12 Spicy Finds For Anyone Obsessed With Hot Sauce

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You are part of an elite, tastebud-gifted group who knows the secret truth about hot sauce: It honestly does make any food taste better. (And the few foods it doesn’t improve are not worth eating anyway.) In fact, you live and breathe and dream and plan all meals around hot sauce–sometimes while crying and fanning yourself, but those are tears of joy and no one can tell you otherwise.

With this in mind, we’ve gathered the most epic collection of hot sauce-themed goods just for you. Enjoy!

1. This Mug


It might only be 7:00 a.m. while you’re sipping your coffee from this sweet mug, but that doesn’t mean you’re not already thinking about slathering your dinner in Sriracha.

2. These Socks


Listen. These awesome Tapatio socks have a perfect 5-star rating. And JUST LOOK AT THEM.

3. This Collection of Unique Hot Sauces From Around the World


You need this diverse collection. Because variety is the spice of life. Get it? “Spice” of life? Haha, we’re so funny.

4. This Sriracha Keychain


Is there anything worse than being out and about and someone serves you a food that needs hot sauce (i.e., all foods) and there isn’t any hot sauce anywhere? This Sriracha keychain will save you from that horror. You’re welcome.

5. This Hot Sauce Backpack


Backpacks are good for hauling all sorts of things. Why not have one with your favorite thing — hot sauce — printed all over it? You could even use it to haul your hot sauce. Just sayin’.

6. This Hot Sauce iPhone Case


Because you need every person you see ever to know about your hot sauce obsession, and you are not ashamed.

7. This Tabasco Baseball Cap


We are totally diggin’ the worn-out, grungy look of this cap. Plus, you know, Tabasco. YUMMO.

8. This Hot Sauce Recipe Book


Features 32 hot sauce recipes plus a ton of recipes to use with the hot sauces you already have. YASSSS.

9. This Tabasco T-shirt


Look, it’s your new favorite T-shirt. And the reviews comment on the high quality, soft fabric!

10. These Red Chili Earrings


Spice up your lobes with these adorable little glass chili pepper pendant earrings.

11. This Sriracha Pop Socket


This Sriracha pop socket is just ever-so-slightly more subtle than the phone case. And handy, too.

12. This Towel and Salt & Pepper Shaker Set


These adorable little chili-shaped salt & pepper shakers are just too freaking much. How cute are they?? Must buy immediately.

And there you have it. You’re all set to show the world your profound love for hot sauce. Or, at the very least, not ever get caught out in public trying to enjoy food without Sriracha. Happy hot-saucing!

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