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Moms Are Sharing The Names Their Kids Have Chosen For Them & It's Hilarious

Not everyone gets called "Mom" or "Mama," even if they might want to.

Queer parents — and others — are sharing the untraditional (and hilarious) names that their kids cal...
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A lot of women deal with hearing a never-ending stream of “Mom!” or “Mama!” shouted at them throughout the day (and, who are we kidding, also at night). The name can be seen as a badge of honor, a label that’s hard to shake, and, for many, an integral part of they we are.

And then there are the parents who let their kids choose the name they call them — and there’s no stopping them.

Over on TikTok, Stacey Green (@staceygreenliving) shared a video lamenting that she allowed her son to pick what he calls her, and now she’s stuck with a name she’s not thrilled with.

“My wife and I have a son together and one of the most common questions that we got at the beginning was, ‘What’s he going to call you? You’re not both going to be mom, because that’s wicked confusing,” she began her video, which has racked up almost a million views in a week. “And we always said, ‘We’re going to let him decide. He’s going to set the pace.’”

But letting a small child “set the pace” had some unforeseen consequences, as it often does.

“It started out that I was Mummy and my wife was Mama,” she continued. “But it’s developed into a real formal version of that. He calls me Mummy Stacey. And I hate it. It’s like we’re at a business meeting. Like, we’re not peers, bro.”

She’s tried to backtrack, but what’s done is done.

“I’ve tried to break him of it,” she said. “Like, you can just call me Mummy, I’m the only one! But he doesn’t. That’s not how he address me, and he never will.”

But things could still be worse.

“My 15 year old calls me brah, so it could be worse,” she added with a laugh.

The lesson to learn?

“If you’re thinking about letting your children choose, do not,” she concluded. “It could backfire. I thought it was going to be something real cute. But it’s something I would receive from the government.”

Down in the comments, other queer parents chimed in about how they decided on names and labels when there was more than one mom or dad in the family. And a lot of the time, nope, it was not up to them once their kids landed on something that worked for them.

“My two year old has started calling me ‘Other Mom.’ So that’s fun,” one person shared.

“My son called me ‘Mama Car’ and my spouse ‘Mama Truck,’ cuz I drove a car and them a truck,” another said.

“A family I used to sit for had Mom-L and Mom-D,” another person said. “They tried for cute names and instead got initials like when there are too many of a name in a class.”

And lots of parents from straight relationships added that even if you are the only mom or dad in the house, things can still go off the rails.

“My kiddo calls my husband ‘babe!’ with the same inflection as me,” one woman shared.

“My brother called my mum Margaret for years. Her name isn’t even slightly similar,” another wrote.

“My son calls my husband by his first name because I’ve yelled it enough.”

One thing everyone could agree on? When the teen years hit, all moms are BRUH.

“I’m glad it’s not just my 16 year old who calls me bruh,” one person shared.

“As a parent of a 17 year old, I am also BRUH,” another commiserated.

But things could get better... kind of.

“My son is now 19,” one person wrote. “I have now graduated from Bruh to Chief.”

Baby steps?