From The Confessional: My A*shole Co-Worker Makes Me Want To Light The Office On Fire

by Cassandra Stone
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Oh, we all have them—asshole co-workers who make us want to scream

Maybe it’s the lady who won’t shut up about her kids—their every waking fart seems to warrant some sort of mention at work. Maybe it’s the guy who blows up the bathroom near everyone’s desks. Maybe it’s the person who thinks they’re your boss and is always looking over your shoulder to see what you’re working on. Maybe it’s the pandemic-denying a-hole who comes to work with a cough every other week.

Toxic co-workers are everywhere, period.

We’ve all experienced our fair share of co-worker drama, and these moms have HAD IT.

I think it’s gross & tacky for H’s co-worker’s family to post a GoFundMe for his funeral expenses. They worked in healthcare & this fool didn’t vax. Knew the risks, didn’t care, & wants people to pay for his mistakes. No thank you.

Confessional #25850421

I am so angry that my unvaccinated co-workers are now sick and I am stuck covering for them. We’re supposed to feel bad for them now? So selfish and stupid. Sorry you don’t “believe in Covid but that’s not how it works, idiot.”

Confessional #25849979

Sharing an office with the co-worker who randomly screams expletives every few minutes, slams her equipment on the desk, throws things, sighs loudly and proudly talks about how she is a bitch and doesn't care. Okay, but the rest of us are stuck here too.

Confessional #25848304

Co-worker women talking about us preg girls in the office & comparing our bodies. Walked in to hear them say that I'm a big girl and that's why I'm huge at 30 weeks. Lost 18 lbs being preg and DR didn't want me to lose any. Why are they so hateful to me?

Confessional #25848286

There are many things that suck about having to work with shitty people, but the biggest one by far is that you literally spend more time with these jerks you don’t like than you do with your own family. WOOF.

Tight knit group of women at work did not like me b4 I ever even started. Preg at same time as co-worker and they fawn over her non stop and completely ignore me. It's not that big of a deal, but I fought for 3 years to have this baby. No one cares here.

Confessional #25847291

I am the introvert, quiet, listening empath type. I value being the co-worker that people confide in, but I am so incredibly worn down. 6 years & working FT drains every ounce of will I have. Wish I could WFH & hold space for myself. People overwhelm me.

Confessional #25843371

36 years old and when a co-worker was rude to me in front of the others I went to the bathroom and cried.

Confessional #25842397

My annoying co-worker called our boss a dyke when he was drunk at our summer kickoff gathering. He also called his x-wife's miscarriage the ideal form of birth control and said he cheated on her. How anyone likes that guy is beyond me.

Confessional #25834491

Annoying co-workers are especially tough to take for those of us who just want to get in, get our shit done, and get out to go home and back to our regular lives. Being obsessed with work isn’t a substitute for a personality!

I let slip I was angry at one coworker to another co-worker and I think they blabbed. Thought I could trust her but she's caused so many problems for me now. She's been fired for next yr and I was upset but not anymore. Sick of it.

Confessional #25801914

coworker tells bosses she sooo busy all the time. Makes another co-worker look bad & says he does nothing. I am right now watching her sit & watch Big Bang at her desk & now going out for a smoke break. Karma is coming for her I hope.

Confessional #25774029

I’m counting down the days until my co-worker retires. I not going to miss her at all.

Confessional #25773242

Sometimes the worst co-workers are the ones who are just 100% mentally checked out because they’re retiring soon, or moving on to something different. Though you can’t blame them, that’s for sure. Even if they make your job harder.

My bestie is my co-worker and all day she complains about how much she hates work. I just want to scream you hate your child and husband even more so pick your poison.

Confessional #25761459

A former co-worker "frenemy" of mine left our department for a promotion and huge raise in a new department. I am seething with jealousy. I suck.

Confessional #25755093

My stupid co-worker reported me today over such bullshit. Some people should not be in any position of any kind of authority over others. Hate the mean girls at work, I'll be outta there as soon as I can

Confessional #25754595

I want to take my coughing co-worker and drop kick her down the stairs. Go home and cough!!

Confessional #25747992

OK but can we all agree that the people who come into work sick are the wooooorst? Listen, if you have paid sick time and you’re not using it so you can breathe your little plague germs all over everyone else—ESPECIALLY NOW—please see yourself out.

I am literally typing this while a co-worker is standing next to me. She has been running her mouth for over 15 minutes. She has zero social skills and no awareness of personal space. Go away!!

Confessional #25226451

Co-worker is crying and sobbing at her desk because her DIL doesn't want her in the delivery room. This is the same woman who has griped & cried about her OWN MIL ruining her birth by being in the room. And, yes, it's exactly the same!

Confessional #25197657

The sound that their tacky, unprofessional flip-flops make as co-workers are walking past my office is really annoying.

Confessional #25068363

Wanted: A job that doesn't involve people constantly asking me for shit. I just want to do a job without being constantly bothered or having to redo the same work because someone else screwed up. Work is easy. Co-workers suck ASS!

Confessional #24569638

Food for thought: If you work in an office or in an environment with a bunch of other people regularly and you’re not annoyed by anyone…maybe YOU are the annoying coworker?