Panera Offers Double Bread Bowls Now Because Diets Are Stupid

by Christina Marfice
Image via Panera Bread

Panera is sabotaging swimsuit season in the most delicious possible way

Remember last summer, when Panera raised our carb-loving hopes and then dashed them all in one fell swoop by announcing double bread bowls — and then only offering them in Philadelphia? Sure, it was a test run. But does something like a double-freaking-bread bowl need to be tested, Panera? Like you don’t already know it’ll be a smash hit?

It wasn’t fair to gift all that carby goodness to just one city, as we already know. And apparently this completely unnecessary “test” went well (shocker, we know), so Panera is finally expanding sales of its double bread bowls nationwide. Get ready to dig in.

Image via Panera Bread

Look, it’s basically the end of February. If you had a New Year’s resolution to drop a few pounds or get in shape and you’ve held it together for this long, you’re already a winner and you deserve to treat yo’self. Diets are stupid anyway. You know what’s not stupid? Not having to choose between your two favorite soup flavors. Or even soup and mac and cheese. Have both sides filled with the same flavor soup if that’s really what you feel in your heart to be right. Go crazy. Panera said you could.

Personally, I’ve always struggled to decide between the broccoli cheddar and the tomato. Sure, the option has always been there to just get two bread bowls — one filled with each delicious soup variety — but then you’re the weirdo ordering two bread bowls full of soup and eating them alone. This way, you’re still getting two bread bowls full of soup and eating them alone, but since they’re combined, it’s one food item, ergo perfectly acceptable for one person to consume solo.

I mean, or you could share it. But let’s be honest with ourselves and just recognize from the get-go that that’s not going to happen.

As far as what you can fill your two bread cavities with? Well, according to Panera, there’s a whopping 90 possible combinations. We’re not saying you shouldn’t try them all. But maybe consider pacing yourself. Each double bread bowl is an entire loaf of bread, after all. Yes, a full loaf.

This is such good news, we’re obviously not the only ones celebrating. The internet is, unsurprisingly, here for the nationwide carb overload that’s about to occur.

And since this is the internet and we can’t ever get along, even about a bread loaf filled with two times the deliciousness, there are some skeptics, too.

Yes, that middle bread chunk is a wild ride. A wild ride of flavor that I can’t wait to have in and around my mouth.

The bread bowls are reportedly already available, but some locations appear to be a little slower with the rollout than others, as evidenced by a tweet from someone who ordered a double bread bowl and received two regular bread bowls, which is honestly tragic.

The only way to know whether they’re available at your local Panera is to go and order one. Or several. We’re here for the carbs, and we’re not judging.