Blake Lively's Toddler Trolls Her Just As Badly As Ryan Reynolds

by Cassandra Stone
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Even Blake Lively’s toddler tells her like it is

Blake Lively may be rich, famous, talented, insanely beautiful, and married to an equally attractive and talented husband — but she still gets roasted by her young children just like the rest of us do. It’s no secret Ryan Reynolds hilariously trolls his wife on social media, it seems like her toddler is now following suit.

Lively shared an Instagram post that shows her looking fabulous as always, decked out in a cute sweater dress and boots. She’s not wearing tights or leggings, though, because #fashion (and because she’s just got some really great gams).

Lively’s toddler wasn’t feeling the look as much as her mom was, though.

“True story: As the elevator closed, my daughter yelled after me, ‘Oh no mama, you forgot your pants!'”

Leave it to a small child to put you firmly and directly in your place, fashion be damned. Kids will force you to keep it real, no matter who you are. Speaking of which, Lively recently got candid on Instagram about losing the baby weight from her second child.

While most of us don’t have all the weight-loss accoutrements she has at her disposal, many of us know what it’s like to gain well over the “recommended” 20 pregnancy pounds. And how long it can take to lose. Heck, I’m still working on the weight myself, and my daughter is two years old.

Perhaps the thing we love most about Blake Lively and her social media presence is not just how good she is at it, but how much fun she and her husband have trolling and teasing each other.

Their birthday wishes for each other last year were *chef’s kiss*.

Lively has shared her frustration with “perfect” Instagram moms in the past, which is probably why she tries her best to keep it real on her own account.

“There’s a lady on Instagram who I used to love to watch,” she said during an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers last year. “Her name was Old Joy, and she just made having a baby look lovely. Everything is white, and she always has a fresh blueberry pie that’s steaming, and scones and clotted cream, and she’s reading Old Man And The Sea. Her little baby… is just, like, sleeping while knitting… and her toddler is like giving her a reflexology massage. [I’m thinking], What?!”

LOL. Yes, social media can be a dangerous space for new moms.

Which is why we’re so here for Blake Lively and her humor. The end.