One Million Moms Is Coming After Hallmark Again Over LGBTQ Storylines

by Madison Vanderberg
One Million Moms Is Coming After Hallmark Again Over 'LGBTQ Agenda'
Scary Mommy and Hallmark Channel, Adam Chang/Unsplash

One Million Moms boycotting Hallmark Channel again over potential LGBTQ storylines

One Million Moms, a right-wing group best known for freaking out that gay people exist, is currently boycotting Hallmark Channel (this isn’t the first time they’ve boycotted the channel, but more on that later), because *gasp* Hallmark announced that some future TV movies will feature “LGBTQ storylines, characters, and actors.” Oh no, the horror of accurately seeing the world you live in reflected on screen!

Hallmark recently announced its slate of upcoming Christmas movies and some people on Twitter wondered if any of these movies would feature any queer people (as they’ve been noticeably absent from all Hallmark movies). This led Hallmark’s parent company Crown Media Family Networks to announce that “diversity and inclusion is a top priority for us and we look forward to making some exciting programming announcements in the coming months, including announcements about projects featuring LGBTQ storylines, characters, and actors.”

The well-adjusted people of the internet were like, Cool, can’t wait to see what they come up with but One Million Moms lost it. In a petition to boycott Hallmark Channel they claim the “once conservative network has recently caved to LGBTQ pressure” (lol) and that they are “pushing the gay agenda by featuring lead gay characters in homosexual relationships,” (again, lol).

The funny thing is that One Million Moms has already boycotted Hallmark Channel. They didn’t like it when the network aired a Zola wedding ad that featured two brides kissing. Clearly that boycott and its petition with a measly 52,000 signatures didn’t work, because Hallmark reinstated the Zola ad and now they’re making movies with LGBTQ storylines, so sorry ladies.

Unclear what One Million Moms and their kids even watch on TV because they boycott damn near everything. Just a smattering of TV shows, movies, and ads they find repugnant include Pixar (a short film features a family with two dads), the FOX dating series Labor of Love (an unmarried adult woman tries to have a baby outside wedlock), and Burger King (they said “damn” in an ad). They’re even boycotting congress because congress funds PBS and PBS has a series about queer people.

One Million Moms’ whole schtick is that their kids are going to be influenced by the stuff they see on TV because apparently being gay is something you pick-up after seeing a gay person exist on television. Besides the fact that little kids aren’t exactly lining up to watch Candace Cameron Bure fall in love with a lumberjack in a snowy town, imagine how exhausting it must be to be this mad that the world is awesome and diverse?