Bye Bye Adult Coloring Books: Paint By Sticker Is Where It's At Now

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Last week, we shared a couple of our favorite “mom life” adult coloring books, and one of our readers commented that she was currently obsessed with “Paint by Sticker” books instead of the traditional crayon/paper method.

She looked like she was having a serious good time in the picture she shared, so of course, we had to see for ourselves.

And thank you, dear reader, because now we are obsessed too. No digging out crayons or your 14 sets of colored pencils. No sharpening needed, and you only have one thing to put away when you are so rudely interrupted by your offspring.

These things are so much fun, and apparently I’ve been in the dark for a while because there’s a bunch to choose from.

Workman Publishing

Richard Merritt / Sabine Reinhart

And the one I picked, because I was having a hard time deciding and opted for a variety:

Workman Publishing

Workman Publishing

Welcome to your new obsession. Forget wine and paint nights, let’s have a sticker book sleepover. In a hotel with room service.

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