Right In The Feels

Teary Dad Shares The Powerful Piece Of Advice That Changed His Life

With a colicky newborn at home, Jake Sutton and his wife were exhausted and fighting when a conversation with a co-worker shook him to the core.

TikToking dad Jake Sutton shares the powerful advice a coworker gave him when he and his wife were f...

TikToking dad Jake Sutton and his wife have been going through it. They have a colicky baby, and anyone who has experience dealing with colic as a parent can tell you it’s a living hell. That sweet, precious baby you waited so long for suddenly feels like a demon spawn. Changed? The baby is crying. Fed? Still crying. Loved on? Still crying. Sleep? Won’t sleep, just cries. No one sleeps in a house with a colicky baby. No one does anything in a house with a colicky baby except try desperately to survive the weeks to months the colic might last. It takes a toll on your mental, emotional, and physical health. And if you’re tackling all this with a partner, you can expect the colic to take its toll on your relationship, too.

That’s precisely where the Sutton parents were one recent morning when Jake headed to work, still simmering from a blowup with his wife. What he didn’t expect, as he explains in a tearful TikTok, was receiving some life-changing advice from a co-worker.

“[My wife and I] got into a big fight a couple days ago, and it bled over into the next morning,” shares Jake, adding that while talking to a co-worker, his work pal noticed he seemed down. “I said, ‘Man, it’s just me and my wife. We just got into a big fight the other day. It’s just kind of bleeding over. I haven’t even talked to her this morning.’ And I told him, ‘Whenever I get home today, I guess we’ll figure it out. If not, whatever.’”

This wise and wonderful co-worker’s response?

“Who told you that?” he asked Jake. When prompted for clarification, he hit Jake with a heavy truth: “Who told you that you were going to make it home?”

Let that sink in for a minute.

For Jake, it hit hard and fast — even retelling it, he couldn’t help breaking down. No one likes facing their own morality (especially not a new parent), but his co-worker is right. A lot can happen in a day, and there’s no guarantee it will end the way you planned.

“Look, I’m not a relationship counselor and the last person to tell somebody what to do,” the co-worker continued. “But the biggest assumption that we take for granted is that we’re going to be back home, make it back home, whenever we leave for work in the morning. You need to call your wife.”

Jake admits, “What he told me really f*cked me up. And now I’m fixin’ to call my wife.”

If your heart just shattered, you’re absolutely not alone. The video has racked up more than 48K comments in support of Jake, his wife, and his colleague.

“This stage is temporary, don’t mess up your marriage. You’re both just exhausted,” commented Teresa Gencarelli To, while another, Olivia, reassured Jake, “I’m crying with you & guarantee your wife will appreciate you for this. Colicky babies are no fun, but this season will pass.”

A fellow dad pointed out how important it is to see such an honest, emotional exchange like this shared openly. “I appreciate your vulnerability in sharing,” said Twindadwoodwork. “We need to normalize showing emotions. Sadness held in melts into anger. Let it out before it melts.”

Along the way, commenters left advice for helping the Suttons’ marriage and their colicky baby. Many asked for a “Part 2,” and Jake delivered. In a follow-up video, he revealed that he and his wife even tried some of the tips from his comments section.

Looks like that phone call, a change in formula, and a date night are helping to keep the Suttons happy... together.