Parents Believe World Revolves Around Child's Nap Schedule, Text Neighbor Relentlessly

by Maria Guido
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Parents send the most annoying texts you’ve ever seen to “loud” neighbor

A man took to Imgur this week to vent about his neighbors. When you see the texts, you’ll understand why.

“On March 19th of this year, we got new neighbors,” user ChefShwasty writes on Imgur. “I put my shoes on, went down, and introduced myself. I gave them my phone number, and told them that if they needed anything, please don’t hesitate to ask. I also mentioned that I have an electronic drum kit and that I only really use it a few times a week, for half an hour, around 4-o’clock when I get off work.”

He sounds lovely, right? How often have you had new neighbors bother to come by and introduce themselves? It’s a nice gesture. “I asked her that if is ever a bother, or wakes up the baby, or if we’re ever too loud at ALL, to please let us know. Now, I had done this with all previous tenants, and never gotten one complaint.”

The very next morning he got this text (the words “drinking” in her text autocorrected from “drumming”).

Then it began. He couldn’t make a peep in his apartment without his neighbor texting to complain. Behold, the most annoying neighbors in the history of ever.

Okay, this is already getting really annoying, and he’s still being nice.

“My friend arrived around 4:30PM, and we didn’t go back into the back room until about 6:30ish. Mind you, this is a Friday, and there’s lots of fiestas in our complex. Noise is not unusual,” he explains. “Within fifteen minutes, the man of the house (let’s call him… Mr. Whiny-pants) came sprinting up the stairs, and pounded on our door. He demanded that we stop, and paced back and forth in front of the door while he spoke.”

Yikes. You cannot demand silence at 6:45 pm. You just can’t. I lived in Brooklyn for years, and these are the kind of neighbors that make your life a living hell. If you want silence, do not move to the city. No one is entitled to silence in cities, ever. That’s just how it works.

So basically he’s just walking in his own apartment and they’re complaining. The worst part about this story is — they guy drums with headphones. They are literally complaining about the noise the sticks make when the drums hit his insulated pads.


This is where he finally stopped replying. He should really be a parent. He has an unusual amount of patience.

The whole story is outlined on Imgur, and it’s enough to give you hives. The few times he didn’t comply to their outrageous requests, the neighbors became irate and arrived at his door, yelling. Now he’s afraid he’s going to be evicted. All because one set of parents believes the world should revolve around their child’s nap schedule.


“I know this may not seem like a big deal… but drumming has helped me through a lot of bad times in my life, and I feel grounded when I do it. I don’t know how many of you have a ritual or practice that helps you stave off depression, but this was mine. And not only have they taken it from me, they flaunt it to me,” he writes.

He’s received a notice from the apartment management (obviously inspired by all of his neighbor’s complaining) that he’s no longer allowed to drum in his apartment. He still receives texts about music, or anything else he dares turn on.

No. No. NO.

Trying to control not only your environment, but the environment of everyone around you is entitlement at its finest. Your baby will learn to nap through noise. Or — here’s an idea — soundproof your own apartment, assholes.

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