Want To Get Better At Oral Sex? There's A Class For That


I had dinner with one of my single girlfriends last night, and as we sat across from each other, enjoying our smoked chicken, we got to talking about sex and how much men love getting blow jobs. It’s no secret lots of women use them as currency because, really, it’s just too easy. A good bone-lipping makes every man happy, the job usually takes a few minutes, and we get things like extra sleep and chocolate.

There aren’t many people I’ve talked to who have said they would rather not engage in oral sex with their partner. For so many, it’s their stimulation of choice and just the mention of it will get their cheeks all flushed.

Oral sex incredibly intimate and satisfying, but it can be intimidating for some to ask for it, or say what ‘s working for them during the actual downtown adventure. I mean, if we are brave enough to put our mouth on someone’s genitals (or have someone put their mouth on ours), we should be brave enough to talk about what feels good and what doesn’t, right?

Yes. We. Should.

Of course, a huge concern is technique. It can be uncomfortable to ask for someone to describe what the perfect head job looks and feels like to them.

So if you’d rather clandestinely up your blow job game, there are actually places you can go to learn a few tips and tricks. They’re called sex salons, and they’re popping up all over the place. What a time to be alive.

Sex salon blow job classes are becoming increasingly popular among women, and some sell out weeks in advance.

Maybe it’s because women aim to please in every aspect of their life. Or perhaps licking an ice pop surrounded by other women is unbelievable fun and empowering. Pot-A-to, pot-AH-to.

Either way, if you want to know how to give the perfect blowie, attending one of these classes can help you become the master you’ve always wanted to be. We all want to be sexually confident whether we admit it or not, and sometimes a class that helps us hone our skills and teaches us how to handle a penis is how we get there.

According to The Telegraph, the two biggest factors in taking him to pleasure town with your mouth is for you to show you are enjoying it, and to take your time with a little teasing to build that sexual tension.

While it may seem like a lot of pressure to be under, we want the same out of our partner, right? If someone is performing oral sex on us and it’s going all wrong, we are left lying there saying a prayer and hoping they pull it together so we get something out of the situation. (And by “something,” of course, I mean the big O.

These classes can be empowering whether you are in a relationship or you’re single and want to get out there and date again.

I’d totally go with a couple of girlfriends, but it wouldn’t be to win the blow job trophy. It would be because I want to learn more about the male body. I mean, if we are going to put a penis in our mouth, we want it to feel pleasing to the person on the receiving end, just as we want to the the person who has their head between our legs to know what they are doing.

It’s really a win-win for all involved.