Olive Garden Has Breadstick Bouquets Just In Time For Valentine's Day

by Madison Vanderberg
olive garden breadsticks: a bouquet of breadsticks from Olive Garden
Olive Garden

Olive Garden offers a “Breadstick Bouquet” for Valentine’s Day along with a romantic takeout meal for two

Valentine’s Day is the worst. Love is great, yada yada, but trying to do something romantic on Valentine’s Day outside the house is a full nightmare. Every restaurant has an overpriced prix fixe menu, all the Ubers are surging, and your go-to babysitter doesn’t want to work because she’s gotta go out to dinner with her boyfriend. Olive Garden has a solution for that: the breadstick bouquet.

Last year, Olive Garden launched the “Breadstick Bouquet” and it was such a hit they brought it back for 2020. Starting February 13, if you dine in or pick up your Olive Garden order to-go, you can leave with a bouquet of breadsticks, artfully arranged in a cute paper cone that contains one of six slogans like, “My love for you is neverending,” “Love is letting you have the last breadstick,” and “Candy hearts just don’t compare.” We’ll take bread over flowers, any day.

In honor of the holiday and the fact that dining out on V-Day is wildly overpriced, Olive Garden is offering a two-person takeout feast that includes soup or salad, two pasta dishes, dessert, and of course, the breadstick bouquet. You get all of this for $35 bucks, and if for some reason Olive Garden has run out of bouquet wraps when you go to pick-up your meal, you can print one at home with these handy PDFs.

Once you’ve printed the bouquet square, roll it into a cone, hold it in place with tape, fill with breadsticks, and give to the love of your life.

Olive Garden also made print-outs to create an after-dinner chocolate mints box, because we all know that Olive Garden’s private label Andes chocolate mints are the next best thing, second only to their breadsticks, of course.

If you want to win Valentine’s Day, head here to download the Breadstick Bouquets and the chocolate mint box. God bless Olive Garden.