I'm Not Surprised About The Sexual Assault Scandals, And Here's Why

by Brooke Wilkerson
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It seems like everyday, a new story is breaking about a sexual assault scandal.

How many of our favorite actors, producers, and news anchors are going to be exposed this year for their heinous actions?

Louis CK

Harvey Weinstein

Kevin Spacey

Matt Lauer

Charlie Rose

Roy Moore

Ben Affleck

The list goes on….

But do you know what’s more outrageous than the claims themselves? The outrage that is coming from the other side. No, I’m not talking about the outrage for the victims — I’m talking about the outrage from people who are “tired” of hearing about the #metoo movement; people who “don’t believe” that these perpetrators are guilty.

Can you hear me rolling my eyes?

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are certainly, very obvious motives that could be fueling claims like these; however, we have prominent, public figures stepping down from their empires because of these claims. An innocent person doesn’t do that.

We have huge networks firing their leading anchors. A network doesn’t do that without evidence.

We have public apologizes and admissions, and still people are trying to rationalize the claims.

Still, we have people questioning the validity of these allegations.

“Why didn’t she leave?”

“Why did she wait so long?”

“Is there any physical evidence, bank drafts, photos or witnesses?”

As if standing up to a sexual predator who just so happens to be writing your checks is an easy thing to do.

As if going to war with one of the most powerful men in your industry is a given.

We’re talking about men, like Harvey Weinstein, who could not only destroy your career, but destroy your life. He has the money. He has the power. He has the mental hold on his victims because he understands his position of power and what he can get away with.

And while I’m so incredibly amazed by the confessions of these women, I hope that everyone following his particular scandal, understands the recent confession from Salma Hayek — a successful woman, actress and producer who has nothing to gain from sharing her experience, other than to support the women who had everything to lose.

Because it’s easy to say that some D-list actress is just looking for attention or money or fame, but when you have an A-list actress/producer/influencer, like Salma Hayek, confirming what so many people are doubting, well, that’s a tough argument to make.

But, at the end of the day, are we really that surprised? Really?

Are we surprised that, in this hyper-sexualized society we live in, men in positions of power are taking advantage of women?

Are we surprised that women who are victims of sexual assault and rape are not running to the police station after the incident when we beat them down online for confessing?

Are we surprised that our most favorite actors and tv personalities are not who we think they are — who they portray themselves to be on camera?

Are we surprised to see the power in numbers?

Are we surprised to see women/victims banding together?

Are we surprised perpetrators and pedophiles can be charming and good looking and rich?

Or do we just not want to think about it?

Do we just not want to see that and think about that everyday?

Because, I for one, am not surprised.