I Might Not Have Sisters, But I’ve Got My BFFs

by Rebecca
Rebecca Rice

I don’t have a sister. I always wanted one. But I got something much, much better. I got to discover you ladies, one by one, over the past few years. Most of you, I didn’t know until our 30s. That’s ok; life doesn’t get interesting until then anyway.

You people are my tribe. I am in awe of your grace, your infinite capacity for nurturing, your honesty.

Some of you I see almost every day and some only rarely. Life is like that. But I know you’re there. The perfect funny/sweet/sarcastic/spiritual/foul-mouthed text you sent when I was dissolving over some damn thing made me smile and sit up straight. Because you get me. And you have ESP, obviously.

We are a matter of fact bunch of weirdos and it’s so great. Putting a cupcake or a silly card or a bottle of wine in each other’s mailboxes because we can just sense when someone’s had a hellacious day. Sending a screenshot of a hairband song from 1988 you’re listening to because it’s hilarious and reminds us of that time we danced on the front row (which, let’s be honest, is every time).

I love that I don’t have to get a new dress for that random afternoon wedding because you have such a cute one I can borrow. And we’re totally the same size (read: not even close) although I’m 4 inches taller and outweigh you substantially but, hey, that’s what Spanx are for. Thanks, boo.

I love that we have conversations that start out, “Ok don’t think I’m weird but…” OF COURSE, you’re weird. And I’m weird. This is a non debatable fact; let’s move on. You were saying?

And when we have those conversations that require total honesty and discretion and empathy…oh my goodness, do you have that covered. Because you’ve been through the storm. Divorce. Betrayal. Serious illness. Death. Life just nailing you with freaking lemons day after day. You’ve been through the storm, my friend. And you made it. You’re still making it. And, beautiful gentle woman, you made it with dignity, humor, and grace. So, so much grace.

I love you. I really, really do. You’re a blessing to me and your family and the rest of your friends. I know what you’ve been though but yet there you are looking gorgeous, taking care of your people and laughing your butt off at that highly inappropriate meme I just sent you.

So just know this: you are loved. You are cherished. You are awesome in every sense of the word. Thanks, sweet girl. You’re my hero.