50 Clever Home Products With Near-Perfect Amazon Reviews That Are Shockingly Under $30

No need to break the bank to significantly improve your space.

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Whether you’re looking to solve an annoying home problem or simply add some elevated touches, there’s a clever product on Amazon just waiting for you to discover its life-changing power. And Amazon reviewers are pretty vocal about their likes and dislikes, so when an item has near-perfect reviews, you know it’s legit.

To make your shopping life infinitely better (OK, maybe not infinitely better, but pretty close) I rounded up the coolest, most clever home items you can by on Amazon that are vetted by people who actually use the products, including a cocktail carafe, silicone oven mitts, and an herb saver. The products also happen to be affordable at under $30, so it’s a win-win all around.


This Door Draft Stopper To Keep Everything Out

These door draft stoppers will keep out cold or hot air, but it’ll also protect your home from intrusive insects and obnoxious noises from outside. Extra strong adhesive keeps the stopper attached to your interior or exterior door. Choose from five colors to match your space. One satisfied shopper noted, “I used this on my fiberglass front door. It sticks perfectly & its nice and thick. I like that it's a 2 pack in the event that something happens to the first one. Great value.”


These Best-Selling Stove Gap Covers To Catch The Crumbs

Food inevitably falls in the cracks between the stove and the kitchen counter, but not with this affordable two-pack of stove gap covers. The gap covers come in four size options to sit perfectly in place on any stovetop. With nearly 50,000 positive ratings on Amazon, you know these silicone covers will get the job done.


This Grippy Bath Tub Mat That’s Machine Washable

Ideal for kids or anyone who’s prone to slipping in the shower, this bath tub and shower mat offers excellent slip-resistance thanks to the secure suction cups. Made of soft and durable vinyl with a textured surface, the machine-washable mat gives you a comfortable place to stand or sit while showering or in the tub. When it’s ready for a freshening up, simply toss it in the washing machine.


This Machine-Washable Doormat For Indoor Or Outdoor Use

If you’re looking for a doormat that you can throw in the washing machine after it starts to look dirty (which is inevitable for all rugs), go for this anti-slip doormat. It has a unique, low-profile mesh design that traps in dirt but still manages to feel soft under foot. Choose from six colors and two sizes and use this mat indoors or outdoors.


This Wall Outlet Extender With Its Own Shelf

If you need more plugs in your life, this wall outlet extender is the way to do it. Not only does it have five outlets, three USB ports, and one USB-C port, the three-sided power strip has a detachable shelf on top and an LED smart night light.


This Wireless Doorbell That Can Be Personalized To Your Liking

This weatherproof, wireless doorbell offers several features that are way cooler than a regular doorbell. Not only can you choose from five doorbell colors, you can also choose from over 50 chimes — and the 1,000-foot range means it can work in large spaces. The doorbell, which has amassed more than 17,000 perfect ratings to date, can even be used as an emergency alert button (though it won’t capture any video). One shopper noted, “This is a very excellent and easy to install door bell. I am amazed that it costs so little.”


This Expandable Pot & Pan Organizer Rack

Designed for easy stacking, this expandable pot and pan organizer comes with enough adjustable compartments for 10 pans. Any size pan or lid will fit thanks to the telescoping design, and shoppers love how it brings order to everything from cooling racks and cookie sheets to cutting boards and skillets.


This Cult-Fave Pet Hair Remover

With more than 113,000 perfect ratings, this pet hair remover promises to rid your living space of a heck of a lot of hair. The unique design traps fur and lint into a built-in receptacle that can easily be emptied. One shopper gushed, “This dog brush roller tool has completely transformed my cleaning routine! It's hands down the best tool I've ever used, and I can't sing its praises enough.”


These Eco-Friendly Swedish Dishcloths

This 10-pack of ultra-absorbent Swedish dish clothes can effectively clean up a spill, wipe a table, or clean dishes while saving on sponges and paper towels. In fact, one of these dishcloth is the equivalent of a whopping 15 paper towels. They’re machine washable and come in eight colors, too.


This Cold Brew Kit For Saving Money By Brewing Your Own

Skip the line at Starbucks and brew your own coffee with this cold brew maker from Coffee Gator. The kit comes with a sturdy borosilicate glass carafe, an ultra-fine mesh filter, a scoop, and a funnel — you just need to add coffee grounds and water, then pour from the precision spout. One shopper summarized, “The result is a rich, flavorful coffee concentrate that's perfect for mixing with milk or water.”


These Cutting Boards With Grippy Handles To Keep Them In Place

You can’t go wrong with this three-pack of sturdy cutting boards. A small, medium, and large plastic cutting board are included, each featuring an easy-grip handle you can hold onto to keep the board from moving around while you’re dicing and chopping. Plus, there’s a juice groove to prevent liquid mess from leaking out onto your counters. Choose from five colors.


