NYPD Created A 'Law & Order'-Themed Elf On The Shelf

NYPD Created A ‘Law & Order’-Themed Elf On The Shelf

nypd elf on the shelf
NYPD 19th Precinct

They named him Pete and gave him his own hashtag, #PeteOnTheBeat

Who says Elf on the Shelf is limited to hiding around the inside of one’s home? Because the New York Police Department got very creative with the ever-popular holiday game this year: They made him a member of NYPD’s 19th Precinct and named him Pete.

“In the criminal justice system, candy cane assaults are considered especially heinous,” NYPD 19th Precinct’s tweet hilariously starts. “In New York City, the dedicated detective who investigates these vicious crimes is a member of an elite squad & is known as #PeteOnTheBeat. These are his stories. #DunDun.”

The photo shows Pete surrounded by yellow tape and investigating the candy cane-littered crime scene.

The department even gave Pete a whole backstory. Apparently, he’s from the “far North on temporary assignment,” and he’s helping the precinct launch a holiday pilot program, one that determines if “you’ve been bad or good.” It’s honestly genius.

It doesn’t end there. They documented Pete’s first daily briefing.

They even have a photo of Pete studying the “naughty list.”

“Studying our naughty list #PeteOnTheBeat needs your help, if you know anything about these individuals please call our Detectives at (212) 452-0630. All calls are completely confidential,” the tweet reads.

You guys, this whole thread about Pete on the job is just too pure and too great to pass up.

And here he is supervising the Christmas decorations at the precinct.