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From The Confessional: Heading Back To School

Yup... It’s that time of year again!

by Emma Coburn
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Sure, it seems like the Fourth of July was just a couple of weeks ago. And yes, you did just see a Halloween display in your local drug store. So if time is feeling extra weird to you right now, you’re not alone. But before the mega marketing cyclone that is Halloween-Thanksgiving-Hanukkah-Christmas-Kwanzaa-New Year’s Eve gets underway, we have Back to School.

In some parts of the country, kids have already been back in class for a while; others still have a few weeks before the carousel of bus rides, drop-offs, packed lunches, soccer practices, and homework restarts. Here are some of the school-related wishes, hopes, and fears that real parents shared with the Confessional this month.

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I love that my kid went to kindergarten and hate it too. He seems so little and I worry!

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Some days I’m happier when my kids aren’t home. I miss them but they drive me crazy.

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My son starts Kindergarten next week, just said bye to his daycare he has gone to for the last 5years😭

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Teacher and parent here. Terrified to go back next week with no resolution to the school shootings

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I wish the schools would reinstate mask mandates.

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I’m worried my senior daughter won’t go to college. Hoping she’ll go.

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I’m worried for my boy (14), he has hardly any friends to hang out with 😔

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I’m glad that my kid is taking a gap year.

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I’m worried about my child when she goes back to school.

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I can’t wait for my kids to go back to school

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