We're Totally HERE For This Big Change In Hot Dogs

We’re Totally HERE For This Big Change In Hot Dogs

June 27, 2017 Updated August 16, 2019

Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs
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I don’t want to be too dramatic, but Oscar Mayer is utterly and completely reinventing the hot dog, and now hot dogs will never be the same — they’re no longer “mystery meat”!

The first time someone handed me an Oscar Mayer hot dog fresh off the grill, I fell in love. Okay, I was only 5 years old, so it wasn’t really love, but the flavors of smoky just-perfectly-scorched meat on a delicious, fluffy white bun just moved into my heart and stayed there. Throughout my childhood, hot dogs were a perfect staple of our family dinners. They were delicious and affordable, so why not?

Then, of course, someone told my mom while she was on a health food kick that hot dogs were “terrible” for you and full of “mystery meat” that was highly questionable. (I curse that woman to this day).


I’m not gonna lie — it frankly sucked to be a kid in a hot-dog-less world. How I relished going to friends’ houses with far more practical moms who served up ‘dogs every time I came over. Because those moms knew that one of the foods nearly every kid will eat without complaint is an Oscar Mayer hot dog.

When I became a mom, I couldn’t wait to introduce hot dogs to my daughter. Look, I’m weird, I get that, but I love sharing my favorite things with her. My daughter didn’t like the “fancy” hot dogs (SHOCKER, right?) that cost more than a dollar a link. I can’t say I blamed her. So when we hosted a cookout at our house when my daughter was about 5, I snuck in a couple of packets of Oscar Mayer hot dogs, because they are my favorite and just taste sooo good.

And guess what? SHE LOVED THEM. Because of course she did.

But still, Oscar Mayer dogs were a rarity on my shopping list.


Oscar Mayer is changing EVERY SINGLE HOT DOG. They now have no artificial preservatives in their meat, and they’re also the very first national brand removing ALL added nitrates (except those naturally in celery juice).. And to top it all off, there are no byproducts or filler in meat and beef links!

Oscar Mayer is bringing the hot dog back this summer so get ‘em on yer grill! Now you’ll have to excuse me — I have to run to the store and get some ‘dogs for dinner. Looks like everyone’s going to be happy tonight.

Oscar Mayer is changing every hot dog for the better. Now you can enjoy the great taste you’ve always loved, with no artificial preservatives in all their meat. Why? For the love of hot dogs.