Glorious GIF Party Shuts Down One Million Moms' Bullsh*t

by Madison Vanderberg
Oreo/Youtube and Facebook

One Million Moms is GIF-bombed after posting negatively about Oreo’s recent support of the LGBTQ+ community

One Million Moms is at it again, spewing hateful rhetoric online in the name of the Lord. In a post titled “Oreo and PFLAG Working Together to Indoctrinate Children” (sorry, I can’t stop lol’ing at the words “Oreo” and “indoctrination” so close together in a sentence), the aforementioned “moms” are outraged that Oreo **gasp** supports the LGBTQ community. But in true internet form, a bunch of actually good people flooded the One Million Moms Facebook page with the most delightful LGBTQ+ GIFS ever, and take that One Million Haters!

Earlier this month, Oreo dropped a new film titled “Proud Parent” that follows the love story of Jen and Amy and the challenges of bringing a partner home for the first time. Working with PFLAG National, Oreo shared how important it is when parents are supportive of their LGBTQ+ children and that parental support can literally save lives. The cookie brand also released a special pack of rainbow Oreos as well.

Of course, One Million Moms took issue with this, because hating on stuff is kind of their bread and butter.

“Supporting the homosexual agenda versus remaining neutral in the cultural war is just bad business,” One Million Moms writes. “If Christians cannot find corporate neutrality with Oreo’s and Mondelez, then they will vote with their pocketbook and support companies that are neutral.” Cuz you know how Jesus’ whole thing was about remaining neutral. Jesus be like, “Oh hey man, I don’t really do like, healing anymore, I’m just trying to stay neutral, you get it?”

Unclear what the One Million Moms THOUGHT would happen with that Facebook post, but suddenly the post was filled with very lovely and gay gifs like this one…

and this one…

..and this…to call out a few.

Also, the organization’s anti-Oreo rhetoric backfired, with tons of people writing in to say they’re actually going to buy more Oreos now.



“I plan to give them LOTS of my money if for no other reason than because of this commercial!”


Then there’s this absolutely spot-on take.

Despite boasting their organizations’ “one million” recruits, the petition against Oreo has only 17k signatures at this time, and honestly, that’s 17k too many. Who are these nightmarish people? The good news is that their “petitions” rarely do anything. One Million Moms is constantly trashing Hallmark for its LGBTQ+ representation and it doesn’t ever work, because Hallmark just keeps getting more and more inclusive and just announced a Christmas-themed movie with two men falling in love, so take that One Million Moms, ya miserable haters.