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The Internet Is Big Mad That Coco and Ice T Put Their Six Year Old In A Stroller

It’s still extremely difficult for people to mind their own business when it comes to parenting choices.

Actress Coco Austin and recording artist Ice-T attend the 60th Annual Grammy Awards — the parents we...
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It seems like everyone universally hates receiving unsolicited parenting advice — but strangely everyone seems to love dishing it out. Especially on the internet.

This week actor/model Coco Austin and musician/actor Ice T were enjoying a little vacation in the Bahamas together with their daughter, six-year-old Chanel. Like any mom on break, she shared various pictures and videos from their time off — but one snapshot of Chanel lounging in a stroller was too much for the internet to take.

“A stroll through the @atlantisbahamas shops...Chanel is so over it unless theres something cool to see.. Her face transitions instantly,” Coco wrote, sharing an image of her family of three on your typical vacation shopping outing. Chanel is looking bored sitting in a stroller in the first pic, and then looking more engaged checking out a sculpture in the second slide.

Hundreds of critical comments rolled in — all criticizing the couple for not ditching the stroller before now.

“I know she may be your last baby but you have to let her grow up,” one said. “If anything a wagon is more her age! I have a 6 year old smaller than her and she hasn’t been in a stroller in years 😂 I would hate for your sweet baby to get bullied or something.”

“Guys she’s only 78 months old. Let’s not get crazy,” said another sarcastically.

Nope, it’s not enough that Chanel’s parents seem to be feeding her enough and providing her with all other basic needs — or that they’ve brought her on a tropical vacation filled with beaches, pools, restaurants, aquariums, and other thrills. Because they did not get rid of their stroller exactly before the commenters did.

A few people did defend the couple and their four-wheeled transportation.

“For the people b*tching about the carriage, it is much easier to push a child in a stroller than to carry them around when they get tired. Especially when they are her age, it is harder to carry them alllll over the place. She is not having a melt down because she is too tired & that is a very good thing,” said one.

“Why are people complaining about the stroller? You going to pick her up when she gets tired? Its not like she has a bottle and a pacifier. Relax,” another chimed in.

But really the main point is that whether you think it’s appropriate or not, no one is getting hurt and no one needs your opinion on the matter. Parenting is hard. If you need to keep a stroller around for a couple of extra years, or when you’re on a big vacation, do it.

Also: who knows why they have a stroller? No one even has the full story on why it might be right for them.

Austin and Ice T have been married since 2002 and renewed their vows in 2011. Chanel, born in 2015, is their only child together.

This isn’t the first time Coco has been reamed on the internet for her parenting choices. Last year, she shared that she still occasionally breastfed her then-five year old — and keyboard warriors couldn’t handle it.

Her response when all that went down?

“I have one child and one child only and I’m gonna do the damn thing when it comes to her,” she told US Weekly.

Neither Coco or Ice T have responded to Strollergate, and really, they completely don’t need to.