Nick Jonas Was Groped By A Fan During A Show

by Madison Vanderberg
Daniel Knighton/Getty Images

Nick Jonas was performing with his brothers at a tour stop in Los Angeles when a fan groped him during the show

A Jonas Brothers fan stepped way out of line and groped Nick Jonas while he performed onstage during a tour stop at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles on Tuesday, October 22, 2019. In a video circulating online from the concert, Nick and his brothers were performing on an auxiliary stage that was surrounded by fans, who all stood in a pit, inches away from the boys. One of those fans would not stop grabbing Nick’s legs, groin, and behind area despite multiple attempts by both Nick and his security guard to get her to stop.

The person, who fans identified online as a woman, grabbed onto Nick’s legs first. Nick’s security guard removed her hand, but she kept grabbing at the singer. Then, when her hand landed near his crotch, Nick tried to swat her hand away while continuing to sing. Finally, Nick turns around to confront the fan, but that’s when the video ends.

The Jonas Brothers fandom is generally a smart group of older millennials, so after the incident went viral, Jonai fans sounded off on Twitter and made it clear that they do not condone this kind of behavior.

“She went and touched him without his consent in a place that’s not hers to touch and it makes me so fcking sick,” one fan wrote.

None of the Jonas brothers have commented on the incident and after the band finished their set of concerts at the Hollywood Bowl, Nick only wrote on Instagram, “Thank you to every single one of you who made these two sold out nights so incredible. I am so grateful.”

After the video circulated on Twitter, the harasser appeared to come forward and reportedly blamed her behavior on alcohol, though she eventually deleted her Twitter account, erasing any evidence of her admission.

Based on the acts in this video, it bears repeating that fondling, groping, and unwanted sexual touching is a form of sexual assault. It is never okay. And it is certainly never excusable if the harasser claims to have been drunk. Also, non-consensually touching is not somehow suddenly “okay” when the victim is famous or the victim is male. That does not make it right. Ever. Full stop.