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This Mom's Brilliant Back-To-School Clothing Hack Solves Morning Power Struggles

"I have nothing to wear!"

One mom on TikTok shared her brilliant time-saving hack for avoiding all clothing power struggles wi...
@ razzi_boo / TikTok

Who can’t relate to those mornings when nothing looks right, your favorite blouse is suddenly itchy, and you just cannot find something to wear that feels good. Kids go through all those same issues, plus sometimes, they want to wear shorts in the dead of winter. Clothing power struggles in the morning can be stressful.

One mom on TikTok shared her brilliant hack for planning ahead and avoiding any sort of second guessing when it comes to choosing an outfit for school.

One mom on TikTok (@razzi_boo) shared her unique and affordable parenting hack for making morning routines run seamlessly.

First she begins by explaining (in the most hilarious way), that she decided, this school year, to not engage in an argument with her kid (who can’t even cook) about what they are going to wear to school.

“So I went and got these bins from Target, these stickers from Hobby Lobby. I went ahead and put them on and then put her accessories in this cute little bin and we'll be set for the week,” she explained.

Now, her daughter can simply open the day’s drawer and dress themselves in the agreed upon clothes, or she can help them get ready with everything already laid out. The time-saving hack shaves off those frustrating minutes of arguing over what your kid wants to wear.

For those wondering if the time really just adds up to be the same because of the effort the OP is putting into planning the clothing choices during the weekend, there’s no question that even if it does take time, it’s a much more enjoyable experience.

Mornings before school are often hectic and rushed. Everyone’s crabby, and the likelihood for a kid to pick a fight about what they want to wear to school is just so much more likely.

After the video went viral, gaining over 5.8 million views, thousands of TikTok users commented on the time-saving parenting hack.

“I'm grown and might need to do this for myself 😭😭😭” one user joked.

The OP replied, “🤣🤣🤣🤣 Ain’t nothing wrong with a little organization”

Another user appauded this mom’s hack, not just for being a time saver, but also for the deeper lessons being taught.

“Mom, love how you’re teaching organization, planning, critical thinking, responsibility, self-image. From home to school to embedded life lesson!” they wrote.

Sounds like a win-win for the whole family!