Conservatives Are Boycotting Oreos Because Of Their New Pride Packaging

by Valerie Williams
Originally Published: 

Oreo cookies got special Pride edition packaging and some people aren’t pleased

Nikes. Keurigs. Gillette razors. Wayfair. Knitting websites. Harvard? Somehow? The list of products and places where conservatives refuse to spend their hard-earned money grows by the day, and that’s because the number of companies and public figures recognizing that standing up for the rights of all groups of people is where it’s at also grows by the day. The latest casualty in the right’s war against progress? Oreo cookies.

Because yes, these hateful people will even get upset about a cookie.

Yesterday, Oreo sent out a post on their social media channels showing the absolutely adorable packaging of their new “Pronoun Packs” of cookies, made especially to hand out during NYC’s Pride parade this weekend. “We’re proud to celebrate inclusivity for all gender identities and expressions,” they write. The packages come in pink, blue, and purple wrapping and read, “Share your pronouns with pride.”

See? So pretty.

Welp. Some former Oreo fans are simply not here for the cookie company’s show of solidarity and support for people of every gender identity and expression, so in typical hateful bigot fashion, they made themselves very known.

First, and most awesomely, Oreo doubled down on their meaningful gesture and responded to this inexplicably upset person with a subtle clap-back:

Then, the shenanigans continued and since there’s like, a ton of horrible people and only so much time for the Oreo social media department to keep up, not all of the comments got such a perfect reply.

There’s this snide douche who’s comparing respecting a person’s gender identity with… his wanting to retire early? For some reason?

And of course, the Nabisco flouncers arrived as scheduled. Bye Felicia. Also, it’s *and.

Then the “DON’T PUT GAY IN MY FACE” guy. Always a crowd favorite. Yawn.

Last we checked, affirming someone’s gender identity isn’t political so much as it’s just being a decent and loving human being. But I guess it’s easier to get into a snit and boycott a cookie brand than to look within oneself and try to grow as a person and whatnot.

Caps lock was stuck for a couple of really pissed off folks. SICK, SICK, SICK. It sure is sick that in the year of our Lord 2019, there are still people upset and angry about something like this.

“Intolerant/homophobe! Done!” There. Fixed it for you.

Sigh. You’re very hilarious, sir.

While it’s incredibly disheartening (and frankly, quite scary) that it takes so little to bring out the angry homophobe in some people, it’s also nice to see companies taking a stand and not backing down just because of an angry few. Not to mention, more Oreos for us.

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