TikTok Prank Has People Telling Their Partners They 'Could've Been Nicer Today'

by Christina Marfice
People Are Pranking Their Partners With The 'Could've Been Nicer Today' TikTok Challenge

I’ve been belly laughing at this wholesome new TikTok challenge for days now, and I bet you will too

If there’s anything that’s helping us get through these hard days, it’s TikTok trends. From the ones that make you LOL to the ones that make you think to the ones that gross you out, there’s a new trend picking up steam pretty much all the time, and they’re all, at the very least, entertaining.

The latest trend has had me legit belly laughing for days now. It’s really simple: People say to their partner, “I feel like you could have been nicer to me today,” and film their reaction to that news for all of us to watch on TikTok. And while it may be simple, that doesn’t stop the results from ranging from heartwarming to absolutely hilarious.

Take this poor guy for example. Upon hearing his girlfriend tell him he “could have been nicer today,” he turns to her with such a look of terror on his face, asking, “What?!” Don’t you just want to give the sweetie a hug right through the TikTok screen?

On the other end of the spectrum, you have this husband, who, upon hearing the news, barely looked up from his phone as he deadpanned, “I was nice to you yesterday.”

There’s this sweet TikTok partner, who gets up to offer a hug, saying, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be mean to you at all!”

And this one, who has a defense for himself: “I snuggled you in bed!” Who can argue with that?

And this boyfriend, who has a very valid point: “I haven’t seen you today!”

Truly, this is the TikTok trend that delivers. If you need a smile today, check out the hashtag for the challenge — just be ready to LOL.