5 Things That Happen When You Get A Brazilian

by Amber Dorsey
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Woman in colorful panties crossing her hands over her crotch after getting a Brazilian
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As a woman, personal maintenance is something that kind of goes with the territory of womanhood. It’s absolutely a choice on whether you even want to engage in it and if so, how far are you willing to go? Keep it nice and neat with a simple trim? Get creative with a design? Dare to go totally bare? There are SO many options!

When you’re a busy mother, personal maintenance is less of a priority than it was when you were single and trying to catch or how it was in the early stages of your relationship when you actually shaved your legs for a date.

However, once you get on the waxing train, it’s kind of hard to get off. Recently, my new friend Sara of Naturel Lash & Brow gave me a life changing Brazilian. I say life changing because it had been years since I had a professional wax (let alone one so risque) and it was like discovering a whole new side to myself. Naturally I shared my excitement with my girls in a group chat and we started talking about the kinds of things that happen once you get a Brazilian. Me being who I am, I thought I’d share those thoughts with you.

1. You reach new levels of intimacy……with a stranger.

Let’s just be honest, in order to get a proper Brazilian wax your technician has to get all up close and personal and you had better be pretty comfortable with that. It’s a strange thing having another person so close to your nether regions and you might feel like you need to take them to dinner later, but it’s totally worth it.

2. You start looking at “sexified” undies on Amazon.

Suddenly your regular regular underwear just won’t cut it and you’ll feel the need to step your game up. Because comfort is key but you’ve got your sexy back and need to see it as well as feel it. And let me just tell you there are some pretty fun ones out there.

3. You become kind of a bad ass.

I don’t know if it’s the rush from the ripping of the wax or the result of knowing there is negative hair down there but after a good Brazilian your inner bad ass comes out and you kind of feel like you can take on the world. You just willfully ripped hair from your nether regions. There is NOTHING you cannot handle.

4. You start to wonder if you’re the only one with a….secret.

For some reason, after a certain age you seem to discuss your maintenance matters less and less with your girlfriends. So it’s only fair that after a wax you suddenly start to wonder if you’re the only one who’s been missing out or the only one still going through with it.

5. You have the sex.

You could be totally mad at your partner and just not even be feeling them at the moment, but get a Brazilian and see what happens. Suddenly, you are very aware of what’s happening downstairs and you kind of want to share that with somebody.

In short, you get your groove all the way back. Particularly if you haven’t had a wax in a while. And I don’t mean the kind you give yourself in a rush on date night. I mean, what you get when you have a certified aesthetician get all up in there.

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