3 Great Reasons To See Scary Mommy Live: The Mother Of All Comedy Shows

by Team Scary Mommy
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Get ready to chuckle, guffaw, and LOL. The smart, biting humor Scary Mommy jam packs into its online articles and social media will soon be featured in a live, interactive showcase on a stage near you. Scary Mommy Live is coming, and you’re gonna want to be there to see it.

  1. You Deserve a Break, Mama

Whether you’re shredding it in the corporate jungle or chasing after little monkeys all day in your house (or both), you deserve a fun night out. Did you know that attending live comedy shows is good for your health? From relieving stress to stimulating your brain to burning calories (yes, for real), comedy might ACTUALLY be the best medicine. So, consider this your prescription.

  1. This Show is SOOOOO Scary Mommy

Scary Mommy is the #1 media and entertainment brand for all moms in the country, reaching millions of women a day with amazing content that showcases humor, compassion, and empowerment. From parenting highs and lows, to news and celebrity gossip, to honest POVs on everything important to women, Scary Mommy tells it like it is. Scary Mommy Live will bring that voice to life through performances from comedians who feel your pain and speak your truths. Plus, you’ll see exclusive video content with cameos from your favorite Scary Mommy personalities. (We <3 Madge The Vag.)

  1. It’s Not Just Jokes About Dirty Diapers

“Kids, amiright?” Sure the show will feature humor about the trials and tribulations of being a parent — it IS Scary Mommy — but who wants to listen to talk about kids the whole time on your one night away from them? There’s so much more to laugh at in life, and you’ll get to enjoy a broad range of talented and funny stand-up stars.

Scary Mommy Live is the perfect show for date night, moms’ night out, or if you’re just on the verge of losing it and NEED some laughs (which, if you’re like us, is pretty much every day). So visit to get more info about upcoming show locations and dates, and get your tickets early — because you don’t want to miss the Mother of All Comedy Shows!

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