues and color blending. Sure, they might laugh and point and maybe your family drawings are starting to showcase your hair color as two toned, but at least it takes them a little longer to color and that’s more time for you. Love your true colors. Every single strand.

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