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70+ Canadian Last Names That Pay Tribute To The Land Of Maple

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Canadian last names often reflect a family's history in the region.
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Like the United States, Canada has seen multiple waves of immigration over the past several hundred years and is now a mix of numerous cultures and people who speak many different languages (although the country’s official languages are English and French). And before European colonizers arrived in North America and violently claimed it as their own, the country’s indigenous populations — referred to as First Nations in Canada — lived and worked across the land. Today, Canadian last names reflect these various chapters of the country’s history, some darker than others. If you’re hoping to honor your family’s heritage by giving your baby a unique name inspired by The Great White North (Canada’s nickname), these last names could be a promising place to start.

It’s also important to note that French last names are far more common in Canada than in the United States. That’s because before it ended up under British control (like the U.S.), Canada was colonized by France. And despite their best attempts, the British authorities couldn’t stop some Canadian regions — like modern-day Quebec — from speaking French. Eventually, both English and French became the country’s official languages. Today, roughly 23 percent of Canadians speak French as their first language, the majority of whom (85 percent) live in Quebec.

Now that you know a bit more about Canadian history, here’s a look at some classic Canadian last names, including their meaning and origin.

Most Popular Canadian Last Names

1. Anderson

Origin: Scottish

Meaning: the son of Andrew

2. Baker

Origin: English

Meaning: baker (the occupation)

3. Beaulieu

Origin: French

Meaning: the fair place

4. Belanger

Origin: French

Meaning: beautiful anger

5. Bergeron

Origin: French

Meaning: one who took care of a flock

6. Bouchard

Origin: French

Meaning: big mouth

7. Boucher

Origin: English

Meaning: the butcher

8. Cameron

Origin: Scottish

Meaning: Lowland and Highland

9. Campbell

Origin: English

Meaning: crooked mouth

10. Chan

Origin: Chinese

Meaning: old

11. Chen

Origin: Chinese

Meaning: exhibit/display

12. Clark

Origin: English

Meaning: the clerk

13. Cloutier

Origin: French

Meaning: one who made and sold nails

14. Cote

Origin: English

Meaning: one who occupied a cottage

15. Davis

Origin: English

Meaning: son of Davie

16. Desjardins

Origin: French

Meaning: gardens

17. Evans

Origin: English

Meaning: the son of Evan

18. Fortin

Origin: French

Meaning: dweller near the little fort

19. Fraser

Origin: Scottish

Meaning: strawberry flowers

20. Fournier

Origin: French

Meaning: oven-keeper

21. Gaboury

Origin: Norman French

Meaning: nickname for a joker or joke

22. Gagne

Origin: Old French

Meaning: wins, earn or make. It's also an occupational name for a farmer or peasant

23. Gagnon

Origin: French

Meaning: guard dog

24. Gauthier

Origin: French

Meaning: ruler, army

25. Girard

Origin: French

Meaning: a spear

26. Graham

Origin: English

Meaning: gray home

27. Grant

Origin: Scottish

Meaning: tall or big

28. Hall

Origin: English

Meaning: at the hall

29. Harris

Origin: English

Meaning: the son of Harry

30. Hill

Origin: Old English, German

Meaning: topographic name for someone who lives on or near a hill. It also means battle

31. Huppe

Origin: Old English

Meaning: son of Herbert

32. Jackson

Origin: English

Meaning: the son of John

33. Johnson

Origin: English

Meaning: ancestor or the son of John

34. Johnston

Origin: English

Meaning: John’s town

35. Kennedy

Origin: English

Meaning: helmet

36. Khan

Origin: Turkish

Meaning: ruler

37. King

Origin: English

Meaning: king

38. Landry

Origin: English

Meaning: land ruler

39. Lapointe

Origin: French

Meaning: of the point

40. Lavoie

Origin: English

Meaning: one who lived by a road

41. Leblanc

Origin: French

Meaning: blonde

42. Lefebvre

Origin: French

Meaning: metal worker

43. Levesque

Origin: French

Meaning: bishop

44. Lewis

Origin: Scottish

Meaning: famed warrior

45. MacDonald

Origin: Scottish

Meaning: son of Donald

46. Martin

Origin: English

Meaning: the son of Martin

47. Mitchell

Origin: English

Meaning: who is like God

48. Michaud

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: God-like

49. Morin

Origin: French, German

Meaning: the son of Maurice

50. Morrison

Origin: English

Meaning: the son of Maurice

51. Murphy

Origin: Irish

Meaning: descendant of Murchadh

52. Murray

Origin: English

Meaning: lord of Petty

53. Nadeau

Origin: French

Meaning: Christmas

54. Nguyen

Origin: Vietnamese

Meaning: musical instrument

55. Ouellet

Origin: French

Meaning: eye

56. Patel

Origin: Gujarati

Meaning: village headman

57. Pelletier

Origin: French

Meaning: skin, fur

58. Peters

Origin: English

Meaning: son of Peter

59. Poirier

Origin: French

Meaning: pear-tree

60. Reynolds

Origin: Germanic

Meaning: son of Reynold

61. Richard

Origin: English

Meaning: strong in the rule

62. Rogen

Origin: Irish

Meaning: redhead

63. Robinson

Origin: English

Meaning: fame-bright

64. Simard

Origin: English

Meaning: victory

65. Singh

Origin: Indian

Meaning: an eminent person

66. Thomas

Origin: English

Meaning: twin

67. Thompson

Origin: English

Meaning: son of Thom(as)

68. Tremblay

Origin: English

Meaning: someone who lived near an aspen

69. Walker

Origin: English

Meaning: a fuller of cloth

70. White

Origin: English

Meaning: valiant

71. Wilson

Origin: English

Meaning: son of William

72. Williams

Origin: English

Meaning: related to someone named William

73. Wong

Origin: Chinese

Meaning: young

74. Wright

Origin: English

Meaning: shaper of wood

75. Young

Origin: English

Meaning: valiant

76. Zhang

Origin: Chinese

Meaning: drawing a bow

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