Nick Cordero's Son Says First Word While Looking At Photo Of His Late Dad

by Valerie Williams
Nick Cordero's Son Says First Word While Looking At A Photo Of His Late Dad
Amanda Kloots/Instagram and Walter McBride/Getty

Nick Cordero and Amanda Kloots’ baby boy says his first word in bittersweet video shared this weekend

Broadway star Nick Cordero passed away earlier this month after a long battle with COVID-19. He left behind his adorable baby boy, 1-year-old Elvis, who was not even a year old when Cordero was first hospitalized. But just because he hadn’t seen his daddy since March doesn’t mean he’s forgotten his face. In a bittersweet video shared to Cordero’s wife Amanda Kloots’ Instagram shows the couple’s only child smiling at a photo of his late dad — and proving he knows exactly who he is.

“Elvis said his first words today!! Listen closely!” writes Kloots in the caption. “He pointed at Nick in our new picture light and said ‘right there.’ He hasn’t seen Nick since March 30th. The fact that he still knows who his Dada is, point to him and give him a kiss to me is amazing.”

In the brief clip, Kloots tells the little guy to “give him a kiss” and if you listen closely, you can hear Elvis say “dada.” His mom affirms him right away and his sweet face lights up. And if this doesn’t reduce you to a quivering puddle of sobs, you’re a stronger woman than I am.

Kloots has been tugging at our heartstrings ever since her husband was first hospitalized with serious COVID-19 complications, keeping fans updated on his condition through her numerous social media posts and Instagram Stories. She would also share her own thoughts about what it was like having Cordero sick for so many weeks.

Now that she’s a widow raising their baby boy, she’s sharing moments from when Cordero was still alive, breaking our hearts even more.

In a recent post, she let fans in on what her grief is feeling like mere weeks after her husband’s death. “Grief is weird, it’s horrible, it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with. I feel like I’m in outer space, drifting alone, but in a protective suit,” she writes.

Raising her baby boy without his beloved father is a heartbreaking proposition, but Kloots seems to be doing all she can to keep Cordero’s memory alive for both herself and sweet Elvis.