Some Genius Gave Your Favorite Childhood Books A Hilarious Makeover

by Maria Guido
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‘Paperback Paradise’ revamps the covers of classic children’s books

We didn’t have iPhones, iPads, Play Station Portables, and any of those other things kids love to carry around these days — so we carried around books. You may have some fond memories of all of those books: Sweet Valley High, Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, anything by Judy Blume.

If you think back to those covers, you will remember something you may have overlooked at the time… the art is laughable and kind of creepy. Some genius decided to run with the hilarity of it all and created a Twitter account called “Paperback Paradise.” It describes itself as “The world’s #1 used book store.” It’s not.

Rather, it’s a place where all those old pastel-painted covers get some headline revamps that will have you wishing some of these books actually existed.

The Sweet Valley High girls were pretty creepy. Please keep them coming. These are too good to stop.

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