Obama's Holiday Photo Will Make You Want To Build A Time Machine

by Valerie Williams
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Image via Twitter/Barack Obama

Obama tweeted a beautiful family photo that’s making people nostalgic

No matter your political leanings, there’s one thing that’s certain — no one can say there’s a whole lot normal about the Trump presidency. Not with a straight face, at least. Even if you didn’t like his policies, it’s hard to deny that Barack Obama gave us a certain level of stability as our nation’s leader. Nothing really highlights the difference between our current president and our last one like comparing their Christmas tweets.

If some billionaire has a time machine in the works, now would be the right moment to share it with us.

Remember 2016? Back when we thought celebrities meeting untimely deaths meant that the year was a horrific and unredeemable dumpster fire that no other year could top in terms of horribleness? Make no mistake, losing the likes of Prince, David Bowie, and Carrie Fisher all in a matter of months sucked, but as we chugged through the year, we had no idea how much worse things could get.

This is the Obama family’s tweet from Christmas morning. And what do you know — they actually said Merry Christmas.

It puts a lump in my throat seeing them, honestly. So happy and bright. So normal and reassuring. Seeing this photo makes me want to stand outside their house holding a boombox over my head while sobbing for him to just please take us back.

All jokes aside, Obama was a stable force for our nation. I looked to him to feel better about things and it’s possible I took his constant, adult-like presence for granted all those eight years. Seeing Trump’s deranged bullshit around the holidays is a stark reminder of all we’ve lost.

He started off Christmas Eve with some information he apparently got from Fox News, which, if true, is information he should’ve had anyway as President of the United States. Hold me.

Then, he retweeted a reply to his tweet about unemployment and the stock market that featured a photo of himself with the CNN logo in what appears to be a blood splat on the bottom of his shoe. I’d like to say this is shocking and appalling, but compared to the video he retweeted of himself “bodyslamming” CNN a few months ago, this is on the tame side.

Please never forget that Fox News lost their shit when Obama liked a certain kind of mustard.

There was some whining about MAGA, of course. Just like the three Wise Men once did. Even though America has been “his” for almost a year now. Why aren’t we “great” yet, Donnie? How much time exactly do you need?

We were treated to some festive, paranoid blabber about the Fake News media. All very normal things for the leader of the free world to put out there the day before a major holiday.

And how could we forget that he’s the reason we’re able to say “Merry Christmas” again? We can’t forget because he won’t stop reminding us. Even though it’s absolutely ridiculous bullshit and no one ever stopped saying it.

More weird MAGA rambling.

Some conspiracy theories fueled by the Fox News propaganda machine. As you do.

And a partridge in a pear tree.

Bottom line, I’m terrified. We all should be. This is not how the leader of the “greatest” nation of the world should comport himself on a holiday or any day. Someone please get cracking on that time machine — I don’t know if I’ll make it to 2020 without a vein in my forehead bursting.

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