120+ Palindrome Names For Girls And Boys You'll Love For Your Baby

120+ Palindrome Names That You’ll Love Forward And Backward

May 24, 2021 Updated May 26, 2021

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When choosing a name for their baby, some parents base their decisions on meanings, particular ethnic origins, or people they admire (both in and out of their own families). For others, it’s more about a certain quality they would like their child to possess, like elegance, a fiery personality, or strength and power — think names that mean fire and warrior names. In contrast, some aren’t necessarily that concerned about the meaning but are looking for a name that’s clever and nuanced — almost like its own little riddle. Admittedly, that’s a pretty specific name search, but as always, we’ve got you covered, this time, with palindrome names.

In case it’s been a while since you learned about palindromes in elementary school, they are words, phrases, and even entire sentences that are spelled the same forward and backward. One of the most famous examples of a palindrome is “Able was I ere I saw Elba,” and is attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte. Still, many scholars believe it appeared years after his death. But for our purposes, it doesn’t matter who said it first — it’s still an example of a palindrome.

One reason the faux Napoleon quote probably started popping up in the mid-19th century is that wordplay like palindromes and anagrams (words or phrases formed by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase) were particularly popular during that period. (Victorians and Georgians knew how to party!)

But palindromes go back much further than that: to approximately 70 B.C.E. to be (semi) exact. They were written in Latin and found in graffiti in the ancient city of Herculaneum, which is now part of modern-day Italy. There is also evidence of palindromes used in ancient Sanskrit and ancient Greek. The word “palindrome” dates back to 1638 and has its roots in ancient Greek. And whether it was ancient times, the Victorian era, or today, there’s a reason people like palindromes: they’re fun and make you think. (OK, technically, that’s two reasons, but you get the picture.)

And to help complete the picture, here are some examples of words, phrases, and entire sentences that are palindromes:

  • Taco cat
  • Borrow or rob?
  • No, Mel Gibson is a casino’s big lemon.
  • King, are you glad you are king?
  • A nut for a jar of tuna.
  • Was it a car or a cat I saw?
  • Madam, in Eden, I’m Adam.
  • Oozy rat in a sanitary zoo.
  • Yo, banana boy!
  • UFO tofu
  • Too bad I hid a boot.
  • Mr. Owl ate my metal worm.
  • Civic
  • Level
  • Radar
  • Aibohphobia (the unofficial name of fear of palindromes)
  • Noon

Love the idea of giving your child a unique name? Here’s a mega-list of palindrome names: some for girls, others for boys, and some that are gender-neutral.

Palindrome Names for Girls

Forward or backward, these palindrome names for girls are pretty stinkin’ cute:

  1. Abeba
  2. Ada
  3. Adharahda
  4. Aeaea
  5. Ahsha
  6. Aidia
  7. Ailia
  8. Ala
  9. Aleela
  10. Alula
  11. Alyla
  12. Ama
  13. Ana/Anna
  14. Anana
  15. Anina
  16. Anona
  17. Arara
  18. Ardra
  19. Arora
  20. Artisitra
  21. Aurorua
  22. Ava
  23. Aviva
  24. Aya
  25. Aziza
  26. Azza
  27. Cec
  28. Eevee
  29. Ege
  30. Elle
  31. Habibah
  32. Halah
  33. Hannah
  34. Havah
  35. Hayah
  36. Ireri
  37. Itati
  38. Ivi
  39. Izzi
  40. Kaylyak
  41. Layal
  42. Lil
  43. Liril
  44. Lyryl
  45. Maham
  46. Mem
  47. Nan
  48. Nin
  49. Non
  50. Rosor
  51. Syny
  52. Viv
  53. Ziliz

Palindrome Names for Boys

These palindrome names for boys are fun and clever, no matter how you read them!

  1. Aoloa
  2. Ata
  3. Ara
  4. Bob
  5. Callac
  6. Davad
  7. Ebbe
  8. Ede
  9. Exe
  10. Idappadi
  11. Iggi
  12. Jaj
  13. Jalaj
  14. JJ
  15. Kanak
  16. Kerek
  17. Kilik
  18. Kook
  19. Kuruk
  20. Lal
  21. Lemel
  22. Luul
  23. Mallam
  24. Mujum
  25. Natan
  26. Neuquén
  27. Nolon
  28. Nosson
  29. Noxon
  30. Odo
  31. Okonoko
  32. Oruro
  33. Otto
  34. Ovidivo
  35. Oyo
  36. Pylyp
  37. Ramar
  38. Rayar
  39. Reinier
  40. Rekker
  41. Renner
  42. Rigir
  43. Rykyr
  44. Rydyr
  45. Sabas
  46. Sagas
  47. Shahs
  48. Silis
  49. Tenet
  50. Tommot
  51. Utu
  52. Vokov
  53. Zoz

Gender-Neutral Palindrome Names

These gender-neutral palindrome names are not only unique — they’ll also grow with your child, regardless of how they identify.

  1. Asa
  2. Efe
  3. Ese
  4. Immi
  5. Isi
  6. Kanak
  7. Laval
  8. Maram
  9. Minim
  10. Neven
  11. Noon
  12. Pip
  13. Redder
  14. Williw
  15. Yanay
  16. Siris