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'All My Mom Friends Are Alcoholics'

In the latest Confessions roundup, 15 parents share about teenagers, Disney trips, baby fever, and more.

by Emma Coburn

It’s one of the worst-kept secrets about motherhood: making mom friends can be really hard. Even once you find your “crew,” it can still be a struggle to feel like you fit in, and balance socializing for yourself with your full calendar of work, kids’ extracurriculars, and birthday parties. This week, one reader shares that hanging out with other moms has become awkward since she doesn’t want to drink anymore — while another confesses the worry that her mom friends might secretly hate her. Read on for more confessions about teenagers, Disney trips, boring husbands, and more.

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I think my husband is really boring in social situations.

Confessional #71992873

I can’t seem to connect with my teenage daughter...I feel like all I do is yell

Confessional #78192882

I’m jealous of other moms who have so much help from grandparents

Confessional #76129838

I have a love-hate relationship with being a working mom.

Confessional #78819287

Over everyone telling me their issues when no one listens to me

Confessional #71829923

I feel ‘friended’ by my husband now that we’ve been together for nearly 30 years. Do I leave?

Confessional #71829388

Girls trip tomorrow and I’m not feeling it. Want my bed instead.

Confessional #71829388

We’re going to Disney this month and have never been broker

Confessional #71829837

Am I having inklings of baby fever? IN THIS ECONOMY?

Confessional #78182098

I want to buy a condo near my grandkids in another city. Afraid their parents will freak out.

Confessional #71820019

My husband just asked for a divorce but I don’t want to give up yet. I feel sick.

Confessional #71829381

I wish my husband was more involved with me and the kids

Confessional #71829387

My kids are getting older and I’m feeling sad because I don’t feel needed anymore.

Confessional #71826543

I made some mom friends but constantly worry they secretly hate me

Confessional #71829878

All my mom friends are alcoholics. I want to quit drinking but it’s awk socially

Confessional #79102938