This Digital Food Scale With Over 121,000 Five-Star Reviews

While this small digital kitchen scale won’t take up too much space on your counter or in a drawer, it’s packs in all the features you’d expect from a kitchen scale — and everyone from people eating keto to those living with diabetes love it for its ease of use. It offers four units of measurement, down to the gram, with an 11-pound capacity.


This Shower Drain Protector That Catches All The Hair

This ingenious shower drain protector collects hair inside the drain, wrapping the hair around it, without disrupting the flow of water. To clean, all you have to do is remove the middle part and wipe the hair away. Made of durable stainless steel, this is one small-but-mighty shower accessory you’ll appreciate for years to come.


This Quick-Dry Bath Mat That Fits Under Doors

Your bathroom door won’t get caught on this quick-dry bath mat, as it’s thin enough to fit under doors. The super-absorbent faux suede mat has a nonslip grip on the bottom and comes in nine colors and seven sizes, so you’re sure to find one that works for your space.


This Expandable Colander That Fits Over A Sink & Makes Your Life Better

This over-the-sink colander basket is a popular choice for chefs, amateur cooks, and everyone in between. The colander can hold a large amount of food and can even be used as a dish rack. One shopper noted, “This colander expands to fit across your sink from front to back. It is perfect for draining pastas, rinsing and draining canned goods such as beans, prepping berries,and so on.” Choose from 12 colors.


These Glass Carafe Pitchers For Your Next Party

Break out these glass carafe pitchers to add a touch of fancy to any gathering. They’re available in packs of two or four and come with lids to help prevent spills. (Cocktails and mocktails are way less fun spilled). When not mixing up yummy drinks or serving wine, you can also use these elegant carafes for fruit or herb-infused water.


This Set Of Space-Saving Pantry Organizer

If your pantry is overflowing, this over-the-door pantry organizer will clear up some space and give you easy access to your most-used items. You get two organizers in the set, and each one has 24 clear pockets that can hold everything from condiments to spices to coffee pods. Shoppers report also using them for cleaning closet supplies and bathroom organization.


These Small Glass Food Containers For Purées & More

Make meal prep and recipe-following easier with these sturdy, 5-ounce glass food storage containers that are just the right size for spices, chopped herbs, and more. The six dishwasher-safe containers come with airtight, leakproof lids, which are ideal for storing purées, dips, condiments, and other liquids, too. Choose from round or square shaped containers.


These Under-Cabinet LED Lights That Set The Ambiance

For just over $20 you can add ambient lighting to your kitchen counter space with this three-pack of LED under-cabinet lights. The tap-on set also comes with a remote control so you can adjust the brightness and even set an auto timer. “I love everything about these lights,” one shopper raved, adding, “[I] have them hanging where i cant reach them so the remote is a plus. i love that you can dim them. I actually bought another set because iloved them so much! They come with sticky tape to hang or screws.”


This Storage Solution For Re-Using Plastic Shopping Bags

Instead of throwing away the plastic bags you get from stores, you can save them for later use with this plastic bag holder. It can be mounted (with included hardward) to a wall or inside a cabinet or closet. One shopper raved, “I put this on the inside of my cabinet door under the sink and I use it constantly. Love that the product keeps my bags out of sight.”


The Clear Storage Bins That Can Organize Your Life

These plastic storage bins are perfect for organizing so many areas of your life, including your cleaning supplies, fridge, closet, office, pantry, batteries, and more. The deep bins come with handles for easy carrying and are offered in two-, four-, six-, and eight-packs.


These Silicone Oven Mitts With Phenomenal Reviews

These silicone oven mitts are so good at preventing hand, wrist, and forearm burns, over 23,000 people have awarded them a five-star rating. One shopper noted, “These oven mitts are great. They’re [high] on my arm so I don’t have to worry about hitting the racks. They’re easy to wipe down, too.” These durable, machine-washable oven mitts come in 12 colors and two sizes.


These Refrigerator Liners That Also Work In Drawers

The beauty of these refrigerator liners is that they are sized to fit on standard refrigerator shelves, but if they’re too big, they can be trimmed. They come in five color options, including the featured multi-color pack, as well as basic white. They’re easy to clean, nonslip, and made from a BPA-free material.


This Toothbrush Holder That’s Big Enough For The Whole Family

Not only is there room in this toothbrush holder for four toothbrushes and a couple of toothpaste containers and floss, the slots are wide enough to hold most electric toothbrushes. It’s available in stainless steel or white and in sizes small (featured) and large. The detachable base makes it easy to keep clean, too.


