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A Boy Had The Most Perfect Response To Someone Ridiculing His Nail Polish

The child was playing football when a teammate's mom told him that nail polish isn't for boys.

A little boy shut down a parent who criticized his nail polish at football practice.

One of the biggest reasons some parents worry about their kids wearing non-gender conforming clothing and accessories is bullying — the worry that they’ll be made fun of for looking different or breaking social norms. And the worst part is that the bullying doesn’t just come from other kids, it’s learned behavior that stems from mean-spirited bullying parents.

Luckily, our kids are often more resilient than we think. And in some cases, kids surprise us all with killer comebacks that are filled with confidence.

Yep, the kids are all right.

Just take this hilarious example from TikTok. Dad of three boys Aaron Gouveia (@daddyfiles) is all about raising his kids with a focus on wholesome masculinity — he’s even written a book about it. And when one of his sons, Tommy, was bullied on the football field for wearing blue nail polish, his kiddo had the confidence and the quick thinking to respond in the perfect way.

Aaron asked his son about it after practice and caught the conversation on tape.

“What happened at football today,” he asked.

“Someone’s mom told their kid that girls can only wear nail polish,” Tommy explained, after showing off his nails.

“And that’s ridiculous,” the dad said. “What did you say?”

“You’re mom’s only mad because I got more taste than you,” the kid said. Perfect burn!

Then the dad turned to the camera.

“Anybody can wear nail polish,” he concluded. “Even football players, even baseball players, anybody. Let’s knock off the crap.”

This dad is just... the best.

Down in the comments, viewers were impressed with both the father and the son.

“Kids like this guy give me hope for the future. What a great dad,” one person wrote.

“Legend in the making,” another said.

“I'm a 30 year old, bald, bearded, tattooed and pierced metalhead,” one man wrote. “I wear nail polish and I love it! Kudos to the kid with an amazing comeback.”

If you think you might recognize that dad, you probably do. He’s also the father of Sammy, the kid who became TikTok-famous for his sewing skills. If you’re wondering, Sammy is still sewing with the Singer that he got for his ninth birthday, and most recently made his Nana an amazing sundress. This kid is steps away from Project Runway.

This all serves as even more proof that Aaron is doing a great job with his three boys, who seem to be going confidently out into the world without the burden of toxic masculinity, whether it’s to play football while wearing the team colors on their nails or learning to sew without stereotypes.