The Obamas' Note To Parkland Students Will Make You Miss Them Even More

by Thea Glassman
Image via LatinContent/Getty

Barack and Michelle Obama sent the Parkland students a handwritten letter

In case you need one more reason to miss the Obamas so, so much — we’ve got it for you. Barack and Michelle Obama sent a handwritten letter to the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, thanking them for their courage, fight, and leadership following the tragic mass shooting that took place last month. It’s a beautiful note, and a reminder that young people are pretty much paving the way towards a better, safer future.

The Obamas’ letter, obtained by Mic, started out by telling the students how inspiring they’ve been following the horrific tragedy and applauding the “resilience, resolve and solidarity” they’ve shown in the weeks after. And a-freaking-men to that. These high schoolers have literally started an entire organized movement and eloquently, fiercely petitioned Congress for change.

“Not only have you supported and comforted each other, but you’ve helped awaken the conscience of the nation, and challenged decision makers to make the safety of our children the country’s top priority,” the Obamas wrote. “Throughout our history, young people like you have led the way in making America better.”

The couple warned the students that progress might be slow and setbacks will come their way, but none of that will really matter. “We have no doubt you are going to make an enormous difference in the days and years to come, and we will be there for you,” they concluded.

If you feel like sobbing into a pillow right now, you’re definitely, definitely not alone. The Twitterverse responded to the letter with so much blubbering and a whole lot of wistfulness.

This isn’t the first time that the Obamas reached out to Parkland students. Michelle took to Twitter back in February and said she was in “total awe” of the young crusaders.

“Like every movement for progress in our history, gun reform will take unyielding courage and endurance,” she wrote. “But @barackobama and I believe in you, we’re proud of you, and we’re behind you every step of the way.”

The former president echoed those sentiments, telling the students that he’s “got [their] backs.” *Sigh.* Remember the days when our president showed genuine empathy and respect? You know, like, he didn’t need a cheat sheet with a reminder to say “I hear you” to grieving students (still haven’t gotten over that one just yet).

If you want to take part in Parkland students’ upcoming march for gun control, you can head to their website here and find an organized event closest to you.