From The Confessional: I'm Panicking About Things Re-Opening

by Cassandra Stone
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With restaurants, playgrounds, museums, and schools reopening during the pandemic, these parents are NOT into it

Despite the fact that we’re still in the middle of a fatal pandemic that is making thousands of people sick each week, the economy has reopened just about everywhere and many people are continuing their lives as if nothing is wrong. The parents featured in these confessions aren’t on board with that AT ALL, and are in fact sharing their anxieties, panic, stress, and more in our confessional.

Some parents feel like they could live in quarantine forever if it meant their families were safe and healthy.

I’m not ready for the world to “reopen and I think doing it this soon is a huge mistake.”

Confessional #25779075

My state is reopening. My governor is a moron. I hope we don’t all die.

Confessional #25777893

I’m really worried about my autistic DS6 missing school but my DH is immuno-compromised. Schools reopening in 2 weeks and I don’t know what to do..

Confessional #25778186

While every activity we all engage in carries some level of risk, a lot of people aren’t factoring risk assessment into their lives at all right now — which, even if it’s unintentional, increases the danger to everyone around them.

Living in the same house as someone else who doesn’t feel the same way about safety during a pandemic is a nightmare, many couples are realizing.

Nothing like a world pandemic to see family's true colors. Good and bad. And if all this doesn't bring husband and I together, when it matters most, nothing will. Filed in August. Time to sign final decree. As soon as courthouses open again.

Confessional #25772873

I'm so disappointed in who DH is showing himself to be during the pandemic. He's selfish, short-sighted and acting like a complete jerk. I'm not sure I can move on from this- thinking about planning my out.

Confessional #25787591

Play dates are also a huge topic of controversy right now — some parents haven’t been social distancing from their friends and neighbors this entire time. Other parents still aren’t letting their kids play with other kids, even if the government decided the economy can reopen.

The pandemic has allowed me to not let my kids have play dates. Things are opening back up but I don’t want to let them play with other kids. Has nothing to do with the virus. I just don’t want to have to deal with the parents and their kids.

Confessional #25784486

I sometimes forget what’s going on, and feel ok. Then I get an email about e-learning or Zoom play dates, or I check the news and see the numbers of deaths, illnesses, and jobless creeping up, up, up... and it all comes crashing down again.

Confessional #25773810

It’s also hard when other family members are totally okay with things reopening again, plan to go out, and still want to be around you and your family.

My dumbass MIL is going out to eat in restaurants unmasked and is also going to stay with us during vacation. I am HIGHLY annoyed.

Confessional #25787504

My BIL won't fucking stay home. His idiot wife (my SIL) calls me daily crying that he's staying out all night drinking. Apparently the lockdown doesn't apply to him and his fuck head friends. I hate that prick!

Confessional #25775259

I am so hungry. I really want good restaurant food but am afraid of getting sick from some poor restaurant worker who had to come to work sick since they don’t get any paid sick leave.

Confessional #25772722

Though lots of people are saying things like “do what’s best for you and your family” and encouraging people who are “afraid” to just “stay home,” that’s not how public health works. If these people are okay with dining in restaurants and getting “back to normal life,” then they’ve probably been okay with risky behavior and activities this entire time.

Which just adds to the dread and panic over everything reopening, in addition to cases spiking as things reopen all over the country. Just remember: you’re not obligated to see people who have a different grasp on the risks than you do!

If we end up under another lockdown because people won't wear their masks, that's fine by me. We saved nearly $3k on daycare fees last time AND I don't have to see my inlaws? Win/win.

Confessional #25787249

I don’t like how quickly my community is “returning to normal from COVID quarantine plus how people act like it never happened. Did they forget people died? Wish people cared enough about their fellow man and wear masks and gloves again.”

Confessional #25783599

Genuinely worried with so many people not social distancing or wearing masks. Parents letting their kids hang w/friends. Don’t feel comfortable being my colleagues because they are these people.

Confessional #25782785

I swear to God, if my grandchild gets covid because they keep letting friends and relatives come over without masks, I'll fucking kill them!

Confessional #25781389

It’s okay to not feel ready. No one should feel ready to “get back to normal” when things are far from normal. If you need to see that there are many like-minded people out there, check out our confessions.

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