60+ Popular And Meaningful Aztec Names For Your Sweet Little Tot

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If you’re searching for the perfect baby name and still haven’t found the one for your little one, you may want to consider one of these dozens of meaningful and historically rich Aztec names for girls or boys, or others that are gender-neutral. Think back to your elementary or high school world history class. You probably learned about different dominant civilizations that lived in parts of Mesoamerica and South America prior to the arrival of European settlers, including the Aztecs, Mayas, and Incas. We won’t get into a history lesson here (as you can imagine, like any colonization situation, this doesn’t end well for the Indigenous Peoples), but we will point out that like the other civilizations, the Aztecs built an advanced society with their own political, social, religious, and commercial structures.

The Aztecs were also relatively diverse — made up of people from a variety of different tribes and ethnicities, though many spoke the Nahuatl language. Aztec people often were named after aspects of nature: whether it was a type of weather, plant, animal, an element, or something in the night sky. Although the precise origins of the Aztec people are unknown, it is thought that they started off as nomadic hunter-gatherers, so the special devotion and attention to nature makes sense, given the lifestyle.

In addition to nature, Aztec names frequently came from religion: specifically, the culture’s gods and goddesses. Other times, Aztec boys were named after famous warriors — though the general population wasn’t allowed to name their children after Aztec nobility (male or female). Aztec names for girls also included meaningful words or phrases, like “you will always be loved” and “forever.” If you’re looking for just a bit of inspiration, check out our extensive — and growing list — ahead.

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Aztec Names for Girls

  1. Amoztli

Meaning: Book Origin: Aztec

  1. Atzi

Meaning: Rain Origin: Aztec

  1. Chiconahui

Meaning: Hearth-goddess Origin: Aztec

  1. Chimalma

Meaning: Shield-bearer Origin: Aztec

  1. Citlalic

Meaning: A rising star Origin: Aztec

  1. Coaxoch

Meaning: Serpent flower Origin: Aztec

  1. Itzpapalotl

Meaning: Name of famous Aztec female warrior Origin: Aztec

  1. Metztli

Meaning: Goddess of night Origin: Aztec

  1. Necahual

Meaning: Survivor Origin: Aztec

  1. Nenetl

Meaning: Doll Origin: Aztec

  1. Quetzal

Meaning: Precious flower or queen Origin: Aztec

  1. Quetzalli

Meaning: A large, beautiful feather Origin: Aztec

  1. Tayanna

Meaning: Gift from God Origin: Aztec

  1. Tlachinolli

Meaning: Fire Origin: Aztec

  1. Tonalnan

Meaning: Mother of Light Origin: Aztec

  1. Tozi

Meaning: Goddess of healing and sweet water Origin: Aztec

  1. Xitllali

Meaning: Goddess of the moon Origin: Aztec

  1. Xóchitl/Xochil

Meaning: Flower Origin: Aztec

  1. Yaretzi

Meaning: “You will always be loved” Origin: Aztec

  1. Yolihuali

Meaning: Source of life Origin: Aztec

  1. Zaniyah/Zyanya

Meaning: Always, forever Origin: Aztec

  1. Zeltzin

Meaning: Delicate Origin: Aztec

Aztec Names for Boys

  1. Acalan

Meaning: A small and narrow rowing boat Origin: Aztec

  1. Ácatl

Meaning: Giant reed Origin: Aztec

  1. Chicahua

Meaning: Strong Origin: Aztec

  1. Chimalli/Chimalley

Meaning: Shield Origin: Aztec

  1. Coatl

Meaning: Snake or serpent Origin: Aztec

  1. Coyotl

Meaning: Coyote Origin: Aztec

  1. Cuetzpallee

Meaning: Lizard Origin: Aztec

  1. Huitzilin

Meaning: Hummingbird Origin: Aztec

  1. Ilhicamina

Meaning: “He who shoots arrows at the sky” Origin: Aztec

  1. Itzcoatl

Meaning: Obsidian serpent Origin: Aztec

  1. Matlalihuitl

Meaning: A blue-green feather Origin: Aztec

  1. Mictlantecuhtli

Meaning: The Aztec lord of Mictlan Origin: Aztec

  1. Ocotlan

Meaning: Pine Origin: Aztec

  1. Ohtli

Meaning: Road Origin: Aztec

  1. Quetzalcoatl

Meaning: God of wind and rain Origin: Aztec

  1. Tlacelel

Meaning: Greatest hero Origin: Aztec

  1. Tlanextli

Meaning: Radiance or splendor Origin: Aztec

  1. Tupoc

Meaning: Warrior Origin: Aztec

  1. Xipilli

Meaning: Jeweled prince Origin: Aztec

  1. Xiuhcoatl

Meaning: Weapon of destruction Origin: Aztec

  1. Xochipilli

Meaning: The god of love and flowers Origin: Aztec

  1. Yaotl

Meaning: Warrior Origin: Aztec

Gender-neutral Aztec Names

  1. Atl

Meaning: Water Origin: Aztec

  1. Aztec

Meaning: Aztec Origin: Aztec

  1. Cualli/Cuallee/Cuallea

Meaning: Good Origin: Aztec

  1. Eztli

Meaning: Blood Origin: Aztec

  1. Ichtaca

Meaning: Secret Origin: Aztec

  1. Icnoyotl

Meaning: Friendship Origin: Aztec

  1. Ihuicatl

Meaning: The sky Origin: Aztec

  1. Itotia

Meaning: To dance Origin: Aztec

  1. Ixtli

Meaning: Face Origin: Aztec

  1. Izel

Meaning: Unique Origin: Aztec

  1. Mazatl

Meaning: Deer Origin: Aztec

  1. Meztli

Meaning: Moon Origin: Aztec

  1. Nahuatl

Meaning: Goddess of Water and Rivers Origin: Aztec

  1. Tenoch

Meaning: Fruit Origin: Aztec

  1. Toltecatl

Meaning: An artist or creative person Origin: Aztec

  1. Xipil

Meaning: Noble one, or one of fire Origin: Aztec

  1. Yolotli

Meaning: Heart Origin: Aztec

  1. Zuma

Meaning: “The Lord frowns in anger” Origin: Aztec

Aztec God Names

Aztec names are filled with history and meaning, and the names of their gods are no different. The names below are not only significant but incredibly unique.


This ancient deity is the supreme god of rain. He also controls agriculture and fertility. Tlaloc is a prominent figure in both Olmec and Mayan civilizations as well.


Tezcatlipoca’s name means “smoking mirror.” He is the god of night, and he symbolizes death and cold.


Quetzalcoatl is considered the opposite of Tezcatlipoca. He is the god of wind and life. Quetzalcoatl means “feathered serpent.”

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