This Paper Towel Holder That Can Hold Rolls Of Different Sizes

Place this chic chrome paper towel holder on your countertop for easy access or in a cabinet to keep it accessible but out of sight. It’s large enough to hold a variety of paper towel sizes, including extra-large Costco ones. As one shopper attested, “It's sturdy and high quality. It looks exactly like it does it the picture. Very shiny and sleek.”


This Genius All-In-One Soap Dispenser & Sponge Holder

This large-capacity soap dispenser can hold up to 13 ounces of fluid dish soap, saving you from having to constantly fill it up. A tray on top of the dispenser holds a sponge, and with a one-handed press, soap is dispensed directly into the sponge — so you’re ready to clean your dishes without any unnecessary steps. Choose from three colors.


This Cooking Tongs Set With Every Size You Need

If you’re only in need of tongs, you can buy this pack of three nonstick tongs in a convenient set of small, medium, and large. The silicone-tipped tongs are heat-resistant up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit and dishwasher safe. There’s even a locking mechanism so you can keep them closed during storage.


These Ice Cube Molds In Both Square & Cubes

The right ice cubes can add a fancy touch to whiskey drinks or cocktails, which is exactly what you get with these square and sphere silicone ice cube molds. As a bonus, the molds can also be used to freeze baby food. Offered in three colors, each mold can hold six ice cubes (or spheres).


These Top-Rated Refrigerator Bins

Refrigerator organization isn’t always easy to achieve, but this eight-pack of refrigerator organizer bins can absolutely help. The highly rated set is ideal for storing produce, cans, beverages, condiments, and more. One shopper raved, “These products offer you the opportunity to neatly store your groceries in a very effective organized fashion. Well worth the price.” Choose from packs of two, four, six, eight, 10, or 14.


These Food Containers For Cereal, Snacks, & More

These food containers with airtight lids don’t just help you clear up space in your pantry, they also give you easy access to cereal, snacks, beans, or whatever you want to store. The three containers come with labels and a chalk pen so everyone in the family knows what’s inside. And with several multi-pack sizes available, including a whopping 14-piece set, you’ll be able to store all your faves like a pro.


These Rug Grippers That Prevent Tripping

Certain rugs just won’t stop curling at the corners, so if you can’t get yours to lay flat, try these popular rug grippers. A V-shaped corner piece sticks to each corner of a rug via weatherproof adhesive. And since the adhesive sticks to the rug, not the floor, you can feel confident they won’t leave residue behind. Choose from four-, eight-, or 12-packs.


This Large-Capacity Stainless Steel Utensil Holder

This stainless steel kitchen utensil holder can hold the 15 utensils you access the most while cooking. It has room for spatulas, soup ladles, spoons, whisks, tongs and more. And thanks to the removable base that comes with a drain hole, you can actually keep it clean.


This Mop & Broom Holder With Over 28,000 Ratings

This mop and broom holder doesn’t just hold cleaning supplies, it also works for baseball bats, tennis rackets, fly swatters, and anything with long handles. One shopper noted, “It was really easy to install, and it holds all of my different floor cleaning tools. The hooks are great to hang extra items.” No wonder it’s amassed nearly 30,000 perfect ratings to date.


These Storage Bag Organizers For Under The Bed

Make use of that space under your bed with these low-profile storage bag organizers. They’re ideal for storing off-season clothing, toys, linens, and more — and thanks to their handles and transparent plastic covers, you can easily grab what you need when the time comes. Two boxes come in a pack, and you can choose from three color options.


This Two-Tiered Bamboo Lazy Susan

This two-tiered lazy Susan exists to make your life in the kitchen easier. Whether you put it on the table, in a cabinet or the pantry, or out on a countertop, it’ll help you save space and access your items quicker. The bamboo construction is easy to care for and looks aesthetically pleasing to boot.


A Silicone Dish Drying Mat That Doubles As An Air Fryer Mat

This dish drying mat is designed with raised ridges to maximize air flow so even the inside of your dishes dry. The mat is waterproof, heat resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, and easy to clean thanks to its dishwasher-safe silicone build. Fans report using it for everything from an air fryer mat to a place to set hot dishes coming out of the oven. Since it comes in four sizes, you should be able to find one that fits perfectly on your countertop.


These Sturdy Fabric Storage Cubes That Are Perfect For Toys (& So Much More)

Whether you use these collapsible fabric storage cubes to store your child’s toys or you use them for household items storage, they’ll keep things accessible, but hidden. The pack includes six storage cubes that come in eight colors and two sizes. With 94,000+ ratings, these are some of the most popular cube storage bins around.


These Drawer Organizers For Your Socks & Undies

The size of each compartment in these drawer organizer dividers is perfect for underwear and socks. Each organizer features 24 cells, so you can store a heck of a lot of undergarments in the three-piece set. There’s even an option for a bra organizer. Whichever you choose, they come in packs of three and are available in 10 colors.

One shopper gushed, “This organizer is a laundry time saver! We can seamlessly move from home to vacationing in the blink of an eye; we just pack it all in the suitcase and roll!”


This Space-Saving Rotating Makeup Organizer

This 360-degree rotating makeup organizer gives you access to all of your makeup with a simple spin. It has plenty of space for cosmetics, nail polish, lotions, brushes, perfumes, and more. It comes in clear, black, or white finishes.

One shopper noted, “Easy to put together and holds up well under the weight of my cologne bottles. Also the adjustable racks help with different sized bottles as well. A real spacesaver.”


This Expandable Bamboo Drawer Organizer

Instead of just throwing your kitchen utensils in a drawer and hoping you’ll be able to find them again, opt for this bamboo drawer organizer to make life easier. It fits in a standard drawer and can be expanded to add more compartments.


These Luxe Velvet Hangers That Save A Surprising Amount Of Space

If you have a hard time fitting all your clothes in your closet, try using these space-saving velvet hangers. They’re a lot thinner than plastic hangers, so right away, you’ll notice more room. And the soft, velvet construction adds a touch of polish to your wardrobe. Choose from eight colors.


This Popular Stackable Organizer For Canned Foods

With almost 40,000 perfect ratings, it’s clear that this stackable can rack organizer is helpful in the kitchen. The rack can store up to 36 cans and can be adjusted to fit cans of different sizes. One shopper reported, “No more having to move many cans to see what we have on-hand. Makes meal planning easy and no more needless spending on items we already have, but didn't know we have.”


These Ultra-Sharp Chef Knives In Various Color Options

Even if you’re not a professional chef, you can pretend to be when using this professional kitchen knife set. With blades in varying lengths, the set of six sharp knives will help you cut with precision. Choose from five colors.

One shopper raved, “I really like this knife set. They are pretty, lightweight, easy to hold, and mine came very sharp. I love also that they have a sleeve, allowing me to clean them up real quick and put them back into the sleeve.”


This Organizer That’ll Finally Give You A Place To Store Food Container Lids

Finding a spot to store food container lids can be a pain, but not with this food container lid organizer. It comes in two sizes — both with adjustable dividers to bring order to all your lid clutter. Store as many as 28 lids, though storage capacity will vary depending on lid size.


This Game-Changing Shower Caddy Organizer

If you need extra space in your shower to hold your essentials, you’re going to be thrilled with this stainless steel shower caddy shelf organizer. The two shelves are mounted with strong, non-marking adhesive that can hold up to 40 pounds. Need even more storage space? Spring for the four-shelf set that lets you store every product you (or your whole family) love.


These Apothecary Jars For Your Tiniest Toiletries

These clear plastic apothecary jars feature bamboo lids and the perfect amount of room for your Q-tips, cotton swabs, flossers, bath salts, and more. You even get pre-printed labels and six blank labels to give your jars that Home Edit vibe. Choose from a two-, three-, or four-pack.


These Oversized Storage Bags That’ll Clear Up Closet Space

Everyone enjoys extra closet space, and you can achieve it by placing your off-season clothes or extra linens and blankets in these large storage bags, which boast enough room to store one King comforter or 35 shirts. The bags come in four colors and two sizes, and you can choose from a pack of three, four, six, eight, or 10.


This Oil Dispenser Set With Built-In Measurements

Not only will this olive oil dispenser set — that comes with airtight pouring spouts and labels — give you a convenient way to pour cooking oils, it also features built-in measurements so you can skip finding the measuring cups and having to wash them.

One shopper noted, “I cook with extra virgin olive oil and finally just bought a big bottle. Filling one of these bottles and using it is so much easier than even using a smaller bottle from the grocery store because I have more control over the amount I'm pouring.”


This Herb Saver To Prolong The Life Of Fresh Greens

If you tend to use a lot of herbs when you cook, you can’t go wrong with this herb savor pod. Simply wash and pat dry the herbs, put them into the BPA-free plastic pod, and add fresh water through the tethered cap every 3 to 5 days. It fits into most fridge doors and leaves you with fresh, crisp herbs for up to three times longer than they’d typically last, according to the brand.


These Stackable Storage Boxes For Bringing Order To Shoe Chaos

Shoes are notoriously hard to store, but thanks to this 10-pack of stackable plastic bins, you can bring order to your footwear mess. The bins are transparent for easy identification of what’s inside, and they’re even foldable to store them flat when not in use.

One shopper raved, “I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I am a size 9-10 shoe/boot, and I did not think my boots would fit! They actually fit perfectly, even the ones with heels.”

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